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Good one

Nice flow, just enough backstory. I liked the ending. I would have been really upset if the bad guys had won. As it was, the good guys had to work for it, which is more satisfying.


Love the connection to your other story, Doesn't Really Matter


Hope the creative juices continue to flow.

This better continue!

At least the story...
I kinda wondered if Mira had the ability too but I figure not, as she would have used it to make him cum first. She doesn't seem submissive and so wouldn't really have a desire to let him win.

Cannot wait

This is godly. Thank you

An idea

I've always thought one twist to a feminization hypnosis story could be as the subject dresses up he automatically is overcome with feminine desires and acts in a feminine manner without him really realizing it. The only way to snap out of it would be to orgasm. However if once he slips into his feminized state she would slip him into a chastity his maleness would also be locked away with noway to snap out of acting feminine even if he tries redressing in male attire. The chastity would lock not only the obvious physical part but his inner maleness would be locked away. Take him shopping in this state would be fun to explore. Sending him home for a day would be fun. Just an idea concept.

Love feminization hypnosis

Great story line. I like how he falls prey to her wishes without realizing what's happening. Hopefully you add another part to the start with her taking him further along, deeper and deeper, more and more. If only real life were that simple!


Pay a little more attention to spelling and missing words. Proof reading will help with that. All in all, keep writing. I'm enjoying the story.


Genuinely the best story I've read on Literotica. Not just the kinkiness but the prose and characterisation of the main character. I'm not going to use protagonist because the main character's actions are doubtlessly immoral if largely well intentioned. Please don't do a TidakSense on me and disappear.

no mind control

did I miss the mind control part ?

Please continue this one

This is a great story all around. Now I want to read more about Chloe's struggle not to descend further and Gillian's slow and inexorable re-conquest.

Always take the batteries out

Always take the batteries out the sex toys or a big bad security makes you use them front of them. And you will love it.

Very good

This story really drew me in. Plus, I love being restrained from behind like that. :)


It was a very interesting plot and written well.

You absolutely blew it by having Pam harm innocents.

She sexually abused her coworkers just because she could.

The worst was her vile rape of an innocent wife and mother by having her get a slimy asshole to fuck her in front of her husband!

Jim deserved some serious payback for his rape of her but his wife Barbara was innocent.

Pam is a deranged cunt that needs her brains blown out!

Pathetic attempt at an otherwise interesting story.

Thank you again

I really appreciate your work. The saga of Brian at this Anime Convention is a blast to read.

Will he see Chloe? Will he fall back into her clutches? Will Kelly finally get laid? Will Emily finally express her feelings for Brian? Will Brian finally express his feelings for her? Etc....

Many questions, please write more as your personal life allows.

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