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Hmm Stacie is getting another series for crazy sex and times? I'm in.


This is off to a great start. Don't let the grammar police put you off, correct plurals don't get my engine going like it seems for them.

You guys are amazing

This series just keeps getting better and better. Just when I think you cant possibly get any dirtier, I get a delicious surprise. Well worth the wait, please take your time with the uploads ;)

Very hot story

You mind gold again, keep it up. This does deserve a series.

Great stuff

Always love these office conquest stories and this one just includes everything. The revenge, the control and just a whole lot of fun. The transformations are also a plus.
Please continue this!

loved the whole series

Read it through in 2 sittings nice story. The only negative is the misspellings and other English errors. Not a big deal but just some honest feedback. Gonna have to read other stuff now to see if it is the same caliber.

Great story! Would love to see a continuation!

need more at least a sequel

as stated a lot fo loose ends that need to be tied up please continue


When I first encountered this series, my attitude was "Meh, I'll give it a shot." Now, I'm glad I made that decision. Very well written!

Minor nitpick

Rachel actually says "no" to Ben at least three times in this chapter. I was kinda hoping she would be forced to come up with creative ways to deny him without explicitly using the word "no". 😄 It's tricky to perfectly follow the 'rules' literally in a story like this, so I only consider this a minor oversight in an otherwise excellent story, but thought I'd mention it anyway.


No worries, we haven't forgotten our cute, big breasted, former Jehovah's Witness. Look for her and Alex in Stacie's next adventure.


Next up will be Transformations: Rose, which will tell the story of Ray's latest acquisition. Right now she's cooking in the transformation tube. Believe it or not, we're already six chapters in on Rose, so expect it to start showing up within a few days.

After that is Demona's backstory with a detailed look at level 9.

Then Stacie's adventures corrupting suburbia...

We have three other novels that will go up after that : Morpheus's origin story, the story of the first dry run of converting an entire town, and a fun filled romp through the main facility in Havana...

Yeah, we're wearing out keyboards 😁

Great series

This is a great story, I can't to read more of your stories. Thank You

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