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Good stuff

Hoping there's psychic residue that causes her to be naughtier on occasion.

To quote a certain brash girl: "I'm okay with out of hand."

Seriously though, if this is your definition of 'out of hand', we need to get you to go out of... out of ALL THE HANDS. Because hot damn this could be a book some day.

Love this story

Looking forward to what comes next!

Great story!

Please keep going, this is awesome!


Please keep going with this. I just found it and absolutely love the writing!


It has ended before it began please tell me you are still working on this engaging story

Slight confusion

I was just wondering about weather this was written in favour of a radical, thought-police, female supremacist society, as a warning against the dangers of fanaticism for any superiority group, as a parody of potential future feminism following its current, concerning trend lines or as plain shut with a good plot?

A concerned egalitarian lady.

Keley Baby...bring it on

Sounds like Keley is going to have some fun!

I've been climbing the walls waiting for this issue...and it was Awesome!!!

RATS!!! I was hoping her new outfit was sheer/see-through.
Maybe an event can cause this?!?!?
*crosses fingers*

Hopefully the hypnotism is still stuck in her head to pull at her submissive strings...

Here's an idea you can have:
The Scarlet Dove and Velvet Ice (Your other hot title!!!) Crossover!!!
-Velvet Ice sent in as a special investigator investigating The Scarlet Dove.
-OR Velvet Ice undercover with the villain Scarlet is currently fighting!!!

Keep up the good work!!!!!

Excellent story

I just have two criticisms...first no one has ever been promoted to 11th Dan in Judo. There are very few 10th Dan practitioners in the world and not one 11th Dan...ever. Certainly 11th Dan is theoretically possible, but it's never happened and the first will probably not be a schoolboy not yet even in college. I'm willing to overlook this grievous insult to the world's Judo community as simply hyperbole on Michael's part, after all he could have just made Kris and Kendall nicer people, but instead completely destroyed their free will. He's not exactly mister ethical, so lying about the rank he'd achieved in a martial discipline seems fitting.

Second (and much shorter), Kris behaved ABOMINABLY toward Prof. Havel, not ABDOMINALLY. Spell check is wonderful, but proof reading is better.

Still, the good far outweighed the bad, so I gave it 5 stars.


Love it. Cannot wait for more. Would love me some Nora!!


annony is just an old fat ugly fag fool and the king of the cucks. This fool reads every LW and Cuck story on here and then bitches about them.

Only idiots believe that crap!!! MINUS 5*!!!

How idiotic is that crap!!! Only if you be prepared to hypnosis you can get success!!! Against your on will nothing can be done!!! So whats your crap for!!! To illuminate little minds??!!

Great work.

I'm really loving the distinct personalities of each character and the immersion that brings to their interactions. Great work, definitely a favourite series.

I would love to chat

I would love to chat


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