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Wonderful story

Something like that happened to me when I was younger.

Hopefully there's more to come with her/

Character names (Condor and Chandra)

Good observation, Anon.... and definitely not a coincidence...

Fantastically erotic

I love that Kathryn didn't join the sexual line-up. I think many writers miss the boat with cheating husband's. They feel guilty and write in the permission of the wife. Her willingness to participate or her approval takes heat factor from 100 to 2 in many naughty husband stories. Also really appreciated this author's willingness to get really hot and naughty with wife upstairs and competitiveness of the ladies.

Character names.

Interesting, your choice of names and descriptions of two of your characters together; Condor and Chandra.

Rape fantasy. :-(

Great story!

Congratulations on your first story! Great build up of passion and heat! Looking forward to more between these 2 characters. I have to agree the "baby girl", needs to go. Thank you for the great read!

Loved it

Great plot, great writing, and great sex. What more could a guy want in a story?

Five stars and then some!

Good short story

Realistic set up. Many older women don't realize they can attract young guys. A little flirting and flashing can go a long way with horny young men. It is uplifting and exciting.

Great idea

Thanks for the story. I would advise editing before you publish and it is important to be as descriptive as possible as it helps one's imagination. What do the characters look like, what were they waering, and what took place in the bedroom?
Chapter 2 has enormous potential, good luck.

Wife & Guide

Great story.
Once we (me & my sweet wife) had gone to London. I had a conference there for four days. We made a program for 10 days stay. What my wife would do for four days, when I had to attend the conference, this was a question. We decided that one guide would take her to different places outside London. We contacted a reputed agency and got one smart young college boy of 23 to guide her to different places and can earn. That guy Phillip was doing this job to earn for his studies.

Sonali visited some places outside London with Phillip and returned back after 4 days to join me. My wife tells me every thing bad or good without hiding any content. She confessed herself that for the first time in her life, she had very intimate sex with Phillip on consecutive 4 days and nights.

I was excited to know all the details and during our balance 6 days, I was asking each and every details of their travel together and had very nice sex with Sonali. She apologized for those 4 days but I told her not to keep any thing in mind.

I kept contact details of Phillip with me. On the 35th birthday of Sonali, me and Sonali had gone to Koh Phangan in Thailand, where I booked a villa in a five star resort. I already made arrangements to call Phillip there as a surprise gift to Sonali. I made sure that they had nice sex and my presence did not disturb them.

Great story

The description was good but the language turned it into a whole different story. Very much a coming of age story that's 100 percent something your best friend would tell you over a couple of beers. Great work.

Love it!

Great writing. You're the best writer I've read so far on this site.


I must say liked your story but really enjoyed your writing voice. I could see so much an follow so effortlessly. Makes me look forward to my future "Senior moments".


One hot story. Hope you write about the next four years.

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