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"A mature story indeed with mature minds"

This is wonderful, age is truly just a number. A mature story indeed with mature minds. Ama Loving this story forever............#Making the Best of a Bad Situation#

The Peeker

And Allison, standing in the doorway with her hand in her panties is wondering, just how much am I missing out on.


Wonderful imagery coupled with appealing characters in a sexually charged environment. What is there not to like about this very enjoyable story? Thank you for sharing this post. :)

It's Only a Story...

Fantasy male jerk off material..works for me..

fortune favors the bold

I liked it.
Sure, there's more and this could be fleshed out a bit, but the savage rawness is interesting.

Hot, hotter, hottest!!!!! Amazingly written, it's a peach!!!

Awesome, story!!!! Amazingly and perfectly written. I could visualize it so clearly, like a HD movie running in front of me. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me so hot, and I had one of the hardest and intense orgasm reading this lovely story. I am a great admirer of women's derriere, and your story mentioning fingering Rebecca's ass coupling, took me to a world like non other. Wish there was some rimming involved as well. There's nothing more erotic than sinking your face, nose and tongue between the glorious butt cheeks of a woman. THANK YOU MUCH!!!!!


I'm sorry, it's just not very good. And it's in the wrong section.


Why is this in the Mature section? Are we to assume that the two protagonists are over the age of 18 and that makes them mature? This is a bit of Erotic Couplings and has all the suspense of a glass of water. Don't waste our time! 2*


I agree, but the updates take too long

Please update

When you find a DDDDave story

you know you're in for some hot times with some hot ludicrous proportions. And that's why we come back for more!

Why did you stop writing?

I really enjoy your works and I would especially like to see more from this story!

More gigatit fetish!!!

Are there no male writers or readers on this site with an emotional age beyond 13?

Often it feels like trawling through other people's vomit to find a story written by a grown up. Clearly, this wasn't one of then!

Literotica or Illiterate Porn?

Tedious & juvenile!

Beautifully Written

Both sensative and sexy. The feel for and the authenticity with which both characters are portrayed is well above what we usually find on Literotica. Keep writing, please.

7 is big

Anonymous above claimed that 7 inch is not big. Since 5 inches is average, 7 obviously is big. All you people who keep confusing sex with record seeking are missing a lot, and never experienced a good orgasm.

If you keep on ranking it means the sex you have is not good enough, or you would never even think this way, but instead think "she/he/hers/his is the best".

Ever been in love, amazed, or blown away? Nobody starts to make a study then or starts to measure or assess things. Making things bigger and more extreme is not going to help your lack of pleasure, it's like keeping eating more food you don't really enjoy hoping for more satisfaction.

Change the food and eating conditions, not the quantity.

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