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Addled Basil



Basil rubbed his cock slowly, going up and down, sitting in the public restroom. Between the memories of Lindy teasing him last night and his curvaceous students at Western State Commonwealth Women's College.

Then, after seeing a jogger with legs that went to Miami, Basil had had to cut off the road to drop his pants in this public restroom stall. It was scary-this was not in the best neighborhood, and Basil was quite familiar with restrooms everywhere.

This was a scary, smelly restroom, and Basil was a public restroom expert!

Basil had jerked off in public restrooms in hospitals, skyscrapers, recreation centers, supermarkets, airports, beer gardens, nursing homes, clothing stores, sub-basements, burlesque joints, cocktail lounges, ice-cream parlors, homeless shelters, art galleries, law firms, parking garages, Alcoholics Anonymous clubs, Est seminars, singles bars, Pizza Huts, synagogues, Jiffy-Johns, the Department of Motor Vehicles, video arcades, health spas, football stadiums, libraries, warehouses, movie theaters, restaurants, Starbucks, pet shops, hair salons, architecture studios, and once before visiting an anti-compulsive behaviorist.

It was especially difficult for Basil, as his wife, Lucinda, forbade him to cum. She was quite enthusiastic about Basil's onanistic habits, encouraging him to visit strip clubs, and she actually bought him tapes entitled "Thongs & Dongs No.26" and "Dr. Fellatio."

"As long as you don't cum without my permission honey, I think the stimulation is good for you" Lindy said cheerfully. And of course in the evenings, Lindy dropped Basil's pants and pulled his long, stiff member while they watched "Six Feet Under" on Bravo. Lindy was well aware of Basil's immense crush on the dominant and surly Rachel Griffiths in her role as Brenda Chenowith.

"See, honey...she's cheating on Nate again!" Lindy had just told Basil the night before..."And she's not giving him any...and she's got those big boobs, they're almost as nice as mine, huh?" And then Lindy waved her breasts in Basil's face.

Lindy put a bit of lube on her finger, and teased Basil's anus hole, brazenly reaching under his hips and running it up there with one hand while busily keeping the other going up and down on his swelling penis.

Lindy had then began slowly, steadily going up and down his cock, gently twirling the ridge of his glans as if she were opening a particularly stubborn bottle of beer, before going back and forth up and down the shaft. She'd withdrawn her other finger from Basil's asshole, and forced him to lick the brownish lube from her finger.

Basil had then begun moving his hips around, trying to increase the friction. Lindy had began rolling Basil's balls around in her other hand, while tonguing his ear a bit.

Lindy then had moved her other hand up and began toying with Basil's nipples, while her first hand was still pulling and toying with Basil's testicles.

Lindy moved her hand slowly down Bsil's stomach, to his cock once more, where she began alternating quick and slow jerks. Finally it had seemed as if Basil was about to cum. Lindy combated this by masturbating Basil only with the tips of her fingers, laughing as her husband's hips bounced up and down, as he desperately tried to push his penis into her hands more.

The poor man had to sit on his hands to keep from grabbing Lindy as she slowly slathered Lubriderm all over his bulging, angry cockhead. And Lindy's breasts were lovely in their peach halter. She had shaken her long ash blonde hair and wrinkled her adorable little nose as she'd licked her thumb and then slowly ran it along Basil's frenulum, the stimulating little vein under his throbbing member.

Today, in the public restroom near Martin Luther King Playground, Basil tried to duplicate Lindy's little massage, but it was difficult...ah there it was! Basil jerked faster and faster, alternating images between Lindy, Eva Parsons, his ace student at school, and the new clerk with the beehive hairdo at Fruschel's Bakery.

Here it was...coming faster and faster...oh shit, I have to pull my hand away. Gritting his teeth, Basil lifted his hand off his cock, and it bounced painfully against the toilet seat.

It hasn't been this hard since two weeks ago, when that student gave me a lap-dance...and I never saw her again in my class! But since then, Basil's wee-wee had been enlarged and teased thoroughly by his enthusiastic and exciteable wife...oh Jesus had it...and it was really hard now.

Oh, it hurts so much, he thought...but what can you expect? It's been one hundred and three days since I last came...and I have such an evil wife.

After Lindy had tired of stroking Basil's cock, she'd ordered him to kneel before her and slowly jerk himself as she watched the rest of her TV program.

