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Boutique Magic
by Tawny T

This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

"God, you look good enough to eat." Carol chuckled as I sat down. She'd removed her sweater and her blouse was almost transparent. She hadn't worn a bra. Her beautiful breasts were almost bare. "I didn't wear any underthings!", she whispered. She pulled me up and we danced again closer this time. Her breasts pressed against mine. My heart pounded. After a few minutes, Jean, a tall redhead cut in. I recognized her as a buyer from New York. We slipped together.

"I'm glad to see you two here. Carol was here last year, but this is the first time I've seen you here. Enjoying yourself?" Jean, a beautiful redhead asked.

"I sure am. This is the first time for me." I said letting my hips move against hers.

"You have very lovely breasts. Carol must have asked you to take off your bra, or was that your idea?" She asked, her breath soft against my ear.

"Hers. I guess I didn't know what to expect." I was flattered she'd noticed. The music ended. "If you and Carol would like to come up to our room at any time, just give us a ring." She gave me a peck on the cheek as she led me back to our booth.

"Enjoying yourself? Dance with whoever you want to. I'm not jealous or possessive. You're your own woman." Carol said her hand stroking mine. "Would you like to stay for the 'special' show later? They close up and I'm told have two women who put on a very special and unique show. It's fifty dollars per person, but well worth it I'm told." I agreed.

We danced and from time to time I danced with other women. Kitty, a tall lovely blonde, and Jeans friend, seemed particularly nice. There were about six women that I knew from the business and we talked a little 'shop' but mostly danced close. No one tried to "hit" on me. If I was invited to their room, Carol was always included in the invitation.

Sitting in the booth, I moved close to Carol and kissed her lips. "Thank you for bringing me her tonight. I'm really enjoying it."

"Does it get you excited, dancing with women?" Carol asked, her hand stroking my thigh.

"When I took my panties off, there was a damp spot. I'm so wet. Want to see?" I asked, taking her hand and moving it to my crotch. As I spread my thighs, she slipped a finger in and it slipped easily between my wet pussy lips.

"Yes, I'll say you are wet. I'm glad. I thought you might like it here." Her finger continued to stroke me, finding my erect clit. I scooted down slightly, giving her free access. As she stroked me I looked around, at other tables, I could see couples sitting very close, arms angled downward to the juncture of their partners thighs. One woman looked at me and winked. I smiled back.

Nan, the owner stopped by for a moment. She smiled at us. I started to straighten up but she held up a hand. "Relax, Darlin', I always like to see my customers happy. Just no fuckin' on top of the table. Have fun!" Her eyes slid over my breasts. She winked and moved off. I relaxed and Carol's magic fingers quickly brought me to a climax.

Afterwards, I couldn't believe that I'd sat in a bar, let a women make love to me, and no one thought anything about it. I loved it! I reached over and slid my hand between Carol's thighs. They parted and I found her pussy wet and slippery. I rolled her clit back and forth and she moaned softly. I stroked her slowly to a mini-climax and she said she wanted to wait till later for a big one.

At one o'clock, Nan announced closing. Anyone who wanting to stay for the show was welcome. The place thinned, and about twenty women stayed. Nan came around and collected from everyone. She said that if we'd move closer to the dance floor, we'd have a better view. We moved to a table at the edge of the floor and ordered new drinks.

"Ladies, I think you'll find tonight's show most entertaining. Lin Mae just came in from San Francisco. Some of you may know Pam. She's worked here in Vegas for several years. I think you'll like the two of them together, in public, for the first time. They are very exciting. Thank you." Nan announced then left the floor. The lights dimmed, a spot shone in the center of the stage.

The beautiful and haunting music of Tchikovski's Swan Lake came on. Onto the floor moved what appeared to be a large bird, it's plumage iridescent in the lights. Then you realized that its feet were really human hands, but the shape of the bird was wrong. The head was moving from side to side, the eyes emeralds. It moved across the floor, swaying to the music.

Slowly a huge peacock tail unfolded, shimmering with colors. It swayed and moved sensuously. Then the bird opened slowly revealing a beautiful Oriental girl, the birds head fastened atop her head. Her feet and legs unwound and you realized that she had them wrapped over her shoulders. I heard several gasps, mine included when we realized that she had been in a virtual ball, bent backward at an impossible angle.

