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Ditto what Amarone said

Great quality! A nice twist {smirk}. 😊

Completely Lost the Plot and the Momentum

How exactly does a 16 year old on the left coast know everything her estranged father does, when he lives in New York? Also, Susan's character is seriously underdeveloped.

Wrong category

Nicely written, but--and I don't say it often--it's in wrong category. This is very fine Reluctance story, but not a very good Mature story. ("Mature" often imply, not only older character(s), but also a significant age gap.)

wrong category

this belongs in nonconsent/reluctance category since she didn't enjoy the encounter with this creepy jerk. she gave him his one time, next may have neighbor help her down in the basement one more time.


The best of yours I've ever read. From a volunteer editor on hiatus from editing & who writes but hasn't submitted yet, your work has improved dramatically from proofreading errors to grammar anon. Spectacular. Mega kudos!!


This story had me enthralled - I tend to skim most stories on this site, but this one I read from start to finish. A huge thank you to the author for sharing his work on here.

Creepy bastard

She should have told him to get the fuck out as soon as he started to threaten her with exposing her fling with the neighbor, and if he outed her, she'd ruin him. Too bad she was not worldly enough to take that stand.


Another 5* story, Komrad. Keep 'em coming!

I gave it 5 stars. You're a great writer. Can't wait for chapter 4.

So is your hero of the story going to monitor Kat from now on? Looks like Ivana, Olga and Anton are the villains of the your story. Can't wait for the next 5 stories from you.


I agree with the previous comment. Please write more

Oh fuck, your stories turn me on so much. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with older married women like Trish and Maggie, so this presses all the right buttons for me. Love all the little details like lack of inhibitions in the women, Trish wanting to be collared and sub, and the gorgeous black lingerie. All those elements have featured in my playtimes so I find this story series very realistic, and therefore hugely arousing ... as I do in most of your work. Thank you so much for an excellent read. My wife will benefit from my horniness tomorrow morning when I give her a good hard rogering.

A great story

The way you weave the story is really great.


Liked it. Just tighten up on tge words. Two words that should be one, one word that should be two, and missing words just to keep us on our toes.

Another masterpiece!

You write truly amazing Stories and I love reading them.

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