tagSci-Fi & Fantasy36+1 Ep. 33

36+1 Ep. 33


Mike struggled to keep up as Tammy led him by the hand through the house to the bedroom. He was thrilled to see her being her usual horny self again, but he was curious as to what had brought about the change.

As soon as they were inside the bedroom, she turned around and pointed to the LCD screen in her chest. It read "Phone Diana. We need a playmate."

Mike read that as his heart pumped fast. "Sure!" he said, always ready and willing to play with that auburn-haired robot's awesome plump butt.

He went and sat down by the dresser and picked up the phone. He dialed up the 'office' and waited for the empty-headed secretary to answer.

The phone rang twice, and her cheerful digitised voice came over the wire. "Good morning, Robot Control Station 64, Diana robot number 7839061B speaking. How may I assist you?"

"Diana, it's Mike." he said. "Get your sexy ass up to my room, me & Tammy wanna play with it some more."

"Yes Mike." she said, confirming the order. She did a fast system check and ran one of her many software protocols. "Would you like me to replace my depleted fluid cannisters?"

"They're empty already?" he asked.

"My full fluid cannisters were exchanged with Anya's depleted fluid cannisters." she said emotionlessly.

"Yeah, do it quick. Go down to the lab and change them yourself to save time."

"Yes Mike." she said.

"See you soon, electro-cutie." he said. He hung up while she was mindlessly acknowledging his latest statement.

Tammy was busy getting out of her clothes. The simple microphone of the video camera couldn't pick up as much as her artificial ears could, but she could use her AI on what he had said to figure out what had been discussed over the phone.

He stood up and began to take off his clothes. He watched as Tammy sat down naked on the bed. She spread her legs apart and removed her crotch panel cover, and with it half of her sexy little patch of black pubic hair. She flung that on to the dresser and then began to give herself her first sexual stimulation since the day before.

It was more than just a preference for Diana's big plastic derriere that made Tammy want her in the room now. The oversized butt on that fembot's petite and otherwise slim frame was what Tammy had been fantasising about when she had lost control. Now, in defiance, she would continue from where she had left off, and hopefully get that magic feeling of pleasure saturation flowing once again through her circuits and wiring.

When her fingertips touched her naked silicone clitoris again, the significance of the act seemed to multiply the pleasurable effects. Her CPU was flooded with complex calculations, all happily processed while she kept the data flowing.

Mike flung aside his underwear and got in close to read what was on Tammy's screen. He saw only binary code flash by, and that meant little to him. He wished she could have her head attached for this.

"Can I help?" he said.

Tammy straightened her back to aim the camera up at him. She pulled her hand away from the glistening spot between her legs and spread them wider. She leaned back and came a little in expectation as he got on his knees in front of her.

The time he had spent away from this altar of technosexuality made him appreciate it even more, especially with the electronics visible in the opening just above. He salivated as his face got near, and excitedly licked the synthetic cream as it came out by the drop.

Tammy shook with pleasure. Already, the feeling was more powerful than she had expected. No loss of control yet, but her arousal algorithms and subroutines were running at full strength. She decided to signal her pleasure to him by using some of the small rudimentary speakers built into various circuit boards within her sexy body.

He heard the computerised beeps as they came out, and pressed his tongue harder against her wet and slippery electronic clit. The way things were going, they might not need to use Diana by the time she arrived.

He sucked and drank from her plastic pussy as if it were a wellspring of life-giving waters. And he loved to remind himself how it was just a cleverly designed imitation of the real thing. To think about all the electricity running through all the machinery behind the layer of artificial flesh made him just as mad with lust as the sentient Tammy unit now was.

He held on to and stroked her thighs; as curvaceous and sexy as a real woman's, and smooth and perfect as an android's. She was natural feminine beauty presented flawlessly in machine form, with the ability to return his love as passionately as he gave it.

He saw her clutch at the sheets in a sign of ecstatic pleasure. He stimulated her faster and with more vigour, and waited for the flood of formulated lubricant that would come next. She gave it to him with an orgasmic twitching of her thighs, and held his head up against her body with her hand.

With eyes closed and mouth wide open, he sucked in every last drop of Tammy's delicious secretions. He let the aroma and the flavour of synthetic female hormones and pheromones wash over his mind, and put him into an orgasmic stupor of his own. He reveled in the wetness that ran down the corners of his mouth, down his chin and on to the bed between them. He opened his eyes and watched the beautiful light emitting diodes within his lover as they flashed with digital synchronisation.

"I wish I could see the look on your face right now." he said to her.

She responded by pressing his head against her vagina and making him go for another round. He was more than happy to comply. Her internal speakers beeped out communication in Morse code - a declaration of her love for him. She knew he wouldn't understand it, but she also knew he would appreciate the inhuman way it sounded.

While that was going on, the ever obedient and subordinate Diana unit was down in the basement lab changing her fluid cartridges. Anya watched her as she sat in the chair getting scanned. She called the big-assed fembot over, but Diana's orders were to move as fast as possible. Seeing Diana ignore her like that, and watching the process of partial undressing and partial disassembly got Anya even hornier than she usually was.

She could hardly wait to be done with her daily scan so she could get her jollies down here in her favourite place. She made some plans involving herself and the lovely technician robots while she watched Diana put herself back together and get fully dressed again. The secretary had followed Anya's earlier orders to a tee. Underneath the figure-flattering brown polyester slacks and the shimmering dark green satin blouse, the secretary wore an alluring black satin lingerie set that Mike had made the de facto uniform around here.

When Diana was ready, she acted upon her orders and swiftly walked out of the lab. Anya watched her go and said to Maria "You think we could get a few more of those from Robot Control?"

Diana walked through the house and up the stairs to the second floor. Her high resolution video cameras, the kind standard to all 510s, were now a more powerful optical system than what Tammy was working with. And with the help of the computing devices inside her chest, they led Diana's mechanical body into the master bedroom, where her master and his soul-mate were waiting.

Mike heard the fembot enter, but decided to finish his second round of cunnilingus with Tammy. There were no complaints about that from the headless fembot, and she got even more digital pleasure out of watching Diana stand there doing nothing. Tammy changed her Morse code beeps to make lewd comments about Diana's hips and backside, but Mike could not decipher them and Diana hadn't been instructed to.

After some more slurping and some more tongue action, Mike got Tammy's vaginal unit to cum again. He got greedy with the flowing juice, and cleaned it off her smooth silicone as quickly as it came out of her pumps. Tammy got closer and closer to feeling what she had computed before, but she maintained full control of all her systems even in this second strong orgasm.

Mike stood up and caught his breath. He smiled at Tammy and stooped down to read her LCD screen while she played with his testicles and his penis.

"I'll stay in charge of this little get-together." came her words on the screen. "You will obey my commands."

"Yes Tammy!" he said delightedly as he gazed into the reflective darkness of the video camera lens.

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