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The Ancient Prophecy
Part V - Tragedy at Gideon
by Viper

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Sometimes he was amazed at Maya. She had had a lot of terrible experience in her life, just like Anna. But these two women were pretty much opposite in their behavior. Anna could be really gloomy in hard times, but Maya... happy all the times... regardless the situation. The roar of volcanoes and the eerie whistle of wind around them didn't seem to bother her at all. She was concerned about Anna's safety. She always came for his aid if he was in trouble. She didn't care for her own safety. Her concern was always for others. He was amazed that people like Maya still existed in these troubling times. He realized how grateful he was to have her as his travelling companion... or at least that's how he called her...

Anna... a very enigmatic person. She had had a bad experience as well, and she had kept it for herself for a long time. She had been living for herself before he met her... living in pain and despair from her own childhood. He was amazed at how she had endured those pains, yet still had spirit to stay alive. Perhaps her desire to look for the fabled Champion of the Guardian defeated all of her despair. Her reason for this quest was also unknown, and sometimes Atrus himself wondered why he had to follow her. Her intention in this quest was to save the realm from the evil menace, and his intention was to look for fame for his ranger title. Why should he follow her...?

"Why am I thinking about these...?" Atrus asked himself. "This is definitely not a good time for introspection."

Perhaps because his initial intention in this journey had shifted. Perhaps because he actually cared for his friends more than his own fame. Perhaps he had treated them as his own family.

Maya seemed to notice the change in his face. She looked into his eyes.

"Something's wrong, master?" She asked innocently.

He smiled at her, then stroked her pony-tailed hair. "No... everything is fine."

Maya squirmed at his touch, then responded with a smile. "You're in a good mood, master, especially in this situation. May I know why?"

"You want to know why...?" He answered. "Because I know we will win."

A vibrant light shone into her half-closed eyes, and Adriana returned to the world of the living. The chill air around her body welcomed her. She tried to squirm, but something was holding her body in place. Her eyes desperately tried to adapt with the surroundings.

She was in a big room... a hall... with walls made of stone... or boulders. Numerous metal poles with candles on top were around her. The candles seemed to make a certain formation... an inverted five-corner star inside a circle... a demonic symbol... with her in the center...

Then she noticed why she couldn't move. She was hanging in the air, spread-eagled. Her wrists and ankles were bound by metal shackles that were hooked on the floor and somewhere in the dark ceiling. Soon she realized why the chill air bothered her. She was naked! Her priestess suit had been stripped off!

To complete her fear, Lucius was standing behind her, enjoying the view. His armor was gone, replaced by casual blue suit. His deep-blue eyes were glowing in the dark. She couldn't read his expression, but she could notice a smirk in his smile.

"Too bad... don't you think...? Such a remarkable body... and it belonged to a priestess..."

"Don't you dare stare at my body!!!" She snapped.

"And what can you do about it...?"

He walked near and stroked her exposed ass. His touch was icy, making her body jerked. Slowly he traced her trembling skin into her private area. She cried in pain as her nerve turned numb from the incredible chill. When he touched her sensitive part, her body trashed around in pain. Tears fell from her eyes, and she began sobbing.

Then she found him staring deep into her eyes. He was floating in front of her. His cold stare added to her fear. He seemed to enjoy her horror. He let out a small chuckle.

"Oh... our little hero... now crying helplessly..." he mocked her.

She didn't answer him. Her power didn't seem to work here. She turned away in disgust. He seemed enraged with her lack of response. He pinched her left nipple as hard as he could. Her back arched as she squealed uncontrollably.


In response, she spat at him. Her saliva was instantly frozen on his face.

"That's an answer I can muster. Satisfied?" She bravely answered.

Now he pinched both nipples and her body trashed around again. But he didn't let them go. She kept in squirming in her bonds, trying to pull her tortured nipples away from his grasps, but it only added to her misery. After a while, her resistance ceased. She just hung there, defeated. Her nipples were numb from the chill. Her squeals had been reduced to protesting moans. Her nipples, despite the harsh torture, stood erect. Her body had been defeated, but her mind hadn't.

"Why don't you just give it up...?" He whispered in her ear. "Just give up this worthless quest... Why do you do something you don't know why you do it...?"

She turned to face him. "I have my own reason for my dream and I will not stop until it is fulfilled..." She answered in her weak voice.

"Ha...! Dream...! You humans are pathetic..." He sneered. "Let's make a deal... I'm willing to release you and all the town-people... if and only if you are willing to forget about your... dream..."

"And you will capture us again in your next raid... What kind of deal is that...?"

He let out an evil smile. "Well... of course our next meeting will be in a more... friendly environment... Or perhaps you will gain some... privilege..."

Anna gave him a weak smile. "Here's my deal... I am to go home safely with all the town-people... and you're dead..."

In response, Lucius grabbed her left breast and roughly shoved two fingers into her vagina. Anna had no more power to resist, and she could only whimper to welcome the pain. Her breasts, numb from previous torture, felt as if they were pierced by thousands of spikes.

Lucius kept the treatment for a while. Her moan turned more and more... inhuman. Agony had been carved in her face. She even wondered why she hadn't died yet. Finally he let go his grasps, although the pain remained. When she opened her eyes, a group of goblins had joined Lucius in the room.

"You all may play with her, but don't kill her... yet... We need her alive when her friends come..." Lucius ordered.

"My... my friends...? A... Atrus...? Maya...?"

He smirked at her. "That's true, to my surprise, they're coming to look for you... But that's okay... They will be my honored guests in your execution..." Then he vanished from sight.

"Atrus... Maya... Why...?" Then she hung her head in exhaustion.

And she knew that the goblins grew near...

The hot air around them made breathing almost impossible. Sweat covered their body and soaked their armors. The ground around them seemed unstable, ready to swallow anything on its surface. The volcano chains filled the background.

Atrus and Maya were standing in front of a huge cave mouth carved on the surface of a volcano. The cave had used to be the biggest copper mine in this area. This land around the mine was extremely dangerous because of the creatures infesting the Forbidden Land nearby. A tall deserted wooden watchtower was in front of the cave. It had used to be occupied by hired mercenaries to secure the labor settlement nearby and discourage the creatures to attack. Now both tower and village were deserted.

Human bodies were lying on the ground. Most of them were in a very bad condition. Several bodies were hung on the cave mouth. The strong scent of rotten flesh and dried blood polluted the air, making breathing even harder.

"I believe this is the main cave that the letter mentioned..." Maya said.

"I have no doubt about it... This place is like a slaughterhouse..."

Atrus climbed a nearby cliff and looked at the surroundings. Maya joined him by his side shortly. From afar, an image of another ruin could be seen. The burnt houses and buildings were the only things that were left. Piles of wooden poles that had used to be protective walls were now scattered around the complex. As the wind passed through the burnt structure, an eerie sound was produced, as if it was created by the souls who had once settled the place.

"Western fort... Nothing's left from it..." Atrus mumbled.

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This story was split into 7 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 7 parts for faster page loading.

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