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A masterful way to conclude this series, but hopefully not the last we see of these characters. I will be avidly anticipating any new story with the Noble Truth name written next to it.

Good one

Liked this one . Can't wait to see where you take it .Hope I don't have to wait very long .....


Amazing story and then some and well worth the wait. I do hope we get more Devnikolus in the future :)


These stories are amazing, very well written and never a dull moment.

Please write more as these are some of the best tales I have found here.


There is no rule on what looks ( or is) good.
240 pounds can be a disaster or a gift from the gods.
Never ever put a formula on attraction.

Don't let this be the end!!

You are amazing. This was amazing. There was only one sex scene, but I never felt it needed more. You have to continue this story withe theses characters. I want to see Devnikolus rule his court!!

There has to be more to the Erica story. I do love the dark threats and the tension, this is a really great series regardless of if the Erica plotline is over.


i loved it, at the beginning, i was wondering why this was on a sex stories website. Then i understood slowly and with pleasure. I can't wait to read the Ch. 02. I loved your story, i hope you will publish many others.


Ugh, it's been over a month! Please, please post the next chapter soon!! I love this story, and have to continuously retread old chapters. Keep it up!!!!

Best erotic fiction I've ever read ;-)

Thought it would be much dirtier, but VERY pleasantly surprised! The depth of the characters and play on right-vs.-wrong was infinitely more erotic!* Very satisfying - and, as the roles are reversed in my marriage, I'm now inclined to tidy up the house for my husband and see if reverse-conditional-training has some merit haha! *Plus, zero grammar and spelling errors - amazing how much that matters!


Who let you out of the hospital for the insane or did you just runaway. This story ain't no fantasy its pure drivel from some crazy loon. Buddy hate to tell you but if half of the crap you wrote about happened not only would your sick arse be back in the loony bin but your marriage would be down the toilet also

Very nice beginning!

Till here I liked it A LOT.
Please go on.



This is truly a master class in writing! The first couple of paragraphs are a textbook example of how to start a story: poetically written; instantly presenting a scene of tension and danger; and suggesting the possibility of what Jonathan has gained could be so easily lost.

Bravo, that's an incredible hook! Unlike 95% of stories on Lit, I was sucked in immediately.

The rest of the story was excellent. The writing is professional quality (and the quality of a GOOD professional at that!) and the multiple, at first seemingly unrelated plot strands start coming together beautifully.

I'm not sure everyone appreciates just how much skill it takes to write something like this. It takes so much more effort to craft a story where ideas are seeded and where multiple threads entwine than doing a simple linear sex story with only a few scenes.

So yes, well done. Don't pay too much attention to the detractors or those who want to blackmail you regarding plot direction - just keep doing what you're doing.

Also, if you ever want to write a collaboration, feel free to get in contact!

To exolief

Thanks!! As luck would have it, installment five just popped up today, which is a little different from the first four—and I think just got a troll vote a little while ago—but I'm still pretty glad with the way it came out anyway. Have you read the first three along with this one?
And I know what you mean, I fell in love myself with Angie almost right away creating her last fall...nice, nice lady (to say the least :)).

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