tagNonHumanYouthful Love Rekindled Ch. 02

Youthful Love Rekindled Ch. 02


Edited by: Lemuwah


The party had ended, and Ishan was in his office finishing up some business. His mind however, was not on the work he had to finish. His mind was on Katarina. He kept racking his brain trying to figure out when she had become a Jinni. I mean can you even just become a Jinni out of nowhere like that. He had seen every inch of that voluptuous body that April, but her back didn't have a tattoo on it then. Maybe he didn't know everything about Jinni's like he thought.

"Ishan, son what are you doing in here when you have my beautiful gift waiting in your bed chamber?" His father asked curiously as he walked in. Ishan looked and saw his father's own Jinni crawling behind his father. When his father stopped his Jinni set back on her knees. Could he ever treat Katarina like that? Ishan questioned himself silently before replying to his father's question.

"Well, honestly father I am trying to figure something out." Ishan answered. He had told his father about Katarina and what had transpired that April. His father had approved. When his father had seen her picture he seems to agree that she was a beauty worthy of his son's love. However did his Father know that his gift and the girl from April were one and the same? "Tell me father honestly did you know Katarina was the girl you presented me with tonight?" Ishan asked looking at his father able to tell when he was lying.

"I see, that's what this is all about. Yes, Yes I knew. Did you not ever wonder why Katarina was so readily available to you that April? Her family was my servants, placed to care for your grandmother. The moment you told me her name I knew who she was. However, you were young and my friend needed a Jinni as special as her. We made an agreement she would be returned to me upon his demise for he was already sick." His father answered so nonchalantly.

Ishan nodded. Though he had more questions, his anger was too great. The Elven side always fought with the demon side. They were like duel personalities. His elven side had lain with Katarina that summer, had loved her unconditionally. However, his mother's magic to conceal the demon within would not last long. It would only be a matter of time after returning from Tai Chin that the magic would wear off. Now he had to face Katarina with this new side one on one. His was angry because his father seems to not care for Katarina as if she was a person. His father was a demon and viewed her as property. Ishan fought with the idea of her as property. His mind went back to that April.

The rain had stopped some time during the night and he woke to her in his arms. She turned over and looked at him. Her hand ran down his bare chest feeling the curls of his chest hair. She loved textures. She always had to feel something just because. It was like an addiction to touch everything. She leaned up and kissed him softly whispering good morning. He had pulled her close to him loving her warmth and the smell of their love making mixed with the scent of after rain. She was beautiful in every way.

"Someone must be awake." Katarina said as her hand found his harden shaft. Mourning wood is what most of his friends called it and this was the first time he had experienced it. He moaned as she began sliding her hand up and down his member. He rolled over on his back letting her have full control. She knelt between his legs and kissed him passionately. He had returned her kiss letting their tongues intertwine. He watched as she left his mouth, kissing a path across to his ear and nibbling on it a little. She moved her hand down his shaft to his balls and began massaging them causing his own body to thrust upwards.

"Does that feel good?" She asked him as her hand made its way back up his shaft and her thumb began teasing the tip of his cock. The only response he could give her was a moan as her lips left his ear making their way down his chest. The moment those full lips wrapped around his massive member his head fell back. The warmth of her mouth and the way her tongue played him like an instrument sent him tumbling into ecstasy. She continued sucking his cock, relaxing her throat to take him in further. Her tongue teased his head every time she made her way up his shaft.

"Oh God Kat, I am going to cum!" He exclaimed as she used her free hand to massage his balls while working his pulsating member. Another skillful flick of her tongue before making her way down his shaft again had him thrusting hard into her mouth. Her throat welcomed him as his hands entangled in her hair. His cum shooting forth in a blissful array as she held her lips tight around his cock. She swallowed every last drop of his tangy sweetness. Her moans came forth filled with the arousal of getting him off.

"Ishan come back to the present. If she occupies your thoughts so much, go to her, lay with her. Worry about these questions and the work after you have been exhausted by a good fuck and have received some sleep." His father said pulling him back to the present. He was hard thinking of that morning and needed release. The demon side of him had every thought of going into his room taking her whether she wanted it or not but his elven side. His elven side wanted to talk to her, wanted things to be like that April.


Katarina sat in Ishan's room. Her mind was consumed with a million thoughts. The look in his eye as he commanded she be taken to his room had scared her. She had breathed a sigh of release when she first heard his voice but seeing that look told her he had changed. She had always been a Jinni but her lamp wasn't a part of her skin that April. How was she going to explain to him that his father had her lamp locked away that April? How she to explain her previous master had used a powerful magic to bind her lamp to her skin giving her the ultimate freedom.

