tagInterracial LoveWatching Cheryl Ch. 02

Watching Cheryl Ch. 02


I counted down the days until the weekend finally arrived that Cheryl arranged to meet Mike. My dick got hard every time my mind played out the scenario of what was going to take place this weekend. Cheryl had been talking to this guy Mike. She'd even get dozens of text messages from him during the evening when we were watching the television.

Cheryl would sometimes laugh or just giggle with a grin on her face when a message came through. I'd watch how she nervously replied back to him sliding her adorable ass around on the sofa like a teenage girl would getting a text from her boyfriend.

Naturally I'd ask what he said and she would reply. "Mike's just asking me questions."

The kids were sometimes on the floor playing with their toys so I knew she couldn't go into detail about what was being said. I didn't want to seem nosy when we got into our room at night but sometimes I'd hint around and ask in a discreet way how things were going. Last night Cheryl finally opened up and filled me in on a lot of details.

"Honey. I bought this little dress to wear tomorrow night this afternoon."

"Oh. You bought a new dress for Mike?" I replied.

"It's something I could wear other times. I think your going to like it."

Cheryl walked into the closet to change into it and walked out a few minutes later dancing around like one of those models you see in a fashion show. She was in a good mood tonight. The damn dress was hot to say the least. Fit her tight and showed every single curve on her body. You would never guess my wife was the mother of four children in a million years.

Cheryl walked pass the bed turning her back toward me and wiggled her shapely round ass back at me. I reached out giving her a playful slap on her cheek as she quickly moved away from me reaching down on the floor and picked up a pair of high heels. She held them up smiling at me saying.

"What do you think? Does the color match the dress?"

They were a pair of 5" spike heels I bought Cheryl a couple years ago. She hardily ever wore them. I finally replied. "You didn't want to buy a new pair?"

"I didn't want to spent the extra money. I thought the dress was enough to spend. The kids needed new shoes so I spent the rest on them."

My wife was always good with penny pinching. We needed to be with four growing kids in the house.

Cheryl put the dress back on the hanger and came into bed snuggling up to me. We hadn't had sex in about two weeks and it was killing me walking around with a hard-on.

Cheryl had decided that we shouldn't have sex until after her date with Mike. I didn't mind but tonight was the night she promised to give me a blow job. As soon as she put her hand under the covers and felt around for my cock I knew she hadn't forgotten about the blow job.

Off went the covers as I slipped my pajamas down my legs. Cheryl rested her head on my thigh as she quickly went to town licking the head of my cock. Cheryl was good at cock sucking. Lucky for me she loved to swallow cum too.

Cheryl sucked and took most of my cock down her throat moving her head around like one of those pro porn stars. I watched her lick around my cock tickling and teasing the head then sink her whole face down on my cock until the hairs were touching her nose. She slowly back out squeezing my ball sack.

I got the most loving and erotic blow job that night that I had in months. I knew Cheryl was horny but she didn't want to fuck me. It didn't take me long until my balls started to churn up a nice thick hot load of milky white cum for my wife.

Cheryl to every drop inside her mouth and was holding the largest amount on top of her tongue. She playfully arched up trying to kiss me as I moved back away from her. She was laughing and almost spit out my cum as she desperately tried giving me an open mouth kiss with my cum on her tongue.

I kept moving away from her until she finally gave up and swallowed my load. She was up on her knees in the center of the bed licking her lips like one of those kids faces on the peanut butter jar smiling at me.

"Mm...Yummy.......You don't know what your missing baby."

I laughed keeping my distance from Cheryl until she swallowed all that cum I deposited inside her mouth. I allowed her to kiss me at that point but that was sort of a mistake because she poked her tongue inside my mouth allowing me to taste what was left of my cum.

Damn I thought. I could never like the taste of salty hot cum. Glad she loved it so much. We kissed and fooled around for a little while then snuggled on the pillow again. I began to wonder about a few things.

I was sniped and we didn't want anymore kids. Four was enough for any family this day and age so I wondered how Cheryl was going to handle the birth control part of this meeting.

"Don't be silly. Condoms were on my list when I went shopping."

Of coarse. I should have known better. We don't even know this guy or God knows what sort of diseases he maybe carrying. Cheryl wanted to be as careful as possible.

We got the kids over to their Grandparents as early as possible the next morning. My Mom and Dad woke up before the sun each morning anyway even thought both were retired. The kids were happy and their Grandpa was going to take them all fishing so they were excited as all get out. We got back home an hour later and Cheryl hit the shower as soon as we got inside the house.

It didn't take long before the sweet smell of perfume filled the house and I knew Cheryl was in the final preparations for her meeting with Mike. Cheryl's cell phone rang as she was putting on her makeup. It was Mike confirming the time we would all meet at the hotel this afternoon.

I changed clothes while Cheryl used a makeup brush in the mirror. She was wearing that hot skimpy dress and already put on her high heels. Her legs were bare and I could see the outline of her thong as she leaned over the bathroom counter. God was she hot looking. I decided to see how hot she was myself and walked up behind Cheryl and lifted that tight dress up exposing those gorgeous ass cheeks.

