Blackmailed into Black Submission


"Get used to this," she moaned, "your face was made for fucking."

It was the most absurd statement, yet somehow I found it flattering.

"Suck my clit, cunt-licker," she demanded.

I struggled to find her clit as she continued rubbing her pussy on my face, but once I found it, I sucked it between my lips and held on.

It seemed to do the trick as a few seconds later, she screamed, as she grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me hard into her, "I'm comiiiiing, you fucking white cunt-licking slaaaave."

A flush of wetness covered my face as I desperately tried to both catch her cum all the while trying to breath in this confined space.

Thankfully, she let go and demanded, "Get licking lez."

Her cum was leaking out of her pussy and I eagerly lapped it up.

"Gooooood puppy," she moaned, as her body continued to spasm.

I licked and licked for another minute before she pushed my head away. "Shit, you are a keeper."

I looked up from my submissive position and wondered what now.

"Does puppy-lez want to cum?" She asked.

"Woof," I barked, without thinking.

She laughed standing up, "Hmmmm. What to use?"

I watched her walk over to my dresser before grabbing my hairbrush. "Lay on your back and take off your pants and panties, slut."

I obeyed, struggling to get them off in my awkward position.

"Holy shit, have you ever shaved that thing?" She said, her face seemingly horrified by my hairy bush.

"No, Mistress," I admitted.

"Well, that will have to change," she said as she tossed me the hairbrush.

"Go ahead slave, come for your Mistress," she ordered, turning her camera back on.

My pussy so needy, I grabbed the brush, ignoring the camera, I slid the handle easily into my pussy. "Aaaaah," I moaned the instant I filled myself with the wood handle.

"What do you want to be?" She asked.

"A slaaaaave," I moaned, wanting nothing more than to obey her orders.

"A white slave?" She questioned.

"Yes, Mistreeeeess, a white slave ready to please her black Mistress and Master," I whimpered, my orgasm already on the rise.

"What would your daddy say?" She asked.

"Fuck daddy, I'm yoooours," I replied, furiously pumping the makeshift cock in and out of me.

Kneeling down beside me, she slapped my clit hard as she said, "Slut."

I screamed, the pain and pleasure causing a new erotic sensation.

"Slave," she said, again slapping my hard clit.

"Oh God," I whimpered, my orgasm imminent.

"Cunt-licking, Cocksucking, white slut slave," she splattered me with assaults of humiliating terms, each word coming with a slap on my clit until I screamed an orgasm on the word 'slave'.

"Shiiiiiiiiit," I screamed, as the most intense orgasm of my life cascaded through me like a never-ending earthquake. I felt tremors from my head all the way to my toes as my cum leaked out of me like a broken faucet. I had no idea an orgasm could bring such pleasure.

"Fuck you are one nasty little submissive slut," she said, as she stood up.

Absurdly, I replied weakly, "Thank you."

"For what?" She asked, sitting on the edge of my bed, as she put her socks back on.

"T-t-that was the best orgasm I've ever had," I admitted, before adding, "and still having."

"Fuck slut, if that got you off wait until I bring you to an overnighter with the girls," she promised.

"Can't this just be between you and I," I asked, the thought of others being involved suddenly scaring me as I calmed down from my sexual euphoria.

"You are dumb and funny," she laughed as she put on her shoes.

Oddly being called dumb offended me more than the litany of verbal abuses she through at me earlier. "I am not dumb," I replied.

"You let me tape you licking my cunt and fucking yourself, I would say you are the dumbest smart girl ever," she countered, standing up.

She typed into her phone and handed it to me. "Type in your cell number."

I sat up, and screeched as I accidentally pushed the brush that was still in my cunt deeper in me with the bristles.

"And you say you are not a dumb fucking white bimbo," she shook her head.

Embarrassed and in pain, I looked at her phone. The username was dumbblondeslave. Shame burned through me as I typed my number in, purposely changing the last number by one. Suddenly thinking straight, I just wanted her out of my room.

I handed her back the phone and she said, "I'll be in touch."

She grabbed her cheerleader's outfit and walked out of the room, leaving the door wide open. I scurried to the door and slammed it shut before anyone saw me.

