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The Ancient Prophecy
Part V - Tragedy at Gideon
by Viper

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Anna fell on her knees before him. The sword was only an inch to her neck. Only a quick stroke and everything would be over...

But suddenly the fire around him subsided. Slowly his grip loosened and the sword fell to the ground. The sound of the sword as it hit the ground made Anna's heart jump, but she was surprised that Atrus hadn't killed her. She looked at his eyes...

And his eyes were there. His eyes were not blazing with flame anymore, and his gaze was no longer blank or filled with anger. His eyes were well focused, looking straight through her eyes. Those deep-blue eyes... the eyes same eyes that belonged to Atrus she had known... He had returned!

He was looking at her with a great concern. "A... Anna... what... have I done...?" He turned to see his hand and the sword on the ground, then turned to face her with fear in his gaze. "Oh my... could it be...? I... I almost..."

His words were interrupted as Anna hugged his legs tightly. Atrus quickly knelt down and embraced her tightly. She was still shaking with fear. He tried to share her fear, but the his fear was far greater than hers.

"Atrus... I don't know what to say... I... I'm so sorry..."

Atrus was speechless. Anna was very terrified that she hugged Atrus very tightly. Then he could feel another pair of hands touched his shoulder. When he turned, he saw Maya. She was looking at him with a great concern, but she was smiling despite the tears in her eyes.

"Master Atrus... I can't say how glad I am to have you back..."

Then Atrus looked around him. The cave was full of corpses of the army of darkness. He tried his best, but he still couldn't remember a thing. What had he done? Was this his doing? How could this be? The horror written in Anna's eyes told him what he needed to know. Something horrible had happened on him, and he didn't know what it was...

Suddenly he remembered something. "Jenna...!"

Maya quickly stood up and searched the cave. After some time, she yelled, "Master! She's still alive! Come here quick!"

Jenna was still lying on the ground. The blue sword was still on her chest. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was very faint. Anna quickly sat beside her and focused her power. Her spell flowed from her hands through her body, but no change was made.

"I can't... Come on... Wake up..."

Anna tried again harder. Atrus grabbed her cold palm and squeezed it softly. It appeared that her wound was far too serious... She might not make it...

Anna tried her best, but the result was no good. Her body swayed as her power diminished and Maya had to hold her body to keep her balance. Tears filled her eyes again as her hope of success vanished. She just cried beside Jenna's body.

"I'm sorry, Atrus... I... I can't reach her soul..."

Suddenly Jenna's palm responded to Atrus' squeeze. Her eyelids slowly opened, revealing a weak stare. Her mouth tried to speak. Her voice was weak, but audible.

"Sir... the battle..."

"We've won, Jenna! The demon is dead! Your village's destruction has been avenged!" Atrus said. "You hang on there... you'll be fine..." He knew how bad he lied.

Jenna gave him a weak smile. "No... my time has come..." She stopped, then continued. "You know... I used to think... a weak girl like me... would never be useful for you..."

"Don't say that! Your bravery astonished me... You are already a hero..."

"I'm glad then..." she said. "If I can't win your love... your praise means everything for me... Sir, please remember me always..."

"Forever, Jenna... forever..." Atrus answered.

"I'm sorry... I'm just so sorry..." That was all Anna could say.

Jenna just smiled at her. "It's... not... your... fault... Please... take... care... of... him..."

Then Jenna exhaled a long breath... her last breath... and she fell silent with a smile carved in her pretty face...

And the battle of Gideon was over...

The big stone was erected together by the women. Jenna's name was clearly carved on the metallic surface. The monument was placed on a high flat ground next to the road that led to the town ruins. One of the women placed a bundle of flowers before the monument. The bright-yellow petals added beauty to the otherwise-dull stone. The wind played a slow sad lullaby, as if the nature joined the group in their sadness.

Anna stepped forward and blessed the monument with her spell so that it will last for years to come. Then one by one the girls stepped forward to pour some more flowers.

