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Just finished reading all the stories again I love them still.

Quit reading after the first page.

Besides being fucking ridiculous, this "story" made no sense. What does David get out of all this? Is he given a billion dollars? Because he's expected to support his wife without any of the benefits of having a wife. So, again, what does David get out of this sham of a marriage?

I like it

take your time and flesh it out.


1. Anon (Don't let this be the end): This is not the end. The next chapter will pick up in Devnik's court. You might just see him doing some ruling while he's there.

2. Anon (More): Thank you. I enjoy writing them.

3. Jounar: Nice to see you again Jounar. I'll try and make that a near future, but I'm slow.

4. Anon (Masterful): Not the last. Thanks for the kind words. I hope the NT name continues to amuse and delight.

5. RedJohnny: I try not to think about generes. It makes my head hurt. Thanks for commenting. Nice to see you.

6. Anon (Outstanding): I'm going to the Creed universe next. I've got fifty more pages to write till I post. Check my bio page to see any updates or writing samples I might be offering.

7. Anon (Words): Thanks. I find that writing flattering/humble words to be difficult. Lets agree to a mutual nod of respect. *Nods*.

8. Anon (great): I suppose you could call it a demon saga. No idea when the words will hit the page though.

9. Anon: Thank you. Creed next.

10. Anon (Artful): Thank you. The world building was the fun bit to write.

11. one3nine0: You might be feeling cheated, because I have only provided an ending similar to the Celestial Matters ending. I always planned for this to be a trilogy. This cliffhanger just wasn't as obvious as the other one. Thanks for popping in though, glad you liked the rest.

12. Anon (The end): You will. I already know. But I'm not telling. Muhahahaha.

13. Anon (great): Glad someone's keeping score. I'll be happy when the thing is actually written.

14. Anon: I currently don't have any story written that I feel is worthy of someones money. If that changes, and I self publish, I will let all of you know. Till then, just enjoy. And thank you.

15. bcbbb: Nice to see you again. As a author I know that it is dedicated commenters like you that keep us lit authors inspired. Glad you liked it.

16. Anon (Not nearly enough): I sometimes feel like I am trying to fill a bottomless pit. This is nearly a full length novel. If all three parts of CW were printed, it would fill about 210 pages in a real book. However, I love writing so much I'll see if I can't make things longer in the future. Thanks for commenting.

17. Ashes: Glad no hopes or dreams were crushed on my account.

18. Anon (Anxiously waiting): Wow. That is very flattering. I'll try and keep you abreast of my writings. Write me in author feedback section for samples and such. Thanks for being a fan.

19. Anon (Please more): I will. Thank you.

20. technot: I'll be busy typing the next chapter. I hoping that happens quickly. But knowing my style, it will probably be three months minimum. Sorry...

21. Anon: Thanks for that. However, if you're looking for other stuff that is similar to mine, check out my favorites. LTPC and Backyardbottom slash produce some good stuff.

22. pantsotron: Daniel's character will be returning. I'll give away that cliffhanger for free...but it was probably pretty obvious. I put too much effort into that character to just get rid of him like that. Glad you liked it, and happy to answer a question.

23. Anon: You shall practice patience, and I shall practice typing. Together we shall be marvelous. Thanks for commenting.

-Sorry this comment is so incredibly long. Check my Bio page for updates, or simply send me an email. Now, I have the next chapter open in a tab, and I probably should switch over.

Evilly yours,

Just Plain Junk

Your story has degenerated into Just Plain Junk. The New York museum was just a distraction, with nothing coming out of his interaction with his cousin 7& her family (like, for example, his taking the opportunity to knock up his cousin while he was there.) And his carrying on with Kate. degrading her in front of her now impotent boyfriend Chad, was cruelly disgusting. His playing with Megan and Leila, neither of whom had offended him in any way, was just degenerate of you. Adios to this story!

i loved reading this

Your writing kept me captivated, a little more erotisiczm would make it easier to hold my interst .

Part 1 of more?

I suspected something like that ending. I hope you continue with chapter 2 and more.

Alan's Inheritance Ch.6

In this Chapter Alan continues to waste his largely-undeveloped Power by just fucking the trio of Girlfriends he has secured from school. Not very promising, for a young man with potentially unlimited power to get anything (or anyone) he wants.

this emc was wonderful

I loved this story, nice, slow, erotic. Just keep to going, it could have been 5 chapters long, and slowly has erin taken into the deeper trance. Give us more.

it is great reading

I am enjoying this story, altho I still cannot find where it is going, that makes it one story I may not look forwad to search out and follow.

im still readi g

I co tinue to read, but it does lack detail, this has so much potential, u are quite a talented writer.

enjoyed it

Enjoying this so far, it moved a ltiile fast, and it could use move details, but I hope it will get better as I follow it


Guess "that's ALL folks". Getting interesting but ending in midair.

Adam's Inheritance Ch.3

I am perplexed at how and why Alan continues to be so controlling, and really abusive with Kate, who he has already "gotten even with", while continuing to be kind and attentive with his "sort of girlfriend" Pauline. And besides, having his gorgeous Teacher putting out for him whenever he wants it, what is he doing playing around with two teenagers? Surely his Powers would allow him to screw a lot more interesting ladies, including for example Kate & Pauline's mother, and his teacher's friend Leila. Very perplexing.

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