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The more the Hot Mom Fucking Degrades her pathetic son, the hotter this story will be.-EATANDBEMERRY


So much fun to read! Thank you!


But want to see the Mom bullying her wimpy son.


I do like your style. Thank you.

Another Brilliant Chapter

I too don't understand either - 80k views and only 2 comments - no wonder Christo moved on ..... this is so good


Loved this story. Was cumming halfway through the story.

Top Shelf Story from a great story teller.

DAMN His own harem !!!!!

I loved how she brought him out of his funk and depression and darkness. And what a way to begin his new life with 7 sexy nubile girls !!!!
5 stars and keep it cumming.


i'm so wet right now. I just want to finger fuck my self

My God

but you are good. Thank you. Two of the most beautiful stories I've ever read.

This deserves a second chapter, and perhaps a third

Enjoyed the description, and the fact Yvonne knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it. They seem well matched. I'd enjoy seeing more of their pairing and bedding, perhaps in Russia in a snowy dacha, followed by his bringing her back to America for good.


Glad to have come across this story. It brought a tear to my eye, a true love story.

To my first time :

I would like to hear more about your friend and her father and how old were you went it happened

Thank you

Thank you for the feed back. Helps inspire me further for more stories. Much appreciated.

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