"We are here to let go one of our friends who has bravely given her life to save ours..." Atrus slowly said. Even he tried to be as strong as he could be, a scent of grief existed in his voice. His eyes were moist with tears. The girls were now sobbing softly, even Maya and Anna.

"We are not here to... cry and let our sadness controlled us... because Jenna didn't want to see us like that..." He stopped for a while. "We are here to... say goodbye... because she will go in a long journey before us... and we know we will follow her one day... and we will be reunited once again..."

"And according to her last wish... her name will be remembered in our heart... and her spirit and courage will live in us... forever..."

Anna couldn't sleep that night. Many things were bothering her mind. It was not the safety of the villagers. The royal army detachment would come in three days, and they had enough food for at least another week. The area around them was pretty safe since all foul creatures were killed in the cave.

It was Atrus that was bothering her mind. After the funeral, Atrus left the camp and was nowhere to be seen. He didn't even show up for dinner. She could remember how disappointed Maya had been because she had made his favorite meal for dinner.

She could understand how he felt after the battle in the cave. He knew what had happened, but he couldn't understand why. His heart was in a big conflict and she couldn't help. She was one of his main problems, and helping him only got the problem worse. She could remember how he had nearly killed her. She could remember how shocked he had been when he had realized what he could have done to her.

She still felt bad about what she had done, though. Her... treachery... had become thorns in Atrus' mind. Her treachery and the death of Jenna had been the reason for him to go berserk in the cave. He hadn't hurt her, though, or perhaps she had been lucky. Next time she might not be that lucky anymore...

Both Anna and Maya had to realize that now they feared of Atrus more than ever. His anger was dangerous both for his enemies and allies. He could endanger the party any time, and she knew he was quite aware of that.

And in the next morning, her worst nightmare came true...

She found Maya sobbing in front of the fire. Maya looked at her with a weak gaze. Her words were trembling.

"Mistress... master Atrus... he... he's gone..."

Beside her was a piece of paper... a letter. She quickly grabbed it and read it.

I'm sorry I have to go without saying goodbye. I don't want to leave you two, but I have a strong reason for my action.

What I have done in the cave was not in my intention. I don't know how or why it happened. I know that my new power saved our life, but I am afraid that it can be dangerous.

Therefor I have decided to go on a journey myself. I can endanger your safety if you go with me. Please don't stop your quest in searching for the Champion of the Guardian. I'm sure you will succeed one day. Once I can control my power and use it properly, I will join you again.

Anna, I'm very sorry for what has happened in the cave. I know it is hard for you to forgive me, since I almost killed you. I can ensure you now that it will never happen again. Continue your journey to fulfill your dream.

Maya, I know you are saddened with my leave. I can only ask you one thing. Please take care of Anna for me. You have got me out of trouble many times and I trust you can do the same for her.

If our destiny dictates that, then we will cross paths again. Farewell...

                        - Atrus White Lion

She couldn't believe it... Atrus had gone... He had left her...

"I forgive you, Atrus... It's not your fault... It's mine... But why do you have to leave...?" she asked quietly.

But he hadn't left because he hated her. He had left because he was worried about her safety and Maya's. Even in his great depression, his nobility as a Ranger was still in him.

And he left before the royal army came. He didn't care about being famous. Fame is no longer his reason for the journey. He had changed... a lot... Despite her sadness for losing him, she was proud of him. She admired him so much.

And she would be waiting for their next meeting...

Anna shed the tears away. "Maya... There's a slight change in our plan..."


"We will have to postpone our search for the Champion of the Guardian... We will look for Atrus White Lion..."

"But mistress, he said in his letter..."

"I don't care about what he said!" Anna snapped. "We have shared the same dream together. I want all of us to fulfill it together as well..."

"Yes, mistress... I agree..." Maya answered.

Anna stood up and looked at the eastern sky. The sun slowly rose from the horizon and spread warmth across the land. A new day had come, and a new search had begun.

"We will find you, Atrus... If it will take forever, then forever it will be..."
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This story was split into 7 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 7 parts for faster page loading.

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