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Working on it

I'm doing my best, hoping for early May for Chapter 7, but no guarantees - update in my bio will show up when it's close. Chapter 6 (mini chapter) is out already, you can use the link from the "Also in this Series" box on the right to find it if you didn't catch it when it was on the recent entries in the NonCon category.

This is great!

I'm always impressed by the variety of your work. :-)

Is the next ch. coming in early May?

Based on his posting history, early May will see the next chater.

I hope so. I can't wait.


I had to read this with a Russian accent in my head so the bad grammar made sense! My guess is english is your second language and you're from eastern Europe somewhere! Get a proofreader, preferably and english speaking one and you should be fine. I didn't rate your story because that would have been adding insult to injury!

I love the story, but you really need a proofreader. At times, I couldn't figure out what you meant.



Good story

Great dialogue, well paced, good characters with believable desires and needs. I didn't buy the smoking thing even at the onset as it seemed like an irrational leap, and the long description about why he hated smoking just underlined it for me. In terms of BDSM beyond the smoking hook, it was enjoyable. It was pretty unbelievable that the main character didn't display a prior interest towards domination and then revealed a hidden streak that circumstantially led exactly to what they both wanted from a relationship, particularly as the sub was quite experienced. But hey, it is fiction after all, and it was an enjoyable story.

Re: Anonymous 3/11/17

If you're going to hop up on the soap box about grammar, I'd recommend you take a look at that run-on sentence you've got going in your last paragraph.

If I were your teacher, I'd send you home with a report card that read "does not play well with others."

Minor suggestions.

phycology is the study of Alge. might be a typo

very Good!

I like it a lot! Interesting thats the character has this rather 'good working' power while struggeling with it.

So far, so good

I like how this is going. I can't wait to see who he gets next.


Loved it! Kept me glued to each page & the naughty lil twist at the end was hilarious! Well done! Bravo!

Superb cameos

Dr Max, I congratulate you. A crisp, accurate and exciting delineation of some wonderful sex-sessions between two innovative people. I recently tried to read this whole series, but gave up in ch. 3; clearly, I didn't put in enough effort - but I now intend to return and have another go. As a motor mechanic, I enjoyed the detail of the car; although you didn't mention the effect on the lady of warm air from the bonnet-louvres, which I think she might feel issuing under her shoulder-blades to further erotic benefit. I especially liked the absence of whimsy in this chapter. A strong five stars!


Well written

I must say that this chapter in particular was spectacular. I enjoyed how you have good character development and that the sex scene is not forced (except by Kelly) where the author is focused solely on the sex and everything else is really the path to those scenes. Your characters are smart and funny, almost making me chuckle a little, and the only complaint is that there aren't enough chapters! But its less of a complaint and more of a self control deficit. Keep up the amazing work because I'm really interested in where you're going with this (defs gonna be a harem).

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