Lin unfolded, and still balanced on her hands brought her legs straight up till she was doing a hand stand. She slowly spread her thighs till her legs were perfectly horizontal, revealing her naked sex. It gleamed and glittered, and from our vantage point I could see that her labia had been pierced by multiple studs, and diamonds sparkled along the length of her pussy which was totally hairless. There was a murmur of approval and several hands clapped.

She balanced on one hand, did forward and back rolls, and at the same time, slowly shed her bird plumage. Her skin gleamed with flecks of sparkling powder. She had a beautiful face and tiny body, I guessed she was no taller than four and a half feet, but perfectly formed. Small hard breasts, with dark erect nipples set off her body. Her body rippled with smooth muscles. For ten minutes or so she dazzled us with her acrobatic balances and movements. Then the light dimmed and she was gone.

When the lights came up there appeared another bird, a crane, large and white, three feet or more in height. It spread enormous white wings and as the music played, moved slowly. This time human feet appeared at the bottom. Carol and I looked at each other in puzzlement. Slowly the bird moved, grew and grew till it was well over seven feet tall, just clearing the overhead ceiling.

Sensuously it moved to the music, sending chill bumps down my spine. The music changed and the naked Lin appeared on the stage moving with the bird. Slowly she began to remove the plumage. Beneath the plumage was a very tall willowy blonde. Obviously a show girl, with long, long legs, small pert breasts and a stunningly beautiful face.

She danced for twenty minutes or so. She was able to bend completely forward at the waist so that her body pressed straight along her legs and she could wrap her arms around her legs, her head against her ankles. She wore the tiniest of g-strings, which she finally removed. He pussy too was clean shaven.

She could do a complete split, her legs at right angles to her body while doing a back or forward roll. She was able to take either leg, and while standing on one, place the other leg alongside her head. She did back and forward rolls on the floor. I guessed she must be at least six foot four or five. My eyes kept going to her naked pussy as she did her act.

Finally she sank to the floor and lay still. We applauded loudly. The music started again and Lin moved in. She moved to Pam and they began to kiss and caress. They moved together and the tiny Lin came below Pam's breasts. Then Pam caught Lin and raised her up, spinning her in the air. Lin caught Pam's knees and she was upside down. She spread her thighs and her pussy was inches from Pam's mouth. Pam leaned over and sliding out an extremely long pointed tongue, slowly thrust it into Lin's spread pussy. They moved around, swaying as Pam moved her head up and down thrusting her tongue in and out of Lin.

Beside me Carol's hand moved to my thighs, burrowed under, she slipped a finger up inside me. Never taking my eyes from the dancers, I slipped a finger between her sweet pussy lips, and stroked her slick wet flesh.

Pam turned Lin and sat her on the floor. Lin slid down on the floor, raised herself on her hands and brought her legs outward then forward till they were in front of her. Slowly, she bent forward and bowed her body upward till she was able to move her own tongue along her own pussy. Still licking her self, she slowly turned around and around on her hands. Her tiny pussy was well formed and we could clearly see her tongue flick her own clit.

"God, I wish I could do that!" Carol whispered to me, her fingers playing slowly over my pussy. I wiggled mine in reply. Slowly Lin spread her legs till they were at right angles to her body. Pam slid her hands under Lin's thighs and lifted her from the floor. She brought Lin upward till Lin's pussy was at her shoulder height, then lowered her face to Lin's spread pussy.

It was incredible, Lin moved her head back slightly, and as she licked her clit, Pam thrust her long pointed tongue into Lin's pussy. Pam walked around the floor, holding and licking Lin so that all could see this very unusual display. They changed positions slightly from time to time and Pam would thrust her tongue into Lin's small neat anus, while Lin thrust her tongue into her own pussy. Lin began to tremble and in one motion, Pam lifted her slightly, shifted her hands around Lin's hips and buried her face in Lin's small pussy. Lin relaxed and let her body straighten and we could see the ecstasy on her face as she came. Pam's face moved from side to side as she brought the small woman to a climax. We could clearly tell it was not a simulated orgasm.

Pam held her for several minutes, her tongue gently laving Lin's spread pussy. She twirled Lin erect and then lifted her up and they kissed. They received a nice round of applause. Pam danced again, spreading her legs wide showing off her lovely pussy. She did a hand stand, and as Lin had done did an upside down split. She shifted slightly, balanced on one hand, the reached up and slipped two finger inside herself. Her legs began an up and down motion, and each time she shifted slightly till she had rotated her body full circle. Standing up, she bent from the hips and bent forward till her head was between her ankles. She wrapped her arms around her legs and by moving her feet slightly turned in a circle.

