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Agree with "Jahoo" guy, what a load of crapola by a pervert

Glad this guy stopped writing. If this perv-master was such a talented man of all seasons, would he have such a vast collection Taboo/Incest material??? This guy's a creepy perv who struck out trying to cop a feel from his mom and sister and got his ass beat by his angry father. I mean look at the BIO photo folks, were not talking about Robert Redford here. Get a Clue! Zero Stars.

Loved it .

Now its time for another chapter where Chad lets his buddy quietly slip into the motel room and do a surprise DP on his mom.

Teacher In my Life

As a teen, I had a teacher who was my grandfathers wife (third) and she loved to hug me and tickle. I was 16 and I learned the way to get CLOSE to her.Quite an experience.!! Nineteen fifty five I learned all about cunnilingus thanks to her. Grampa didn't like to do that but I loved it. She gave me an "A" plus and helped me in Algebra. She was 56 years old and young at heart. Keep up the good work!! Loved it.

Mother (Debbie) X daughter (Cindy) x protagonist (Silver Fox Mr. Mathers) chapters' (plural)

I wanna have a chapter or two with debbie first followed by debbie and her daughter.

1 chapter of milf

1 chapter of mother daughter donburi action (yes donburi is a real word it means egg and chicken rice bowl and is slang for mother (or chicken) and (egg or) daughter threesome)

1 Chapter epilogue where the potbellied husband dies suddenly from a accident or health problem and he marries debbie and gets a large payout from the potbellied husbands will after marrying the now widowed wife (OPTIONAL EXTRa widow chapter where he sexuces debbie) and through insurance claims.

From the crimson fucker.

So good

Great young mans dream, loved the pace and detail of the sex.
You just need to have someone else proofread before posting .

verry nice!!!

good little story, it was fun and sexy.
I think you should work on writing longer stories with more detail.
I see the potential in your writing.
flesh out your story with details to give it a real feel,
and slowly build tension as you go.
You have good skills don't be afraid to use them.
I give this "quickie" 5 stars!!!!!, Just give us a little more and I promise you will be a popular writer here.

Geeks strike back

Brilliant ... great read and looking for so much more :)


Great story, what a lot of boys dream of happening to them , fast well described sex, likeable people but needs proofreading to sort out the bad bits.

Good one

I have read most of your stories. This was excellent. I know many come here to read erotica, but I prefer the type I just read. I have you listed as a favorite author.. More please.


Without question not only one of the hottest stories here but also one of the best crafted.

That Goddamn Real World...

...it gets ya every fucking time!


I love older women and have been with a 70 yr and 80 yr they still love sex, they may be older but still active in sex. loved your story was a great read, I gave it a 5 star. would like to see more ch. to this story, good job keep writing.

Can't beat an Oldie

A well written story. Hope you have written some more. Nothing like a mature woman to show a young lad the ropes.
Shame you never explained how her panties were removed, can only assume they came off with her skirt.
Didn't like the anal but some do.
Did like the hairy bush and the exploring with a tongue.
Keep writing.

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