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The old principal is a power freak

Despite being sexy, ( she brings back old school memories of bosomy teachers I lusted over), Mrs Mattenhausen is a power/control freak. If she can't control her partner, I don't think she's enjoy fucking nearly as much.

well done!

Well done! Probably the hottest series I've read here in awhile.....I'm looking forward to Chapter 3


I think you are a complete pervert! Taking advantage of sweet and innocent women in a theater, shame on you. What theater are you going to next and what time shall I meet you there?

The tense of your story wasn't even slightly conducive to suspending disbelief.

Writing in "present tense", also known as "stream of consciousness", also known as "making up the shit as I go along", doesn't just make it difficult to suspend disbelief: it seems to actively work against a reader's efforts to immerse themselves in what you're writing. It's like reading porn written by the same guy who makes those annoying instructions for Ikea.

"She agrees to make that bid if I agree to wear the dress and accompany her hubby for the weekend. She shows me a photo of him and I wholeheartedly agree. The weekend comes and Robert picks me up and we head to the resort. I am wearing only a sundress and high heeled sandals. While driving I hike up my dress and allow him an unrestricted view of my married bald pussy."

You know what you left out? The part where the reader falls asleep at their keyboard.

Blueballs the series

I keep stroking my cock, till the last page..good job

Thank you

Thank you all for all of the great feedback, I am overwhelmed. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

a good pecker streacher.

you have to love these old ladies they can really fuck and suck keep on trucking

What about the mother? Good follow on story.

What about the mother?
Good follow on story.


What a lucky guy! He has a loving wife who made it possible for him to enjoy another woman. 5 Stars.

I'm a mature with a nice young window cleaner. He cleans my windows then cleans my pussy with his tongue. He likes my thick hairy bush and one day slipped into my virgin ass. We got into a good rhythm and every time he thrust into me my pussy squirted juice everywhere. He said he'd never seen that happen before and then he shot a massive load into me. Young men are more adventurous and have more stamina.


Huge fan of your work, really love your style. But I do have to admit in Cinema Groping I kinda liked the POV not knowing exactly what was going on, leaving some for the imagination.

Oldies but Goodies

As the country western song says "The older the violin, the sweeter the music".


Another series please

There you go Greyeagle.

This is a nice story that while of course is a fantasy, still has a touch of realism and has no "WTF is he talking about" moments like twin eagle.

I guess, I too wonder about that infamous "I have a date, don't wait up" crap. But, I guess you needed an excuse for him to go away and them realize how much they missed and needed each other.

Well done. Just about to read part 2

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