A Revealing Summer Ch. 02


I was already getting very aroused before I even reached MacArthur Road. Planning my show for the day, I figured I would pull the top up to show my tits before I reached the landscapers. Then, I would pause as I ran up to them, and pull down the bottoms to give them a quick show. Then I'd be on my way (maybe stopping off at my place in the park to take care of my wet pussy). As I turned onto the street, I saw that my audience was working on the farthest two houses. One of them, the big black guy, saw me as I was running down the block.

"Hey, Felipe, Eric, she's coming!" he yelled. I expected them to all gather at the street, but instead most of them wandered to the side of the big house they were working in front of. The young cute guy and the smoker walked up as I approached. "Hey chica," the cute one said. "There's no one home here today, so there's a nice private spot in the side yard where we won't be interrupted."

"They're crazy if they think I'm going to follow them to a secluded spot!" I thought, but still I stopped running. Against my better judgment, I walked with the two men to a group of trees on the side of the house. It was pretty secluded; the road was out of view, and a bunch of trees and shrubs blocked all of the other houses. Still, I felt that people would hear me if I screamed, and I decided to risk it. Despite the catcalls and presumption that I would keep showing them my body, these guys had been decently nice, and I didn't really think they would try to rape me (although I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel a bit of a tingle at the thought of them stripping me naked and having their way with me).

I stood under one of the trees while the men formed a rough circle around me. "So what's your name?" the cute guy asked.

"I'm Amanda," I said, not bothering to lie. "What about you guys?"

"I'm Felipe," said the cute one. He pointed to the thin, white smoker, "that's Eric. The big black guy behind him is Tim. That's Miguel," and he gestured at the oldest of the group, a muscly, grizzled hispanic man. "Those two are Dean and Carlos," he finished, pointing to a middle-aged white guy with a bunch of tattoos, and a skinny hispanic guy who looked to be in his late twenties.

"So baby," Tim said to me, "what have you got to show us today?" They all looked at me expectantly.

I was nervous about how serious my little flashing game had become, but I was also extremely aroused. Slowly, I raised the blue tank top over my head, and tossed it to the ground a few feet away. I had their undivided attention as I grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down, removing them awkwardly over my sneakers. I was now standing in just a sports bra and panties in front of this group of men. "Very nice, baby," said Tim. "I love that ass," added Eric.

My pussy was dripping wet now. I grabbed my sports bra, and quickly pulled it over my head. My big breasts bounced free, and all eyes were on the white mounds capped with pink nipples. My bra joined my shirt and shorts in the pile on the ground, as my fingers traced around the waist of my panties. I was nervous being so exposed to these strangers, but at the same time it was making me so horny. My breasts were jiggling slightly with each breath, my nipples at a stage of excitement where the nipple itself was poking out fully, but my pink areolas were still soft and beautiful. I slowly lowered my panties, exposing my very wet pussy to those standing in front of me, and my firm ass to those standing behind. My hands guided the panties all the way down my legs, forcing me to bend over. I heard a gasp from behind me, from Dean I think, as I bent over, giving him an amazing view of my ass and open, shaved pussy lips.

As I tried to pull the panties off over my sneakers, and lost balance and nearly fell. Felipe ran forward and steadied me, his hands and my sides, his finger tips just grazing the sides of my breasts. I leaned back against him as I raised my foot to free my panties from my right leg, and pull off my sneaker. Doing so caused his hands to slide around to my front, across the bottoms of my breasts, with one finger briefly touching the edge of a nipple. I felt a shock of pleasure at the brief touch, and I heard him take in a quick breath. I could feel his hardened dick inside his pants, pressing up against my naked ass. I pulled off my other sneaker and sock while he stood balancing me, cupping my breasts slightly. Then I stepped away from him, and did a slow turn so all six men could see me in my naked glory. My breasts were thrust upwards, nipples at attention. My pussy was clearly open and completely wet, my clit just barely visible between the folds. They all stood silently, waiting to see what I'd do next.

I started to play with my breasts a little, lightly pinching my nipples. Then, I noticed Eric trying to pull out a digital camera. I didn't really want any evidence of my actions today, so I said, "Put that away, or the show ends."

"Aw, come on baby! Just a few for memories..." But I covered my nipples with my hands, and gave him a look. The other guys glared at him, so finally he said, "Oh, all right." and put it back in his pocket.

I reached up and grabbed a tree branch above me. My arms were now extended upwards, giving my breasts more lift. I spread my legs shoulder-wide, showing off my sexy ass and pussy. Felipe was still standing quite near to me, and he slowly moved his hand towards me. Electric jolts went through me as his fingers came into contact with my hip, and began to caress my smooth skin. He slid his hand up, along my stomach, until he reached the bottom of my right breast. His hand lingered for a moment, lightly touching the underside of my tit, waiting to see if I'd stop him. Then, slowly, his hand cupped my breast, and he started to pinch my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I let out a soft moan, which seemed to encourage him, as he squeezed more confidently. Eric stepped closer to me from behind, and I felt his hands grip my ass cheeks, and begin kneading them. Tim was next, and his fingers quickly found my pussy. I moaned as he passed between my lips and rubbed my clit, slowly at first, but then speeding up. The three men continued to touch me all over, and I was nearly overcome with arousal. I kept my hands on the tree branch, letting them have their way with me. Tim's fingers began to dip into my pussy, deeper and deeper with each movement. Meanwhile, Felipe brought his mouth to my right breast, and began to suck on the nipple. He alternated between licking and nibbling softly on it. As I moved closer and closer to orgasm, I looked around at the rest of my audience. Dean and Carlos seemed a tad nervous about what was going on; they were watching, but didn't seem to want to approach. Looking over my left shoulder, I saw Miguel standing a few feet behind me. I gasped, realizing he had pulled out his dick; it was average length, but looked fairly thick. He was jerking off slowly, with a rather perverted look in his eyes as he stared at my naked teenage body.

