tagNonHumanBig, Honkin' Slugs: Part 03

Big, Honkin' Slugs: Part 03


(Inspired by Encounter In The Glade and The Perils of Nude Sunbathing

By Little White Mouse)


Moira wasn't thinking of Stella. She was too distracted by the tentacled terror's frenzied porking. Her squeals matched the sexual pumping in orgiastic rhythm; from mouth to ass, cervix to vulva, slime covered dildos slid in and out, stimulating Moira in ways she never thought possible. Her hands clenched and unclenched the sides of the "throne". Her entire torso: gulping throat, heaving breasts, roiling belly, and rippling pelvis, gyrated erotically across the stone.

The snaky whips held her legs wide open. Moira orgasmed, pumping her pussy juice across the segments penetrating her intimacy; slime and cum soaked the stone beneath her body. Torrents of slimy mucus smeared her skin. Moira joined Stella in gleaming glass slickness.

Her thoughts surfaced above a haze of fear and sex. Her first thought was, "Whatsit!", a childhood reference invented by the two girls. "I'm being fucked by a 'Whatsit'! Stella! Where's Stella?! She has to see this!" Moira thought. She would giggle hysterically if her mouth weren't full of tentacle; the closest she came (after cumming) was an extra ripple in her belly.

Moira's past included more than her share of sexual partners. She was well acquainted with Richard and his many uses. These "dicks" however, delved deeper and further than anything human....further and beyond. "It's a whole new meaning to the term 'sword swallowing'," thought the redhead, as her tongue worked around the throbbing mucus covered schlong, "It's the ultimate blowjob."

The tilted position of Moira's head obscured the view of her nethers. She wasn't unaware of the activity below. Moira was wet and getting wetter by the moment.

Cum soaked her inner thighs and muff. Orgasms, shockingly intense, overlapped across her body. The tentacle prison restrained her body's reactions. She managed a series of high pitched squeals that neared ultra-sonic frequency. The orgasms blurred into a continuous climax, marginally offset by the pain from the anus tentacle.

While tentacles molested her mouth and pleasured her pussy, Moira received an ass-reaming the likes of which she'd never before experienced. The rust red rod thrust deep, penetrating almost to the lower intestine, before withdrawing; after a pause, it repeated the sequence, ramming itself into her bunghole. Moira's green eyes reflected the pain/pleasure duel: brimming with tears while rolling in ecstasy.

Moira quivered, trembled, and convulsed as she was fucked into boneless exhaustion. The tentacles paused in their pumping, still inside her. She sat like a slug, dripping with cum, slime, and sweat. Moira barely noticed when the randy ropes lifted her off the "throne".

The patch of rocks and bushes where the tentacles' originated, flipped back to reveal itself as a camouflaged "trapdoor". The tentacle in Moira's mouth withdrew, allowing her head to tilt forward. She saw the horror before her eyes; her mouth stayed open in awed shock. "This is what was fucking me?!!" she gasped.

The creature looked as much like a slug as a cat to a lion. It was rusty red with brown shit-colored blotches. The tentacles imprisoning Moira protruded from the creature's head. She counted four more undulating around and below the monster; two tentacles were different, "They look like dicks."

The tentacles drew her body closer to the monster slug. Moira hung limply in their grip, too exhausted to struggle. The monster opened its enormous mouth and extracted a long, mucus covered tongue. "I'm fucked," Moira thought, expecting to be swallowed at any moment.

The creature licked her body, slathering slime until she literally dripped with mucus. It expelled a loud burble, almost a roar, before drawing Moira further into its lair. "I'm really fucked," she uttered.

Moira couldn't know the monster had no intention of eating her (it was a slug; slugs don't eat people). The earlier "fucking" was actually a probe, to see if she was suitable for the creature's purpose. The trapdoor began to close; one of the new tentacles hovered before her face. The tentacle in her pussy stirred her clit, making Moira gasp in orgasm. When her mouth opened, the 'dick'-tacle forced its way in. Her mouth flooded with a strange, salty fluid. Once again Moira was forced to swallow.

The trapdoor closed, plunging Moira into darkness with the monster. "Ooooh, Stella. Where are you?" she despaired. There was no sound in the dark, other than burbles, slurps, and very loud gulps.

To Be Continued...

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