A Man & Woman Together


I felt the warmth of you surround it, and the strength of your inner muscles grasp it. You lowered and raised your hips, forcing it more deeply with each effort. I held still and quiet as long as I was able. Your pussy felt so warm, so soft, so necessary and demanding. It felt as needy as my cock. When I finally sensed the bottom of your pussy on its head, my cock began a forced frenzy of its own. It had my hips driving it and you deep into the sofa cushion, back out, and then back in. It savagely attacked your pussy again and again.

I couldn't help but let out a moan of my own. Little animal noises came from me as I felt my balls slapping your thighs. Our loins joined again and again. Suddenly, your legs came around me, locked at the ankles, and you scissor yourself even closer, demanding every limited fraction of my length. I heard you groaning and gasping and talking to yourself. It only served to heighten my demand, stiffen and extend my cock. I heard you saying yes again and again, and my own voice echoed with it.

Our consummation was filled with the fantastic satisfaction from a long delicious starvation. Our need was so great that we lost track of everything except each other. My cock throbbed, and demanded as I worked. I felt you cry softly as you climaxed time and again and returned again and again. It was a profound struggle for me to stroke and not to cum prematurely.

Finally, your climax so aroused me that I knew I was going to explode and regardless of my control nothing could have stopped it. I felt the spasm of my cock, and then the supreme feeling of the beginning of discharge as my cum began its journey up and the length of my cock. The feeling can never really be described. It is close to a cross between pure animal frenzy, primal reaction and insatiable lust. The feeling of that journey, the contraction of my balls, the simultaneous expelling from each as it contributed its share to my pleasure, and your filling.

I surged, spasmed, lost control in a seizure of ultimate pleasure and filled you with my love. I felt your thighs continue to stroke and demand as you, too added to our pleasure. I felt the warmth of our mingled juices surrounding my cock and bathing it in tranquility.

My cock began to relax, my balls began to ease from pain, and as they relaxed you, too, managed to catch a breath and held me close without moving. Finally, sorrowfully my cock exited its haven and we lay side by side on the sofa.

After catching our breaths, as I was totally exhausted and thinking it might take weeks -- and extra-strength multivitamins -- to recover and wanting to doze, you sat up and descended to clean me with your tongue. When you finished, you again gave me a long, deep, satisfying kiss. What could I do but return the effort. My muscles complained as I lowered myself, but as I tasted you and felt your warmth, my cock asserted itself once again.

I'd never been able to re-establish in such a short time, but here it was. You must have seen it because I felt your upper body twisting and then the warmth of your lips surrounding it. I'd always thought that bliss like this was only in romance novels, but here I was experiencing it myself.

You took me in like a starving, lost kitten might attack its returning mother. It was hard to concentrate and then your hand was pulling on my hair to come up for air. You paused and I heard you gasp that you couldn't concentrate on this while I was distracting you. I mentally filed the information away for future use.

As I turned slowly and lowered my body to the cushions, you moved and laid your upper body across me without ever losing contact. Your hand came up and circled the base of my cock and you began a soft rhythmic stroking with both hand and head. I felt your breasts lusting after my chest with each motion of your head.

I felt the soft, warm wetness of your mouth with your lips securing me and preventing exit. Your tongue rose against me, squeezing and caressing, and dragging me into another frenzied appeal for you to continue. With your soft stroking as the outer skin of my erection slid easily over its core, your hands coming further alive, and your throat becoming more demanding, you were bringing me closer and closer to the complete exhaustion and expulsion of my male fluids.

Finally on my total surrender, and with my eyes closed securely, my body seemed to detonate, breaking apart any remaining vestige of my resolution to completely satisfy you first. I felt the first violent contraction and then felt the tremor as my body erupted in hot flows of human lava that seemed to devour me. I thought of you and then only what was happening and how you'd made it happen.

My mind seemed to lose its ability to focus on anything except what you and my body were doing. My pelvic muscles contracted, my ass contracted, and my abdominal muscles took control of me. My cock swelled momentarily with the pressure as my hips thrust forward driving my cock deep into your throat, but somehow you managed to handle me and everything I brought forth. Again I felt my body bringing forth its primal offering and delivering it in its own special fashion.

I'd never before climaxed so violently. It was like a dream, a wild, wonderful wet dream -- but it was real. You were real. You had just claimed me for life as your slave in sex and every other endeavor. I was completely drained and you cleaned and nursed me. You rose and settled lying next to me with a satisfied smile on your face. I thanked you, and you smiled, and we slept.

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