"Haha," Tim laughed, seeing where I was looking. "Hey guys, Miguel sure is getting in the spirit." He looked back at me. "Ya know, he's got nothing on me." And with that, he unzipped his fly, and pulled out an enormous cock. It must have been seven and a half or eight inches long, and unbelievably thick. He started to stroke it with one hand, while continuing to finger me with the other.

I was very horny now, but getting a little worried that things might go too far. I heard Eric unzip his pants behind me, although I couldn't see. Suddenly I felt it though, as he pressed his hard dick against my ass.

"Whoa," I called out, lowering my arms and pulling away from the guys. "Hey, this is just a show. If you guys want to get off, then that's your job, not mine." Felipe punched Eric in the arm.

"Hey babe, if this is a show, then give us a show," Tim said, gesturing to a chaise lounge under a nearby tree. I glanced around a little nervously, realizing again just how exposed I was. The six men stared at my completely nude body, breasts heaving with my deep breaths, pussy dripping wet. I was so horny though, and I really wanted to get off. I walked over to the chair, and laid back on it. The men all gathered around, while my hands found my breasts and pussy. I began pinching my nipples with my left hand, while I used my right hand to rub my clit rapidly. I moaned loudly, and noticed that all six of my fans had their dicks out now, and they were all jerking off. Miguel had picked up my panties, and wrapped them around his dick while he jerked it. That seemed a tad creepy, but at the same time made me even hornier. Felipe stepped closer to me, and began to play with my tits. I lowered my left hand to my clit, and began to finger my pussy with my right hand. Felipe's hands felt so good on my nipples while I touched myself. His dick was probably only ten inches from my face. I wanted so badly to lean over and suck on it; it was slightly longer and thicker than average, and looked awesome. But I was afraid that if I broke the "jerk off on your own" rule for him, the others would want to follow suit, and I wasn't quite ready to go that far.

I desperately needed something inside me. Looking down to my left, I notice one of the gardening shovels the landscapers had dropped when I arrived. It was a single-hand type, with a smooth plastic handle. I picked it up, and shocked all of the guys by slowly sliding the handle into my pussy. It wasn't quite as thick or long as my vibrator back home, but it felt amazing as I slid it in and out. My body shook with pleasure as I rubbed my clit and masturbated with the handle. The men watched me writhing, tits shaking back and forth as I tried to suppress my moans. Suddenly, Felipe reached his own climax, and I watched as his cum landed on my upper chest and left tit. That was enough for me, and I reached my own huge orgasm, trying to not scream out. As I came down for it, I felt more cum landing on my right thigh, this time from Eric, I think.

I looked around, and it seemed that all of the guys had finished jerking off. My chest and thigh were a mess with cum, and I was very aware of my nakedness. Still, there was no shame this time, I was far too aroused for that. It had been fun, and I desperately wanted to be fucked, but I quickly decided that things had already gone far enough today, probably too far. Dean handed me a rag from his pocket, and I cleaned myself off. The landscapers continued to watch, enjoying the way my big breasts jiggled as I cleaned my chest. Eric pulled his camera out again, and said, "Please Amanda? As a memento to the best day on the job ever?"

"I sincerely doubt you'll need a picture to remember this," I retorted. Still, they all were looking at me eagerly, so I said, "Fine, one picture, and it can't have my face." The last thing I needed was naked pictures of me floating around. I leaned back in the chair with my legs spread obscenely. My entire pussy, still open and wet, was on display. I pinched my nipple with my right hand, and he took the picture. I got up, and checked the small screen to make sure my face wasn't included. He had mostly complied: my mouth and chin were visible, as was a lot of red hair. People who knew me well might guess it was me, although it was probably still deniable, so I decided it was good enough. Honestly, I looked extremely hot. "Hell, I'd fuck that girl," I thought to myself with a grin.

I walked over to get my clothes, but Tim had already picked them up. He handed me the shirt and shorts, but kept the bra and panties (which Miguel had mercifully not shot his load in) in his other hand. "A couple more souvenirs?" he asked slyly.

I was a bit taken aback. "I need those to get home!" I complained, and reached for my underwear. He was much taller than me though, and held them up over his head so I couldn't reach. I jumped a little for them, my tits and ass bouncing pleasantly.

"Come on, you have your shorts and shirt, and it would be so hot..." he begged. I stopped reaching for my clothes, and gave in. I could have threatened to withhold more shows if they didn't return my clothes, but decided to let them have their fun. Besides, I was still super horny, and I wanted to get home to my vibrator so I could have another go. I pulled on my shorts and tank top, and it occurred to me that getting home like this might be a bit difficult. The shorts weren't too bad as long as I was standing, but if I sat down my bare pussy would almost certainly be on display. The top was a bigger problem. It was a fairly thin material, and my nipples were rather visible. It wasn't as transparent as the white sports bra I had worn on Monday, but since the tank top offered no support, every motion of my breasts would be completely on display. Furthermore, the arm holes were pretty large, and while I don't think any nipple would be shown, I was definitely going to be flashing lots of side-boob as I went home. I sat down to put on my sneakers, accidentally flashing my breasts and pussy as I did so. I was really going to have to be careful. The men smiled at my predicament, and as I stood to leave, Eric said, "Have a good weekend babe! See you Monday, right?"

I laughed, and replied, "If I come by on Monday, I just might bring a friend." And I ran off without waiting to see their reaction to that news.

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