Rattled, I moved to my bed, curled up into a fetal position, and cried myself to sleep.

4. The one where I am forced to wear a vibrating egg and am humiliated in class.

The next morning, as I replayed the second straight bizarre day it occurred to me I had no idea what the name was of the girl who had dominated me.

Tears streamed down my face as I realized the full extent of my predicament and how easily I willingly obeyed her orders. It was like I was a completely different person, one that couldn't control herself.

I went and had a long shower to again try to wash away my sin and guilt and yet it didn't help at all. I considered skipping classes for the day, but I had a literature test today. I had just finished getting dressed when my phone buzzed.

Slave Jessica
Wear a skirt today.

I noticed the shift from Pet Jessica to Slave Jessica and got frustrated at the slight chill it sent directly to my pussy. It was absurd, but the idea of being a slave to this blackmailing stranger with the big black cock turned me on regardless of logic.

I pulled off my jeans I had just finished putting on and looked for a skirt, not something I wore often and never to class. I grabbed a fun flower skirt I had worn only once, during the summer, and put on beige pantyhose to go with it, never feeling comfortable in a skirt or dress without pantyhose.

I was headed past Allister Hall on my way to Literature class when another text came.

Slave Jessica
There is a new package for you in Allister Hall. Locker 721 and combination 23-33-06. Go get it NOW and follow the instructions.
Any sort of disobedience will lead to severe punishment.

My face went pale at the threat and I turned right into the building. I went to the locker, again stopping to look around for witnesses, before quickly opening the locker.

Inside was a small egg shaped thing and a letter.

I grabbed the letter and opened it.

Slave Jessica
Put the egg in that white cunt of yours. Leave it in until someone comes to retrieve it.

I was again aghast. I quickly grabbed the egg, closed the locker and went to the bathroom. Sitting in a stall I considered my options;
1. Obey.
2. Try to bargain.
3. Disobey.

I knew from his firm expectations already that option 2 was out. I seriously considered disobeying as I looked at the odd shaped toy. Yet, the thought of those pictures, or those video if he was working with that cheerleader being posted to the internet was too risky. I instantly wished I would have given the right number to her as I worried about the repercussions of lying to her.

Realizing I had to obey, I pulled down my pantyhose and panties and slowly slid the toy in my surprisingly wet pussy. Why did obeying get me turned on? It was a question I had no good answer to which only added to my growing frustration. The toy felt cold inside me and awkward. I practiced walking in the bathroom with the strange, seemingly purposeless, contraption inside me.

Realizing I was going to be late, I headed to class, the egg an annoyance but not overly awkward to walk with as I thought it would be. I got to class and took my lit test, completely forgetting about the egg inside me.

Finishing the test late, I hurried to my psychology class arriving a couple minutes into the professor's lecture. The only open seats were in the front row where I went to sit and got a disapproving look from the professor.

It was a good half an hour into her lecture when I let out a yelp as my pussy began buzzing. This prompted a second disapproving look from my professor. I waited for the professor to return to her lecture as I closed my legs tight so the light sound of the buzzing would not be heard by the people nearby or behind. Thankfully, being in the front row, there was no one directly beside me on either side. The buzzing, although very low, was a constant distraction. I desperately wanted to leave the class, but I did not want to disrupt the professor's lecture again. I wanted to look behind me and try to find my blackmailer in the class, assuming he was here to have turned on the strange contraption buzzing inside me. I tried to focus on the lecture, but it was impossible as my pussy continued to get wetter. I just stared at the professor no longer listening to her words, but just concentrating on not getting hornier from the slow buzzing inside me.

The professor finished with, "On your way out grab your latest assignment. It is a social experiment. The experiment you decide to do is up to you, but you need to have a hypothesis in advance. Have fun with this as you can really analysis human nature if you pick the right experiment. See you tomorrow."

As soon as she was done, the buzzing inside accelerated in intensity and I clenched my teeth shut to prevent a moan from escaping.

The professor walked over to me and asked, "Are you alright?"

I stammered, "Y-y-y-yes, Professor Allen, I am just not feeling myself today."

"Well get some rest my dear," she said, before walking away and out of the classroom.