Lin moved close and with a leap, vaulted up on Pam's hips, a hand on each buttocks. She did a hand stand on Pam, upside down, she lowered herself till her face came down to Pam's pussy. She slid out her tongue, and pushing up and down, slid her tongue into Pam. We all clapped at this unique lovemaking. After several minutes, Lin moved and balanced herself on Pam's hips. She bowed her body backward, reached back and caught her legs and after several shifts, drew laughter as her small body appeared to grow from Pam's long legs.

She released her legs, turned, locked her legs around Pam's, and slid down Pam's body till her face was against Pam's pussy. She began to lick and suck Pam, who still was holding her ankles, bent. The two moved slowly, Lin letting her legs move down to the floor, and Pam slipping her arms around to hold Kim. Pam raised her head and began to lick Kim's pussy as she stood behind her. It was very unique, as had been all their actions. We could hear the little slurps and sucking noises as they made love. Kim moved her tiny ass in circles and Pam ate her. My own pussy was receiving a good finger fucking from Carol. I glanced around and found most of the women similarly occupied with their partners. Even the bartender watched avidly, her hand down in her tight fitting leotards, moving up and down.

The two moaned their pleasure, then broke apart. Lin lay down on the floor and Pam danced around her dipping down so her pussy was inches from Lin's lips. Lin's hands moved up to stroke Pam's spread pussy. Then Lin moved her hand down, made a cone of her fingers, slipped them into her mouth wetting them, then put her elbow on the floor.

Pam moved over her and began to slowly do a split directly over Lin's hand. Her leg muscles stood out as she slid her feet further and further apart. It became apparent that she was going to impale herself onto Lin's small hand. Lin's hand did not move and slowly Pam's spread pussy moved closer. Lin began to slowly rotate her wrist and several gasps came from the crowd as her fingers disappeared into Pam's body. Pam bounced up and down slightly, still lowering herself. I'd heard of fist fucking, but this was the first time I'd ever seen it.

The audience held their collective breaths. The club was quiet, except for the soft music in the background. Pam lowered herself inch by inch till all of Lin's hand and wrist disappeared up inside her. She continued to move up and down, fucking herself on Lin's arm. The strain on her thighs and legs must have been terrific. Slowly she bobbed upward, raising her body till Lin's fingers slipped out of her pussy, wet with her juices.

Pam rolled backward onto her shoulders and thrust her legs up, then spread them. Lin stood facing away from Pam a couple of feet away, then did a back bend, her head arched back till her face was again buried into Pam's pussy. She licked Pam for several minutes then did a back flip and now the two were in a sixty nine. They took hold of the others hips and arching their bodies, formed a circle. They began to roll across the floor joined in a sixty nine. The audience loved it.

Finally, Pam lay back and Lin moved over her. Heads bobbed until they both were moaning and writhing in the throes of ecstasy. Spent, they got up bowed, and Pam grasped the tiny Lin and carried her out of the room over her head. The room exploded in applause. Everyone had a smile on their face as we filed out. We shared a taxi with four of the fashion crowd going back to our hotel.

We hurried to our room, took a quick shower then fell into each others arms and made very passionate love. The show had really excited us both.

The next day dragged by as we were both very tired from not getting much sleep the night before. We looked at many lines of clothing and selected our next year's line. When the last show was over, Carol and I donned our skimpiest thong bikini's and went to the pool. We swam and relaxed. We drew lots of stares from the men, and a few women.

Several men made advances but we demurred. We went up to the room, threw off our bikinis and made passionate love for at least an hour. I found I really loved going down on Carol. I loved the taste and feel of her. She gave me quite a number of pointers about making love to a woman.

After a shower, that included making love under the pouring water, we dressed, sans underwear and went to dinner. Jean and Kitty joined us, they had been to the show the night before. We talked about styles for a while, but the previous night's show became a real topic of conversation. We had all enjoyed it. They too had come back to the hotel and made love. Carol and I went to the powder room together, and she asked me if I wanted to join Jean and Kitty for a foursome. I said that I didn't think I was quite ready for that. She kissed me gently and nodded.

