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GREAT Build up.

More please . We need to know where this is going ! !

More Please!

Even with the minor proofreading issues, the story is good and I hope you will write more about Jamie & Karen.


Could you draw out the Dickens connection for me? Maybe if he'd been a dick to his wife and there were ghosts of past, present and future showing him reasons to transform into a better lover/husband..... A Christmas Carol that focused on sexual instead of financial largesse. But as presented its a pretty generic (i.e. non-Dickensian) plot ordered around a mysterious sexual antagonist.

Your ending sucked

I wish

if i could wish for something, it's be a chapter 2 for Mimi! this IS my favorite story! I wish more for Mimi! Please make this a series! or at least a 3 parter!


I don't see ANY revenge here....fucking an old guy becoming a skank herself. assley is a skank, could care less and she got the stud. where is the revenge? our poor wronged babe needs an STD test done too....


Imagined that was my wife getting a good hard fuck

A very interesting story, but surely at some time he wil
want more than her tits. Be sure to tell us !!

Excellent story

Interesting story - well presented.
I think probably half the English women over 50 could relate to this story, either having done it, like my ex-wife did a few times, or would do so in similar circumstances. Well written and totally believable.
I also enjoyed the previous story from this author and hope there are more stories to come.


i just got back to this site after 2 years, this was my first story since then, and i just remembered why i love this site.

loved it.

one of your best.
a thought. If the little yellow tablet was giving him such noticeable symptoms, why not try half the dosage to see if it still delivers the desired result without the high risk issues? one size does not always fit all.
thanks for the tenderness.

A very good story. Too bad that many words were misspelled.

You have taken my biggest fantasy and put it into the most amazing story. I loved this so much!

Great read

Every middle age man's fantasy. Well done

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