tagGroup SexWanted: A Story

Wanted: A Story


You check your email and see 17 new messages from the ad you posted: Single curvy woman with large breasts desires a story to please her.

You start to read the submissions. The first one is short and to the point. "I come up behind and tell you to bend over. I fuck you from behind until I cum in you."

The next one just asks for your picture. The third one isn't too bad and is slightly arousing. You spend the next half hour reading through the remaining 14 emails. As you read the last email, it sounds familiar as if you have read it before. You go back and check your other emails. There are two similar stories. Not exact copies, but they both describe the same event.

"A curvy brunette knocks on the door to a rundown bar. The bar has had the life squeezed out of it by the two industrial lots. She glances over her shoulder at the sports stadium that towers several blocks away. The sound of the creaky door opening draws her attention back to the bar. The inside is dark and she only makes out dark shapes. A deep voice tells her to come inside. She hesitates, but curiosity draws her in. The door shuts behind her with a thud."

You can't believe the similarities and re-read the stories another time. All three were quite arousing. All three stories all point you to the same bar at the same time. Tonight at 8. Your heart is pounding as you wonder if you should go. You reach down and feel the wetness seeping through your panties and know that you have to go. You search through your closet for an outfit and wonder what you will do until it is time to leave.

At 8 you step out of your car into an empty parking lot. You are dressed up in a black skirt and heels just like the character in the stories. The bar stands in front of you as described in the stories. You start to walk toward it. Unlike the stories the door opens before you get to it. You step inside and the door closes behind you.

Your eyes are still getting used to the dark inside when the deep voice speaks out from behind you: "I told you she would come. They always do."

One of the dark shapes stands up from a table and approaches,

"You are right Tyre. You are always right."

The shape resolves itself into a middle aged black man, dressed in jeans and a dirty white undershirt.

Tyre steps close behind you and puts his hand on your shoulder. He grunts as he struggles to unzip the tiny zipper on the back of your dress with his thick fingers. The man in front, Jackson, does not have trouble with his own zipper as he lets his jeans drop to the floor. Tyre roughly pulls down your dress and bra straps over your shoulders revealing your DD tits to Jackson. Jackson reaches down and starts to rub his crotch through his boxers as he places his other hand on your tit and squeezes it.

"This one has a nice rack."

His hand rubs your breast and then slides up to your shoulder and pushes you down to your knees in front of him. He has worked his cock out of his boxers and it hangs heavy in front of your face. He strokes it a few more times and it hardens to 8 inches. Behind you, you hear Tyre unzips his pants. Jackson's cock hangs in front of your face and it is joined by Tyre's cock which is also long and hard for you.

Jackson asks, "Well what are you waiting for?"


Jackson presses his hard black cock up against your cheek as Tyre strokes his cock patiently. Jackson's cock slides across your cheek and touches your lips. He strokes your brunette hair and then, holding your head, he pushes his hips forward and lets out a grunt as his cock enters your mouth. His cock is big and only fits about halfway in before his head hits the back of your throat.

Tyre reaches down and places your hand on his cock and wraps his hand around yours. He starts to move his hand back and forth, forcing you to stroke his swollen member.

"Feel that. Do you want that inside of you?" he asks.

"mmhmmrmmrmhh" is all the sound you can make with Jackson's cock filling up your mouth.

Both men chuckle and Tyre says: "Oh don't worry you will get what you want."

Jackson slides his cock in and out of your mouth, guiding your head back and forth with his hand. His cock is warm and hard against your lips. He pulls your head back until your lips bump up against the swollen ridge of his cockhead, and then reverses direction sliding your lips back down his shaft until it presses into the back of your throat.

Tyre loosens his grip on your hand and leaves your hand on his cock. The back and forth motion of your body as you suck his friend's dick makes your small hand grip his cock for support. Your hand grips tight as Jackson pushes more of his cock into your mouth on each stroke. You notice that your hand doesn't wrap all the way around Tyre's cock as you cling to it.

Tyre looks over at Jackson and asks: "Ready now?"

Jackson nods and Tyre pulls back, and walk away, leaving your hand with nowhere to go for support except Jackson's leg. You try to see where he is going, but Jackson puts his other hand on your head and pushes his cock deeper into his mouth. You hear a noise of jangling chains and Tyre's footsteps returning, but can't see what is going on. Your field of vision is filled up with Jackson's stomach and the portion of his shaft that he hasn't managed to fit down your throat.


