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Can't wait for more!

Was hoping for more dirty business and bullying and this chapter has got me riled up! Hope to see more chapters really soon. Waited so long for this one!


Im on the same page. This was a wonderful tale. Thank you for writing it

You did it again !!!!!

Thank you for your VERY creative writing and descriptions. I loved the scene where Karen tossed he bra and it got caught on the light fixture and Dan had to rescue it very funny. These two will be very happy and horny as long as they live.
Again 5 stars and i wish I could give you more. I love all your stories so keep it up.

So wonderful!

A wonderful and very fun conclusion to your lovely story! Thank you for taking us on this adventure with these two!

Yummy ;)


loved the story, hey old people need loving too, my dad had sex up until he died at age 89, i hope i can last that long too,lol.


That was bloody fantastic. Well done and thank you. What a great little story.

I didn't like the chapter that much this time. Maybe because I didn't feel that she showing her body to Lewis was that bad. The part where Lewis hit his head on the pillows and the one where Leslie hugs her son while covered im cun were my favorities.
Maybe it's time to Leslie do something a bit more harmful. Perhaps Stuart asking for Leslie call Lewlis in some dirt manner.

Agree with author

Cuckoldson, totally agree with your point. The entire basis of this story is the mother is betraying her family, but most importantly her son, by fucking the sons bully. She's obviously not the worlds best mom. The point of the story is her slow change from a loving mother and wife into the slut of the man who bullies her son. Been that way since the beginning. And in this gradual change, is the further betrayel of her son by becoming an active participant in her bullying. Her love for her son's tormentor, Stuart, is gradually replacing the love she once had for her son and husband. It's a fantastic premise, and my only complaint would be the time between chapters. But that's only because I cant get enough of the story.

Soooo, to add to what the author previously wrote, don't read it if you don't like it.

keep up the good work, Cuckoldson!! More Leslie and Stuart fucking, and bullying Lewis!!

Keep Going !! This is a fantastic series! Love it

I am not the other guy

BTB is burn the bitch. Usually in stories where the husband is not a wimp and is going to divorce a cheating spouse. I still cannot see where any character in this story has any redeeming values. Maybe I have missed why this woman would keep belittling her own son for such a crass bully.

Like I said the story started out well but now is just one rehash over another.

Sorry if theres confusion

In the end they both have fun though she had her way with him in the beginning he is still getting pleased by it. Once he is released from the chains though he is able to get back at her but she still gets what she wants A.KA. ride him like a cowgirl ;)

Any updates?

Still the best series on this site, hope it goes on!

@This story sucks anonymous

I assume you're the same person who wrote a similar comment on the previous chapter.

Firstly, the fact she's got promoted was not intended to change her likeability. I haven't ever read a story or watched a film and thought, 'you know what, what I really liked about that character, more than anything else, is that they received a promotion at work'.

Secondly, no idea what BTB is and you've said it in two comments. Don't use obscure acronyms if you want to make a point.

Thirdly, I never have understood and never will understand why people would waste time reading a story they don't like. I only hope you one day will find something you enjoy doing. I suggest you start by turning off your computer and going outside.

keep it up

another great chapter. I like how your taking your time with her inevitable turn to Stuart. Her inner struggles with it are still there, but slowly eroding. I also like how she is slowly losing any remorse when she bullies her son, and how Stuart is pushing her to do more and more in an effort to bully him. Your not rushing it, which is nice. Keep up the good work, this is another great chapter.

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