This had been serious hell---Basil had rubbed his penis, feeling absolutely humiliated as Lindy had watched her program, occasionally flashing her breasts at him. He had to endure her many phone conversations, and his penis had become quite sensitive...he'd been so fearful that he would have an "accident."

When they'd gone to bed, Lindy had ordered Basil to lay on his back on the bed, and she'd climbed on his cock, rubbing her shaven pussy on his bulging maleness, lowering it just over the cockhead and then pulling off, again and again.

Basil sighed as he'd remembered Lucinda rising up and down on his stakelike member. Lindy had really enjoyed this, and had played with her hard nipples as the poor professor lay still, praying that he wouldn't make a mess too soon.

"Baby, you turn me on, soooo much" Lindy had breathed. "Your cock is so big...I remember the old days, before you were my pathetic slaveboy? When you used to cum real hard in me...what fun that was...and I gave you two or three blowjobs a day?"

Basil had almost cried as she'd taken him down Memory Lane. In truth, he was happier as a slaveboy, but he did miss his beautiful wife's full lips around his cock...and he so missed shooting all over her face!

Finally she'd given Basil a stern warning about not cumming, and ordered him to grab her and fuck her, hard.

This had been such an agonizing chore. Lindy was so beautiful and small, but with disproportionately large breasts, and Basil had fucked her to three orgasms, as she'd tightened her vagina around his cock so that the friction was incredible...but Basil had held off until Lindy had cum three times, and then she'd ordered him to lick his precum out of her vagina.

Basil had then had somewhat of a nasty surprise, as he tasted regular seminal fluid. He knew well what it tasted like, as Lindy always made him lick up his scum on the rare occasions he was allowed to jerk off. When he'd asked her where this semen had come from, as he had not been allowed to fuck her himself, Lindy had smiled in a bashful way and told Basil she'd discuss it with him some other time. Aaagugh.

Basil had always had the feeling that Lindy would find someone else to fuck her after she'd finally stopped sleeping with him, her devoted slaveboy...but it was so blatant now!

Basil held his breath now as someone came into the restroom. He hoped it would be a quick piss and the guy would be gone...but some of these losers would whistle and primp in front of the mirror for nearly ten minutes.

Ah well, Basil had to calm down from his cock stroking anyway. Maybe the guy would brush his teeth in here-oh, why did Basil have to think of that? Now his cock was getting hard again.

Just last weekend, Lindy had ran the smooth side of a Sonicare electric toothbrush, vibrating it on Basil's cock and balls, rubbing it slowly around the ridge of his glans, and then on the frenum, the sensitive area underneath Basil's cock.

At one point, Lindy had rubbed the vibrating toothbrush in the sensitive space between Basil's testicles and his rectum, making him want to cum like a volcano.

Thinking of it now, made Basil begin rubbing his cock a little faster. His penis and nipples were quite sore from all the masturbation that had been going on, and he felt a little dizzy, as if the semen was up to his nose. The guy who had been peeing left, and Basil felt much better about jerking...he jerked his cock and thought of his beautiful wife...

Lindy, rubbing her feet on his cock, grinding her heels into his balls. And she did wear high heels. Lindy quite often would do the driving and play with Basil's cock as he sat on his hands in their little Nissan Sentra. Then she'd rub ice on his balls to calm him down a bit...

Oooh...he wanted to cum, he was ready to cum. Basil began panting as he jerked harder. Could he cum and get away with it? Fat chance. Lindy felt his balls every night, and she'd know. She'd whipped his cock with a yardstick just on suspicion once.

So Basil again moved his hands away from his cock, but saw that the cock was bucking about a bit. Shit! I don't want to cum against my will! Basil squeezed hard at the base of his cock, and it calmed down, though precum was dripping everywhere, staining his nice trousers.

It was so much better if he could have held out until he'd reached home, Basil thought. Lindy even had a room with a nice comforter on the floor, and a towel that Basil was allowed to put on the comforter...and then he'd kneel and masturbate, often setting a kitchen timer for periods of fast and then slow masturbation, usually when Lindy wasn't home.

When Basil had been only denied a few days or so, he could jerk for five minutes and then stop for another five, setting and re-setting the timer, but as time went on, and his seed built up, he had to set the timer for much briefer periods, such as one minute jerking and two minute rests.

Sometimes Lindy would be there in the edging room, and she'd demand that Basil hold his hands behind his back and rub his cock for one minute intervals and then just lie still for the two minute rests.

