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Looking forward

Nice storyline. Can't wait to see what happens next!

OMG, yes!

Hot, hot story. We all need to find out what happened next!


Any chance of a sequel with the MIL?

Beautiful Tale

I have read all 5 Chapters and get revved up with each. The way you have reminded us that middle age women are these beautiful sexual beings is super hot.
Please keep writing

Another home run!

You keep racking up the fives...

I want Shannon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Tell Shannon a Norwegian wants to get cheesy with her? :+)))

Oh yes ...

... that would be very nice! Thank you for a wonderful, sexy story -- and please write more of it. Five stars from me!


You really have a gift for romantic stories! Keep up the good work. I like the way you build your characters and situations before any sex comes into the story. Truly very enjoyable reading.

A Choice Piece.

Quite witty. I liked this a great deal. One of your sleepers, I presume?

Where is that teacher's gathering joint again? :+))

Very nice. First class. More Shannon, please!

Nice repartee!

What a complete loser...

...had one of these types in our neighborhood. Me and a couple neighbors donned ski masks, video taped his dumb ass and then knocked his nuts into next week. Lost his job, house and almost his nads.Pedofiles have to prey on teens for sex, men find consenting adults.

Incredibly sexy as usual ...

Dear Author, That dear author was a shitty thing to do, leaving me hanging! Finish this encounter promptly or you will have to stay after class. Thank you for a story I have experienced myself, without the direct sex, a number of years ago. Much enjoyed and gave it an A+, or in your grading world, a five. jntiques

Nice short story

Some younger woman have a subtle way of gaining power over older man. Mr. Mann is a lucky man.

I liked it

I would definitely read a follow up. I admit I couldn't help but want the storyline to go farther with Lucy. Also, because of the name and the type of class she's in and the reputation of this certain porn star, I kept imagining the student as Lucie Wilde, despite the rest of the description not really matching.

What a fantasy!!

And I could sure use a little fantasy in my life.
Thanks for a nice mental interlude

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