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Great story !

Great story ... nice, sweet ending ... I would love another version where the dildo followed them back home. mmmmmmmm

Good story and I hope there is more

Again back in the old days it was very common for what we used to call a "Junior Dominant" to train under an established Master or Mistress. In fact in many areas the Junior Dominant was even below the Senior Slave! During this training the Junior Dominant was treated as a slave/submissive to their mentor. Don't see that as much anymore. Was glad to see Mistress Diane take this role with Nerva.

Keep up the good work!

Great start for a new author, you seem to know what you're doing! Would love for this to continue and looking forward to seeing other stories aswell!

More Nora!

I was very excited after reading 31 chapters to finally get to the Nora encounter and all the wonderfulness and connection it would bring! I hope you can imagine how disappointed I was that there was one brief scene and then skipping over everything. The scene later with Nora, Suzanne, and Robbie also had me excited. Only to end in the very same way. I'm interested to see where you are going with this, and I understand that longer stories tend to have fewer and more abreviated sex scenes. But that long of a build up and then nothing was a real let down for me.

I hope you continue the story and have some kind of ending. Too many long chains like your story end with no resolutions at all. Please don't leave your readers hanging like that.

Lots of kinky fun and hopefully more to come!

Hot story, was a turn on and I'm straight!

Please please have Mark play with Kyle and Maria together, get her under his spell too and explore. "Kyle you have have been dating Maria for how long and you'll let me make you cum but you won't give her the same opportunity, come here the both of you and have a seat, I have some games we can play!".

Probably not the direction you are heading but I love the idea of a MC story where the controller orders other people to have sex.

Yes, more please

This is believable and reasonable. Nobody's hung with 10", the women sound like real women... good stuff. TY! Keep it up.

Well done!

Not usually a fan of mindless revenge but Monica definitely deserves something for trying to ruin other people's lives.

Not sure where you're going to go with this but looking forward to the next chapter.

back on track

This chapter seemed like a good course correction after Mason, the main character in chapter one, got sidelined and became a secondary character (and a victim) in chapter two. Glad to see that all the complaints about chapter two didn't fall on deaf ears.

I thought this was hot. I wouldve liked to see how kyle's mind justified himself in the sexy maid outfit from his perspective though. I hope theres more too.

Grea series!

Abrupt wrap up? The first four were masterpieces. This one, not so much.


I found myself repeating what you asked her to write as I played with myself. It's as though you pulled me into a trance as well. I would love to have that in a real life situation as well!

Pierce, stop trying to coin the phrase "streets ahead."

Need more

Would really like to see this continued and to hear about Penny's involvement.


Just need to edit a bit and figure out how to connect additional parts to this one.

Very good but...

Laurel's name switched to "Lauren" a few times during the story. 5 stars anyways.

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