These were just some of the thoughts encircling her mind. She also wondered if she could handle this new side Ishan was displaying. He had been so sweet so caring that April. Now he seemed cruel and heartless. Her previous master was never like that. Fear was creeping up again. What if Ishan tried to hurt her? What if he intended to keep her bound to this post all the time. She had to breathe. She closed her eyes and tried to center herself. She breathed in and out, in and out. The door suddenly opened pulling her from her meditative breathing.

Katarina watched Ishan's massive form come in. His hair was black as night braided to his scalp. His skin reminded her of dark chocolate. He had a broad chest. He wasn't all muscle though he had some meat on him. Heat stirred in her core remembering the way his body looked soaked with sweat as they made love that April. She unconsciously licked her lips as she watched him remove his tie and throw it on the table. She slid her knees underneath her clinching her thighs as he removed his coat. She shouldn't be this turned on by the sight of him. He had her tied to a post at the foot of his bed for crying out loud. She fought against the binds that held her trying to focus her mind on something else.

"You know the more you fight against them the more they will hurt. The rope is going to leave a burn behind if you keep that up." Ishan said as he looked down leaning against the wall. Katarina's eyes were full of frustration and rebellion. She was mad that he treated her like a common slave. Her old master had treasured her. He had spoiled her. Ishan was not the same, he had changed so much and as the anger grew she refused to hold her tongue.

"How dare you just stand there with that smirk on your face? You are pure evil! You're not the same man I fell in love with! I will never summit to you!" She shouted at him as the ropes bit into her flesh and tears filled her eyes. She couldn't bare to look at him and turned away. She had loved him more than her previous master and had at times felt guilty for it but the laughing look on his face as he reminded her not to pull against the ropes told her everything.

"Despite weather you like it or not you belong to me now. You are mine." Ishan said as the demon side of him flared up. His eyes glowed as he watched her pull against the rope. He could sense the hurt and anger in her. He was surprised when her eyes meet his.

"I always have been yours." Katarina spoke as her tears began to fall. She knew he was right. There was nothing she could do. Her master had handed her over after promising to let her go. He had claimed that was the reason he had put her threw such a painful ritual. All those years she spent with her previous master, she had loved Ishan more than her master. Katarina's master had promised by completing the ritual and embedding the lamp in her skin with the ink she would be free to go find Ishan. However, there she was by his side as he gave her over like common property with his last breath.

Ishan saw the tears and couldn't believe what he had just heard. Katarina had always felt she belonged to him. Ishan's heart melted as he knelt down. "I am sorry Kat. You have to know I am half demon and it is likely you will see that side of me often." He spoke through the lump in his throat. How was he ever going to be able to control it? "I have always loved you but when my mother's elven magic wore off I was doomed to live with both sides battling for control." He continued wanting, needing, for her to desperately understand the position he was in.

"You must know as leader of this clan I am held to certain standards. My father is a demon, in his eyes and the others of this clan you are property. The idea of me treating you as something else is considered taboo and in most case inexcusable, for that I am sorry." Ishan said running his hand down her cheek wiping a tear from her face. "Ropes can be fun when used at the right time and in the right way." He said reaching behind her and running a finger over her wrist above the rope.

Katarina looked at his eyes as the demonic glow lessens. "You're half demon. Even though you love me, you will bind me and treat me like property in front of your father and clan because it's expected of you?" She asked him fighting back the fear. She never liked being confined. She was a free spirit. He should know that by now. He should remember her running through the fields that April. For him to ask her to be confined like a prisoner would kill her spirit, her soul.

Ishan could see her mind running, could see the fear and frustration. "You can find freedom within the ropes that hold you securely. Look at me Kat." He demanded seeing the raging flood that was daring to come forth in those jaded eyes of hers. "Do not think of these ropes as binds holding you against your will. Think of them instead as a safety rope binding me to you. Through these ropes you are guaranteed to never leave my side again. I have desperately missed you Kat. Know that as I look at you now though you are bound, you are the most beautiful free woman I have ever seen." Ishan concluded

Katarina broke down in tears. She had missed him for so long and now here he was with her. She melted into Ishan as he wrapped his arms around her having at some point freed her from the post. He pulled her close to him her hands only bound behind her back now and not tethered to the post. Feeling his warmth and love both shattered her heart and rebuilt it. He was her master now and truthfully she wouldn't want any other master but him.

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