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Well, this old man enjoyed reading this story.

I was entertained all the way through.


Just gross.

Stlll lying

She is still lying to him, hiding her affair!

Pizza that ass

Hey guys, look up Riley Reid on pornhub. She does a fucking hot gang bang with 5 or 6 guys when she delivers the wrong pizza. She takes an awesome pounding, all the time wearing sexy long socks and then when each guy cums on her face, she cleans them up one at a time with the cutest kiss on the end of their dicks. Riley, you are great, would love to hear a literotica video story about you being gangfucked - how it feels, how you prepare, what you look for, what you think about. Please, fucking please!

Love it

Brilliant start, can't wait for the next chapter :)

More please

Loved the story and wished it was longer but a continuing series would be great.

Don't listen ...

... to the comments wanting more tension, the story was terrific!

Don't know

Where you get these but, another winner! Please keep writing. If you've published anything, let me know...I would like to read.

I Agree...

With the comment below arguing there was a lack of tension. Frankly I think that's a common theme among many of your stories, and probably also ties into your boredom.

I made a comment suggestion once for a story idea and I still think it's a good one: a dark rewrite of Climbing Jacob's Ladder, with the father still alive.

That was freaking hot¡

"Uh huh, I want to do that. I want you to myself." Catherine whispered.
Dude, that line, killed me x.x
well done man¡ "thumbs up"

Clear voice

You already have a writing style and a clear voice. Well written.

Sounds like mom is next.

I thought it a bit of a stretch for a married suburban father to be so reckless. Nowadays, the whole high school would know before morning. Nearly no thoughts expressed about his own wife and children or his neighbors sensibilities, either. Put me in mind of the Long Island Lolita story.

Looking forward to reading Ch.4.

Loved it but needs more description during the fucking eg he rode me from behind for an houretc.Looking forward to chapter 2

What a fantastic story!

I really enjoyed reading it and I actually did have a tear or two in my eye!

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