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Workplace Surprises


I had been with the company for 8 years. Sabrina and I had been hired only a week apart and she seemed really happy when I was promoted to assistant manager.

After work, there were a few of us who would go to the bar downstairs on a weekly basis, and let of some steam. We would have a few drinks, make fun of each other, and everyone seemed to flirt with everyone else. Sabrina and I seemed to have a little contest every week to see who could be the most flirtatious. Sometimes other co-workers would be our victims, and sometimes we would try to out flirt with each other. Nothing ever came of it, so it all seemed like harmless fun.

Sabrina was a knock out and she knew it. Her body was well toned and showed no sign of any fat, but wasn't so skinny that you started to worry if she was bulimic or some shit like that. She always dressed in a blouse that would show off her "assets" with a pair of well fitting pants. If she decided to wear a skirt, you found yourself wanting to see if it was pantyhose or a garter belt and stockings that covered her perfectly shaped thighs.

Her hair was auburn with a nice bit of body to it so that it looked full as it hung down between her shoulder blades. Here eyes were the colour of sapphires and seemed to look past your soul and straight into your most base desires when she looked at you. Her lips were beautifully shaped so that they fit into her face perfectly. Her chest was full and had cause a slight case of whiplash on most of the new male employees over the years, as well as a few of the female ones. She had such an amazing personality that none of the other female staff was jealous of her looks. She never put herself above anyone else and was never snooty.

One night I was sitting in my office doing some minor paperwork when there was a knock at my door. Sabrina opened the door and popped her head in with a simple question. We tossed a few innuendos around as well and, thinking the conversation was over, looked back down at my desk to finish my work. I heard the door close and was a little surprised when I heard her voice. "Actually, I have something I want to discuss with you." This looked serious, so I put my papers down and gave her my full attention.

"I have a bone to pick with you. We have been going out every Friday to the bar down stairs and every time we go, you have made innuendos and comments towards me." I was starting to get a more than a little nervous. Was she thinking of filing a harassment suit towards me? I had always thought she was cool with it, and would have stopped if she had asked me to. I did not want to lose my job over what had always seemed like harmless flirting.

She moved around to my side of the desk and pushed my chair back a little so that she could place herself in front of me and stood there looking at me for a few seconds. "I have decided to do something about it." Smiling she pulled up her skirt so that she could sit onto of my desk and expose the red silk thong that she was wearing. She opened the top few buttons of her blouse and leaned back so that her back was arched and she was leaning on only one hand. "Touch me." She told me.

I was so dumbstruck that I did as she told me, without thinking about it first. She let out a small whimper of pleasure as I touched the fabric in front of her flesh. I could feel the moistness of her labia as I massaged her flesh through her thong. I looked up to see her face and saw that she was massaging one of her tits as I touched below the hem of her skirt.

"I have been so horny all day, and felt it was time to take care of it. Besides, I have been thinking about how to do this for years, and now just seemed the right time." she informed be between moans. I couldn't really care less about her reasons. I too had thought about instigating something for a while, but never wanted to push the friendship.

I leaned forward to take a taste of her snatch, but she stopped me. "No, not yet. I want to be the first one to taste anything." She placed her high heels on my arms and pushed me back. Climbing down off the desk, she slid the thong down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Oh dreams came true as I saw that she was shaved down there. She got down on her knees and wriggled her way under my desk and then told me to come hither with her finger. How could I refuse?

I slid my chair forwards and tried not to look down as she undid my zipper and pulled my dick out of my boxers. Thanks to the little playing on the top of my desk, I was at full attention. I swear I went cross-eyed as I felt her tongue lick the top of my cock and I tried not to whimper as she flickered her tongue around the head of my shaft. Her breath was so warm as she played with my tip. I could barely stand it. Without a word of warning, I was greeted with the sensation of her taking me all the way into her mouth. She was no amateur as she took me all the way between her lips and moved up and down my shaft.

I could hear her moans start to rise up from under the desk, when there was a knock at my door. She stopped for a second and told me to answer it. I took a few more seconds to compose myself and told the person outside to enter. Katrina came in and asked if I knew where Sabrina was. I told her I had no idea and suddenly had to control myself as Sabrina started to engulf my dick back into her mouth. Katrina looked confused for a second and then asked if she could talk to me in private for a second.

