tagErotic PoetryUnsuspecting Father

Unsuspecting Father


While an unsuspecting father's at the office making money, this 18 year old son will spend his day in mother's cunny.
We're at the breakfast table, father eats and takes his calls, he doesn't know my mother's toes are kneeding at my balls.
Then he reads the paper to get stockmarket tips, while mother stares into my eyes, tongue rolls across her lips.
Mom walks him out, dad's off to work, I hear her pull the latch, it won't be long before I sink balls deep in hairy snatch.
Boobs rock beneath her robe, each bigger than my head, she whispers in my waiting ear "let's go up to bed."
She takes my hand, I follow up the stairs and to her bed, she makes me take the very spot where father rests his head.
Her robe comes off, pounds of tit-flesh roll across her chest, large glistening lips and a chubby clit mark the entrance to her nest.
In the sixty-nine, mom takes her spot, her pussy in my nose, her pungent smell and drooling lips, like the blossom of a rose.
While my father gone from 9 to 5, busy selling stock, my mother's lips glide up and down upon my meaty cock.
Her tongue flails round my knob and underneath my crown, and fucks it with her gullet, bobbing up and down.
Soon she rolls upon her back and opens up her legs, its time for potent teenaged spunk to mingle with her eggs.
For hours my mom an I will fuck and sweat and scream, bathing in a slippery pool of cock and pussy cream.
While my unsuspecting father drives home upon our road, mom and I bounce and hump and blow our final load.
And after a day of fucking and sucking and cumming like a whore, my gorgeous horny mother will greet her husband at the door.

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