tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 19

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 19


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

* * * * *

Virginia was brought blindfolded to the Dungeon by Mistress Calista's live in slave girl's, Ella and Beth. They pulled Ginny into the Dungeon by her hard erect nipples. The virgin submissive was placed face up on a special bench device. It had a wooden H frame with a pair of soft leather restraints on each post of the H. The horizontal bar of the H was padded and molded and fitted for the head, shoulders and neck of anyone lying on the bench. Virginia's head was supported and slightly tilted downward. The virgin slave girl trembled and tried desperately to see what was happening, but the blindfold prevented all vision. She felt her wrists being placed in the soft leather restraints and made fast. Pulling at her restraints assured her that she was securely bound and escape impossible.

She felt hands grabbing her legs, spreading them apart and bringing them over her head to be secured to the same posts as her wrists. Ginny shuddered, as she realized that she was helpless, naked, exposed and vulnerable to her Mistress's whims and perversions. She moaned and murmured a soft gasp as she felt tongues circling along her areolas, but avoiding her hardening nipples. Fingers lightly touched and trailed along her lovely body, rubbing her navel, breasts, mons and asscheeks while she moaned with pleasure. The tongues swirled and flicked upon her hard stiff nipples and she gasped as she felt a twitch in her clit each time the tongues touched her nipples.

Someone was gently tugging at her cuntlips as the tongues on her nipples caused her pussy juices to begin flowing. Her breathing was measured with lust and increasing arousal while her body was pleasured and toyed with. Ginny felt her blindfold come untied and she looked up to see her Mistress's smooth cunt towering above her face, wet with arousal. Calista's nectar dripped onto Ginny's face as she could see her Mistress towering above her. Ginny lifted her head trying to reach Calista's pussy with her tongue, but her Mistress denied her. The virgin slave girl felt a warm thick presence against her exposed rosebud and looked down to see Eric holding his cockhead to her asshole. She quickly looked to her Mistress as if pleading for him to stop.

"Fear not, sweet little virgin," Calista told her, "he will not penetrate you," she grinned, "just trying it out as a neat place to place his cockhead, somwday," Calista teased her. Ginny's body was writhing to the rhythm of Ella and Beth's tongues swirling over her nipples. Her pussy became saturated with her juices while the tongues worked their magic on her nipples and tits. Eric knelt at her lovely ass and began to kiss and lick her magnificent asscheeks, thus increasing her pleasure. Ginny looked up again to see Calista's pussy slowly lowering to her mouth. Eagerly, she extended her mouth to lick the wet cuntlips, part them with her tongue and plunge it deep inside the warm pink inner folds. "Ummmmm," Calista moaned as the slave girl's tongue danced inside her pussy. The Domina held Ginny's calves as the young virgin slave girl's tongue quickly brought Calista to orgasm. Calista endured the 'tormenting' tongue her clit for several minutes before stepping back to recover.

She nodded to Eric and the blond Adonis stepped up to Ginny's spread asscheeks, letting his cockhead rub on her wet cuntlips. Ginny moaned in pleasure and anticipation, wondering if Calista was going to have Eric deflower her. She looked up at her Mistress with pleading eyes as Calista nodded to Eric to proceed. Gently, Eric spread Ginny's cuntlips and laid his cockshaft into the length of her pussy. The sensitive spot on the underside of his cockhead lay touching her wet and engorged clitoris. Ginny groaned at the pleasure his cock brought to her cunt and she coated it with her nectar. Eric slowly began to draw his cock back and forth along the groove of her pussy, amply rubbing her clit with his cockhead.

