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IDK about everyone else, but I kinda wanted to know what became of everyone, even if it was just a few paragraphs and not even a full page

Now we're getting somewhere

Took a while, and while the sideline stories were entertaining, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for Abby.

Please do more!

This story is amazing. Such a good premise and different from other stories. I would love to see how else victory woman helps her new masters and if any others get involved. I really hope there is more.

More chapters

The storyline is great, waiting on more chapters

Great stuff

Epic masochism. I love stories that can make me laugh and turn me on...

This is such great stuff, im devouring this up, nothing i could see at fault with your way of writing this story. Great job.

Repeat after me.

"This is my worst effort ever!"

"This is my worst effort ever!"

"This is my worst effort ever!"

Got it?

Good girls always obey.

Please master I need you to make me cum with your dick.

my mind is yours master

My mind is yours master


Will we ever....

...see a conclusion to this tale? I sure hope so.

What the heck?

This went from being a good story to a confusing one. You've changed directions several times. I'm beginning to think that even you don't know where it is going so you keep making things up to draw out your chapters.

You've taken two very strong and capable characters with abilities and reduced them to absolutely nothing. I also believe that you do not remember what you made your characters out as from chapter to chapter.

You took a helpful, kind hearted nurse and turned her into a mean, hateful, bossy domme.

Nine out of 10 nurses/nurse aids are submissive by nature as they are caretakers and like to help others.

I was looking forward to the next chapter to see what happened to and between John and Spider, but honestly, putting out two chapters in one day and how they read has me disgusted.

I enjoyed the first two chapers and am on to the third.

The author's treatment of Taylor's gift is first rate. The manner in which he is casual about its use makes the notion that it is inherent to his nature believable. Additionally, the need for physical activity such as sex to re-charge the gift is a useful device to drive the plot along. I found the abusive behavior at the end of chapter 2 a bit jarring; it didn't seem consistent with the character up to that point. I see Sanpeux has not posted in awhile; if you are reading this know at least one person out there would love to see a new story.

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