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A welcome surprise!

I don't know how I landed on this page but this was a pleasure to read.


Warm, gentle, thoughtful and seasonal, could hardly get any better. With reality at its core, warmth, gentle passion and respect bring together what human love was really meant to be. Aging at its best, I really enjoyed this story. Many thanks !

Good story line

I like that Jonathon has gotten together with Eva, then she sets up the three way with Becky. Good so far, and lots of possibilities. I also like that the women are not 38EE with tiny waists, etc. Eva's 34B is a lot more realistic. However....Eva is 48. Let Jonathon come in her pussy. It's not too likely she's going to get pregnant, and may have had her tubes tied by now anyway. One of the most satisfying feelings in a man's world is to come in a woman's pussy. Let it happen. I'm not sure if it was one of your stories, but there was one on this site recently where the woman told her guy, "Come in my pussy." When he got to that point, the author had him pull out and shoot on her. If she says "come in my pussy," have him come in her pussy, dammit!!
And if you are going to have him pull out, let HER stroke his cock to finish the job, not him. That mostly happens in porn films. If I pull out of my partner, I want the joy of having her play with my cock til it sprays. It's a lot more fun for both of us that way. Remember, sex is interactive!!

To echo what the other commenters said, slow it down. Take the time to describe the action as it might happen in real life. Yes, we want to get to the sex-that's what the site is all about-but a little romance and pacing goes a long way, and in real life, most of the time, nobody goes from walking in the door to screwing on the counter immediately. Or as John Cleese put it in "Monty Python's Meaning of Life," what about a kiss?? Why does everyone go stampeding for the clitoris??

The story is on a good track. Take the time to fill in the details-that's what turns a good story into a great one. It's not a race, and no one here is on deadline. It sometimes takes me months to do a story from start to finish. There's no hurry. Take your time, do a thorough writing job. You'll like the result.

Good start

This is a good set up for what's to come, but might have been more exciting if you had gone another page and put some action in it. Don't keep us waiting!!


Brilliant read. Had to follow it through to the end. Felt a bit disappointed for Tom missing out. But that is life winners and losers.

Thanks for ruining it

All this cum swallowing is just disgusting. Ruined what could have been a good jerk.

Milfs Know Best

This story got my cock throbbing painfully hard! Milfs always know how to take care of a man, and deserve to be appreciated! Nothing better than a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! x

I rolled over with laughter when I saw what 4/20 Anonymous wrote about not being able to read any more because of Rhyme vs Rime... dude, you really need to get laid!!! I'm not sure this website is what you are looking for. IT'S FREE! THE AUTHORS WRITE FOR FREE!!! LoveCraft68 is flat out one of the best. Like everyone else a multi-million dollar publisher with staff is a wet dream at best. Do the editing in your head and move on. It's all about telling a story and this lady does it with the best!!! Put another way, your 'Evelan Woodhead Sped Ridden Course ain't workin' for ya, cuz your comprenchen SUCKS.'

Wonderful Story with vivid characters

As an amateur photographer and remembering the old days of negatives and developing I feel connected to this story. I can see it going on to Kassandra being taken care of by him over time.
Kassandra’s story is yet to be told. We must find out how and where she received the marks on her body from her trip. Also, why is she so famous and know so many important people.
The evolution of Todd’s career must also be an important story.
This must be the start of a novel.
Thank you so very much for the quality story.

Incredible reading

I have to say unequivocally that without a doubt, this was one of the better stories I have read in Lit..A story of this length I usually take my time with however after I read the first chapter it was non stop reading until I finished it. I don't even know how to explain to you how much I enjoyed it. All the characters you wrote into this made the story as great as it is. You are extremely talented with your writings, and I have enjoyed every one you have published. I'm just sorry I hadn't read this before now. Please show us more of your unbelievable efforts to bring more stories to fruition on here..Josh!!


This series is progressing a little slowly for my tastes. There's only three scenes in this that really excited me at all (the ones where Leslie explicitly talks about/pretend-cuckolds her son), and that's more than can be said for most of the other chapters. I feel you're overdoing the non-sex aspects of the story. Can't speak for others here, but I'm here for the son-getting-cuckolded kink; not for another uninteresting cheating wife drama set in porn fantasy land, with the kink only being a superficial feature put on top of that.

That said, this episode really went in the direction I was hoping; Leslie is getting really slutted up and seems to be losing guilt over the cuckold play going on with regards to her son. Thing is, if it were going at the rate I would prefer, she would be at this stage at around chapter 5; not chapter 11. In any case, I hope this manifests soon into actual humiliation for Lewis.

Thanks for the criticism!

Yeah, looking back on it, I think that the daddy comments feel sorta awkward and unnatural.

Still though, I'm glad you liked it!

Wish I was there!!😳

Lovely story and well written. The words made me see it in my mind. It works as a stand alone story and should probably stay as such but, with care, could take a sequel. There must be plenty of ladies in Michelle’s position and I’m sure that there are many young men like Josh for whom this is a dream.

Took me back to my mid-teens. When you knew that there was something downstairs that worked but you hadn’t had the opportunity to give it a practical test.

When I was 15 I had a crush on the lady next door who looked very like Ms Carlson and who had a lovely friendly personality. I knew what time she came home from work and used to run up to my bedroom to watch for her coming up the street. By the time I was 18 I’d passed my practical but even now, many years later, I still remember her with affection. If only.😡

When deciding how many ⭐️‘s to give the criteria is whether or not I enjoyed the story. Technical mistakes don’t enter into it unless they are overwhelming. Therefore it’s a 5⭐️

Two very unsavoury characters. Didn't stop me getting wet though! Would have given it 5 stars except for the silly and unnecessary 'daddy' comments.

We took turns with friends mom we actually were raping her then gangbanged her so hard her ass and cunt was sore for three days.i made a key to her house we would go inside wait for her she came home from work.once inthe door we grab her rip her clothes go to town on her she be screaming at us no more and we told her your are sperm bank.then i spoke up said Kay you have no rights now you are going to have are kids we want six and she us those six every day we ganfbang her and she has come to letting us fuck bareback now we live in her house make her cum then we unload lots of cum in her

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