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Fuck you all just calling for sex straight away, this is why we can't have nice things. Who cares that guy 1 and gal 2 do whatever they do if you don't know anything about them? I'm loving this characterization, keep it up.

love the humiliation and degradation of the teachers and there willingness to surrender


I'm also curious for an update. Starting to lose hope… :/

I don't know.

It seems to me that this was kinda rushed. You have a lot of stuff happening at once. Then you are jumping from one thing to the next and then right back like two paragraphs later. It's kinda of confusing when you do that. I have to really think before I would rate this.

Too much!

I couldn't get in to it. It's getting out of control. Too many people have influence too quickly. I.e. The class. There is no way you could get a class of 20 odd students to agree to have Tris teach naked and sexual satisfy them. Not all girls are lesbians or Bi. Some students would have moral objections. I know it's fantasy, but I find it better with a tinge of reality thrown in. (Absent of other outside influences like magic or science that affects the general population.)

I hope the humiliation will go on with more sexy attitude, handcuff in school, leash, very high heels, stockings...


Please please keep up the amazing work! This is absolutely breathtaking, you should consider getting this published! I hope there's more to the story, I loved it!

really happy to see another chapter

Thanks. Looking forward to the next one. Regards

Ok. but...

I really liked it until I came to the end of page one. Well seems I'm not into mind control and non-consensual stories...


This is great. I hope you never stop updating this. More humiliation!

Enjoyable character development

I look forward to more chapters, the tension and anticipation you are building is making this series one of the better reads in recent memory. Thank you!

so far...so good

That about sums up my comment.

So Far

So Good . Looking good for Brian. Now would be an Excellent time for him to make his Ex his little slave. and have doing every shitty thing and paying her little to No attn:

Indeed, a nice start

So many possibilities. Looking forward to them.

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