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Welcome Home


I was flying back home on a business trip and was glad when I heard the pilot say over the PA system for the "Flight Crew, Please secure the cabin for landing". Minutes later, I hear the flaps extend and the landing gear extend down. The plane banked sharply and then straightened out and began the final approach to the airport.

Once the plane was on the ground, I turned my cell phone on and sent my wife a text message saying that I was on the ground and to expect me at baggage claim in 20 minutes or so.

I left the plane and headed to baggage claim to retrieve my bags. It had not been a long trip, so I only had one bag to pick up. Soon the bags started to arrive on the turnstile and not too long afterwards, mine came through the chute. I stepped up to the edge and picked it up, checked the tag and headed to the door.

I called my wife and said "I've found my bag and am headed out to the arrivals loop."

She replied "I'm in the covered parking deck level 2 and she gave the section location.

"OK I'll be there in a few minutes." I said.

Usually, she would loop around and pick me up at the arrivals pickup area, but this time was different. I took the escalators to the parking deck and walked into the covered parking decks and up to level 2. Where was she? I wondered as I walked through the aisles. Way down one row, I saw my SUV and started walking toward it.

As I approached it, I didn't see her. She wasn't in the drivers seat. I walked up to the rear of the car to put my bags inside and tapped on the window. I heard the locks release with a click and I twisted the handle to open the rear window.

Inside, she was laying down in the back, totally naked, with a large rubber dildo sticking out of her pussy and two little nipple suckers on her nipples. She was pushing that dildo into her pussy, looking into my eyes, watching my face for my reaction.

I closed the rear door and took my bag around to the side and put itin the passenger door and climbed inside, closing the door behind me.

The back seat had been removed and the center passenger seat was folded down, leaving a large space for a thick blanket to lay on. She had planned out her mission well.

I quickly lay down next to her, putting one arm around her, and putting my other hand down on the dildo. I kissed her and pushed the dildo deep inside her steamy pussy until she groaned into my kiss. I slowly retracted the dildo, feeling her pussy grab its sides as it came out.

This was a dildo that had wide and narrow rings up its length. Every time her pussy got a narrow part, it felt like it gripped it. It had to stretch again to get the wider part out, to get to the next narrow part. it was a big one, probably nearly three inches across and ten inches long. It just kept coming out.

We broke our kiss and she said "I got here a little early and decided to get ready. Are you horny too, honey?"

I said "Yes, very. I never expected you to follow through on my fantasy and fuck me at the airport."

"Wasn't part of your fantasy going through the toll booth knowing that your cum was inside me?" she asked.

"Yes, slowly leaking out of your pussy." I said.

She said "You better get your pants off then. I've been here about 45 minutes playing with myself. I've already cum three times on the dildo. I like the way it really fills my pussy when I push it all the way in."

I quickly undressed, watching her push the dildo into her pussy. Her pussy lips were pulled into her pussy every narrow ring and they popped back out after each wide part. She jerked with each ring slipping in or out.

Her pussy has a tight section just inside her lips. From then on, it could swallow just about anything. That short tight section was absolutely amazing. It would pass a huge dildo or other object and shrink back to tighten around my cock later. Her inner thighs and pussy lips were soaking wet with her juice.

I presented her with my cock, touching it to her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked my growing cock into her mouth.

I love to see her lips wrapped around my cock. My cock grew another couple of inches in response. She's pulling my cock deep, while driving that dildo in her pussy.

I was torn, I wanted to keep watching her and feeling her suck my cock, wanted to fill her mouth with cum, and wanted to feel her horny pussy swallow my cock while sucking her nipples and kissing her. Which should I do?

I reached down and slowly pulled out her dildo, feeling her pussy grab it multiple times, until the tip came into view. "Are you ready for me?" I asked.

"Sure, I've been ready!" she replied.

So I moved on top of her, sliding my cock over her pussy lips. As I moved back up, my cock lined up on her pussy and sank deep inside her. She pulled her legs up and rotated her hips and I drove my cock all the way in. Her pussy was very hot, like molten honey around my cock.

"Welcome home babe!" she said when I finally got all the way in. I used my hand to pull on one of the nipple suckers. It didn't want to let go, and pulled her breast up by the nipple. Finally the suction broke and her breast fell down.

I lowered my lips to her nipple and pulled it into my mouth. I batted her hard nipple back and forth with my tongue. I love how hard her nipples get when they are teased. I guess she used the nipple suckers to suck on them before I got there, to make them hard for me.

I started picking up the pace of my cock and she kept her hips in perfect time. I would pull my cock almost all the way out and slip it back inside, over and over. It felt so nice.

She put her hands on my hips and was pulling me down, driving me deeper. I could hear her moaning quietly when I bottomed out, each time. I knew she was approaching another orgasm. I adjusted my strokes, longer and harder each time, driving her over the top.

She finally hard came for me, and watching her pleasure pushed me over the edge, cumming deep inside her pussy. I drove my cock over and over into her, shooting another spurt of cum inside with each each stroke. I came a lot. She had just fulfilled a long time fantasy for me and I was very turned on.

I lay there for a few seconds, with my cock resting in her soaking pussy, kissing her neck, fondling her tits, just enjoying the moment. My spent cock slowly deflated and withdrew from inside her pussy.

"We better get rolling since they are charging us by the hour here. My first three orgasms cost us four bucks." Reluctantly, I rolled off of her and gazed down her body, past her tits, down to her pussy lips, where my cum was smeared all around.

I reached down and slid a couple of fingers inside her and withdrew a sample of our juices. I brought it to my mouth for a taste.... Sweet and salty...

She pulled on her top over her bare breasts, her hard nipples making large bumps in her blouse. She stepped out of the car wearing only her blouse, and then slipped into her skirt, walked to the front passenger door and hopped in the front seat.

"Come on! Now is not the time to sleep!" she said.

I got up and pulled my clothes back on and climbed into the driver seat. I fired up the SUV and headed out of the parking deck. Everything seemed so bright, having been inside the darkness of the parking deck for a while.

I paid the parking attendant and headed out on the main highway, on the hour trip home.

She was reclining in the passenger seat as we went through the toll plaza, headed home. She pulled her skirt back up revealing the big dildo, sunk deep inside her pussy. It was coated with my cum and her juices, slick in the afternoon sunlight.

All the rest of the way home, she was cumming on that big dildo. It was a wild ride to try to keep my eyes on the road while keeping up with the sexy scene going on in the passenger seat. In and out it went. One hand on that dildo and her other hand on her clit, she came over and over.

I don't know how many times she came on the way home but it was amazing. I love to see her cum. I love to make her cum. I love the fact that she knows how to make herself feel good.

I told her "Hey, save some of that for me!"

She replied "I will, there is plenty to go around. The kids are out for the afternoon, and I expect you'll be very hard again and turned on by the time we get home. You've had your fantasy lived out, now it's time for mine."

"What is your fantasy?" I asked.

"You'll find out when we get home." she replied.

But that's another story...

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