Jackson buries his cock deep in your throat, but doesn't withdraw this time. He holds the back of your head firmly with his large hands as his cock fills your mouth and throat making it hard to breathe. Between gasps, you see the tip of your nose is now almost touching the small curly black hairs of Jackson's crotch and you realize that most of his 8 inch cock is inside your mouth.

You feel Jackson's cock bulge against your lips a half second before his cum spurts into your throat. The second and third spurt rapidly fill up any empty space in your mouth. His cock pulses as you feel his balls swaying back and forth and bumping you on the chin as he empties his warm and sticky load into your mouth. As you inhale, some of it runs down your throat, but that isn't enough to relieve the sense of fullness in your mouth. You feel like you cannot take any more, but his strong hands keep your head and lips planted on his surging member through each new wave of semen.

After what seems like an eternity, you feel a final twitch and Jackson's orgasm subsides. His cum leaks out between your stretched lips and his cock. He releases his hands from the back of your head. Without his firm grip to contain his cock, and cum, your head moves backwards and his cock slides out. You feel the mixture of cum and saliva spilling over your lips, dripping off of your chin, and Jackson's dangling member, landing on your bare breasts.

As you pull back, you feel Tyre wrap something around your neck. As you swallow and get your breath, he tightens and secures it. You reach up and touch the leather collar that now circles your neck.

"Get up," Tyre commands as you feel the pressure around your neck of him pulling on the chain attached to your collar. You swallow the last wad of Jackson's seed as you stand up. Tyre looks you up and down, pausing to watch some the mess drip down your cleavage. One lucky stream has made it all the way out to your hard nipple and is just curving around it before it continues its journey down. You feel Tyre pull the chain as he walks around the back of the bar and stands in front of the door to the back room. He says: "This is where the real fun happens" as he starts to turn the doorknob.


Tyre opens the door and leads you in. Jackson follows behind you. In the room there is a mattress on the floor with a man sleeping on it. "Get up Al. She is here," Tyre says as he pulls the chain and brings you to the center of the room. You hear the door click behind you as Jackson shuts it.

Al rolls over and looks at you. "Looks like you have already been enjoying yourself," he says to you.

"Oh, she did alright," replies Jackson as he slaps your ass.

"'Bout time I had some enjoyment myself," Al continues as he stands up and takes off his jeans. "Take off them panties," he commands as Tyre walks over to the bed and attaches your chain to a eyelet above it. All three men watch as you shimmy out of your panties and let them fall to the floor. You can see Tyre and Al's hard cocks as the men massage them in anticipation. Tyre's is about the same length as Jackson's, 8 inches, but wider in girth. Al's width is comparable to Jackson, but longer, perhaps 10 inches total.

"Come here," Al says. Jackson puts one hand on your shoulder, and the other on your waist, as he guides you over to the other two men. He stands close behind you and you can feel his half hard cum covered cock pressing into your ass cheek.

Al and Tyre both step in close to you. Al reaches up and cups your right tit in both his hands. "Damn, she is stacked," he remarks as he begins to squeeze your tit. His long, lean fingers press into the flesh of your breast. You can feel his cock bump against your thigh. Tyre fondles your other breast and begins to pinch your nipple, alternatively squeezing your breast and pulling up on your nipple. Both of them spread the sticky mess that Jackson left all over your tits. Al holds up one of his fingers and slides it along your lips inviting you to lick it clean.

You feel Jackson's cock push against your ass. Tyre and Al's cocks bump your legs and occasionally each other as all three men push in and continue to rub their hands over your body. Al steps back and says: "I'm ready, who is going to be first?"


"I'm first", declares Tyre. He walks over to the mattress and pulls your chain forcing you to follow him. "Lay down," he commands. Jackson and Al are standing behind you stroking their cocks with anticipation.

When you hesitate, Al leans closer and puts his hand on your shoulder. You feel his long cock bump against your plump ass cheek. He turns you around, his cock dragging against your hips, and puts his other hand on your shoulder, then pushes you downward. As you squat down, he pushes backwards, causing you to fall on your ass and roll backward leaving you flat on your back with your knees spread.

