Bad Sister


Linda spent the afternoon in the narrow winding lanes of Raval, Barcelona's red light district. Returning to the hotel--it actually had the look of an old private residence--she carried several designer bags filled with toys. And she had a tremendous fire in her loins, a fire she blamed on her ex-lover. Leaving her goodies on her bed in her room, Linda slipped down the hall to the suite where Brad and Nina stayed.

It was after 7:00 in the evening and she knew from what they had said downstairs that Señor Adams could be found in his room. Knocking gently, she waited. No answer came and she knocked harder. Again, no one came to the door. Putting an ear to the door, she heard the steady sound of someone snoring. "Bastard," she muttered angrily. Brad Adams was the soundest sleeper she knew. Trying the door, she found it locked.

In a rage, she headed back downstairs, her short red skirt swishing against her hips. In less than twenty minutes, Linda stood back outside Brad's room, the taste of the Spanish clerk's cum in her mouth. After a demonstration of her ability to deep throat his inadequate cock, inadequate in comparison to Brad's throbbing muscle, the clerk had happily gave her Mr. Adam's key. In addition to the key, she carried one bag of toy's from her Spanish red light run.

The big man lay sprawled across the bed. His pants were flung aside. She noticed that he hadn't bothered to wear shorts underneath them. It looked like he had showered and fallen into the bed. Too many late nights fucking Nina, she thought bitterly. And as she stared at his erect cock, a familiar tickle of desire began to grow deep within her. Damn, she thought. The man even sleeps with a hard on. Taking out several sets of soft cuff shackles, she gently locked each wrist to a bed post. A strong man, no doubt with work he might free himself. But for the moment, she thought, as she next locked his legs to the posts, this deep sleeping motherfucker is mine. Carefully, using a delicate multi-hued Spanish silk scarf, she blindfolded her man.

Slipping out of her minuscule skirt and pulling off her matching top, she slipped off her thong. It carried an exotic blend of perfume and her own natural scent. She then climbed on top of him and began to lick his nipples. When he opened his mouth and began to shout, she casually stuffed the thong into his mouth, allowing it to act as an informal gag.

"Hush," she whispered into his ear, "you're mine right now baby doll. And momma thinks you're going to be a little late for dinner." Brad erupted in a powerful explosion of futile, masculine muscle as he suddenly awoke. The bed's brass frame rattled, but the shackles held and Linda casually raked her nails across his chest leaving broken lines of scarlet, a scarlet that matched the blood-red polish of her nails.

As Brad spat out the thong, Linda slapped him hard across the face and settled herself firmly on his swollen cock, guiding him into her body. She felt engorged with power, overflowing with sexual heat as he slid firmly inside her, stretching her like only Brad could do. "Go ahead and scream, let Nina find me mounted on her new husband, you faithless motherfucker," she spat out.

"You fucking pig," Brad said. Linda just smiled and began to ride him up and down, casually running her hands across his warm, beautiful body, as she did so, digging her nails in every now and then to draw blood. Her cheeks felt flushed, her pussy a voracious out of control fire. It was like mounting a defenseless doll with a living lance, her sex so open, so wet.

She leaned over and covered his mouth with her. Her lips hungering for Brad's touch. He fiercely bit her lip drawing his own blood, but then began to return the kiss. His body strained against his bonds as if he wanted to kill her, hug her, possess her. She inhaled his tongue, trying to swallow him whole, sucking down his spit.

At the same time, his cock pulsed and exploded. Crazed with lust, Linda moaned out her own orgasm, squeezing down on his cock, crying out an angry pleasure. Lifting herself from the now semi-erect cock, she reached down to her now sopping pussy and dampened her palm with Brad's semen and her juices. Running her hand across his face, she left his beautiful visage coated in the sticky excesses of their sex. She then kissed his forehead and said, "My sister can have you now."

Before she left, she wrote in lipstick across his chest, "Linda's fuck toy, you cock stealing bitch."

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