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Just Wow!

I usually don't read stories other than sci-fi. When I came across your story I wasn't expecting such elegance and class. You are a gifted writer and as far as the continuation of story is concerned, you better not hang us in the mid.


My mind is yours master

My mind is yours master

My mind is yours master


You know?

When you said you hoped you weren't boring us; you were. This chapter just didn't cut it. I won't down vote you, so no vote today.

AWESOME Tail (uh...Tale) !!!

AMAZING!!!!!! I hope you continue this story and write new ones! Well Done !


This should be made a series on HBO like Game of Thrones I enjoyed reading it that much! Good luck on the next installment and make it quick!!

More Please

Definitely want to hear this, in addition to reading, this would be a great script, an I bet you have many more in you.

Fair Point

Very fair criticism. This one was written on a bit of a time crunch. Definitely not my favorite story, but there are parts of it I was pleased with. Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

Yeah nice Chapter

I love your Work, and I hope that you resume this wonderful Story.

Mfg Black


So many opportunities missed in this story. You could have made this story a legend but you got to lazy and rushed though it.

Normaly I don´t like minde control, because it´s always a bit of raping in it... but in this case I would love to read more about Victoria!

Poor spelling and missing words also strange text constructs

I like the concept but at times the missing, mis-spelt and wrong words make it hard work


One of the best stories ever

Great finish.

For the characters AND the reader. Well written!

Keep going

Story is great but dont leave us hanging!

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