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Please finish these stories. Both have great potential and I am enjoying them.

On the way!

Chapter 24 is in my editor's hands. Should be published in a week or so. Chapter 25 is looking very good.

So Far So Good

I think he will go back and take his Sister and Cousin and make them part of his House. it will be interesting to see how he recruits for house staff. the Cook I would go to a School and pick one. The maids he could go to a University and pick a few Sorority girls to do the Housework.

Needs help

The others are right and the author is ignoring the feedback. Help is needed with spelling, word choice, and grammar. For example, nothing is metered out. It is meted out. And, the girls would be his half sisters as was pointed out.

Need more

Definitely need him to use it on his nurse mom as well

What would I do?

Good ending - for now (hope you might think about a sequel???). If this were real (since I actually design med. equip. for a living, I know it's not even remotely possible), what would I do with the Gizmo? We'd all like to believe we're "good" at heart, but...

BTW: I liked the bits thrown in about DSPs and Intel processors. There seem to be a large number of engineers writing on this site, and, all stereotypes aside (that whole "I are an engineer" thing), their writing is surprisingly good!

Thanks to part 2

I would have never read this because I only go into the incest category. Loved it.

love it

very good story can not wait for more the best ever

re Whackdoodle

So, it's supposed to be that he experiences her memory through someone else in the memory, in this case Eddie, not her. Also, it's not done yet. There will be more parts, but as it progresses, we learn that Eleanor had a very different past from what she lets on, even to her husband. Maybe I should have been clearer with that. I'm sorry for any confusion.

Kool Aid Free

Fortunately, this group didn't do that

1 star, but not because of the subject matter

But if he was experiencing things from her perspective, why would he have Eddies experiences? How us that possible. And in 14 years, he doesn't know she had a tattoo?

Really? So because of the confusion, one star.


when do they drink the kool-aid

Wonderful story,

I am just sorry I got here so late! Please continue, and just disregard the negative comments, they are just jealous that they can't write as well as you.

fantastic story, will there be more?

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