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More please

Please give us another chapter. I'd love to see the rest of the week.

The perfect mind control story

I've been writing porn for almost 20 years now and have long pondered how to approach Mind Control. Well, now I know. *this* is how to approach Mind Control. Sadistic, funny, highly erotic, very well done, mate.

Love this story!!

It's not right that I want to chip implantation and dress like an android? ;)

very arousing and well written

Thanks for the great story! Not just mindless fucking but actually an interesting story...part 2 would be nice

Absolutely pathetic.

This story was disgusting, insensitive, full of poor grammar, and overall just a terrible attempt. It's so bad that I almost wonder if you made it this terrible on purpose, as some sort of performance art piece.



Gail becomes Gloria in the end...

Liked the story, but near the end, GAIL somehow has a name change? She becomes Gloria? Needs to edit that a bit...

good story

I'm hoping for the next chapter soon... I'm enjoying this part of the story, I kinda wanna kick the rich boy in the nuts though

Great read

I really enjoyed this story. I second the other readers when saying that this could become a novel or novella. If so, though, needs some proofing. Fantastic storyline, though, good arch, well-developed characters. Bravo


NO. NO. NO. IF YOU DONT BRING KATE BACK SO HELP ME I WILL SMASH YOUR FACE INTO MY KEYBOARD. (Pretty please bring her back she's the best character)

A small gripe

I love this story, but the chapters are irritatingly short. Each chapter just seems to be filled with 90% inconsequential fluff, and then in the last 10% something really interesting gets introduced, but not fully explained. I feel like you do this so that each chapter ends with a cliff hanger, but that's really irritating to read when there's two to three weeks in between chapters.


I am finding that I am eagerly awaiting each new instalment and I have to agree, that was unexpected.


I didn't expect that at all. Beth is going to kill him. Lol. Hope to read more soon

Really Good

Damn Good Story ,Like the way the plot evolves and love this series.

I want to say one thing!!!!!!

Yes, I've read over three hundred stories. I like the beginning of this one but where's the rest of it? What more is there? Great beginning but what else? Now, if you can't figure this out; I want MORE, period. Thank you.

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