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Helen, YES!

Nicely written, my congratulations. I love a big sexy woman, if she has big succulent breasts so much the better! This story is right up my alley, well written and very sexy. Keep up the good work!

One of my All Time Favorites.

This was a very heartwarming feel-good story. Please keep these wonderful stories coming.


They need to become lovers. Jackson should move in with Denise and fuck her cunt all day long

love that ass.

Great story, reminds me of my girlfriend when I was stationed in Okinawa. Kim loved to be spanked over my knee; I would reach between her legs and she would be soaking wet which I would use to slowly lubricate her ass. When she was moaning loudly and begging me to fuck her I would put her face down on the bed and eat her pusssy and ass from behind for a while until she came at least once. Only then would I use my 8 inch and thick cock on her pussy until she came again and then on her ass for another orgasm; this time a mutual one. I still fantasize about my Kim 40 years later.

Seemed choppy

I felt like a robot wrote this. What I thought would lead in one direction, it took a drastic turn. The story has promise if some feeling is injected into it.


After several great sexual experiences together, they never hooked up again even though they interacted from time to time? Very strange! Quite unnatural!


Very Hot first time for Jackson! Imagine, your first blowjob, your first fuck, from a beautiful mature former actress. Wow, one lucky guy! Five Stars, and we hope for a sequel.


serious, adult story. This fits into a very select group of top stories here. Well done.

Nice realistic story

Women over 60 often underestimate their desirability. Many younger men even some in their 20's can be sexually attracted. A little effort can make good things happen.

Well done

Good effort, very enjoyable.
I had visions of Denise as Diana Rigg or perhaps Jane Fonda

Comment posting again, If you didn't see my first comment. please write such a story

So she can pussyfeed me daily. I like watching breastfeeding videos. I was wondering if a woman can pussyfeed her son instead of breastfeeding. May be she's gonna have to be be so juicy or pissy to nurse him. Wish I had a hot mom to suck on her pussy while she patting me.


Nice story. Much potential for sequel


Wonderful because it shows that older women still have sex drives and that younger guys can appreciate that too. The kinky angle is a plus


A familiar story line but with a great twist loved it very much. This HAS to be continued. Really good quality writing. More than 5 Stars

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