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Inheriting control

This is a great story but then again as you can see from the tittle of this post that I have been a fan of your writing for a while. I can't post mcstories as easily as here so I wanted to say that now. I am looking forward for you to continue on both stories. I am also looking forward to more conquest with Inheriting Control stories.

` A Fan

Good Grief

What have you been injesting? Thought I'd never read this after the first bit but like the story, it became "just one more page". Hooked.


Just posted a NEW CHAPTER-stay tuned because it should be available in a few days.


Probably not a good idea to give a lower than life whore guy pervert a coin. His brother is Saddam Hussein......

I am yours

I will do whatever you want wherever you desire. Please give me commands, I don't have an email. -Yourslave M

Come back

It's been 3 weeks...

Chapter VII

Interesting... I hope this does not mean that an end is near. I can't wait for the next chapter as always... As someone else said it is getting dark. I hope Dexter gets more hotties before the end. I like the idea of the anti-hero...

my god this is great stuff

You've got me hooked as well with the fantastic world building and characters. I hope after you complete the story, you will consider selling the collection as an ebook.

My body knows it's master

My body knows it's master. Its master is you master passion, you make me so wet and horny master! My clit is so swollen I want you master!

4 Stars

I enjoyed it. I can't wait for more newer experiences and i wonder who will be her first vagina sex, anal and when and who will clue her into finding out her sperm is fertile. How many women will she impregnate? Does getting women pregnant become a fetish? Will she ever wear protection? Make the women she is and will have sex with get on birth control? Money? Will she be in her children's lives? I can't wait to read what the future holds. I saw that she has both genitals, anything happening there? Possible sex with males. Details about her description?


Three similar words:

Peak: "I can see the mountain peak."

Peek: "I peeked around the corner."

Pique: "The review piqued my interest in the movie."

For The Record Agnes

He DID have an interest in you. He tried to make the moves but you shut him down and kept him in the friend zone. Then when he snubbed you, you bones the first guy who paid you any good will. Ironically if you had allowed him more leeway since you clearly liked him back then, then this whole ordeal may never have transpired.
But yeah she's right, this new power has some corruptible effects. The user will eventually lose themselves to a more arrogant and lust-filled persona. Dexter will probably never be able to have an ordinary relationship with a girl. Any girl he attracts will just be with him for sex and only because of the chemical. Agnes seemed to have been the only one who liked him before hand and she (almost too coincidentally) has someone else now.... I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!
The sex scenes are good but the story is so fascinating 5/5.

Very hot.

GReat Story

Very engaging tale. Jeremy is getting all the sex he wants and the scientific explanation actually adds to the story. Hopefully there are numerous chapters to follow.

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