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I gotta say, I love this story. I remember reading chapter 1 when it came out and was impressed. Each chapter after has delighted me. Thank you for sharing it with us your readers. I pray it has a happy ending and someone sticks a boot up his ex's ass.

Story Is Good, Comments Are Silly

This is an amazing story and as someone part of many minority groups, very funny and pretty accurate, minus the mind-controlled smut, as far as anyone knows ;). if you want to have a laugh, read the comments, because half of them are just people trying to justify discriminating against a fictional creature in a erotic story. it truly is hilarious. keep up the good work! ♡

eh, I managed to forget the entire story after such a long wait. I think I will wait for it to finish first.
You a very talented author, but I personally can't deal with those unreliable updates.

So awesome!

YES! Trigger words, just what I was hoping for!
Now he just needs to work on building his support base. I don't think he should make any more legal staff into sex slaves as this would cause him to get swamped. Convert all of the staff into his minions but make it subtle enough that they won't actually behave any differently, except for sending some money monthly and free lawyer services whenever necessary.

Wouldn't it be awesome if he could train himself with trigger words to restore his dick and maybe delay cumming?

Fuckin' a, man...

There aren't many stories on here that have moved me to tears. You are now part of that very small group. Thank you.

another good addition

what a way to go, but fun to read and enjoy tina's adventure. yes I need more.

too short

Way too short considering it was a detail read with little to add to the main story. Almost came off like a filler.

thi is good

five star and hoping for more.

So much potential!

Maybe I should keep reading, but I'm hoping for some use of trigger words. To have temporary behaviour.

quite interesting

fun to read with lots of potential, but I thought it lacked some in detail. it will be fun to read more, good job.

Thanks everyone!

Love hearing from you, as always.

@Anon - the next chapters won't come out as quickly as those first ones, but we are definitely on a faster timetable now.

@Lady_Acerbus - Harper was a favorite of mine as well. I was sad to see him go, as I agree with you about enjoying the calm, peacekeeping figures in stories.

@Doren - you're right to pick up on the Sanderson vibes - I'm ripping this technique straight from Mistborn. We'll see if I can pull it off as well as he does :)


good cop bad cop

build trust so you can take advantage. good story , as most of yours are. 5 star.

well written. four stars

Great Chapter!

I'm enjoying reading and seeing where things are going! I can't wait to see what comes next!

Although, I really am hoping that Rachel isn't planning on using Dez to satisfy her deal with Mike. She's Ben's blonde bombshell, even if he doesn't know it yet ;).

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