Then at other times, Lindy would tell Basil he could jerk all he wanted, and as fast, and not stop---but there was always a trick. "Just touch your glans honey, your helmet, and jerk all you want, it'll be fun!" Fun, was it?

Just as exciting as touching the entire cock, but you could only go so far...then Lindy allowed Basil to jerk himself by only using his fingertips, and then by only using the bottom of his palms. She was truly an evil wife. The weekend that Basil had been allowed to jerk himself only using his left pinkie was one he'd never forget, and hoped NEVER to repeat.

It wasn't as if the orgasms he was allowed to have were all that special-it had been nearly eighteen months since Lindy had allowed Basil to actually fuck her on his squirt days.

Of the five orgasms he'd had in the last year and a half, two were jacking off into condoms that he then had to drain in his throat, one he'd done against a mirror, and he'd then licked it up, one had been in front of the picture window in the living room...so humiliating.

Basil's last jerk to orgasm had been into the empty birdbath in the back yard, 103 days ago, while Lucinda's friends, Taffy, Peg and Charlene had chanted "Go, boy Go!" and then of course he had to lick the semen out of that disgusting dirt encrusted birdbath!

"For hygienic reasons, honey?" Lindy had giggled, as Basil made faces trying to keep from taking soil and filth and discarded cigarette butts from the landscaper along with his spooge. And within twenty minutes of having cum, of course, Basil had wanted to start jerking again. That was in July, and now it was nearly November, and he was freezing in this goddamned public restroom.

Suddenly, Basil heard his cell phone ringing and he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled it out, clicking it on. "Hello, Professor Basil Naples speaking."

"How's my limp-dicked queer-boy?" came his wife's lovely voice. "What are you up to right now...you're not at home, are you pounding your pud in the bathroom of a day-care center or something?" Her tinkling laugh did not devalue Basil's angry humiliation.

"Of course not, Lucinda," Basil said indignantly as he continued to stroke his cock. "You act as if I masturbate in every bathroom I pass. Although I am in a lavatory as we speak." He bit his lip as Lindy laughed uproariously. "I'm just using maintenance , you could say, darling...no accidents."

"That's good, honey! I'm proud of you!" Lindy's voice came through the phone earnestly. "Hey Topher, Basil's having a nice time in a public restroom somewhere!"

Basil's heart stood still. "Topher" was Christopher McGuire, a slacker ex-boyfriend of Lindy's...Even at age 38, Topher was focused on skateboarding in the summer, skiing in the winter, and sleeping with other men's wives.

For someone who did almost no work and lived on a trust fund, Topher was in great shape, with a full head of hair, making the balding, somewhat chubby Basil feel rather insecure. And why was she telling that idiot their personal business?

"Topher, don't make fun of poor Basil...stop, stop you're tickling me! I'm a married woman, kinda." Lindy's voice tinkled over the phone as Basil began to see red. "Go in the kitchen and have a yogurt, Topher, and calm down. Please."

"What-what are you doing having him to the house?" Basil demanded, lowering his voice as the door to the restroom opened. "You said after Topher's game with your Master Card that you'd never associate with him again!"

There was a silence. And then her soft voice came. "Is Basil mad with his Lindy-windy? Don't you wuv Windy no more?" Basil gasped as her voice hummed through the phone. "And Lindy was just thinking about maybe putting Basil's pee-pee in her mouth...her sexy mouth and sucking it all night tonight...you should see how I'm dressed right now, honey...I have my Wonderbra on over a tiny white T-shirt."

And you have that irresponsible bastard over as well, Basil thought, but he began getting hornier, and touching his cock again. It was more and more difficult to touch his cock, as he'd been denied so long, it was getting somewhat painful...but listening to his lovely wife was such a turn on!

Unfortunately, two men were having a boisterous argument outside Basil's stall. "Mann..I ain't had no pussy in a long time!" one said and the other began laughing. "You don't deserve no pussy, boy!" Big black men. Basil never understood this part of American culture. In Britain, blacks and whites behaved about the same, but here black men were like...big savages!

"Basil-wasil, don't you wuv your Windy?" the little voice came through the cell phone. Basil stroked the underside of his cock. "Yes Lindy, I do love you, darling." He was whispering, because the argument and laughs had gotten louder, and one more fellow had entered the bathroom, bouncing a basketball.

