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The Ancient Prophecy
Part V - Tragedy at Gideon
by Viper

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Maya was silent. She could imagine what those creatures had done to the mercenaries. Those creatures were savage enough to be called monsters, but they were... different. Monsters never raided a town in such a huge group as before. Those creatures were more like an army...

"Do you think Anna came inside that cave?" Atrus asked her.

"Well, master, the letter said this cave is probably the source of the trouble, and mistress read the letter as well. So... I think we might as well check it out..."

"Good point... Come on!"

They walked back to the cave mouth. The place seemed deserted, but faint noise could be heard. Footprints were numerous on the cave floor, but since this was a mine, it could be anybody's. The inner cave was cold and dark, with no place to hide... a perfect place for an ambush. Atrus slowly walked inside the cave, trying to notice any traps. Maya followed him, covering his back.

"Welcome to my playground..."

The voice surprised them. Atrus spotted a man floating near the cave ceiling. The man wore a complete plate armor, a long sword was strapped on his back. Nothing was special about the man except for his deep blue eyes.

"Atrus White Lion and Maya Murdock, I presume... My name is Lucius. It is a great pleasure to know you all..."

Atrus stepped forward. "And you must be our... welcoming committee?"

The man smiled. "No... THIS is your welcoming committee..."

Instantly the cave was filled with dozens of goblins. Their clubs and maces looked vicious. Around the cave mouth, a group of orcs appeared with their crossbows, effectively pinning them both down inside the cave.

"I think you deserve some more of my self-introduction... My name is Lucius, the..."

"...Lord of the Water Realm... The Army of Darkness... I should have guessed it from the start..." Atrus finished.

"You know me... I'm honored... You're the second human who actually knows me..." Lucius answered.

Maya spoke up, "The second human...? Then the first one must be... mistress Anna..."

"Very clever, little girl... And don't worry, you will be reunited once again..."

"You're not welcomed here, Lucius... You belong to the underworld!" Atrus snapped.

"Well, haven't you heard...? The Dark Age is coming... The world and the underworld will be one once again..."

"I have no interest in hearing a new prophecy from a guy from the Nether Realm! Now I believe you have something that belongs to us!"

Lucius' smile grew wider. "Such rudeness... You refused my sincere hospitality... I have prepared a guided tour around the cave... I hope you don't mind the mess..."

"GIVE ANNA BACK TO ME!!!" Atrus yelled, then wielded his sword. His action was welcomed by angry growls of the foul creatures around them. Maya quickly grabbed her blade and warned the creatures not to get any closer. Her threat seemed to work... for now...

"Violence... The main thorn in humanity... You call your race civilized...?" Lucius sneered.

"Quality is not determined by the actions, but by the intentions behind the actions..." Atrus answered. "Killing a villain like you is a sufficient reason for a civilized person like me to use extra violence."

Lucius' smile vanished and anger appeared in his voice. "You are getting annoying, sir White Lion... I will enjoy this fight until the end... But as you can see, you are fairly outnumbered here... And I believe you don't want your little friend to get hurt..."

Atrus turned at Maya, but she yelled back. "Don't worry about me, master! I will be right behind you! Let's just kill these bastards and free mistress Anna!"

Atrus thought for a second. He didn't want to cause Maya get hurt, but surrendering sounded stupid in this situation. Meanwhile Maya was ready with her blade... ready to fight to the death... There was no way that she could make it through this battle unhurt. He had to make the choice, but he hated to do so.

Lucius drew his sword. It generated blue glow from the metal surface. It looked vicious. "The choice is yours, young Ranger..." He threatened.

He finally made the choice. "I surrender."

He was struggling to hold the pain. His entire muscles were aching. It felt as if his body was being incinerated, although what he felt exactly contradicted the actual situation.

Atrus was encased in a big cube of frozen ice. His entire body was trapped inside the ice; only his head was not. The chilly ice forbid any movements from his lower body part, and also effectively caused terrible pain and numbness across his body. His armor did little in minimizing the pain and chill. He didn't know how he was trapped inside this giant ice cube, but he knew who did this.

Lucius was floating in front of him, enjoying his agony. He still wore his armor, and his sword was still strapped on his back. Behind him stood the entire Army of Darkness under his command. Goblins and orcs were gathering around the cave. Their laughter echoed along the cave walls.

"Feeling comfy, young Ranger...?" He mocked.

"Not bad... Want to join in?" Atrus answered.