Looking behind me, I realized the room was empty and I just closed my eyes and allowed the growing sensations of pleasure to take over. It literally took seconds, ten maybe fifteen, before I felt the gush of cum and the orgasmic quivering overtake my body. I had to bite my lip to keep from letting the scream of pleasure escape my mouth. My orgasm still quaking through me, I opened my eyes realizing what I just had public...and petrified, that someone would realize that I had just came. Thankfully, no one was in the room as I stood up and began walking out of the auditorium. The buzzing was still strong, causing tingling aftershocks throughout me, and my soaking wet panties made walking feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Once out in the hallway, the egg instantly shut off. Again I looked around for the assailant to my sexual torture. Yet, students were everywhere heading to classes and many black men walked by, none giving me any sort of indication they were my blackmailer.

Frustrated, I decided to go back to my room, my soiled panties definitely needing replacing. I was walking for a minute or two before my phone vibrated, I had put it on vibrate before my lit test.

Slave Jessica,
Did you enjoy your orgasm?
You must have one in each class today.
I was generous and didn't turn the egg on during your literature class.
Have fun...

I sighed. Obviously he was watching me or had spies involved in this growingly elaborate blackmail.

Frustrated, I texted him back.

What do you want from me? I have lots of money. Please this has to stop.

As soon as I sent it I began to fret. I expected a quick response, but was surprised when none came. Looking at the clock, I decided fuck-it and went to History class, hoping he was considering my offer.

History class was nearing completion when the buzzing began again, full throttle. Although I had been anticipating it all class, it still surprised me when it began so suddenly. I had again made sure to sit alone, in the far left front corner, making my predicament pretty much invisible to the class.

My phone vibrated, over and over, an onslaught of messages coming one right after another. Nervous to be caught looking at my phone while the professor droned on about America's Civil War, I slyly looked at my messages.

Slave Jessica

You are my slave. A mindless white bimbo to be used as I see fit.


Maybe I should send out these pictures to your white ass daddy, is that what you want COCKSUCKER? MY COCKSUCKER.

What do I want from you?









My face went pale at the litany of threats and expectations thrown at me. Fearing his threats, I realized I must not upset him again. The buzzing in my cunt also had me shifting from my earlier thoughts of defiance to thoughts of compliance. I quickly texted back, trying to look inconspicuous even as my hands trembled.

I am sorry. It won't happen again.
Your slave Jessica

Typing the words somehow turned me on as I could feel my cunt getting wetter as I imagined his big cock fucking me.

Slave Jessica
Come for me Professor Adams discusses Lincoln.

Was he in the room? Was he watching me at this very minute? Such a clear order: that he was in charge and I was to obey somehow had me even wetter and suddenly my need to obey this dominant stranger over took me.

I closed my legs tight, moving my hand underneath my note pad to hide what my hand was about to do. I looked up one last time to see if Professor Adams was remotely looking my way before I moved my hand over my skirt and rubbed my clit. A part of me wanted to pull up the skirt and just rub myself to orgasm, but thankfully a part of me still knew better.

The thought that my blackmailer was watching, knew what I was doing somehow made the voyeuristic slut act more enthralling and I knew I was going to come soon. I continued to awkwardly rub myself over my skirt which made the climatic bliss take longer, but it was the safest way. Finally a couple of minutes after I started pleasuring myself, my orgasm hit, although thankfully it was a lot less intense than the first one. Again, I had to focus to hold in every sound trying to escape me as I stretched out my legs and quivered in pleasure while the class remained oblivious to me.

My phone vibrated again while simultaneously the toy inside me stopped.

I looked up at Professor Adams who was looking at me this time but thankfully he turned away just as quickly as he wrapped up his lecture.

I ignored the phone, even when it buzzed one more time, until class was dismissed.

I check my messages.

Slut Jessica,
Good girl.

I looked behind me, but only saw a swarm of students heading out. A few black men were in the crowd, but all were turned away from me.

I returned to my phone and checked my second message. Oddly, I felt disappointed when I saw it was from Ethan.

At Weatherbees?

