So I was just lying here surfing facebook and the net, ignoring my want for something since a certain someone left me hanging. It was getting better, but then my traitorous mind started drifting back to how it felt to have your tongue on my clit, your fingers inside me, how utterly satisfying it was, and I started trying to remember having sex with you, and how that felt... Yea. I was majorly turned on. I couldn't think of anything to watch, I was like just throbbing with need and desire, I was a little frustrated with you for leaving. So I just let my mind wander until it found something to turn me on...

So it wandered for a bit, and then I remembered your original request. To rape me, remember? And I started thinking about that, about me standing on a street corner, wearing a little white flower dress with a black sash around the middle, my hair in pigtails, as I waited for the always-late bus. I was paranoid jumping at every rustle or noise, it all seemed out of place in the still, warm night. I jumped when I heard a noise, heart racing as I spun around to investigate. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized it was just a stupid cat. Before I could react, an arm wrapped around my waist and another cupped over my mouth preventing me from screaming. I blacked out. This idea started turning me on, I was squirming a little, so I continued with it.

So then I wake up, lying on a bed. My hands are stretched out straight beside me, bound with restraints. My legs are bent at the knee and spread wide, also bound so that I can't move them. Duct tape is wrapped around my head, covering my mouth I assume to prevent me from screaming... Too loudly. I start struggling against the restraints, my screams and cries for help muffled by the offensive tape.

My legs started squirming as the pulsing in my pussy got stronger. I reached a hand down and started rubbing myself lightly over the material of my jeans.

I see you come into the room from some open doorway, a grin on your face as you looked me over like you wanted to devour me.

"Delicious," you mutter, as you wander closer to me. You reach out a hand to touch my face but I recoil. You slap me lightly on the cheek and tell me to behave, or it will be worse. Scared, I obey. You run your hand down my face, then my neck. You move it slowly over my chest, and then stop. With and evil grin, you push the top of my dress down, exposing my strapless, lacey black bra. You look at me, intrigued.

"Black and lace? Surprising. And here I thought you looked so innocent... No matter. This needs to be removed anyways." You pull out a pocketknife from your back pocket, and my eyes widen in fear. Tears start streaming down my face. I feel the dull edge of the cool metal against my skin as you cut through the fabric of my bra, exposing my breasts.

"That's better," you state, kneading them greedily with your hands. I look away, unable to watch.

I start rubbing myself harder, wanting to feel more.

You lean down and suck my nipple into your mouth, biting it and squeezing it. I let out a little cry of pain, and you look at me.

"That's right baby, make some noise for me," and then you continue, switching to the other breast. I feel my nipples hardening, and myself getting wet, and I hate my traitorous body for enjoying this evil mans attentions.

Your hands move greedily down my body, pushing my dress up to reveal matching black lacey underwear.

I undo my jeans and start rubbing my clit with two fingers, rocking my hips against my hand. I'm already so wet.

You smile widely seeing my matching underwear, and start rubbing me over the thin layer of material as your other hand is still attacking my breasts.

"Well, well, well. You're feeling pretty wet my darling. I can feel you soaking through your panties," you sneer. I hate my body even more as more tears pour down my face. But there's nothing I can do.

"Nothing to say? You're enjoying this. You're not innocent, you're a dirty little slut aren't you?" I ignore you, looking away. I cringe as you move the material aside, shoving two fingers inside me. I cry out in pain as I feel you biting hard on one of my nipples.

"I asked you a question. I expect an answer." Seeing that you had my attention, you repeated yourself: "You're a dirty little slut aren't you?" I nodded, fearing any more pain. You grinned triumphantly. "Of course you are." You pull your hands away from my body, but only to strip yourself.

I quickly remove my jeans and underwear, needing more. I slide two fingers into my tight, warm, wet pussy and keep moving them in and out.

"So you won't mind if I shove my hard cock inside of you, will you slut?" Repulsed at the thought, I scrunched my nose, and nodded my head. I felt the tingling in my cheek after you slapped me again. This was your game...

"I said, you will enjoy it when I shove my hard cock inside of you." I nodded as you positioned yourself over top of me. I could feel your hard cock at my entrance, I felt you getting ready to shove it inside of me. You looked thoughtful for a second, and then ripped the tape off of my mouth.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you. Hard. Tell me you want my cock inside of you" I felt your hands tighten on my breasts, threatening pain if I didn't. Through tears, I said what you wanted to hear, and I cried out as you shoved yourself inside me.

I thrust my fingers in and out, tightening myself around them, rubbing the heel of my palm into my clit as I continued to rock my hips back and forth.

You just fuck me hard, slamming your cock inside me over and over again. You were using me... And my body still liked it. I was so wet. I made it easy for you. I cried more. I felt the pressure building, an orgasm approaching, and I couldn't take it any more. I started sobbing and begged you to stop. I tried pulling against the restraints, to no avail. I was your victim. I begged you again.

"Stop? But why, you little whore? You're enjoying this, I feel you. You. Want. Me. To. Fuck. You." You enunciated every word by ramming yourself into me. It hurt... But it felt good. I was on the verge of cumming, I tried to stop it but couldn't. My body shuddered and clenched around him, and I bit my lip to stop my cry of ecstasy... I hoped you wouldn't notice, but of course you did.

You laugh. "And you wanted me to stop? Tsk-tsk." You look me over. "You are a little slut, you're enjoying this. But... I didn't say you could finish. And I'm not done. So you need to be punished" He pinched my nipples and bit down on my collar bone and then all the way up my neck... I couldn't stop the cry of pain. You seemed enticed by it.

I'm still rubbing myself, closing my legs around my hand to intensify the feeling, I'm so close, and it feels good, I imagine its actually your cock sliding in and out of me, I need you but, this is good enough. I play with my clit and then slip my fingers back inside.

"Now, tell me you want me to shove my cock down your throat." I looked terrified, and you must have noticed. You looked hungrier. I turned my head, unwilling, needing to have some form of resistance. You seemed displeased, I felt the other side of my face tingle from your slap

"Do as I say, you little tramp. You want this too, don't you?" With fresh tears streaming down my face, I nod. "Good, now tell me." So I tell you. Then you tell me to beg for you to do it. Reluctantly, hesitantly, I beg. And you tell me to call you master.

"Please master. Please shove your cock down my throat. I need you to do it. I want it there..." I see the offending appendage in front of my face.

"That's a good little slut." You laugh as you hit my face with you cock. "Kiss it," you order. "Look like you love it." With few options, I obey. I gag as you suddenly shove it in my mouth, and I feel it rubbing against the back of my throat. You're pulling it in and out, faster and faster... You reach back and twist a nipple as punishment for teeth. I try to keep my mouth open wider, gagging every time you shove it in. You pull out briefly and command, "Tell me you want to taste my cum". With no resistance left, I obey. You shove it back in my mouth and pump, I feel you pulsing, I know it's going to happen soon. I feel you squirt inside my mouth as you scream out, your hands digging into my shoulders. You pull out of my mouth quickly, and launch the rest of your cum all over my face, mixing it with my tears. Satisfied, you get off of me, looking at the disaster you've made of my body with apparent satisfaction. You wipe off my face with a towel and then leave with a promise of more as I cry myself to sleep.

I keep rubbing myself, feeling the pressure building. Rocking back and forth I feel it coming, I need the release... My body clenches around my two fingers, spasming and rocking as I finally cum.

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