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Boutique Magic
by Tawny T

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Carol continued to fuck Jean till she finally came with a series of screams of pleasure. Kitty hand flashed again and again till Jean's ass was deep pink. Spent, Jean fell forward on the bed. Carol slid the dildo out, and I watched Jean's vaginal opening close up slowly.

"Carol," I said, "try that on me. Ron has a big cock but I'd like to see if I can take that." I knew she would be careful.

"My pleasure! Kitty, why don't you get her pussy wet?"

I dropped my bikini and moved on the bed. Kitty positioned my ass near the edge, and then spreading my pussy, laved it with her tongue till I was very wet. My pussy was excited from watching, my lips and clit swollen . Carol moved behind me. She took some lubricant, and smoothed it over the head.

"You'll love this, Baby. I wanted to introduce you to this, but not too soon. I'll let you try it on me if you want. It's a rush fucking a women." She said as she placed the head against my pussy. It felt warm, and much like a real cock. She pressed slowly, and my already excited pussy stretched readily as she slid the massive head inside. It stretched my pussy wonderfully, and she slid it in and out, each stroke getting deeper. I felt the head press firmly against my cervix and stretch my uterus still more. Ron's cock hits my cervix, but I'd never had such a monster inside me as this.

Carol was good and when she felt the slight resistance she backed off a little. She fucked me slowly, pulling the head almost out then sliding it into me further and further. My pussy adapted, stretching and with her gentle thrusting soon had it full length inside me. Her thighs and belly pressed against my ass, and I was filled like never before.

We got into a rhythm and I began to really enjoy having a women fuck me. Jean had been on the bed watching and she moved closer. She slid over and brought her pussy in front of me. I smiled up at her and dropped my head to her delicious pussy. While Carol fucked me, I licked and sucked Jean. As if she were reading my mind, I caught Kitty, out of the corner of my eye, with the camcorder. I knew Ron would love this. I concentrated on Jean's wet pussy.

I slid two, then three fingers inside her and found that the large cock had stretched her pussy. I could get four fingers inside her, and I rotated my hand as I sucked and tongued her hard clit. She came first then moments later, Carol's hips plunged rapidly against mine, and the monster cock slammed inside me, setting off a violent orgasm.

I came for what seemed to be an hour, the video showed it was only thirty seconds. I fell forward exhausted. Carol slid it out of me and unstrapped it. She turned it around and slid it into her own pussy. She stroked it in and out rapidly. I turned and began to lick and suck her clit. A moment later, Jean and Kitty came over and began to kiss her breasts and stroke her body. It didn't take long for her to climax.

After everyone had recovered, Jean and Carol got on the jet skis and Kitty and I followed as we moved down stream. They played ahead us, weaving and cutting across our waves, sometimes sailing into the air. As the sun set, we found another wide tributary and followed it for a while. We anchored in a wide, open area, surrounded by ruby cliffs.

There was a sandy beach, and we decided to go ashore and build a fire and stay till it was bedtime. We took food, blankets, and after gathering firewood, spread the blankets and roasted hot dogs over the open fire. It was like a girl scout picnic. We had drinks and it soon got very raunchy as each of us in turn told of some sex escapade we'd experienced.

As it got dark, the temperature dropped and we cuddled together. We heard coyotes in the distance yipping, we shivered delightfully at the sound. It was just too cold to make love on the beach, so we doused the fire and went back on board the boat. Lovely Jean and I paired up and soon there were naked bodies sprawled all over the floor. I kissed Jean's beautiful breasts, sucking her long nipples with my lips, or nipping them with my teeth pulling, stretching them till she sobbed with pleasure. We explored for a long time, getting to know all the pleasure points of our lover. I parted her fiery red pussy hair and kissed her wet center.

I had laid a vibrator near, and got it and pressed the tip against her core. Turning on the motor, I played it around her pussy, titillating her clit and neat brown anus. When she began to squirm, I pressed inward, and it slid easily into her pussy. I fucked her slowly with it, tonguing her clit at the same time. I got another smaller vibrator, and wetting it, placed it against her neat brown nether hole.

"Yes, I love it in my ass. Slip it in me!" She moaned. I slid the slim vibrator inside her. When it was fully inside her, I turned the switch and it began to vibrate. Jean went wild with a vibration in her ass and in her pussy. I alternated strokes pressing them full length inside her pale lovely body. Looking over at Carol and Kitty, I was surprised to see them both strapping on dildo's. Kitty's was the one we'd used before, but Carol had on a smaller one, slender and long. As I fucked Jean, they came over.

We positioned Jean on her side, and Kitty slid into position in front. I pulled the vibrator from her pussy, and guided Kitty's monster cock to her wet core. She gave a little yelp of pleasure as Kitty thrust up inside her. Carol slid up behind her, and we repeated the maneuver, slipping the smaller dildo up her brown anus. While the three began to work together, I watched, then moved down to lick Jean's pussy as the two dildo's slid in and out of her.

