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Chapter 5 Coming soon?

I have loved your story so far an eagerly anticipate more chapters. Do you plan to continue this excellent story.

Next Chapters?

When are the next chapters?


Now that was a story with a great twist. I hope that I see more stories from you.

It was great but...

I love your stories though I do wish you could develop them since most end just as the fun's beginning!

I disagree with masterkinggod

This is a pretty hot and well-written MC story.

masterkinggod seems to be under the misapprehension that MC is synonymous with hypnosis.

Soooo hot

Loved it! It got me so horny the whole blank and obedient! Great story hoping for more like it!


well done==== jimwho, Chicago


It was actually pretty good. I also like to take down spoiled rich girls. I love to have them crawl around on a leash, making them eat my pussy as well as those from my friends. Maybe that's an idea for part 2.

Short and simple. Dumb.

Another thought

One other exciting twist would be that Kyle had never been hypnotized at all but instead went along and enjoyed every moment and has now fallen in love and the two move in together. That would be quite the twist on the story!

Loving this

I check back every week in the hope there is a chapter 35


Beth's GF's name was Tracey in the earlier chapters.....

Love the storyline

I absolutely love the storyline, keep up the good work...

Pretty Awesome Story!

I really liked the concept as well as the story. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I am, admittedly, a Grammar Nazi and there were too many typos for my OCD inflicted brain to ignore. But, like you said, English is not your first language. Anyway, very good story! Keep up the good work!

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