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“Back to the Future”!

How about a sequel that’s a flashback to when Matt was a student in Collette’s English class? Bethany would have been too young to be a main character, but there’s an almost limitless amount of material that you can develop into your story.

Start with the Jones’ arrival in Canada—maybe they were quietly asked to leave the U.K. because widespread knowledge of Collette’s shenanigans with the very rich and very famous would have destroyed careers and embarrassed the U.K. government and the Royals. (Lots of material there.)

Then perhaps an encounter to establish a connection between Matt and the Jones’ before Matt ends up in Mrs. Jones’ class. (Maybe Matt was Bethany’s babysitter during the summer before he’s assigned to Collette’s class? That would be when Matt’s interest in Mrs. Jones began.)

Lots of classroom nylons, but go light on the teenage fantasy stuff. Leave hints about Collette’s nascent submissiveness.

Then follow Matt through the years after high school graduation until he somehow gets a teaching job at the very school where he had known Collette, which sets up the events that lead to the Friday night ride.

There are enough stories about teacher fantasies, and they almost all follow the same worn-out formula. Making yours a flashback with the “sequel” already written would be unique.

Stupid Stupid Stupid

I'm one of those people that watches a stupid movie til the end only to realize that I should have stopped watching it after the first 10 minutes. I just read all 33 chapters and realize I should have stopped after the first one. This is the worst story I have ever read on literotica.

another #1

you never disappoint....we always look forward to your stories and even go back and reread some of our favorites. This will be another one that we will someday read again. Thanks for a great read....


Thanks for writing about a Viet vet. It kinda hit home since i'm one. Thanks!


Read 6 pages and felt the story was going nowhere.

Love it!

I love how you give such detail that it makes you think that you are there. 5 stars all the way!

It's too bad they recognize the sense of stopping...

You've written them some amazing chemistry and it would have been fun to see it continue...


I loved how you said I whispered the nastiest shit in your ear...yep, that's me...I loved this first installment of this epic story. Bill, you are a great writer who knows how to paint a picture of pure debauchery....5 stars from me...kisses...Britt


Yes not much sex but well written interesting


It would have been nice if Made got some pay back,she finding her new husband with another woman and that he had gambling debts and couldn't pay the mortgage so they had to move to a trailer till they got divorced.

Loved the Story Twist

Nothing like a son thanking his dad for mentoring him. At the beginning of the story I was starting to not like the son and his treatment of Jessica. Then the twist of allowing Jessica to enjoy his dad...a widower dad...what a nice gift. 5 Stars.

Thank You

I would say in the top 5 for me. A little over worded, but not rambling.

American Soldiers in England

My own Dad was stationed there during the war and some of the stories he told when we were kids helped inspire this story.

No kidding on the native language thing.

I see spots where you rewrote lines but got lost knowing what is where.
I really does distract but the content is there.
I think it's worth carrying on.
Good luck

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