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What a fun read

What a fun read this was, so much sex so well thought out, this must be aa lot of boys dreams and some ladies as well.
Looking for the next instalment

A PLAUSIBLE story ..

A damned sexy, rock-cock, story that is also plausible.
After reading several of A-Grant's stories, that is just one of the things that work for me -- the stories themselves are believable. They could have, and maybe did, actually happen.

Well done ...

... again! Wonderfully told story that was a real treat to read!! Keep it up, Komrad.

A great love story. -. thank you

The banter and verbal interplay added to the fun of watching the relationship grow.

But there might be s problem with the wedding gown commission


For the positive feedback :)

go michie !

such a wonderful and erotic story ... thanks :)

So what happened to Chapter 2

Just wondering ... hard to have a meaningful series if is is incomplete

love it

i wish this was slowed down just a little more, it seemed a little rushed. I've been fantasizing about my older neighbor since he moved in last year. I'm much younger and hes forty something lol. hes mentioned that im beautiful on several occasions and one time he even said that i seemed much older and not so young (15 btw) hes so hot and this story reminded me of him and i someday

Loved it!

Great story, you made my little pussy tingle! Who needs Relate when there's you around?

Keep writing!

It's refreshing when there's a build up of tension and expectation in these stories. I think it could have been a tad tighter, but it had a wonderful payoff and was well worth the read.

Yet another great story from your good self.Thank you!!

Should be in the Literotica hall of fame

This is a standout piece. A truly stunning work. The author pulls the reader in by the heartstrings...


Thank you, thank you for a beautiful story.

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