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Nice Souvenir!

Although they weren't as mucu as a part of the story as I would have liked them to have been, Bridget leaving her pantyhose was a nice touch. Please consider including more about them in your sequel, follow-up. If nothing else, she can always wear them without panties!

a bit of advice

The smart thing would be a disclaimer to explain that it is a re-post at the beginning, before the actual story starts.
If you do that then you won't have one out of every five comments accusing you of plagiarizing yourself.

De gustibus non est disputandum

What a person wants from a relationship is a matter of personal preference. Some are content to be part of a sexually exclusive couple and others are not. I personally don't conflate sexuality with love and know that it is possible to love more than one person even at the same time. But it's like ice cream, some like choc-o-lot and some like rocky road. If I had been making the choice, I'd have stayed with the lawyer gal.
As far as the story goes it did read like a Hallmark movie of the week and was a little too conventional and sappy for my tastes. It was well written though and I can see the appeal it has for many readers.

DISAPPOINTING ..................

...............that for whatever reason you never really finished this wonderfully fulfilling and compelling story. Probably impossible for anyone not familiar with the rules and administrative procedures of a church environment to realistically complete this story, so you have left many of us hanging - so to speak - wondering how this matter might one day be resolved to everyone's mutual acceptance..

More with Hank

I think it would be interesting to explore a deeper relationship with Hank. One where she is REALLY reluctant & perhaps he introduces her to guys she really does not like, but...

GREAT story!

Great erotic story

This is a scorchingly hot take on a standard scenario. I would love to read more in thiis potential series. Perhaps next semester the good principal can oversee a senior course in sexual education.

Hell Yes

I can't wait to read the next 2 chapters.

It's a nice story, I gave you five stars because the cursor slipped when I was clicking on four. Oh well. I do think the story line moved too fast, kind of rushed to a conclusion in my mind. I'm not saying that every story should have some introduced drama just to delay the inevitable, but from meeting to proposing in about two weeks is pretty fast, particularly for two people who had been badly burned.

As always I loved the story

Its very enjoyable, though you have written more interesting ones.
The time when it was enough to play with her children and to please her man in bed
is gone. To be a role model for, especially, her daughters,women have to make more of an effort. I hope Rachel will realize that is never too late to catch up.
Thank you very much for a pleasant time.

You did it again komrad1156

Wow it is a wonderfully sexy story of two people who were both dumped on and found each other and loved each other.
You amaze me and are one of the best authors on this site. 5 stars as usual.
Look forward to your next story.

Great story, I would love to read more chapters. But I would love to read more chapters of nearly all of your stories.

great story

would love to read how the summer will go

Brilliant writing. You give some depth to the characters. The women are more than sex toys

I guess my title really says it - while this is site looking for a shorter whack off time, , you are doing a really good job at giving at least a little depth in a short serial format. These are more than carcicatures

Hell yes

This was one of the best things I have read in a while. Please give us some more.


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