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welcome back!

Such an excellent story in so many ways!
I'll echo an earlier poster by asking to be alerted of you ever decide to make your work available for purchase.
Thanks for sharing your time and talent!

1/5 because of politics?!

Wow! The anonymous comment below is really reading the wrong things if THAT is what they take from this!!

As always, love this series and glad there's lots more to come!!

So far so good

waited a week for a part 2, this seems like an easy 10 part series. Keep it up!

Easily the best!

So polished it is better than many published works I've paid for.
Excellent characters, humor, plot line and even long term sub texts.
Thanks so much for your amazing story!

Interesting Story

Well written, very hard stop reading, surprising ending.


Excellent pacing and descriptions, very hot girls. You are making this work!

wrong section?

I am not really sure why this was posted in the "Mind Control" area. I didn't really see any mind control in the story. And, I agree with the others. It needed some proof reading. Mistakes made it hard to read.

I'm loving it. Keep going.

a hot story

really good until again the husband had been run down. I can't understand you authors why you think this makes a story better. for me it made a top story a 1 star story because there is no fun to see in the future, only shit.

sorry but your down to zero

Well written

But the ending is totally out of the realm with him in the story. Up until then the story was great.


Enjoyed this very much. Nice twist at the end. 5 Stars!

Very stilted............

If English is not your mother tongue I can understand, but otherwise it is VERY stilted and difficult to read, therefore hard to enjoy.....the concept is a good one, and it will be interesting to watch her descent into complete submission, especially when hubby gets home, but please get a proofreader!!

so far we have had the same thing happening, repetition is boring, he has a gift that could be used for good causes, instead he fucks his way through life, again boring

Jumping on the bandwagon

So, I have to leave a quick note to say that after seven interesting parts I'm abandoning this series without beginning the eighth. I jumped to the comments section to see if the author was still struggling with grammatical errors, etc. and was dismayed to discover that remained the case. As such, I can't continue with the story as the process of mentally editing as I go has become too much of a chore.


I have to say I do love this story, the charecters the setting ,you have a wonderful way of conveying all the emotions they are feeling, and it is extremely hot. Not that it doesn't touch a nerve here or there, but that's why I like it, it feels real. keep up the good work!

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