I tried to tell Katrina that I was a little busy and was in the midst of asking her to come back a little later. She, on the other hand felt it was necessary and came in closing the door behind her. She started to tell me that she was concerned that Sabrina was thinking of taking her friendship with me to a new level. Sabrina and Katrina had been friends for a long time, even before they had started working at this company. Katrina also wanted advice on what to do because Sabrina had no idea that Katrina was bi-sexual and had desired Sabrina for years. This was so hot. I had one woman under my desk that had been slowly increasing the speed of the blow job that she was giving me and I was being asked for advice on what to do from another woman who desired the woman under the desk.

I must have let a clue as to what was happening because Katrina got a strange look on her face and asked me "What is going on?". I did not have a chance to say anything because she stood up and started to walk over to my side of the desk. I thought I was going to be in some kind of trouble if Katrina saw what was happening between Sabrina and myself. Before I could do anything though, Sabrina came out from under the desk and got to one knee.

Holding my dick in her hand, Sabrina looked at Katrina and told her, "Take off your skirt, sit down on the desk and spread your legs." I could not believe what was happening when Katrina simply smirked and did as she was told showing that unlike Sabrina; she had not bothered to wear any underwear at all. Katrina got into the same position that Sabrina had been in and put her hand onto Katrina's pussy and started to stoke both of us at the same time. It was amazing to watch Sabrina slide her fingers into Katrina's wet mound while stroking my dick. It was like I was fucking Katrina by proxy.

Sabrina then stood up and moved Katrina to her left so that one leg was on the desk and the other leg was hanging over it. She then positioned herself so that they were back to back. "Finger us both." she told me. I stood up and got closer to the desk. The sounds of both of them moaning as I slid my fingers into both of their moist twats was almost too much to take. I couldn't help myself and came on both their thighs as I watched them writhe in pleasure while I put my fingers into them as far as I could.

These girls were obviously not done as Sabrina turned around and raised her hands to Katrina's chest. She removed Katrina's blouse and bra so that I could see the difference between their tits. Sabrina had a nice full C cup, 38's at least, and Katrina was a nice little pair of B's. Katrina reached down and started stroking me to get me hard again while Sabrina suckled those little pink nipples in some hot lesbian action. It wasn't long until my member was at full attention again.

Katrina must have decided to take some control of the situation herself because she pushed Sabrina away and cleared of my desk. Looking lustfully into Sabrina's eyes, she told her to lie down on the desk. Sabrina did as she was told and let out a squeak of delight as Katrina then climbed on top of the desk and sat right on top of her face. I started to go around to the side of my desk so that I could pay some attention to Sabrina's pussy, but before I could get there, Katrina dove forwards and buried her own face between Sabrina's thighs. I was trying so hard not to touch myself as I watched these two women perform a 69 right on top of my desk, but I didn't want to come again so soon. I wanted to go the distance with them both.

Katrina started to grunt with pleasure as Sabrina tongue bathed her clit. Her hips started moving faster and faster until she could take no more and let out an orgasm all over Sabrina's face. I never knew she was a squirter. Katrina rolled off of her lover and lay beside her. I knew my cue when I saw it. I grabbed hold of Sabrina's legs and pulled her so that her ass was at the end. Holding on to her curvaceous ass, I put the tip of my cock against her pussy and slid it all the way inside of her. It was so wet, I had no difficulty at all, and Sabrina came on my balls after only a few strokes. I wasn't done and continued to slide my shaft inside of her, hearing the grunts of ecstasy as I pumped her as hard as I could while Katrina played with herself.

Katrina told me to stop and pushed her hands on my stomach so that I was removed from Sabrina and rolled Sabrina on to her side. She then assumed the doggie position right in front of me and told me that she wanted her turn. I did not need any second invitation and pushed my cock right into her waiting lips. Sabrina was determined not to miss out on this and lay down on her back putting her pussy right below Katrina's face. Katrina wasted no time and put her head between Sabrina's thighs returning the favour from earlier.

We spent the next little while like this. It felt so good to push in and out of Katrina's flesh as she, in turn, licked Sabrina's clit. I saw Sabrina's hips start to buckle as her orgasm began, and this in turn caused Katrina's lips to swell and tighten around my cock. Both women were ready to come, and so was I. All three of us let out a massive grunt of pleasure as we all orgasmed together. I fell to my knees as I came, and both girls turned around so that our faces were all together. Smiling at me, the girls informed me that hey had planned this for a while. I was not going to complain. With a wink in her eye, Sabrina suggested that we get together for a "staff meeting" more often.

I now have another reason to love me job.

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