The virgin slave gasped as she felt her pussy respond to the virile cock stroking her cunt cleft in slow deliberate strokes. She closed her eyes and sighed as she felt the beginning sensations of orgasm building within her. Ella and Beth began to nibble and bite at her nipples, tugging at them with their teeth as her lust grew. Ginny lifted her head to watch Eric's magnificent cock travel the length of her cunt groove, rubbing her clit with his cockhead and his balls slapping at her asshole. He moaned and writhed, trying to capture his cock inside her, but Eric prevented her every attempt. Her cunt was crying out to be ravished and fucked and she screamed out to him, "Oh sweet Jesus, fuck me Eric…fuck me!"

Eric looked at Calista who slowly shook her head 'no' and urged Eric to continue. Ginny pleaded with her Mistress, but to no avail. Eric continued to groove away at her sopping wet virgin cunt without hint of entry. Ella and Beth released Ginny's nipples and sat back on their haunches to watch her get grooved toward orgasm. The massive cockhead ploughed roughly over the engorged and throbbing clit, causing Ginny to gasp and cry out with each stroke. Her cuntlips were puffy, swollen and seemed to clasp at the cockshaft as it journeyed back and forth in the wet cleft of her pussy. She looked down at Eric's cock to see huge volumes of thick clear pre-cum bubble out from his cockhole to coat her clit.

Eric was straining with each stroke and Calista sensed that he was about to cum. She shook her head 'no' and he visibly sighed desperately while trying to withhold from cumming. Calista wanted him to build a huge explosive load of cum within his balls before allowing him to cum. Ginny had no such restrictions and she screamed as her pussy erupted in a massive orgasm, spewing her cunt cum all over Eric's cock and balls. Her warm juices heightened Eric's desire to cum, but he withheld, true to his training. Ginny shuddered, jerked and bucked as she came in multiples, unable to stop cumming. Her eyes rolled in their sockets as she gasped for Eric to stop, but Calista gave no such command.

Slowly, Ginny stopped cumming and began to reclaim her senses to the sounds of Eric groaning and begging for release. Finally, Calista nodded to him and Eric's cock exploded. A huge rope of thick white cum blasted from his cock hole to arch upwards and splatter onto Ginny's lips and tongue. Eric cried out as wad after wad of thick cum arched over Ginny's body to splash onto her mouth and face. It seemed as though several minutes had passed, though in truth only a few seconds had transpired from his first blast to the last wad that merely exited and flowed down his cockshaft. Ginny was groaning with pleasure as Ella and Beth wiped Eric's cum from her face into her mouth. Eric regained his composure and moved to Ginny's mouth to have her cleanse his cock of any residual cum. Ginny eagerly accommodated him and milked his cock clean.

Ella kneeled at Ginny's cunt and began to lick her pussy clean of cunt nectar and Eric's cum dribbles. Beth sat on Ginny's face to be licked as she played with the virgin's nipples. Ella arose to mount Ginny to rub their cunts and clits together. Seated in her armchair, Calista watched the slave girl's pleasure one another. Eric kneeled between his Mistress's legs to gently lick and suck her pussy as she watched. All of the females reached orgasm at nearly the same time. Calista almost passed out from the sensations of Eric's tongue on her clit, but soon recovered her senses. She ordered her slave girls and Eric to move away from Ginny and kneel in the dim shadows of the Dungeon.

Moving to her Implements and Toys table, Calista selected the leather strap with holes in the leather and steel studs randomly spaced over the strap. She placed the handle on Ginny's belly with the strap covering the girls' very wet pussy. Calista gently pulled at Ginny's red haired bush with an occasional harsh painful tug to prepare her for the strap. Ginny's eyes were open wide and her body quivered when she realized what was to happen next. She whimpered and tears welled in her eyes as she watched Mistress take up the strap by its handle. This was the turning point in her short participation as a submissive. She had welcomed the spanking, nipple clamps and the wonderful sex, but now was the telling moment.

