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Being Social With The Neighbors


While having coffee one afternoon with my neighbor I was taken quite by surprise when she asked me a question. "Just what size are your tits?"

I gulped and answered her, "I'm a 34C. Why?"

"Oh I was just curious, they're very nice."

"Um, thanks," I replied.

She then asked another question, "So what's the state of affairs down below?" "What?" I said. "You know, well everyone knows you dye your hair red, so what colour are you down there?"

"Why on earth do you want to know?" I asked.

"My boyfriend Steve was curious. And now I am too."

I decided to tell her "Ok. blonde. But there's not a lot there, I shave most of it."

"I see," she said "you leave the landing strip."

This was the start of the conversation that ended up with me sitting on my friend Jeannie's bed in pink panties with a pink ribbon around my chest tied in a bow in front of my tits. It was Steve's birthday and Jeannie was waiting downstairs for him to come home. My hubby had been called out of town on business and I was feeling adventurous when I agreed to be Steve's present. Now I was starting to wonder what I was doing there.

Hearing a door downstairs I realized now was really too late for questions. I listened as footsteps came up the stairs and Jeannie appeared in the doorway followed by a bewildered looking Steve. Jeannie led him by the hand to the bed and he sat down next to me with Jeannie sitting on the other side of him. "Aren't you going to kiss Holly, Steve" Jeannie said.

Steve obliged and gave me a deep, long kiss. His hands moved to the pink ribbon and he undid the bow. His hands began to rub my breasts and I reached my hand onto his lap and stroked his dick through his pants.

I opened my eyes and saw Jeannie watching us attentively. She reached down and undid his pants. His erection popped out and I stroked it slowly. Steve moved a hand to my panties and I spread my legs slightly to allow him full access as he rubbed my pussy through them. Jeannie had positioned herself on her knees in front of Steve and I guided his dick to her mouth and she began to suck fervently. After a few moments she asked if I was going to join her and so I did.

Kneeling beside her, I watched her lick Steve's dick and moved my tongue to help. We took turns sucking and licking as Steve groaned with enjoyment. Jeannie took Steve's dick in her mouth and began to bob while I licked and sucked his balls.

Steve suggested that I lie down and when I did Jeannie sat next to me. Steve peeled off my panties and Jeannie squealed "Oh, it's just like you said!" I smiled at her and Steve quickly got to business licking and sucking. Jeannie watched him work for a while and then told him that she wanted to try. Steve moved out of the way and she took his place. I laid back enjoying myself while they took turns bringing me to a rather blissfull orgasm.

Steve rolled me on my side and laid behind me. He pulled my leg up over him and moved the head of his dick to my pussy. Jeannie sat in front of us watching as he began to pump his dick further and further into me with each stroke. I gripped him inside me and we began to screw faster. I opened my eyes and saw Jeannie again paying close attention, her eyes transfixed on Steve's dick sliding in and out of me.

After a few minutes Steve pulled out of me and rolled me on my back again. He told Jeannie to climb on top of me and she did. He positioned himself between our legs and rubbed the head of his dick first against my pussy and then up to Jeannie's and then back down. He slid his dick into me first and I just about went into sensory overload with his fucking and Jeannie's stroking and gentle kisses on my face. I felt another orgasm coming and Jeannie could tell. She instructed Steve to fuck me harder and he obliged. He pulled out of me once I had finished grunting and groaning and instantly slid his slick dick into Jeannie.

I looked up at Jeannie as her lover pumped into her. Her eyes were closed and she had a blisfull expression on her face. I could hear the slapping noise of their exchange and could feel Steve's balls slapping against my pussy.

Steve indicated he couldn't hold off for much longer and he got off the bed and stood while we kneeled in front of him. Jeannie and I rubbed our tits together as he pumped himself to orgasm. He shot off on our tits and fell back on the bed. Jeannie and I licked his cum off of each other and I realized that it was time for me to go. I kissed Jeannie goodbye and got up and gave Steve a kiss goodbye. Jeannie was licking Steve clean as I left.

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