I quickly typed back sure hoping I would be left alone for the hour, going off campus. I was still mad at him for nagging compulsively to get a blow job in the library, yet I could have said no. I considered telling him my problem, but I really couldn't see how he could help and thought it best to keep it as down low as possible.

We had lunch, he made me laugh (his greatest strength) and I agreed we would fit a movie on the weekend.

I got to my next class just in time. Being Wednesday, I only had one afternoon class and it was a smaller fifteen student tutorial class. We all sat around one big desk and discussed philosophy. Confident my blackmailer was not in class, I relaxed able to concentrate on a class for the first time today. The conversation, like it usually did, got rather heated and I, as usual, listened only giving my opinion when asked. As if living in my own version of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day, the vibrations began during the last half of class. The order that I must come in each class playing in my head, I moved my hand under the table, lifted up my skirt and began rubbing my clit as the constant pulsations buzzed inside me. My orgasm was seconds away when I was interrupted.

"What do you think, Jessica?" Professor Wells asked.

I had tuned out a couple of minutes earlier as the buzzing continued inside me. I stopped rubbing my clit and stammered, "I-I-I don't know."

"Are you OK, Jessica, your face is very flushed," he asked.

"F-f-fine," I struggled to get out without moaning, the egg inside keeping me near the brink of orgasm.

The Professor asked another student and I put my hand back on my clit and closed my legs tightly together. The extra enhanced pressure and rubbing was all it took and my orgasm hit me. "Oooooh God," I whimpered, unable to hold in my pleasure.

Everyone looked at me as I quickly pulled my skirt down and stood up holding my stomach. "Sorry Professor Wells, but I am suddenly not feeling well at all." I quickly scurried out of there praying they thought my odd behaviour was based on the flu or some other sickness. As soon as I was in the hallway the buzzing stopped and I called out, frustrated, "Where are you?"

A couple students looked at me strangely but no one revealed themselves as the man behind the remote control. Frustrated, I went straight back to my room and closed my door.

Three hours later, I received another text from Blackmaster.

Slave Jessica,
If you want the egg out of your slut box go to Allister Hall and wait for someone to come and retrieve it.

I sighed, but desperate to get the thing out of me so I could focus clearly I quickly headed to Allister Hall. I waited ten minutes with the odd person walking by me, every person a potential accomplice in my blackmailer's scheme. A few times I assumed the person walking towards me was the one, yet they would walk by oblivious to my plight. So, I was quite surprised when it was Professor Allen who walked up to me.

"I see he has something on you too," Professor Allen opened with.

"You too?" I gasped, unable to fathom how my very prim and proper professor could possibly be tangled in this web of sin.

"Yes," she nodded, not seemingly humiliated by it like I was.

"Who is he?" I asked, thinking I finally had an ally.

"You will find out soon enough I imagine," Professor answered, cryptically. "He likes to play games."

"But how did he get yooooooou?" I asked, just as the buzzing returned.

"It is a long story, but long story short I was rather wild in my college days and he somehow found pictures of me in rather compromising situations," she admitted.

"And you didn't fight back?" I asked.

"Are you?" She countered, the first hint of annoyance at our conversation, annoyance of me and not our helpless situation.

"Sorry, Professor," I said, "I didn't mean to insult you."

"It's ok," she shrugged, "Apparently I am here to retrieve something from you."

"A vibrating egg," I whimpered, the buzzing now on full speed.

"And it's in you now, I assume," she said.

"Yes, Professor," I nodded.

"Well, lets go back to my office where it is more discreet," she suggested.

"Okkkk," I moaned, and followed her walking awkwardly as the high speed buzzing was making it hard to walk.

We didn't talk during our long walk to the opposite end of campus. She replied to a text during the walk which I wondered if it was from him. Once in her office, she said, "So how did you end up in this predicament."

"Can we get the egg out fiiiiirst please," I asked, an orgasm beginning to build inside me.

"Sorry, Master insisted you must come first," she said.

Hearing my white Professor call someone Master only made my strange week stranger. I stammered, "M-m-master?"

"Yes, he owns me like I am sure he plans to own you," she said, as if it was a foregone conclusion.

"Can you help me?" I asked.

"Sure," she said, as she ordered, "Lift up your skirt."

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