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An enjoyable May December romance.

I liked the story, I would be one of the hit me in the back of the head guys.

Thank You!! I am working on more with the same characters. ;)

I really liked it!

Nice job. W1ll we be greeted with a chapter 2? It appears there may be a few loose ends. Like the rest of his vacation. It appears that it will be short lived due his return to the UK?


Please, add more to this story - it's REALLY good :)


It considered BDSM but I didn't think it was rough enough for the BDSM category.

It Should Hav Been Me

It's been so long and I needed this lovely story to give me hope. I hope I can find you before I greet the great sleep.




Yup, I will need to do some cleaning up of the story. Some seem to have been screwed up with a transfer from one format to another. First story, first upload to see how it all worked. I will update and fix it up a bit in the near future.


This was so great, I hope you can continue it :)


Sorry but this story became boring and belongs in BDSM!

I'd like to see a follow up session between our hero and Mrs. Lexington from Ch. 4. Maybe with Mr. Lexington getting to watch as a reward for him paying to keep Mrs. Lexington satisfied. But please don't wait almost a year for part 6.


I'm gonna like this

Follow up

Congratulations on both the submissions and follow ups, which we can't wait to read; as well as, reaching new, inventive and exciting climaxes. If you follow us you'll see that we're not far behind you! Ain't life grand!


I submitted a part 2 and will be submitting a part 3 soon, which is the end for now. I don't want to spoil the story but I and Luisa are very happy the way it turned out. No problems so far. It is the best thing that happened to us. Just goes to show you that age doesn't matter. We have never fucked so much as now. Luisa is finally reaching ng her sxual appetite. I hope you guys are too. Tony

As Luck Would Have It

I was actually having a glass of NZ Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc just as your character was drinking some NZ Sauv Blanc. Most fortuitous and fateful.

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