"Very impressive... A fine sense of humor you're having..."

"You can tell me what you want. I will listen patiently before refusing it."

"Ah... My term is simple... Bring the girls!!!"

A few minutes later, a big group of girls were brought before him. They were bound by metal cuffs on their necks and their cuffs were connected to each other by short chain. They were mostly naked, except for their cuffs and some torn rags that were wrapped around their hips. They were hugging each other, sobbing and shivering both from cold and fear.

"You want your fame, right...?" Lucius whispered in his ear. "I'm willing to let these women go, so you can hand them over the royal army and make a name for yourself... I can even brainwash them so they will tell many great deeds you have done... You just saved an entire village... You can be a Ranger... You can fulfill your dream... Your father will be proud of you..."

Atrus didn't answer.

"Your part of the deal is simple... It's even something you really want deep inside... Forget about that Champion of the Guardian crap... You hate myths, don't you...? You can live a happy life as a Ranger without being bothered by those myths... And perhaps our next meeting in the battlefield can be more... challenging... What do you say...?"

Atrus turned to face him. "I used to think that the prophecy was just a myth. Now that you mentioned it, I'm getting curious... So... no."

Lucius' eyes were blazing with blue glow. "Very well, then... I have to use my next term. It's your... beloved ones... Adriana Freesland and Maya Murdock... You will agree to my term... or they and the entire villagers die before your eyes..."

Lucius raised his hand, and shortly after that two figures were brought before him. They were Anna and Maya, but in very bad conditions. Maya had her suit torn here and there. Her arms were tied behind her back by rope. Her hair and body was soaked. It looked like the monsters had raped her terribly. She was sobbing, but she did a good job not to cry. However, she looked at Atrus' torture in terror.

Anna's condition was worse. She was crying. Her suit was gone. She was cuffed by heavy metal shackles and collared on the neck like an animal. Her body seemed to be in a great pain that she couldn't even stand straight. Otherwise, her condition was pretty similar to Maya's. She looked away in humiliation.

"Let's have fun with them first, shall we...? Boys...!" Lucius signaled.

A group of goblins rushed forward and grabbed both bodies and pinned them down on the ground. Maya struggled as hard as she could, but were no match for the foes. Anna, on the other hand, had no more strength to resist. Both girls were once again violated, right before Atrus' very eyes...

The girls were quickly violated on their pussy and mouth. The goblins' filthy members quickly muffled their cry. Their bodies bucked involuntarily in every thrust. More goblins waited for their turns by playing with their breasts.

Maya was now crying uncontrollably. The goblins ravaged her body viciously, but despite her diminishing strength, she still tried to resist. She didn't want to destroy Atrus' trust for her. She didn't want to enjoy the rape just like those girls she had known in the brothel. She was not like them, and she didn't want to be like them. Her loyalty was only to Atrus alone. Her consequence was, however, that she had to endure a painful rape.

Anna was already defeated. She had no more strength to resist or will to do so. She had nobody, and her friends were here not for her. Her body had been badly tortured and abused, and her mind and soul were destroyed and hopeless. She had no more desire to live...

Atrus was in the biggest conflict in his life. He had to decide what to do. His friends were being raped to the death. His friends... who he had treated as his family... were in trouble... and he couldn't save them... He was worthless... he couldn't do anything...

"STOP IT!!!" He cried.

With a short signal from Lucius, the goblins stopped their work. "Have you decided...?"

"I will do what you want... just... stop it...!" He could feel tears fell from his eyes. He was crying... A brave man never cried, his father usually said. He was no brave man. He was now just a coward...

"Is that all you've got, Ranger...?!" Anna suddenly yelled.


"You disappoint me, Atrus... I thought you were a mature, honorable man... You are not..."

"Anna... what do you mean...?" He didn't understand.

"Fame, damn you! Is that your only goal in life?! So that you will be a famous Ranger like your father?!"

"Anna, what are you talking..."

"I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU, JERK!!!" Anna was crying now. Her words were hardly audible. "My dreams... my quest... EVERYTHING!!! They're all gone now..."

"Mistress Anna, that's not true..." Maya interfered.

"DON'T ARGUE WITH ME, SLAVE!!! She snapped back. "I know you will die for your... your... worshipful master! You have no dream! You have no ideal! You have no soul!" Her words silenced Maya instantly.

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This story was split into 7 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 7 parts for faster page loading.

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