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Thank you !!

Great, Amazing work !
Even if it's a bit difficult for non native speaker like me, i'm addicted to Tristan's story.


As a dom who loves orgasm denial, edging, and hypnosis along with loving relationships, this story made me happy. Keep writing, you are very good at it!

Continuation can be seen here


Needs work

You repeat yourself a lot in what happens with each lady. A little different description would be nice


thankyou for great story. your immagination is amazing!


I would really like it if you wrote more about this story. Maybe them meeting again?

Absolutely Amazing!!!

Best story I have ever read and I hope you keep it up! Can't wait for the next one!! 5/5 stars well deserved!


I don't trust his "Goddess"...

Horrible, horrible, horrible tease!

I am constantly checking to see if you've posted the next chapter. Very well written story line. Intelligent and so sexy. This chapter made me upset. Glossed over sex and the biggest tease ending you've ever done. Not fair. Not right. Get the next chapter out soon, please.


It took me one day of bliss and now the wait continues...
It keeps getting better. We get to find out about Tristan's parents death, more about Hearth and about Moleh, new characters come into play, a whole new adventure for Tristan alongside Rinzai. What more can you desire? And the writing keeps improving. Congratulations IPD! You are on the way of mastering the Art (of being a published author).

Weird Device

The device was an experiment, using harmonics to excite the water and fat in body cells. With cancer cells the target, this was a first test, and less risky. The experiment was to see if they could build tissue in breasts. It would mean a woman wouldn't need to have an operation, and the breasts would be natural, no implants.

Unfortunately the side effect was for the subject to become excessively horny. The sexual tension could only be relieved through an orgasm, induced by a man's orgasm. Ah! That bit is stretching things too far, err, excuse the pun. The next experimental device had a corrected sound wave, and didn't excite the subject sexually.

Subsequent devices are being built to excite cancerous growths, only not to enlarge them, but to destroy them. Different harmonics for different cancers seems the way forward. It's still in the laboratory test stage, but there is hope for success. Donations to the institute can be made through me by sending cash to - wait a minute, I have the details here somewhere . . .

A machine that makes women horny, grows

their boobs, and can only be cured by cum? Not sure why any corporation would fund the research, but I intend to read some more.


Now to go on the hunt for the other car driver. I'm thinking the woman from work Aviedha. But time will tell.

Father & Uncle

Will make it tough for Daughter to get sleep. and what of Daughter won't she get her own Guy to take care of her needs.

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