She playfully wiggled her ass back at me as I ran my hands across the smooth skin of her ass. She pushed her ass back at me pretending to fuck me making back and forth motions moving those gorgeous thighs like a stripper for me. It was just too resistible not to do something so I leaned over and gave her ass a little kiss

Next, I reached around the front of Cheryl's thong and put my hand under the tiny thin material feeling her smooth shaven pussy mound. Couldn't resist putting my index finger between her pussy lips feeling just a faint amount of wetness between them. This made Cheryl purr and I thought I had a chance at this point.

"I'll be ready in a few minutes baby." Cheryl said.

I reluctantly pulled her dress back down her hips leaving her to finish up her eye liner. I backed away far enough to take it all in. My eyes started around Cheryl's ass and worked their way down every succulent curve of her beautiful legs.

We started to drive into town when Cheryl received a text message from Mike. He was giving her the room number at the hotel we were driving to. She replied back to him then looked over at me and said.

"It's room 305 on the third floor."

I could tell that Cheryl was getting nervous about this meeting the way she was starring out the window now as we drove into town. We arrived downtown at this big tall luxury hotel. I drove into the underground parking garage then took the escalator up into the lobby. We then had to catch an elevator up to the third floor. The hallway was extremely quiet as we walked along the carpet looking at the room numbers.

"Room 305." I said. I gave Cheryl one more kiss and asked. "You ready?"

Cheryl nodded her head so I knocked on the door. I stepped back behind Cheryl so Mike would see her first when he opened the door. We only waited a few seconds when the door swung open. There was Mike and the first thing he did was smile at my wife locking his eyes on her like I was invisible. He immediately took her hand then as they greeted each other with a little peek on the cheek.

"Come in." Mike told her and as an after thought noticed me standing in the hallway. As Cheryl walked through the door Mike shook my hand. He had a strong grip and a big hand I might add.

"I'm Cheryl's husband, John." He seemed to be polite and replied. "I'm Mike. Come on in."

Mike shut the door behind me as I walked inside his room. Cheryl already sat her purse on a table where there was a bottle of wine chilling along with stem glasses. This guy came prepared I thought.

The room was very spacious and must have cost Mike a pretty penny. There were two queen size beds, a nice setting area with a sofa and two chairs plus a huge flat screen television. It was completely upscale in price. Very luxurious. We couldn't afford such a high end room like this ourselves. I could picture our kids jumping up and down on those beds at the moment.

Mike didn't waste anytime opening that bottle of wine as he stood pouring it into three stem glasses. Cheryl was kind enough to hand me one of the glasses. She was standing next to Mike wearing those 5" heels and still looked short compared to the big guy. He certainly had big broad shoulders and thick looking arms. The material of his shirt was stretched out to it's limits with all the flowing muscles this guy had on him I thought. I figured I'd sit down and relax and let them get acquainted. I picked one of the chairs to set in nearest to the flat screen just in case they wanted to talk.

Cheryl sat down on the sofa first as Mike politely waited and watched every move my wife made as she sat down. I noticed he was trying to be a gentleman about it but he certainly was taking in every inch of her gorgeous body at the moment.

I sat on that chair sipping on the wine listening to Cheryl and Mike chat away getting acquainted. Cheryl was extremely nervous and was showing Mike pictures of our kids. They were sitting close together on that sofa while Cheryl flipped over each page of pictures to show Mike.

I knew he was only being polite and had his interests else where. I figured he must be having difficulty trying not to star at my wife's cleavage or at least the good portion of her creamy white thighs that were exposed as she crossed her legs next to him. I know from my vantage point I could see most of her smooth ass poking out from under her sexy dress.

I began to wonder to myself how things would start. I knew Cheryl wouldn't have any part of pulling off her clothes and just jumping on this guy. No way. This was going to be a romantic evening. At one point there would be touching. Perhaps a little kiss or two. Then perhaps they would move to one of the beds.

God. What I'm I thinking. We jus got here for cry-in out loud So I sat listening to the talking. Cheryl seemed to be more relaxed as time went on. Mike got up a couple times to refill the wine glasses. I really didn't think Cheryl felt that comfortable with me starring across at them. I finally had an idea. I felt so out of place and stood up interrupting them long enough to ask Mike.

"Could I borrow your door card? I want to run down and get something to snack on."

Mike obliged me giving me his door card so I could get back into the room. I smiled at Cheryl before I turned and walked out the door. I think she knew what I was up to. I felt a relieved once I got into the hallway. I looked at my watch and figured I'd give them a little time alone before I returned.

I took the elevator down to the lobby and found a restaurant and bar. I figured, what the heck and went in and ordered a drink. There was a baseball game on both flat screens on either end of the long bar. It was still early yet with only a few patrons watching the game and having a drink.

I kept track of the time as I sat sipping on that beer. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. Before I knew it, forty-five minutes had passed. The dark haired woman behind the bar asked me if I wanted another beer. I almost said no but changed my mind starring at her smiling face.

She brought me my beer and I sat watching that baseball game. Two innings went by and I finished that second beer. It was time for me to head back to Mike's room. I tipped the pretty lady behind the bar and smiled as I got off my stool. Took the elevator back up to the third floor. Walked down the hallway pulling the door card out standing outside room 305.

I took a deep breath then slid the card across the little thin slot and saw the green light. I gently jarred the door open a crack trying not to make a lot of noise. I took another deep breath wondering what I was going to see as I slowly opened that heavy hotel door.

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