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i love that stories and read every part of it. please dont overdo it and please continue with it. and thank you for your stories!

Loved it, don't stop!

Loved it

Loved it, like usual. Well done.

I cried

I genuinely cried

Great Story keep writing!

Love the Series

Love the series! How's the next chapter coming along?

This should be a published novel

If Michael-Scott Earle can publish his The Destroyer series, then you should have no problem publishing this. His books had more sex and just as much violence as this story. Thank you for writing this, you’ve had me riveted.

Great job

Very well written!

One of my favorite stories

...and what a premise. That said I don't think Benjamin was all wrong or that Maggie was all right. Perhaps that's just me. At any rate the story is superb as is the editing (very few and minor errors) with fantastic writing. My only real complaint is you never wrote more. Selfish of me I know...


This took me to the edge and over, will there be a chapter 2?????? Can hardly wait to read your other stories!!!


Because good girls always obey Masters. The deep desire is to dwell in the place Master has carved out for her, How calm and comfortable it is to be here. Pushing out the thoughts that are undesired or distracting, taking me away form the peace. It is so calm.


I would love to see more. You might also consider throwing it up on CHYOA too. I'm sure there would be interest.


You hit the nail again. That's exactly how you have to program internal the code of a doll.


From a sexually frustrated dude who fucks with his roommate to get laid to total piece of shit in two pages.


to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree; absolutely; completely.
"it's quite out of the question"

I think you meant "quit". Please get an editor.

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