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Please continue with Veronica

I Love this story. Absolutely phenominal character development. I would love to see how this plays out with the second teacher. Will he hypno more? Make a little harem of hypno sluts? Bust his friends to get them out of the way? So must potential with this.

Great idea.

Nice take on the Mind Control idea. Like the Tattoo angle.

Awesome series

This series is better written than some commercial fantasy novels in mainstream stores. Very impressive, thank you for sharing it, hope more continue to arrive!

Earlier chapter said something about he was tripling his money every week and had now raised his value to $70 million. And this one, a year later, he isn't nearly that far up. Admittedly this one seems more realistic, but I wish you could go back and edit the old ones to fix mistakes like that.


I love ever single bit of it, I wish you wrote much more along these lines, good mind control stories are hard to find. Thank you, I hope he marries Kay, she is perfect.


An author with as much brains as Obama!

Do you even know where you are?

@Verbicide - Do you realize you just criticized a Mind Control story, which was posted to a Mind Control forum, for being about Mind Control?

Are you being deliberately obtuse, or is this just the way you are all the time?

Next chapter please

Cmon bro, gives us something. I just finished reading this for the third time.
Time for an update.

Friend fuck

My friend forced me to read this, and she fucked me for real. It felt great. Is there a way I can meet you in person? I would love for you to personally fuck me.


the best writing is not writing. Obviously Rose is invisible.

Wait, what?

verbicide, there is already summary of the story in written in the description line but thank you for your input anyway.

Absolutely loved it. Thank you.

typical cult

Well, Jim Jones would be proud of the cult, that's for sure. Deny yourselves the intelligence and creativity of your population as long as you can keep them under control. Substitute sex and pleasure with fear and you'd have an islamist state. the result is the same, women with a boot on their neck being treated like chattel. What a sad fantasy.

you really need a good editor for your work

As you have written - the stories are quite good but suffer so much from the typos and other grammatical mistakes it becomes almost more of a challenge to read

I like the whole series

Yes, it is kind of out there, but isn't that why we read erotica. Your story is both kinky and hot. It is fun to see where you imagination takes us. Keep it up and ignore the negative comments.

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