Ginny watched in horror and anticipation as Calista raised the strap high then brought it crashing down hard on her exposed asscheeks. The slave girl screamed in pain as the strap rose up again to crash into her other asscheek. "Oh my God!" she screamed as the pain seared her throbbing buttocks. The strap sharply kissed the back of her thighs and the tender flesh seemed to leap into small round welts from the steel studs. "Please, no…Mistress," she shrieked as the strap slapped callously onto her asscheeks again. She could feel the welts rising and the deep burning sensation confirmed the formation of the purple welts.

Straining at her bonds, Ginny writhed in pain, desperately trying to avoid the stinging burning strap, but without success. Calista strapped her with impunity, moving from her ass to her thighs in a regular pattern of dispensing her discipline. Ginny was crying and screaming as the strap relentlessly assaulted her flesh. The pain was nearly unimaginable, but Ginny was secretly glad that she had endured without using her 'safe' word. Calista stopped strapping her slave girl and motioned to Ella and Beth to soothe the marks and welts with their tongues. Both slave girls eagerly complied and Ginny welcomed the soothing wet tongues licking at her hurt flesh.

Calista returned to her table to return with her favorite flogger. Ginny looked at the horrible instrument noting the knots tied in some of the strands. She sighed in despair, knowing that there was more discipline to come. Calista trailed the leather strands of the flogger along Ginny's lovely breasts, the knots teasing her nipples. The bound slave girl closed her eyes to take pleasure from Ella and Beth's tongues. Calista chose that moment to strike fiercely at Ginny's heaving tits. The girl's scream resounded throughout the Dungeon as the knots welted Ginny's tits and nipples. Again and again, Calista hammered the cruel flogger against Ginny's virgin breasts until the welts covered her tits like small purple nipples. "Please…Mistress…please…no more…no more," Ginny pleaded. The words fell upon deaf ears, as Calista took careful aim at Ginny's pussy then delivered a chilling blow full upon the girls' cunt. The slave girl's juices splattered on impact and her shriek resonated throughout the Dungeon once more.

Her tears flowed heavily down her cheeks as Calista bent down to lick and taste the salty tears. Ginny tried to form words, but could not. She sobbed and groaned with pain. Her lovely asscheeks burned from the strapping, her tits and cunt felt as though hundreds of tiny sores of pain that plagued her. Her breathing was measured and heavy as she fought to keep her consciousness. Ginny's clit had been spared from the assault of the flogger and it throbbed with lust and arousal, standing erect and engorged. Calista blew upon the slave girls' clit and Ginny shuddered from the sensation. Her Mistress licked the tip of her clit and Ginny seemed to flush with heat and lust.

Calista continued to 'torment' Ginny's clit until the girl erupted in a savage orgasm, spewing her juices over her Mistress's face and tongue. Calista eagerly lapped up the virgin cunt nectar, tantalizing the girl's clit in the process until she orgasmed again. Her body shuddered within her bonds as she sighed and gasped with pleasure from her powerful cum. "Oh thank you, Mistress," she managed to utter between the mini after-cums that took control of her body. Suddenly the pain didn't matter anymore. The sheer joy of orgasm and her Mistress's tongue on her pussy was reward enough for what she had endured. She smiled with gratification as Calista tongued her to another softer, but just as pleasing orgasm.

"You cum so beautifully, Ginny," Calista told her as she moved to soothe the marks and welts on the slave girls' asscheeks. "I love to watch you cum, love," she said as she drew her tongue through the cleft of Ginny's virgin asscrack to lick and suck the girls' rosebud.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh…Oh Mistress, that's soooooo good, Ma'am," Ginny moaned, sighing from the pleasure. Calista moved her tongue along the girls' body until she reached her slave's breasts. She spent a great deal of time soothing the aching and sore breast and nipple flesh. Ginny's 'Oooo's and Ahhhh's' told Calista that her virgin submissive was rapidly approaching and other cum. Calista nodded to Eric who immediately dropped to his knees to gently lick and suck the girl's pussy until she once again pleased her Mistress by cumming powerfully. Calista arose and ordered that Ginny be released and brought to the sunken bath then left.

