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Church can be so ingrained that a woman can deeply believe that sex is only for Procreation. I was married to one 20 years. Only after we split did she let go and enjoy it. Too Late, I had moved on. Well written story.

Rough and raw!

Rough, crude and raw! Loved it! The dialogue created a raunchy image of two whores, the kind of women I dream of meeting!

Great story, again!

Nicely done, Komrad. 5* again. I'm going through all your stories as they're listed and enjoying them all very much! Good work.


Sorry guys, I'm being delayed by the hurricane impact. I'll be back with more


You could have written in a little 'thank you' cunnilingus for the birthday girl, or even had her rogered...


So well written, actually a very nice story instead of the usual f**k as soon as they meet garbage. Thank you for taking the time to write it

Loved it!

Loved it! As with sex, your build up of the story was fun foreplay to a wonderful climactic end!

Not good update

Old story quality was so good but now it's just messing the story so bad.

Exceptional, as Usual

An exceptional story, as usual for you. One exception was an editor miss on pulling her shirt out of her jeans, then she was wearing a skirt. Tiny error is a great, if not very likely scenario.

Dear Anonymous.

Thank you for pointing out the racial element in my stories. I tried to be even handed in everything, I will certainly bear it in mind for future stories.

She truly gets it!

Intoxicatingly descriptive. As a man who appreciates and loves older women she truly understands the dynamics of a Cougar and her cub. Her dominant teasing and allure shows all of us why older women out compete the youngers any day of the week!

one more chapter

I think this deserves another chapter

Thank you..

I apologize for bad punctuation..needs editor....The boy's get a chance to slam those peckers in Mandy and Nikki's bums..while Jimmy's mom eats the creamy desert..

Great story

I wish I had your skill on writing. It also brings back memories of my experiences with older women. Now I am up in age and have been having experiences with younger women. I reflect back and the older women were more exciting.

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