tagLoving Wives3+1 Wives Ch. 07

3+1 Wives Ch. 07


The plane's First Class had very comfortable drop seats, and Jamila noticed that they could be surrounded by curtains, thus allowing the passengers to fly in seclusion. She summoned the hostess, and paid the ticket upgrade from Economy to First Class for her and Sharifa.

Once they were on their new seats, and Jamila pulled the curtains, Sharifa asked Jamila, "I guess you're going to make love with me. Don't you think that it could speed up your labor?"

"It sure will, darling," she answered, "but if we don't do that, the womb may not contract strongly enough even after landing in Cairo, and I may have to resort to Caesarean section. Zayan doesn't deserve that! My children don't deserve that."

"What should I do, Jamila?"

Jamila didn't answer; she hugged Sharifa and kissed her in the mouth; Sharifa hugged her in turn, reached for Jamila's bra buckle and unfastened it. Then she opened her own shirt first -- thus exposing her young sumptuous breasts to her lover, and while Jamila was taking her nipples into her own hands, and massaging her areolas, Sharifa opened Jamila's shirt and began suckling her right (regular) nipple.

Jamila loved that, and her womb began rhythmically contracting, reassuring her that they were doing the right thing. Sharifa's right hand reached Jamila's vulva, and delicately fondled her lips, her clit, her vaginal ostium; once her vagina was wet, Sharifa's fingers delicately entered it and massaged her G-spot.

Jamila came and squirted, while Sharifa kept suckling and drinking her abundant colostrum. Jamila couldn't help massaging Sharifa's breasts and milking them as if she were a sheep -- and a few drops of milk came out.

"How is it possible?" Sharifa asked after taking Jamila's nipple out of her mouth, and Jamila answered, "Repeated stimulation may induce lactation. Let me taste your milk."

Sharifa put her left nipple into Jamila's mouth, who sucked it and found the few droplets she tasted delicious. She didn't stop after that, and kept suckling, while Sharifa was ever more excited, as Jamila's hands raised her shirt, removed her panties, fondled her vulva -- but didn't dare enter her vagina, for fear of tearing her hymen -- only Zayan would take her maidenhead! After a few minutes Sharifa changed nipple, telling Jamila, "Sorry, darling, I'm not yet acquainted to nursing!"

Jamila sucked more softly and carefully, so Sharifa only felt the pleasure and not the pain of nursing.

As she was done, she grabbed Sharifa's head, kissed her in the mouth and put some of her milk on her tongue -- so Sharifa could taste her own milk for the first time -- and then delicately put Sharifa's head between her own legs, so Sharifa could lick her vulva and made her come again.

The orgasm coincided with an uterine contraction, which was felt by Jamila as a super orgasm, which encouraged both women to continue.

As the uterine contractions took a predictable rhythm, Sharifa led Jamila to orgasm when they were approaching, and soon after them it was Jamila's turn to please her lover.

The hostesses must have guessed what was going on behind their curtains, as they didn't serve the meals to them, and when the plane landed in Cairo, Jamila felt that the labor was well under way.

There they met Zayan, Khalida and Rashida; the Arab custom didn't allow them to hug and kiss in public, but Zayan had brought his motorhome (he had bought it, not just rent this time) to the airport parking, so, as soon as the whole family was in, he could show her favorite wife how much did he missed her.

As he shut the door behind him, he kissed Jamila and hugged her so that she could feel his erect penis against her swollen belly. Then he turned her 180°, so she could hug and kiss her co-wives Khalida and Rashida while he was undressing her as he was pressing his penis against her butt.

A hug between pregnant women isn't easy, but they all loved it, as they really missed each other; as Zayan managed to remove Jamila's bra and leave her bare-breasted, Khalida and Rashida said, "Oooh!" and soon they too undressed, so Jamila could appreciate how their breasts too had grown during pregnancy.

They touched each other's breasts briefly, but then Jamila said, "I should introduce you to your new co-wife, and my favorite female partner, Sharifa, who has helped me trigger labor. Sharifa, come here."

Sharifa went near the three woman, and seeing their naked breasts aroused her somewhat -- so her nipples became erected. Jamila hugged her and kissed her to show everybody how did she love her, and then told her, "Now you have to introduce yourself to your co-wives, while Zayan takes your role of labor-inducer."

