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This needs a sequel, maybe something like him hypnotizing her for his friends.


You'd get back and continue the story, I really enjoyed it

Only 12 Comments? Strange!

I liked this story - thought was funny. I think a couple of the commentators are taking things too seriously - these stories are entertainment. Five stars from this reader.

Not Fair to Patti . . .

to use her to punish her scumbag father. Makes Sam as bad as Harry to deflower Patti that way.

Sam should have taken Harry's anal virginity, now THAT would have been appropriate!

Leave in your kinks, man

Everyone in the comments telling you to get rid of the piss and shit can shove it. You have your kinks. You don't have to stop writing them to cater to anyone. Especially someone who would try to demand that you tailor-make their porn for them. They aren't entitled to anything. You do you.
Now, aside from them, this is well written. I hope you decide to continue this. With the piss play and scat intact. If you don't, I comepletely understand. This many people insisting that there's something wrong with your porn because it's not their kink is enough to discourage anyone.

Great Story

I liked it... though i do wonder if they ever paid him the $250/week!!

love it

Really great writer love all your storys

Five stars for the intro

I am just about to start the story, but your intro was great.

Fresh ideas ?

Hi Bambi - read your comment about your struggle to keep things fresh. Not sure if you are open to suggestions, but I'll offer the germ of an idea ; I would love to read about Mandy working / volunteering at an inner-city homeless shelter, where she would tease the local 'down an' outs', mostly old black men. Then she would get taken / gangbanged by lots of filthy, smelly, old, homeless black men. Would be so hot ! Check out interracial porn cartoon called 'Emptiness' for same theme .

Please, for the love of all that is sexy, get an editor

this story had a great premise, but so many errors I could only skim it and see where it went. If English isn't your first language I will give you some props for trying, but right now it looks like an angry teenager who hates women scribbled this out while drunk.

Please edit this story and repost it. I would love to read the fixed version.

In agreement

I agree with the above comments. Would like to see Sean request a night with
Marcy as the project moves along. I too have been looking for updates a little quicker.
We all know Lydia is a survivor and a player. Something major has to show her leaning one way or another. Thanks for the good read, awaiting more.
In the meantime I read other stories from other authors.

gets boring

This part reminds me just of the first one, but with a female. There is nothing happening for the story itself. I awaites part 4 very much but this time its dissapointing. Will they start the drug at part 11? After 6 more collegues have to be captured? Carry on with it but hurry up with the plot. :)

Loved it! One problem...

Love the story! I understand this is a fictional story and radiation was a convenient way to explain his low sperm count, but NO ONE died at Fukashima as a result of RADIATION. A year ago I was anti nuclear and was under the impression tens of thousands died between TMI, Chernobyl, and Fukashima when in fact only about 50 died at Chernobyl and none in the other two accidents. I've studied nuclear power intensely in the last year and it is clear nuclear power is the safest means of producing electricity. Even counting the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nuclear has saved more lives than it has taken. This is because burning coal is the only other means of supplying reliable baseload electricity, and burning coal kills more than 100,000 prematurely each year. There is no solution to climate change that does not include nuclear power plants. But great story! :)

Blackmail is always cliche.

And pointless when there are easier ways to do it. Throw in the idea that they'll make a drug that gives you the ability to live like a king or queen in your own mind and all I can say is that I am do that by closing my eyes. Why would I need a drug to do that for me?

As for her reaction at seeing the video and her captors, collapsing on the floor, and the hysterics that went with it...I was simply confused. Here's an intelligent and top level mathematician and you expect me to believe that someone as brilliant and driven as she is would be given to hysterics? She would collapse on the floor sobbing? Really? A more likely result would be her studying the video and determining the best course of action to a his e the desired result...not this damsel in distress thing you went with.

Because in the end, puppets, dolls, toys are boring as fuck and people, real people react in different ways.

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