"Lindy wants you to come home so she can screw you silly, Basil, darling." Basil knew this was an outright lie. Lindy quite often called him like this, promising all sorts of things, and when he got home, it was the same teasing and desperate denial...but he always fell for it, like Charlie Brown with the football. "Lindy wants to kiss your Babyloins and suck all the cum out of your cock you handsome thing."

"And she's practicing on me, Limey!" came Topher's scream from the hallway.

"No, Topher's only kidding, well maybe a little bit he's not, honey...but Mommy wants to give you lots of cocksucking when you get in....you like cocksucking? Tell Mommy."

"I like cocksucking..." Basil whispered into the cell phone.

"No tell Mommy louder, she can't hear you.

"I like cocksucking." Basil said a little louder.

"Mommy isn't going to do anything for that, Basil. Scream it out!"

"I LIKE COCKSUCKING!" Basil screamed into the phone, but suddenly he'd lost the connection. There was a thumping outside the stall. "What'd you say, white boy?"

No, no...this couldn't be happening, Basil thought dismally.

"You hear that, Harold? Faggot wants to suck our dicks!" the voice came. "You want it, I give it to you white faggot English boy!" Basil objected strenuously, but one of the guys kicked the stall door open, and grabbed him by the shirt, throwing Basil on his knees on the piss stained linoleum.

Basil looked up, his pants still around his knees, at the four large black men who were standing over him. "Look how hard his dick is, man! He's a serious faggot!" Harold screamed. "Look, Donald!" One black guy who had been peeing at the urinal turned around and walked toward Basil, peeing all over his expensive suit.

"You gonna suck my dick, white boy?" Donald demanded. Basil shook his head.

"There's been a serious misunderstanding, gentlemen." As Basil attempted to arise, a big sneaker kicked him in the bare ass from behind and he fell to his knees again. The three men leered. Basil thought about this. These men were all drunk...he could smell them and...

Martin Luther King Jr. Park was no longer a playground where children played...it was a haven for homeless bums. They shot dope in the sandbox, and leaned on the metal pole of the swing set, where all the swings were broken.

Basil had actually gone into the fieldhouse and opened the bathroom door, ignoring the "CONDEMNED" sign because he'd wanted to jerk off so badly. And he was now encountering


"Look, I'll pay you to let me out of here." Basil pulled his wallet out, and began fumbling for a five-dollar bill, but Donald snatched it from his hand, and Harold wrenched out the pocket watch Basil's mother had given him when he'd finished up at Harrow in 1987.

"Now you're going to suck all our dicks before you get out of here, white boy." Donald snarled. "And I'm going to start...by skull-fuckin' you."

But before Donald put his dick between Basil's lips, he kicked Basil savagely in the nuts-because Basil's erection offended Donald.

As the other blacks chanted "Give Donald skull!" again and again, Donald grabbed Basil's ears and slammed his face on the urine dripping cock. As Basil began sucking his first cock, he felt Harold lifting his hips up, and-oh God-there was a penis in his rectum.

Basil felt his hands being pulled out and two more dicks placed in them. "You gonna suck us all, but you can give some handjobs too!" And Basil was put to work!

Basil was amazed by how invasive a blowjob really was, feeling the huge penis slapping down his throat, ignoring his gag reflex (though he dribbled through his nose) But as awful as the fellatio itself was, the cumming was worse-clogging his throat rather nastily.

"That's good, white man...you got a pretty face, like a girl..don't ever grow a moustache, man." Basil could only nod affirmatively over the huge cock in his mouth!

At times in the next hour and a half, Basil was given punches in the eyes and nose for not being enthusiastic enough, and when Harold thought he'd heard the word "nigger" come from Basil's mouth, Harold had beaten Basil's bare buttocks over the sink with his own belt.

Just as it was supposed to be over, a motorcycle club had jogged into the restroom-whites this time-and they'd grinned and taken over from the black winos. Basil's jaws were so painful from all the dick sucking that he was unable to take solid foods for some time...

But he did have the questionable honor of sucking off members of the Aryan Brotherhood! (though they'd bonded with the blacks over this occasion)

After Basil had done a fairly good job on one of the bikers, the fellow had burned a small tattoo on Basil's now distended rear with his Marlboro cigarette...

It was nightfall before the broke, shaken, filthy history professor escaped the public restroom and limped home to his unfaithful wife.

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