Tyre kneels down next to you and slides his hand with its thick fingers up along your thigh as he pushes your legs apart making room for his body between them. He plants an arm on one side of you and grabs his cock with the other one. You can feel the heat of his body between your legs as he prepares to enter you.

He slides the tip of his cock down between your lips and presses his large head into you as he slowly lowers his hips. His fat cock stretches your pussy. Each millimeter feels like it is the most you can handle, but he keeps lowering and stretches you yet another millimeter. Finally, his mushroom head penetrates you completely and you feel his cock slowly filling you up as he continues to slide into you. His wide member pushes all the way inside you and you finally feel a moment of clarity as he starts to withdraw in a long slow stroke allowing your pussy to contract to a more natural state.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Al have both walked around the mattress and knelt down on opposite sides of your head. Al stops stroking his long cock and lets it hang down above your lips. "Suck it," he tells you. His long cock slides into your mouth. It feels slender compared to Jackson's. Just his head enters your mouth and he lets you suck on it and caress it with your tongue at first. You can see Jackson stroking his cock inches away from the other side of your face.

Tyre starts to push into you again and all you can concentrate on is his cock filling you up. As he reaches the top of his stroke you realize that Al has started to push his cock further into your mouth encouraging you to suck and milk it with your lips.

Tyre quickens his pace and you open your mouth to moan, but Al uses this opportunity to slide his cock a little further into your mouth. Jackson takes your left hand and lifts it up to his once again erect cock. He uses his other hand to massage your left breast, squashing your nipple into his palm. Al slides out of your mouth, straddles your shoulders with his knees, hands above your head repositioning his cock directly over your mouth. The head dangle just above your lips temping you to lift your head an inch and grasp it between your lips.

Tyre pushes in and out speeding up with each stroke. You feel his thighs press against yours and the pressure of his body as he reaches the top of his stroke. In and out your vagina pulsates with each stroke.

Al lowers his hips and slips his long cock in and out of your mouth, each time bumping into the back of your throat. After having Jackson's round cock stretch your mouth, Al's cock feels comfortably snug. Tyre double thrusts quickly causing you to gasp and Al slips his cock deeper into your throat. The sensations from your mouth, throat, and pussy completely overwhelm the nerve impulses from your hand telling you that Jackson's cock is once again swelling with cum.

Tyre is sliding in and out of your pussy quickly, each stroke feels like it stretches you only slightly less than the first. His fat cock compresses down as it enters your pussy pulling on your lips and clit until his belly and balls bounce against the outside of your pussy.

Jackson grunts loudly and a moment later you feel a warm splash across your stomach. The next burst lands across the top of your stomach and tits. He is a heavy cummer and some of it splashes on Al's calves. Al doesn't mind or doesn't notice as you continue to suck his cock.

Soon you once again feel the tickle of curly black hairs against your nose as Al manages to slid his entire 10 inch cock down your throat. He quickly thrust in and out in short strokes as his thighs squeeze tighter around your head.

Tyre's thrusts become shorter and deeper as well. They are powerful and lift your hips slightly off of the old mattress. You pushing you slightly further between Al's legs. As he shortens his thrusts, he begins to gyrate his hips in circles causing his sweaty balls to sway and bump between your thighs.

The sensation of a warm liquid filling your throat distracts you from the intense pleasure between your legs. Unlike Jackson, Al has his cock far enough down your throat that the cum does not escape your mouth and instead trickles down your throat.

Tyre places his hands on your hips and starts to thrust faster, pulling your hips to meet his. He grunts and you feel his hands tighten on your hips. A few moments later, you feel the warm rush of his cum inside your pussy. By this time, Al has removed his cock from your mouth and watches as you gasp from Tyre's orgasm. Tyre continues to pound you as he cums. Once he finishes, he slowly withdraws his cock. It makes a sucking sound as it comes out of you. Both of your juices drip out of your pussy, down your crotch, and pool on the old mattress.

You lay on the bed sweaty and sticky from cum and close your eyes. Even though Tyre, Al, and Jackson are now sitting back watching you can still imagine the feel of each of their cocks inside like it was still happening.


The sound of a door slamming jerks you out of your trance. You turn around and realize that you are standing outside facing the front door of the bar. For a moment, you are not sure if it actually happened or if it was just your imagination. A light breeze blows across your bare breasts and you realize that you are only in possession of your heels and car keys.

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