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Borderline Ch. 05


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I decided early on that I would let him control the pace if we ever got this far and I was happy that I'd made that decision. His lips met mine softly at first, then with increasing pressure until my mouth opened and his tongue crept inside. I'd had plenty of kisses before but none ever electrified me quite like this. His exploration was slow and lazy, unlike before when he was nervous. Now I knew it meant when one of the heroines in Sharon's romance novels was described as having been 'thoroughly kissed'.

He lifted his head for just a moment, met my eyes then bent to kiss me again, gathering me in his arms and cradling me gently. I moaned, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him closer to me. When we parted, we were both breathless again but where there was fear before, there was only certainty and that look of confidence sent serious chills down my spine. I opened my mouth to his, whimpering at the feel of his tongue sliding along mine and forcing its way into me.

His lips left mine, moving over my quivering chin and along the rough skin of my throat, pausing to nibble and leave his mark, then continued down to my nipples. I had never realized that my nipples were so sensitive until his tongue flicked out and his teeth rubbed against the edges. I nearly came right then, arching my back as tingles spread through my body. His hands held me close, his lips and teeth plundering my nipple until I was gasping, begging him to stop. He lifted his head, smiled and bent again, targeting the opposite nipple and leaving me in such a state of bliss that I could hardly move.

Chris grinned, heady with the knowledge that I was under this spell and let his tongue trace the map of my ribcage, moving down to my happy trail. Each flick moved his mouth closer to my cock and I shook with anticipation, acting as if he hadn't already blown me earlier. But it wasn't curiosity this time. It was exploration and I laid back and trembled as his mouth wandered over my midsection, again laying claim to my dribbling cock and lovingly laving my balls with his inquisitive tongue.

My entire body quaked with his attentions and I held my breath, waiting for something that he decided to deny me. I wouldn't feel the warm, wet interior of his mouth. Chris was way past that. He straddled me, laying his rock-hard cock against my lips, his eyes beckoning. I decided on a little teasing of my own and only let the tip of my tongue rub the end of the head. His moan of pleasure sent a thrill through my veins and I tried not to smile as I licked again and again.

I wanted him to really want this; not to just prove that he was gay or that he was attracted to men but that he wanted this. That he wanted to have sex with me. I wanted to use the words, make love, but I held back, pushing our years of friendship aside and looking upon him simply as a trick. It was probably the hardest thing that I'd ever had to do but I convinced myself that it was necessary. I had to find out where he was coming from, whether there was a chance that this was going to progress past the wham-bam-thank-you-Stan stage.

I held my head up and sucked on the spongy tip, then sighed as his hands slid into my hair, providing support as I painted his cock's thick head with my tongue. Gradually, he released my head and I let my neck relax, sighing when his prick followed me. I raised my hands and clasped his ass cheeks, helping him sink his meat into my throat. His motion was gentle, easy and rhythmic and I loved the look of wanton release on his face. I opened my mouth, swallowing his length and expecting his cum when he pulled out, moving to the side and wrapping a meaty paw around his cock.

"Got a rubber for me?"

I leaned over, fished a strip of six from my pocket and tossed them to Chris, along with a small bottle of lube. "Here. Will this do?"

My mouth watered as I watched him stretch a condom over his 'fireplug'. My entire body tingled with the idea of taking him inside me and I let him turn me onto my stomach, shivering at the chilly assault of lube on my asshole. "That will do just fine."

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