Ginny was visibly spent and exhausted from her first discipline session. She ached, but she was also happy that she had pleased her Mistress. She had endured without need for her 'safe' word and that pleased her. Eric, Ella and Beth released her bonds and restraints then helped to stand uneasily. Eric feared that she might fall, lifted her in his powerful arms and carried her from the Dungeon. The other slave girls followed close behind. Ginny's nostrils inhaled the scent of the waters as it wafted throughout the huge bathroom. Calista was already in the tub, lounging in the warm waters and being bathed by Bruno. She welcomed the girls and Eric as they all joined her in the bath. Calista hugged and kissed Ginny and helped bathe her as the bath restored her.

After nearly half an hour in the tub, all six bathers got and helped dry one another. Calista took Ginny by the hand and led her to her bedroom as the others returned to their household duties. She placed Ginny on the satin sheets of her bed and lay down next to her. "Ginny, you endured marvelously. I am very proud of you," said Calista as she cuddled the young virgin submissive. "So now that you have had two sessions, been spanked, strapped and flogged, what do think of this lifestyle?"

"I don't want to hurt your feelings, Ma'am," Ginny said avoiding Calista's eyes.

"Don't worry, Ginny, my feelings won't be hurt. Just be honest with me…and yourself, love."

"Well," the virgin began, "I enjoyed the unimaginable sex immensely, Ma'am, but I don't think that I want to really be a submissive," she continued, "Please don't be angry with me, Mistress…please," she pleaded.

Calista smiled and kissed the tip of Ginny's nose, "I'm not angry, Ginny. After all that's what you came here to find out, wasn't it?" Ginny nodded and looked up wide-eyed at Calista. "It's alright not to want to be a submissive. This lifestyle is not for everyone, honey." Ginny sighed deeply, kissed Calista's lips and hugged her close.

"Are you sure that it's alright?" she asked, "I do like you and the others very much, but I don't want to offend anyone here. You all have been so nice to me, especially the sex…that was incredible!"

"Yes, love, it's alright. We all love you just as you are…virgin and all," Calista told her. Ginny grinned and cuddled closer to Calista.

"Mistress?" Ginny began, but Calista stopped her by gently placing her finger over the girls' lips.

"I'm not your Mistress, Ginny. I'm your friend, Calista, so you should call me by my given name. I also would like to be your some time lover, too, but that is another decision for you to make," Calista said softly. Ginny was visibly relieved that Calista was not upset, nor angry.

"Oh thank you, Mist… I mean Calista. Thank you for being so understanding. I really thought I would love being your slave girl, but I was wrong…I guess," she replied. Ginny thought for a few minutes then looked deeply into Calista's eyes, "Do you really want to be my lover, Calista?" she continued before Calista could respond. "I really enjoyed it when you made love to me, but I also loved it when Eric loved me too. Is that wrong?"

"No, love, it's not wrong. Love is so wonderful and it can happen to sexes. I think it is perfectly natural to love both males and females sexually. I works for me," explained Calista. "That is another personal decision that you have to make. It's just like your virginity…you decide if you want to remain a virgin. And you also decide with whom, or what gender, you have sex with."

"I'm so glad Master Cosmo brought me to you, Calista. Everything just seemed to have worked out perfectly," Ginny smiled, "and I think I do want to make love with again," she added.

"Just don't worry about a thing, my beautiful little virgin flower. Tomorrow I will call Cosmo, remember, he's not your Master, and tell him of your decision," Calista whispered to her and kissed her lips again as she pulled the covers over both of them. "I know you're exhausted, love, so let's go to sleep and we'll talk again at breakfast, ok?" Ginny nodded and closed her eyes, seeming to fall asleep immediately. Calista took a deep breath and exhaled. She was proud of herself and of Ginny's courage. Happily, Mistress Calista closed her eyes to join the non-submissive virgin in sleep.

The end: Part 19

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