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This is turely a work of art.
you should publish a book.
somewhere for the world to see, not just the small percent shown here.

The whole backstory really brought everything together.
bring the next chapter.

Quite Good...

...apart from "the draw". (drawer)

I loved it!!!!!

I have read all of your chapters and look forward to the next ones. I have also read all the comments to this story line and think you should continue how ever you wish to. I get the feeling that Lacey is in love with Rick and respects him to much too turn him into her slave. Just my thoughts. I did like the Idea of a family member joining the harem. Maybe an aunt who disrespected him in the past. I also enjoy mom/son incest stories. Again just my thoughts. I know I will enjoy what ever direction you choose to take the following chapters. Thank you for your great writing talents!!


Completamente ansioso pela continuação. Valeu a pena esperar!


I haven't read all the way through, I just want to know: does amber ever come back into the story? Or will she? It just seems odd that Tristan basically just forgot about her.

Top 3

athours on literotica. really looking forward to the next one of these and the next master of trueth. also hopeing 4 another the shards favor

Love to see this series active again

I've greatly enjoyed this series, but I hope something happens to save the friendship between Megan and Stephanie.

The backstory I didn’t want but made the story so much better!

Being impatient as I am, I was hoping to see more story progression before I read this chapter. But after reading it, some backstory it was definitely the right move. This chapter got me invested way more in Emily and gave a much better understanding for Brian’s behavior. To me, this chapter definitely made it feel like a real story instead of something to just get off to, which is the point. Can’t wait for the nex chapter!

""How does it look, Dr. Spencer,"
When the very first sentence of a story has a mistake - a question needs a question mark - it doesn't bode well for the rest of this. A quick scan shows a bunch of other mistakes. If you can't be bothered editing this or doing a little research on how to write properly, I can't be bothered reading it.

The scene in the office

That scene in the office at the end...right up my alley. Wow, what a scorching start to a series.

Part Two

Hope there's a part two soon when Pam goes home to her hubby


really like this story! i wish each chapter were a bit longer though.


Glad to see you're still writing and bringing your A game. Keep up the excellance.

you lost me

Sorry, but I lost interest when she came to class late and totally turned off when she made him strip. I can't stand stories where the guy is completely ruled by his dick and the girl is able to use her "talents" to get whatever she wants.

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