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Great Start

Please keep This going, this was a great chapter to start off on


I love this story so far.
Great writing, very descriptive, readers are pulled in!

Very, very predictable

Predictable. Hands up all those who didn’t think the hypnotherapist wasn’t going to hypnotise somebody and have his way with her?
In fact I am sure I have read more or less the same story twice on this site (as in two other stories by different authors). I have no idea which story was first, much less the last but the concept is a cliché. Sorry.

Need a new chapter

Please don't say the story is done. It has been way too long for the next chapter!

Not what I expected

That was freaking hilarious! And hot in a weird, twisted, perverted (but still good) way. I haven't laughed that hard at a story in a long time. Keep it going!


Honestly my favorite induction you've ever done

Really enjoy the cum trapping in whore's ass. Always looking for more stories involving that.


That is what I say when I see a cock for the first time. I need Miguel. I need to be Jenna and I need a husband like hers. 4yourpleasureiam

Oh My

I do love watching those cock sucking and sissy videos. I am a cock sucker but when I began there was no such thing as videos. For me it was the guys I hung around with just telling me over and over that I should suck their cocks They said it so often that I ended up believing them. One day we were doing a circle jerk and I glanced at someone's cock. He said come on you know you want it. I could not resist and just sank down there in front of them and took his cock. I did them all that day and then I knew what hooked me was I swallowed. On another day I was kneeling buy a true fag and we were sucking of a large group of guys. I swallowed and he spit. After the last guy they told me to suck his gay cock. I did not want to but I could not resist. As I sucked him he would scoop up cum from the ground and coat his cock and I had to eat it. He did not make me I just had to, if you can understand. After that I regularly sucked his cock at least once a day even if the other guys were not around. I would give up cock today if I had a woman who absolutely craved me eating her cunny and ass and many times a day. 4yourpleasureiam

Erf... I feel like I just had a breakdown of my car in a quaint little village...

while interesting things happened and it wasn't without enjoyment I still don't feel like I GOT anywhere...

Or it feels like the intro to a story... where I learned some background but the plot didn't really progress much...

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it... and maybe after some following chapters some of what happened here will have more relevance... but for now... I just feel like rereading previous chapters...

Of course... when is that a bad thing... ever...?

"I was too impatient to meet Sofia Valentine so I did not really cared about this hot girl." I think you should write "I didn't really care" or "I cared not" ( first is better ).
Same problem : "She did not seemed scared but rather pleasantly surprised". Should be : "She did not seem..." ( or didn't seem ).
Chuck 0032. ( Same person as for ankles/hips in chapter 2).

And later in this chapter, about serving snacks over "tablets", it should be "trays", I think.
Again, mere details, and your story is pleasing me much. The pictures are lovely, and bring nice sensations. Thanks !

Just one small remark ...

You said in the introduction english is not your first language ( I suppose it's french, like myself ).
As far as I can judge, you write very correct english, and very entertaining stories.
So thanks for the nice stories.
Here comes the remark : about 3/4 of the first page (in this chapter), we read : "the skirt was now nearly up her ankles". I think it should be "hips" , not ankles.
But it is really a detail. Thanks again.


Very erotic story

great stuff

i enjoyed it better than the last chapter except the part about Tristan being Tristan and jumping into the arena. It seemed a bit too much caution to the wind. you continue to build a great world that is not to hard to follow.

This is Interesting

Weird, but interesting. I'm interested in reading more.

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