Zayan didn't wait to bring Jamila to bed, while Sharifa was left alone with Khalida and Rashida, undecided on whom to greet first. It was her longtime friend Rashida who saved her from embarrassment by hugging her -- first as a friend, then more passionately, and then kissing her.

Sharifa was somewhat amused of becoming the lover of her former friend, but the kiss was pleasant, and she undressed without embarrassment, thus allowing Rashida to tickle her nipples with her own, and to rub her own vagina against her thighs, to fondle her buttocks with her hands ...

The women went to bed together, while Khalida sat on a rocking chair and masturbated while watching both women making love.

In the meantime Zayan had removed the plug from Jamila's butt and inserted his penis instead -- so they could come together, and after that, he could pee into her colon, thus forcing her to relieve herself and have a shower afterwards -- with Zayan.

In the meantime, Khalida's turn had come to make love with Sharifa. She was somewhat more embarrassed, as Khalida wasn't a friend of her, but the intercourse was very good and both women knew that they would have gone along well for life.

Rashida, after masturbating while watching them, proposed Sharifa to do to them what often did Jamila: to lay on her back, while Rashida was at her right and Khalida at her left. Both women would rub their own vulvae against Sharifa's thighs, while suckling her breasts.

They were so surprised at finding milk in their mouths that they soon inspected Sharifa's vulva -- but her cribiform hymen couldn't have withstood penetration without breaking, so they believed Sharifa when she credited her lactation to her nursing Jamila for several months.

The co-wives resumed suckling, and their deft fondling her vulva and clitoris made her come soon. Then the women exchanged roles: it was Rashida the woman to be suckled now, and then Khalida.

In the meantime, after showering, Jamila and Zayan went to bed together. First, Zayan suckled all of Jamila's nipples -- not just those in her regular mammae, but also the ones in the armpits and between the thighs; then he licked her clitoris, and stimulated her G-spot.

When Jamila was near to experience another contraction, Zayan penetrated her, and gave her an orgasm coinciding with the contraction.

Jamila squealed her orgasm, and her co-wives Khalida and Rashida hugged her telling her, "Mabruk -- Blessed be you!", and offered her the colostrums they were beginning to secrete. Sharifa did the same, and Jamila loved that, but then told her, "I think you should now know your husband. Do that, while my co-wives are taking care of me."

So, while Khalida and Rashida did Jamila what they had just done to Sharifa, the latter approached Zayan. He remembered that Sharifa had only met him briefly at his marriage with Rashida, and even though she admired him, she couldn't desire him enough to make love with him right away -- unless he played his trump card.

He showed her the marriage contract, with detailed provisions in case of divorce. It was a nikah 'urfi, a traditional marriage, with no legal value -- but the protection it provided Sharifa was no less real.

Khalida and Rashida were already serving Jamila, and Zayan told Sharifa not to interrupt them -- but watching their orgy while they were waiting for its end excited the groom and the bride, and when Jamila, Khalida and Sharifa could be asked to countersign the marriage contract, Sharifa was licking Zayan's penis to make it harder and bigger.

As soon as Zayan signed the contract, straight after Sharifa, she climbed up his body and lowered herself on his penis, which broke her hymen and penetrated her. Her co-wives helped Zayan support Sharifa and escorted them to their double bed, where Zayan laid on his back, while Sharifa went up and down to enjoy her groom within her.

But the moment came when Zayan wanted to kiss Sharifa -- but she didn't, because desire is a thing, love is another. Jamila noticed that, and told her husband, "Would you like to kiss our children when they get out?"

Zayan assented, and Jamila kneeled above his mouth, so he could kiss her vulva, while Jamila could kiss Sharifa, who was still holding Zayan's penis within.

The arrangement worked wonders, as the two women could fondle each other's breasts, while their husband was stimulating both. Khalida and Rashida joined, each at one of Zayan's sides, and while Zayan's hands were titillating their genitalia, their breasts were pressed against Jamila's and Sharifa's arms, giving them added stimulation.

The four women had to alternate their kisses, as when Jamila and Sharifa kissed, their heads physically separated Khalida's and Rashida's mouths -- and vice versa.

But the orgasms they enjoyed were beneficial for Jamila's labor, as the contractions, effectively enhanced by the orgasms she got and gave during the night, allowed her to give birth to two healthy male children -- Yussuf and Yahya -- who were nursed by four women, as all of Zayan's wives were lactating.

Obviously, the children preferred their own mother's milk, who was sweet, warm, abundant, and nourishing.

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