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April Morning Coffee


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Another workday morning, I'm awake in the purple haze before dawn, long before I need to be to prepare for work. Is it really April already? The savory, sweet smell of my special-blend coffee woke me before my alarm, as usual, but this time before the coffee maker's din-din-ding alert. Eyes closed, I walk my home labyrinth through my bedroom, to, and down the stairs, past my dining room, and into my kitchen as my brew's soothing scent reaches out for me with its captivating tendrils. The time on the coffee maker is flashing 12:00 over and over.

I'm guessing the power failed, but when? The carafe is nearly hot, so I'll deal with it later, since that isn't part of my daily ritual. On auto pilot, I fill my mug and inhale the slightly tangy, coppery scent of the spectacular brew that needs no sweetener and not a drop of dairy. My first sip confirms it brewed long enough, though it's a bit thicker than usual. A deeper waft confirms the essentials I recognize, chicory, espresso, chocolate, vanilla, anise, and some secret component that my neighbor and personal barista, Loquacious, refuses to disclose. What an unusual, ironic name that is for someone who barely speaks. Yet, I understand since I know it's her husband's last name.

I've known Gabbey and her, Gabriella (Gabi), since our college days. April first marks my first year living next to my college friends who have been married five years. So, I guess it's been a full year since she insisted on supplying me with her secret blend. That makes it a year since I ran into her in my favorite coffee haunt and hit on her again to renew old friendships. She still flashed her gorgeous tits and flirted like a CT, but her forced smile and chilly demeanor carried a bit of new anger. I'm saddened that her husband obviously never revealed our intimate secret.

As the hot aroma wafts into my brain and returns me to today, I fumble my way to my second-floor balcony; I open the French doors and step outside, still naked, to stand in the gentle breeze and enjoy the lightening sky. As the sun escapes the horizon, my beautiful neighbor pulls up from her night shift, waves to me with an unusual, twisted smile. She fully scans my muscular body and growing private parts more slowly than usual before walking inside. I briefly wonder what that is about. She's seen me naked every day for at least a year and in our college days, so *that* can't be it. Something new is in her head.

After putting that out of my mind, I take a deep breath of the crisp morning air before it loses all its nightly moisture and return to my coffee ritual. Another deep breath, a sizable sip of my brew and as I savor my invigorating, savory, fortifying blend, I look into my sunlit cup and wonder why it seems unusually dense and almost chewy. Its hint of iron and red tint finally scream at me. *It's human blood!* As I stare at it, serene as ever with a mouthful of delicious vanilla-anise blood, it never occurs to me to spit it out, since it's so special. I swirl it about and burble it like a fine wine.

When I look across our narrow, grassy courtyard at my neighbors' home, I see Loquacious at her window, staring back at me, covering her laughter with both hands. As we stare at each other, she dares me to watch as she defiantly strips off all her clothes then grabs a small mason jar and a blade. I watch, confounded and amazed, as she cuts above her inner elbow and fills the jar with fresh blood. She applies a balm and a tourniquet to her wound then steps out onto her balcony and waves the sealed jar.

"It's been a year since I decided to prank you with this. Waiting a whole year to tell you this has been extraordinarily hard, but so worth it to see your face now. It's about time you realized you're enjoying a piece of me just as you keep asking. This blood is for next week's supply, if you still want it. You APRIL FOOL!" Has she actually been supplying me with bloody coffee for a year?

Her naked grin looks both salacious and evil. Why so angry, I wonder? I raise my cup and salute every way I can, "Looking forward to it. You certainly are a woman of good taste." I take another swig! I whisper, "April Fool, back at you!".

Gabi's husband Gabbey, we call him George to head off confusion, wakes at her shouts, goes to his naked wife and waves at me. Gabi takes George's naked cock in hand and pulls it around her shapely hip before stroking it to hardness. Teasing me again? George begins kissing her neck, lifting her tits and pulling her dense nipples to tease and entertain me. As his hand finds and rubs her damp vulva and stiff clit, she shamelessly says, "As you can see, I'm very happy with my husband's beautiful cock. I don't need yours here."

She smiles then gasps as he goes deeper into her wet pussy. After putting her right foot on the balcony rail, she voluntarily spreads her knees wider. As long as I've known her, she always liked to flash her body, especially her gorgeous pussy. She is relishing her lewd performance for me. We live close enough that I can clearly see her inner details, can hear her pussy slosh from finger or cock. She enjoys being a cock tease.

"Gabi, did you forget that Loquacious and I were roommates in college? How often were we all naked together then? You were a CT even then, bending in front of me to tempt me and show off your luscious tits and damp, beautiful pussy. George loved your showing off for me and I see that still gets him hard. We shared girlfriends, even double teamed them often. That includes you! Remember that night when he first tied you to the bed blindfolded? You had two cocks in you, sometimes in the same hole at the same time, all night long. Guess whose was the second one! I never forgot that special twitch you had when you came on my buried cock. I hope you still have it. You do love his cock, but you loved two cocks at once even more."

Shocked, she turns to look at George who smiles and nods. She blushes. "I'm remembering your intoxicating aroma and the sweet and musky taste of your nectar. I can only hope you have the same perfect taste." I sigh at the vivid memory.

George shouts, "She does. Al, now that she knows, anytime you want to relive that night, which was also April 1st, you let either of us know. Have you ever cum that hard since then?"

She turns in a huff to chastize George, but he isn't having it. He spins her back around and bends her over the railing. I sip her special coffee as my dick hardens into a cock. Across the narrow divide, she stares at it longingly as it grows and I imagine her sucking it so well *again*. Reliving our encounter with pleasure, she mimicks sucking me off with her tongue as I watch her full C-cups bounce over the rail as George fucks her harder. I imagine cumming on her beautiful face *again*, this time without her blindfold, and watching her savor my cum which she guides into her horny mouth. He asks, "Are you enjoying letting Al watch us fuck? I know you like getting naked for him. Why else would you strip for him every day as he watches and now step onto our facing balcony nude? Should we invite him over?"

As I watch and listen to her pussy splosh and her ass slap under George's assault, she sighs. After a brief moment, she blushes again and nods 'YES.' I put the bloody coffee down, lay a ten-foot plank between balconies and make like a naked Wallenda daredevil! I can call in sick later.

With no blindfold, this is becoming my favorite April Fools day! George fills her ass and loves watching me fill her pussy with my stiff cock or with my tongue in 69 as she simultaneously sucks me deep into her throat. She is fulfilling all my dreams and loving it all. We soon lose count of how many orgasms she has. Even when she nods off, my tongue has her squirming and cumming as I drink her rich juices that remind me ever so slightly of my special coffee. She is indeed a woman of good tastes. We all share the taste and the ecstasy, even into a foodless night. "Hey Gabi, feel like doing a Pizza dare?" This is even better than our college April Fools day prank.

( ~ ~ )
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2/2/18 seminal image: "I was sipping my morning special blend of savory, invigorating, fortifying coffee when I looked into the cup and saw I was drinking human blood."
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by ErosOJoy03/18/19


Proof that you never know your neighbors as well as your coffee. Good writing, sexy and humorous story perfect for April Fools Day.

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