We all went to one of the Vegas shows and enjoyed it tremendously. We commented on the showgirls, speculating which ones had boob jobs. We all wondered where Pam worked. Jean and Kitty invited us for a weekend on a house boat on Lake Meade. It belonged to a friend of theirs, male, and they planned on spending the weekend cruising on the lake. Only women would be on the boat. The boat had two jet skis, and a runabout capable of towing water skiers. Carol and I didn't have to get back to the shop till Monday and we could catch a "red eye flight" Sunday night. We agreed.

After we got back to the hotel I called Ron while Carol took a shower. He was really glad to hear from me. He asked what we'd been doing. I told him that Carol and I had been making love at every opportunity. He wanted to hear all the details so I started telling him. He got a huge hard-on and I told him to go ahead and jerk off while I talked to him. He said he would if I stripped and did the same.

I slipped off my clothes and lay back on the bed, closed my eyes and began to tell him what we'd done since I'd last talked to him. I told him in detail how we'd made love and about the live sex show we'd seen. It got me hot talking to him, knowing he was stroking that big thick cock of his, and recounting all the details of Carol's and my lovemaking. I gave details of how she coached me, just how to lick and suck her sweet pussy, and tongue her clit.

I slowly rubbed my clit with one hand while the other ran slowly over my breasts and thighs. I was really getting hot when I felt the bed move. I kept my eyes closed and continued to talk, while Carol, fresh from the shower kissed my breasts, belly, and removing my hand slipped between my thighs, parted my sopping pussy and began to lick and suck me. I continued to talk to Ron, my eyes closed, as she made love to me.

With my eyes closed, as I told him about the tiny Lin Mae and the tall statuesque Pam, I described their bodies and what they had done. The scenes were more vivid as Carol's talented tongue and fingers stroked and enflamed my body.

She built my passion up and up, till I exploded, screaming my ecstasy over the phone to my husband. He exploded along with me calling my name over and over. When I'd regained my breath I told him what Carol had been doing to me after she came into the room. He told me he heartily approved, and that he had his tape recorder turned on and had taped the whole phone episode.

"Maybe when I get back, if Carol doesn't mind, I can video tape one of our lovemaking sessions and let you watch it." I looked at Carol, still between my thighs, lapping my pussy slowly. She nodded and winked. We talked for a few minutes more and then I told him I had to go because Carol was still softly lapping my pussy and I was hot as could be and had to make love to her right then. His last quick words were "Go for it, Babe!" I put the phone back on its cradle, rolled down in bed and dove between Carol's soft warm thighs.

Her pussy was wet and hot, and I burrowed my face into it, and almost drowned in her juices. I rolled on top of her and thrust my hips down against her wonderfully talented mouth, and cried out as her teeth lightly raked my clit, then her tongue flicked away the hurt and the joy began. We made love for at least two hours. I couldn't get enough of her sweet pussy and soft wonderful body.

We spent the rest of the week wheeling and dealing and wrapped up a very successful trip with a champagne party for all the attendees. Carol and I went back to the club a couple of times more and met new friends. I thoroughly enjoyed dancing with the lovely women.

On Saturday morning we checked out of the hotel, and Jean and Kitty picked us up in their rental car. We made several stops for sundries we'd need and went out to the marina. The house boat was sleek and beautiful, inside and out. The girls had already stocked the food, and the boat was gassed and ready to go.

With Kitty at the helm, we cast off and she skillfully pulled out of the marina and we headed up the beautiful lake. The two powerful inboard engines purred, pushing us along at a good clip. We all took turns at the wheel and it was a first for me, piloting such a big boat. I loved it. Kitty and I talked and I asked where she'd learned how to handle such a large boat. She'd grown up in a family who loved the outdoors and had grown up fishing and hunting. Her father had owned several large boats, and she had become proficient in piloting them. They had boated all over the world.

I too, came from an outdoors family, and she and I compared notes, where we'd camped, hunted , fished. We both had learned to shoot at an early age, and had shot skeet and trap. She said that there was a trap shotgun on board with a clay pigeon machine for throwing them. I told her we'd have to try it later. I sat, admiring her skill at the wheel, and enjoying looking at her lovely body. I imagined her naked. Damn, I was really getting into this!

The starkly beautiful scenery of the desert intrigued me as we moved up river. There weren't too many boats on the lake. We all put on bikinis and enjoyed the sun. Jean reminded me that the desert sun could be brutal, and got a bottle of sun block and as I lay on the roof, stroked it on to me. Carol was nearby, and when I looked over at her she smiled, winked and nodded. I relaxed and let beautiful Jean rub my body.



This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Tawny T.

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