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My 54yr old BBC Hotwife

March Joey over to our place. My mature white wife will definately and onediently suck that hard 9 inches dry as she often does her much younger stallions. Then bend over and let young Joey fuck her for an hour or more as he pleases. She like thousands of others is an older white slut for young black stallions. Just loves young uncut black horsecock.


Im trying to get my mother in law in my bed.. hopefully my wife travels overseas for work soon... then will ask my MIL over to make me my favourite dish of hers... a few bottles of wine later i will ask her to stay the night as she cant drive drunk... and we only have 1 bed.... let the fucking begin


Holy that was hot. Can't wait for another chapter!

excellent story build up and stellar romantic descriptions. Good job !

I I love the build up of this story and the intensity of the romance going from casual to genuine expression. I have learnt a lot . thank you

Really like this one!

Enjoying the story and your style...more please!

maintains interest and lust

I have read 6 chapters till now, found all equal interesting. Main thing is that writer knows how to keep interst of reader and uses proper sequences of situation.


Please keep writing. I'm in love with you Sagarika!

Love from Nepal

Do not comment often

You really touched a nerve with a lot of readers. I enjoyed reading their comments almost as much as I did reading your story. They have given you some great feedback without focusing on the typical missing words and misspelling bullshit. Now, you have to finish this well, or all us vets will have to hunt you down and...

Seriously, keep up the good work.

Army Infantry '68-'75


Very exciting. As a young man who was dominated by older women I love this story. It brought back good memories! Five stars!

The military quirks and stuff

have two tiny things. You memtion "clicks" on the con. Spot on whe in close proximity to haji Only the plane you were referred to as Senior Chirf by the LT. he handed you promotion orders and discharge muster at the same time. Normally, promotions carry a two year commitment to retain. But navy cam do promos differently than other SOFs. And I inderstand you explaining to mica he could call you Chief versus Master Chief. The kids only ten. You dipictiom og an episode of flashback (PTSD), was sketchy to most, but spot on to actual combat vets...a moment of time and space going ape shit.

Now the valid shit. Great story with lead a hard battle test SEAL who gets it done. Thank you for your service and your human side.

Lee, MSgt (E7) Combat Controler
Nam - 71 & 73
Gilf War


I believe kids ARE way over dosed.

Very nice story 5stars

I agree kids and way over doped. I also agree with school choice. Ritalin can be very good for some kids, but never for just a very active kid. I believe ADHD is way over diagnosed. I could go for a couple of more pages to this story especially the rescue of his mother.

So hot

As a young guy who fantasises about exactly this sort of scenario this story was just incredible...please write further chapters!


Thanks, enjoyed it. More story than sex - thanks!

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