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I love the start but the end wasn't good

You write well just didn't understand the reason for the sons part in the story. He just kissed her a few times. It seem a mute point for him to be the main character.
Also the son just accepted that the mom left then out of the blue the neighbors stop being mean,she's pregnant after the dad refused to have a baby. Mom goes to parties all the time. A lot of suspicious activity.
I'd vote for a re-write
2 stars for me. Was 5 until the cop out.


Please continue the story, maybe more characters and more development of the characters.


the possibilities Beyond the boundaries: space, time:The eternal.

Thank you so much so so very much for opening up my mind to the possibilities. The possibilities of connecting with my deceased wife in a similar way as we really had the most exotic erotic life experience together. thank you again.


The girl in your story is rushing three sororities, hoping to get a bid from her first choice, and would have pledged her first choice had she received the bid she hoped for.

i get the point you wanted to make about not following with the crowd, but it ended up a horribly anti-woman story. sex as a weapon, sex as punishment. in truth most situations of abuse are not so easy to opt-out, and this tale helps victim blaming more than it fixes the structures of oppresion.

slightly off

women are a bit more complicated than this.i would wager this is either a first time author or a man trying to capture a womans being.I have been fortunate to train and own a number of lovely men and women.trust me women need more emotion to give in to training.you have to play with their minds.Its more challenging to do so,and you succeed in bending them to your will less often.but very very rewarding.this author seems to think a bit to much like a man does.

Yes, it's the same person! I had to set up a new account for some reason.

Great start.

You have an excellent ear for humiliation. Hope you continue it for her first fuck as a slave.


I compliment you on a great story! It was erotic, yes, but it was also a great story that I enjoyed reading. Many erotic authors enjoy describing sex scenes and forget to craft a story. You craft a great story around a sexual idea; well done. This is the first story of yours I have read, so I will go back and read more.
Thank you

Great Story

....and where can I get this game ?? :):)

Nice story

I liked your story, I hope more will follow

This is same story on mcstories.com by gs6gs6gs6


Being as vain as any writer, I always appreciate compliments. Thank you for letting me know that you enjoyed my work. I don't have any plans for more chapters in this story, though I've given some thought to a spin-off story. I may also post some other stories in a similar vein in the future. But, to return to the beginning of this comment: thanks!

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