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I’m sorry; I keep responding to this. I apologize for the missing stories, but I took them down and will be taking down the rest of them except for those where I collaborated with another author. I don’t wholly own those stories.

The reason for this is that I’m in the process of becoming a professional author. My writing will be for sale on Amazon and I’m not going to post anymore to the free sites, except as collaborations with friends. My new novel is up on Amazon and doing well, so I am going to focus on writing professionally. That means that I won’t have time to write much for the free sites. I will collaborate on stories with friends and edit for all the people for whom I presently edit. I want to thank everyone who read my stories here, supported me and enjoyed my writing. If you were in the middle of reading a story when I took them down, send me a feedback with an email address and I will send you a word file of the story. I can’t do that if people send me anonymous feedback. I feel bad that happened and I’ll fix it with that particular story, if you give me an email address. Thanks, and all the best, Randi.

Absolutely loved it

By far one of the best stories I've read. Maybe too good to be true but still loved it. I really thought he was going to leave her and almost stopped reading - glad I kept going. Nice change from Ugly Duckling. What can I say - I'm a sucker for a good Romance. Please keep writing.

Another fine installment. Please keep it up.

what happend to your stories

You are maybe my favourite writer. I miss your work :(

@ izzieD 06/24/16

I comment on the story with less than fanboyish praise and komrad1156 makes personal insults to me.
Pretty much what I have come to expect from this writer.

Ignore the detractors

Wonder why the easily offended are here. I hope your long layoff means quick chapters, like at the beginning of the series. Keep them coming!

Sorry folks!

My sincere apologies to the faithful few who have supported this story.
Chapter 6 has been written and re-written a few times. Recently I have been out of commission but it is my earnest intent to get the final chapter finalised for the final time soon - promises, promises!

Wonderful, thank you for posting. Captures the exquisite moments when you feel those new sensations for the first time! After so many years now you begin to really know. Just the aroma of her perfume missing.

A Sentimental Journey

Even though I was born in the 50's - late 60's and early 70's album rock were the soundtrack of young adulthood - I've found myself enjoying the music and movies of the 30's and 40's.

Your story was a well-done invocation of people holding onto the romantic side of what that culture represented and finding commitment and happiness together.

I enjoyed this very much.


The writing seemed a bit hurried, but still erotic.

what's your problem

why is there some fucked up comments in here. if you don't like the story; you might as well not even come to this site. go and read baby stories.
Great job hetup. can't wait for more.

What ugly and crap story!

It seems the author has some serious cuckold issues mixed with grandpa issues that were transported to this ugly story.
This story lacks of creativity, nonsense, poor written, low context and it is not even hot nor sexy story.
This story is not enjoyable and waste of time reading all the way through.

Please Continue!!!

Oh my God, YES!!! Please continue this story!

I wish this chapter would have been longer, I was almost there.

I want to hear it all.

Thank you for writing and posting here.


please next chapter soon so good

What kind of fucked up father would actually look in on this?

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