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make up your mind

First or third person writing?
Get a grammar and spellcheck...the idea was good, but really poor execution


Love the start cant wait to see where it goes


This has been a great story. The "jumping around" with the timeline has been exactly the way an 18 year old airhead would tell it. Plus the last part was as funny as fuck to read

More please

More chapters......

This is disgusting writing. What a turn-off. Good plot idea, terrible execution.

Dumb fucking pussy boy

yes i liked it

Very interesting twist, a good reading. It could have used lot more eroitc details tho.

love the mind erotica

I sure could use more writings like this, it went a littile fast, but still very good.


Haven't read a story like this in a while. Great storyline with much appeal. You also opened this up for lots of future possibilities. 4 stars!

waiting for more

I hope you continue this story

Well written

That was definitely one of the better stories I've read.
Good work! I hope to see more stories from you. :)

something that bothered me.

1: the constant miss use of your (your leg) and you're (you are).

Total crap

You are gay, or curious or what ever the @(*& you want to call yourself, fine. But warn people, or put your writing in the correct category.


State Street? Snow?

Chicago confirmed.

Won't Be Too Long

Not at all, Anonymous! I spent the last month trying to wrap up my other series Prison Pet. Since that series is complete I should be able to focus on Act 2. It takes about a month for me to write these longer stories so be patient. I appreciate your interest!

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