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Great Story

Glad to see another author in MC. I really enjoyed this entire series.

Great story

I love this story so far and your writing in general. I love you other series A Gift from my Father. It has been awhile since you have written anything in this story, I hope now that the other series is finished that you will get back to writing this story. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the near future.

Patreon account..

I know it might seem sort of impossible but if you can spare some time to write regular or semi regular then please make a patreon account. You are a talented writer and I would like to read more of your work by supporting you.
Good luck!



I knew this was going to get out of hand with Nick, so burning him would be a nice touch.

I give it five stars

Very funny twist at the end, " those bitches ". Please keep writing, Panther fan.

Ummmm, no!

Evan is a rapist, the sex between mother and daughter is gross and unnecessary. Your use of words to describe some of the women is really, really irritating (dyke-lesbian, whore-slut, etc.)). That ish is so irritating because both words used mean the same phuqing thing! For having so may upgrades, John's agents are dumb as all fired hell and I thought this mofo had LoJack on his operatives? The story is good and could be great (for me) if some of those things could be addressed. John's father is insane and tried to off him but now he's just fine? What the phuqing?!?


This story is amazing, made me wet and horny, I love it! I enjoy watching her transform into a slutty bimbo, please keep writing!


Almost done with the edit will be longer more details, maybe able to finish it tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions. 😁

I gave you 5 stars because the first half was good. But the second half was just a repeat. Bigger isn't always better. Keep up the good work. Great story.


Please keep it Cummings....

Can't wait

Can't wait to see where this goes, following the characters. This has been a great story so far, glad to see that the wrap up isn't the end.


So worth the wait. Looking forward to more stories regardless the titles

Fantastic Series!

I've read and re-read this series since it's inception and am glad to see it come to completion - so many start and are never finished. Looking forward to off-shoots and more of your other works! 5 *'s!!

All good things must end

A great series thank you for finishing it. Although this seems to be the end I do see the possibility of five totally separate story lines in the future.

Love the chair...

I think I'd be claustrophobic in that chair, but it's a very hot way to bind someone.

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