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A Very Erotic Story

Congratulations to the Author for this very sexy story. If I had a son then I would want him to be hypnotised so he fucks me.

Awesome chapter....

But I have to agree with some of the other comments that the constant hopelessness of the main character is getting a little tiresome. You need to mix things up a little. Watching the liberator die was quite frustrating, it's beyond time that Shae starts getting pushed back.
Also. With how much Tristan has suffered , please don't do a hair and switch and have June kill shae. Don't.....I think we all deserve to watch Tristan hit the killing blow.


... it's not on hold. I create many other things, this is not my only project going on. Nonetheless, I already submitted Chapter 10. It should appear here in a few days. Thanks.

More are coming...

... but I have a lot of other things going on. The more people support my efforts the more I'll be able to produce for you.


... for the comment. The story is already on Chapter 11 elsewhere with 12 appearing tomorrow.

Your stories are great, but it feels like they end before I can orgasm. The conditioning process is interesting and I like how beautifully you portray it, but it would be interesting to see what happens next as well.

Yes yes yes

It's like you read my mind.. 😉

No sex?
Would like to see some action

Great story

This is a fantasy many men have although many won't it. I have only got to experience this one time and eating her well used pussy with her lover's cum in it was one of the hottest thing I have experienced. I do love eating a fresh creampie.

that Phyllis has a mind control program running that turns her into jade and makes her a whore for her ex hubby. I gather that the new rich hubby Reginald will find himself divorced and she'll either remarry Robert or just give him whatever she gets from Reginald.

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