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Hey just wanted to say these rachel stories are easily my favourite stories on the site and I hope a new one comes out soon!

Really like the series but would rather see you close out a few others before expanding this one.

part 2

I just read your comment on a second (at least) chapter. Have been reading you for long time--you always out a lot of soul in your work - an willing to wait --patience is not my long suit lol

Very nice story.

You gave the readers time to get to know Dan and Elena before you jumped into the sex . I enjoyed it immensely.
I certainly would be interested to read Terri's story as well.
5 stars btw


So many twists and turns of brilliant phrases. Peat flavoured kisses. a bit of camouflage. the formality of Miss Jones and Mr. Fox as they pleasure each other (with the lights on). The cheekiness of the nicknames.

It would be fun to follow Mr. Fox on his journey up the labyrinth of the Citadel. Or a fortnight in Spain for a sip of Sherry, or a glass of Tempranillo while on holiday with Miss Jones.


Love, love, love this!!!! Great plot and characterization!


Nicely done! There's room for more...


You left quite a bit of room for more on these two...and the salon...and Maria...and Mikey, who really should get his...we'll be waiting...

love it!

i love the story. well writen and can't waite for next chapter!

Welcome Back milfleglover!

Your stories are the highlight of this site, and it has not been the same without you. "Sexy by the Sea" was much needed to so many of your readers. Thank you. Now please, give us
Hooking Up Mrs. Curry Ch.3 - the wait is killing me. ;-)

Oh the debauchery!

I love it! No morals at all, just rampant animal sexy in this world.


waiting on the sequil. we talked about ideas for it. best of luck and hury up with those 2 sequils and that new story about the shirff.

Ron Texas


A unique romance story plot. Did they ever marry? More to write don't you think?


one of the most amoral characters in Literotica - well done.


I can't get out of my head the idea that 'little girl, Vickie' would be just the right age to be Daphne's daughter. You left so many tantalizing openings unexplored. Like a good artist, you don't draw everything but leave lots to our imaginations. I felt like I was in that old tent/van with Dan, inside his head, as the confused memories of his life swirled about during what might have been his last great chance at passion, possibly morphing into love.

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