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Black Vampire: It's My Life

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/11/11


SAMUELX! Your vile racial offensive nonsense submissions have gone way too far on this web site. You have submitted between 1,000 - 2,000 items to Your items are by far the most low rated of anyone on this web site. When most people see your name as an author of a submission, they simply click on it and give it the lowest rating possible. On several occasions you have tried to disguise yourself by writing some of your own reviews under a different name / alias. However, your writing / non-writing style gives you away each time. Your submissions [non-tales / non-stories] which are mostly cut and paste foolishness are usually full of racial hate and bigotry. You have 'flirted' with fire and danger on numerous occasions with submissions related to the Muslims, God, and Satan! You have totally offended virtually every race, color, and creed in this world with your submissions! You have pretended to be a non-racist, but virtually all of your submissions have been filled with race hate. Your being a covert racist makes you even look worse than the clearly avowed and stated racist people. It is quite obvious that you lack any true formal education regardless of what you state in your biography. You have a total lack of respect for yourself as well as a total lack of respect for all aspects of the human race! You need to either stop your submissions to and/or buy your own web site and put your racists submissions on your own web site. You come across as mentally deranged individual with a very immature juvenile mind who is in dire need of therapy before your entire world comes crashing down on you!

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by kelleigh012712/12/11


Where in this story did Samuelx offend anyone???/ I noticed the same generic copy & pasted comment on all the stories I read from this author. You really need to get it together if you don't like his stories do like everyone else.... Just by pass them when you see who wrote it.

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