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Think little big....

I liked this series for 3-4 parts but after that it started getting monotonous like most of the stories in the same category. You should expand the story horizon. Go big. Your character is just roaming in a small circle with that kind of power is really disappointing.


Rape is a crime... stop writing rape fics and respect womens


How was this erotic ? This went nowhere fast. If this is erotic to you maybe you should consider another hobby

Great idea

I enjoyed the first of hopefully many, chapters. A little twist on the genre. I am looking forward to seeing what else Pink has in store for us.

More Ring!!!

Loving it so far. Looking forward to the Teach using her skills to train Emily.


I’ve lurked for a long while, and you are consistently my favorite author on this site. Figured I should say thanks at some point.

Also, the anon comment about “Real writing” is full of shit. I wish I could write half as well as you do.


What happened to Phase 2 of Beccy's processing? All of a sudden she was drone 561! Great leadup up till there though

Don't stop now

You have to keep all your story's going they could do with being longer but I will make do with more chapters keep them cumming;-)

Cum facials anyone?

read the entire series. above average erotica. well written, good grammar. De needed a humiliating facial at the mall. Maybe a few teens blowing their wads on her face!

Really enjoying this story

Just finished reading the entire story (so far).
Loving it AND the potential of where he can use his mind control ...
- back at work to get the loose ends under control
- get the support of the twin's parents
- adding more girls to his harem - especially the trainer
- moving to a bigger/better home - able to take in all of the girls

Can't wait till the next chapter.

Do More

I really like this so far, you could do so much with this series. You could even try to continue this and see where you take it. It can either get better or get much worse.


I hope that Terra does NOT get tricked into giving up her will, but instead asks for a way to forget some past pain (which is perhaps why she seemingly wants to punish Chance and also is so “angry” at the heavy bags).

Great story so far!

Beautiful, Thank You

I came to this story looking for a particular kink and thought I might find it here based on your description. I usually only go for women with mind control power over men because the reverse tends to make me feel gross as a man. I was not expecting the multiple twists that this story took, and I was enraptured by it immediately. There was genuine depth to the characters; I felt truly invested in the outcome. Your writing has a rare level of quality. It speaks to countless hours of practice coupled with an innate gift for storytelling. Thank you for sharing your valuable time and hard earned skill with us. Writing like this is a gift. We are lucky to have you on this site.


When are we going to see Chapter#3 . You would think he would take Jason back to the Cabin. and Let him and Beth do all of their holes. or that he would Knock up Beth and have Jason take the Fall and Marry Beth. then he and Mandy could begin the next chapter. and considering he hasn't got back at any of Jason's buddy's. Derek or any others who have girl friends or Moms and Sisters to take Down.

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