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Thank for representing a big woman as more than a love her and leave her. It made my night reading your story. I have had those same feelings as Melody. I'm still waiting for my Alan!

When absolutely everyone he cares about turns their back on Jim at 60, that'll be a beautiful sight.

There's a plot hole, no-one would give the time of the day to these worthless pieces of shit, once they opened their mouths.

Dafydd ...

... is the Welsh spelling of David. Nowt to do with ducks!


Thank you very much. A great story.

Horny Linda

When authors tell stories here, why do you turn from the story to the reader and introduce yourselves? Introduce yourself tot he lady. or let her introduce you.
I won't enter the dispute about head shaking and head nodding...never mind head-knocking!!! because I am aware some cultures do use a shake for affirmative and nod for negative. It's your call.
How many women are in the room? Why is Linda a women?
If she's as good looking as you make her out to be, why does she have wrinkly hands? Your inconsistencies kill your story.


What a delicious story... But so short,you're such a tease lady;)
Gonna read part two now... Thank You...

I've added you to my favorites as well...😊


Love a mature woman being dominated. Let's see them become an item now.


All I can say.............WOW !!!!

Absolutely excellent... a great crescendo...that is just the beginning.

loved it

always loved my times with an older woman

head 'shake'?

Twice in this, your main character responds with a shake of his head, apparently meaning "yes". SHAKING ONE'S HEAD MEANS NO! *NODDING* ONE'S HEAD MEANS YES!


The finest writer here....

I’ve read some of your other works and loved them, but this story strikes deeply to the heart. I, too, am involved with a girl half my age - but the age difference is 29 years. This cannot work between us, but she doesn’t see that. My experience colors my enjoyment of the story - it is both incredibly romantic and dripping with potentially painful reality. Please - hurry with more!

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