tagNonHumanBig, Honkin' Slugs: Part 02

Big, Honkin' Slugs: Part 02


(Inspired by Encounter In The Glade and The Perils of Nude Sunbathing

By Little White Mouse)

Stella slept quietly by the pool, lulled by the soft 'hussshhh!' of the falling water. The moss covered rock was a velvet bed; her light doze became a deeper sleep. She didn't notice the two dark globes protruding from the pool.

They looked like small rubber balls children threw against schoolyard walls. The globes were fixed to greenish stalks; slowly, like a scene out of Looney Tunes, the stalks moved to the pool's edge. The stalks were attached to one of the island's denizens.

It slithered out of the pool with a slow, menacing patience. A slug; a very big slug; a man-sized six footer. The creature's eyes were directed towards the supine beauty before it.

She slept, unnoticing; arms crossed beneath her head; golden mane spread out in a fan; legs slightly raised and open; pale, pink vulva topped with a golden crown, exposed.

The slug slithered soundlessly towards the sleeping beauty. It left a trail of slime over the moss covered rocks. It is a slug's nature to be patient; slug senses, honed by eons of evolution, told it the prey would not wake.

The creature glistened with slime. Its top half was colored a golden yellow; its underbelly was a pale lime green. It shone with a glassy translucence; a living ceramic sculpture which flowed between Stella's long legs.

The slug's touch was soft; the sleeping Stella returned to a lighter doze. She attributed the slimy cool presence to spray from the falls. She stirred, moved her legs, slowly becoming aware of a curious weight upon her body.

Stella heard a strange gurgle; "?" she thought. Stella opened her eyes; seconds later, the paradisiacal quiet of the pool was shattered by her high pitched screams.

Stella bucked and squirmed, frantically trying to escape. The slug's weight, while not crushing, restricted her movements. The creature's slime-slick skin frustrated her efforts to push it off; she was rewarded with slimed hands for her trouble. The creature clung to her body with gluish tenacity.

"Get off me! Shoo! Go away!" Stella cried. The only response from the creature was a soft gurgle. Stella continued to struggle. "Maybe I can wriggle out from under this thing." Her startled terror had faded. She'd seen slugs before, obviously not one this big; most slugs weren't carnivorous, those that were ate other slugs. "So why is this thing on top of me?" she asked (the answer, unbeknownst to Stella, was a mutagenically enhanced sex drive. The slug was at the peak of its mating cycle; anything remotely female was porkable.).

She grunted and strained, trying desperately to wriggle away. In her struggles, Stella's body ground against the creature's skin. She was especially aware that her pussy slid against the slug's slimy underside. The result was a stunning response: "!! I can't be getting wet from this, can I?!"

Stella, no stranger to sex, had squirmed under more than a few bodies (often involuntarily, pending the orgasm); but squirming beneath a giant slug was a new experience; men (except for professional swimmers) tended to be rough and hairy (some even chaffed). The slug's underbelly was smooth and slick; Stella's vulva slid along its glassy surface.

The slug slimed her skin and slurped at her mounds. Stella wasn't repulsed; she'd handled slugs in her youth. She let them crawl up her arm or across her belly. This slug crawl was merely on a larger scale. The only startling difference was her arousal. Stella's response piqued her curiosity.

The slug slurped away, rubbing its glassy body against her soft skin. Her sex lubed up; soft, wet heat grew between her thighs. Stella found it increasingly difficult to think: "Ok...ughn!...This thing's only a slug...mmm!...I'll just..uhh!...I'll just lie back 'God, this is making me hot!' and let it crawl...ooo!...crawl over me."

Stella thought the slug was crawling from one spot to another. She just happened to be in the way. The sexual arousal was a pleasant (albeit disturbing) by product. "I really have to see someone about this when I get home," she thought. The excitement of discovering a new species would be examined later. So Stella was a bit surprised when the creature opened its slit-like mouth to extract its tongue.

It was a long, slime covered ribbon, studded with obsidian colored teeth ("Oh no," Stella thought, wondering if she should rethink the danger, "Maybe it eats other animals 'gulp!'.").

The creature slathered its tongue across her ample globes. "Ooooh!" Stella ululated, "I'm being tongued!" Her sensitive breasts sent pleasure waves throughout her body. Stella's perfectly round pink titties went conical; the nipples became pinpricks of pleasure. "I...ummm!...I...ugh!...don't think...erm!...this slug...oooh...is crawling...uff!..away." Stella gasped. (Actually the slug was more interested in the moisture on her skin 'not that she would have minded'.)

Stella's wriggles resumed on a more cooperative status. Her squirms intensified when the creature wrapped its tongue around her right breast, opened its slime covered mouth, and began to slurp and suck.

"Oh no!...Oh God!...Oh!" Stella cried. She ground her body further into the slug's mucousity. Her hands stroked the creature's golden mantle, in contrast to her early attempts at repulsion.

It was a new experience for Stella; a new sensation with a different kind of lover; soft, slick, and cool. The slug shined like porcelain; a shine that spread to Stella's slime and sweat covered body. The two lovers were slick and wet; entwined in soft, moist harmony. Stella's moans and the slug's gurgles were music in the watery paradise.

Unbeknownst to Stella, the creature revealed a new feature in its underbelly. A thick, pink, mucus covered penile extension slowly snaked its way towards Stella's open, wet pussy.

Stella couldn't see, but she felt the slug schlong penetrate her flower. "Oh!...Oh!..." were the only sounds that issued from her mouth. As the creature proceeded to penetrate her body with slow steady strokes, Stella's thoughts flashed, briefly, on her friend, "What's happened to Moira?"

To Be Continued

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