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Want more

You have me interested. Please write more!

Waiting for more.

Great story as always. Looking forward to more.


a extremely well written,& extremely erotic Sci-fi / Mind control / serial recruitment / incest / female female sex / alien invasion / parasite / tentacle / bondage ....Its in the "INVASION OF THE BODYSNACTHER" Universe, (its uses the pods,only in a more erotic way,& there are no body duplicates,the transformations occur within the females).it's written in the same universe as ,The Plague Maiden
by Dr. Eszterhazy, or Tantric Legion, & Enter the Amazon
by xxxecil....., each character is well,& evenly fleshed out, this story is one of the hottest I've ever read... I'm known as THEANTJACK, here is my blog... http://antjacks-femalepossession-mindcontrol.blogs pot.com/ please let me know you have got this message... ps? will there be more chapters? i hope so, please let me know...thank you

A Note from a Fan

I have read your other works but I must say this series is my favorite. I think I just like this genre more than others. I was just wondering if there is more to this or is that how it ends? Will you be writing more in this genre? I hope so, I am like many others on here, for the most part I really liked the series but found the twist and turns into the dark not to my liking, as much. This is not a comment of disrespect by the way, I hope you don't take it that way, I'm just stating how I feel. You write, I read. When I think it's time for me to go find another story then it's time... I move from author to author for new stories, and rarely because of anything else. I truly hope you write in this genre again and soon! I prefer being a reader than a writer because I find more enjoyment in it, to see what people come up with and I spend a great deal of time on authors I find speak to what I like.

Lastly, for me I was hoping Dexter was going to be ruling the school/wherever he ends up with a lot of beauties because I guess that is what speaks to my (eternal teen-self) Again, I hope you take it as a fan writing to you, a favored author and not a slight on your writing because to that, you are one of the people I look for nearly weekly as I look for something to read on here (MC Genre). I don't presume to dictate what you put on the page because that is not what I'm here for. I'm just a reader looking for something to read for a few minutes to escape the world and into another.

Thank you, for your time and effort.

Good Story

I really like the story, keep up the good work. I can't wait for more.

Amazing story

Story is absolute gripping!!!!
Couldn't stop before reading all the parts !!
It's an excellent plot line, can't wait to read more.

Btw when is the next part coming out??

Thank you both for the comments.

Anon - yeah, the ten minute thing... I noticed that error after I had submitted the story. I didn't think it worth resubmitting the story for that small continuity snafu; let's just pretend the protagonist had too many more interesting things to focus on to take accurate note of the time. ;)


Doorknob: Thank you for the comment, glad you liked it.

Yes, the "younger/older" clarifications would have been a good idea, I'll remember it for the next time if there is one.

I don't tag my stories as Mind Control because the story tagging how-to guide states:

"What Not to put as Story Tags:
- Your author name.
- The story's title.
- The category in which the story is posted."
( https://www.literotica.com/s/story-tags )

Since I categorize the story as Mind Control I do not add it to the tags.


my mind is yours Master karenkent1965@gmail.com


All that build up and in the end another boring ending. I really liked the resisting I won't lie but the ending ruined it for me. The resisting is over and now a bimbo is born. And the world, any world fictional or real, is not in the need of more bimbos.

Plot manipulation... bad author.

The worst kind of plot manipulation is making your characters temporarily dumb to cause something to happen. You wanted the doctor to see the implanted port. Having Marcus take Kate into the clinic does that but you don't give us any reason why Marcus would make that mistake. Tracy could have taken Kate to the doctor or Kate could have been coached to identify Marcus as the man who helped her get away from the abuser. I've had this exact injury coming off a mountain bike and I didn't seek medical attention for three days so the injury doesn't create enough time pressure to justify the poor planning. When you have your characters do something out of character the cost is the credibility and integrity of the character. Your crimes in this respect are no worse than Hollywood (in fact this would make an excellent movie) but you should aspire to do better. The doctor should make her discovery in spite of Marcus doing his best. Keep up the good work.

Another voice in the chorus...

Love the story, hate the grammar and spelling. You sound as if you might be college educated but somehow don't know the difference between quite and quiet. WTF. I weep for the American educational system.

Can you say when we might be getting a new chapter?

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