She tasted so sweet, and the two simultaneously fucking her made her white hot with lust. They quickly got a good rhythm going and it was wonderful to watch the three together. Remembering the camcorder, I hurried over and got it. I filmed the three fucking furiously, moving from angle to angle. Jean was bucking and crying out. Carol had her breasts cupped and was squeezing them as they fucked. I knew I had to get a copy of this for myself and Ron. Jean came, screaming her pleasure. After they had calmed down and we'd had a drink, Kitty suggested we try a Daisy Chain.

I had seen one once in a porno flick and readily agree. After much laughter and comments, we lay on the floor and moved so that each of were kissing a pussy, and each had her own pussy eaten at the same time. I had set the camera on a tripod to document this rather unusual lovemaking. All you had to do was concentrate on the pussy you had your mouth on. It was sex at it's most basic premise. Carol was behind me sucking me, and I had my face buried in Kitty's juicy pussy. We all went wild, and went from one orgasm to another. Later we counted the climaxes on the film and everyone had at least three climaxes, I had six.

We decided to all sleep in the master bedroom together, as it had a king size bed, and the huge hot tub. We all got into the bath together, and bathed before retiring. When we finally got to bed, we were all exhausted. We all were asleep in no time. I awoke far into the night, and found Kitty and Carol making love quietly. Much later Jean pressed against my back, slipped an arm around me and her hand cupped my breast. I awoke the next morning, her hand still cupping it.

After a hearty breakfast, we swam naked in the cool clear water, playing mermaids. Hands and fingers titillating, and sliding into crevices, lips kissing . It was very erotic. I came once as Kitty and I tread water, her fingers rubbed my clit. We watched Carol, the superb swimmer, slip underwater, and holding her breath forever it seemed, ate Jean to a climax. We lay naked on the upper deck letting our bodies warm from the cool water.

With Kitty at the wheel of the boat, we started back to the marina. We took turns with the runabout and the jet skis, chasing, darting far ahead of Kitty, riding over each others wake, sometimes spilling, four women with no cares.

As with all things, our trip came to an end. We pulled the runabout and jet skis aboard, cleaned up the boat, and by the time Kitty docked the boat gently, we had the boat "shipshape." It was a sober, but happy foursome who rode back to Vegas. We all vowed to meet again for another weekend before the next style show.

Carol and I talked quietly on the return flight. Now very good friends, and lovers, we made plans for future love trysts. I knew Ron would encourage my affair with Carol, and as she had few attachments, we could get together almost whenever we wanted. I knew she had other friends who were also lovers, and let her know that I would in no way wish it any other way. She promised to introduce me to some of her friends. She told me about several of them, and as she whispered to me on the plane, I felt my pussy become wet.

Ron met us at the airport and Carol and I regaled him with our exploits. His cock got very hard, and Carol and I giggled at his discomfort. Finally I took pity on him, unzipped his pants and freed his rampant cock. I stroked it, and called Carol's attention to it praising its length and thickness. She ooh'ed and aah'ed, and finally reached over, slid her hand around it, and stroked it. Ron almost ran up on the curb. We took her to her apartment and headed home.

I kept him hard, and on the edge of an orgasm, all the way home. I slipped my panties off, spread my thighs, and while I fondled him, I stroked and probed my spread pussy. He almost lost control of the car several times.

Once in the garage, I stripped off my dress, I hadn't worn a bra, and rolled in the back seat. He was in the back in a flash, pants gone. He slid between my thighs, I guided him to my wet pussy, and the slick head of his cock slid completely into me in one stroke. His hips slammed against mine like a jackhammer. I was so hot I came almost at once. He held back, and when I climaxed again he yelled his joy and flooded me with his juices. After we got inside, I told him all the things we'd done and he fucked me twice more, each time better than the last.

In the store Carol and I are good friends, proper, and correct. After we close the doors, turn off the lights, we make love at almost every chance. Ron doesn't mind that I'm a little late getting home some evenings, he hears every detail of what we did, then we almost always wind up fucking. It's done marvels to our married life.

A week after we got back, I got a package from Kitty, it was several video cassettes of our trip. They turned out fantastically, particularly the ones of me with Carol fucking me with the dildo. Kitty had edited them to almost professional quality. They make Ron mad with lust. Where we are nude swimming, we look like sexy water sprites. They are memories to treasure for years.

Ron and I make love three times more than we have for several years, and enjoy it more. Several times Carol and I have made love with Ron watching. She said she's not ready for Ron to fuck her just yet. I think in the near future my wonderful husband and my very best friend will get together, and we will have a threesome. I'm looking forward to it.

Many people have commented on how radiant I look, how vital I act. When they ask me how I do it, I just tell them that I've changed my lifestyle a little, and give them a smile that would do justice to the Mona Lisa.


This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

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