tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCarrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 04

Carrie Heffernan's Strip Debut Ch. 04


Carrie Heffernan leaned back against her straight arms and gave the strip club manager a little smile, her dark eyes flashing. "Let me ask 'you' a question, Larry?" she said in a throaty voice. "When's the last time that a woman put 'you' through your paces? Don't you know that variety is the spice of life? Why would you want me to do what every other chick that comes in here does when I could do oh so much more?"

Larry grinned back at the petite brunette, liking her spunk. "You got something special for 'ole Larry?"

"I got something you'll really like..." Carrie purred. "She reached into her purse and pulled out the pair of handcuffs, jangling them in front of him. "Do you trust me, Larry?" To punctuate the question she raised her left heel up onto the top of the desk and then did the same thing with her right heel.

"Damn..." Larry croaked, his eyes riveted to the plump mound between her legs barely covered by the narrow strip of green thong panty. "You gals from New York City are fucking wild..."

Carrie slowly licked her lips. "You have no idea, Larry...you have no fucking idea how wild I can get..." She let her eyes drop down to where his huge cock jutted out of his fist. "Especially with a big, hard cock like yours, baby..."

Larry felt like his heart was going to explode she had him so excited. "So you want to handcuff me? Is that it?"

"That's right."

"I don't know...what if you're some wacko chick who handcuffs guys and does terrible things to them?"

Carrie smiled. "I could be, Larry..." she slowly reached down with her free hand and pulled her panties to the side so he could see her neatly trimmed chestnut brown beaver and the tiny pussy beneath. "But then again...I could just be the best fuck you've ever had..."

Larry stared at her cunt. His dick was so hard it felt like it was made of iron.

"You wanted to know earlier if I was wet, Larry?" Carrie spread her lips apart so that he could see the glistening wetness that awaited him inside of her. Her vagina a deep coral color. "I'm soaked, baby..."

"Oh God..." Larry groaned. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard..."

Carrie swung the handcuffs back and forth. "No...I'm gonna fuck 'you' so hard, Larry. I'm gonna do things to you that you'll remember when you're old and grey and it'll still make you hard just to think about it."

"You are a dirty little thing..."

"Put your hands behind you, Larry and I'll show you just how dirty I can get."

He looked at the door. "You locked that...right?"

"Nobody's gonna disturb us, baby...I promise..." Carrie cooed. She stuck the tip of her index finger inside of her open pussy and moved it up and down, then took it out and showed him how wet it was. "I'm ready for you, Larry...are you ready for me?"

Larry put his hands behind his back. "I'm SO ready for you..."

Carrie slid off the desk and walked behind him. She clicked the handcuffs on his right wrist and then on his left. A little smile crossed her lips as she leaned down and lightly bit the top of the strip club manager's ear. "You have some work to do first, Larry..." she whispered.

"Work...what are you talking about?"

Carried came back around the front of his chair. Standing there she reached beneath her short skirt and slowly peeled her thong panties down. "Before you get to fuck this pussy...you're gonna eat this pussy, Larry." She let the panties fall around her ankles and stepped out of them. "Down on the floor..." she said. "

"I don't eat pussy," Larry said.

"You do today." Carrie lifted the hem of her skirt and let him get another look at her neatly trimmed brown pussy.

Larry licked his lips at the sight of that pretty little snatch. He was so hard that his cock was pulsing gently.

"You either eat it...or you watch it walk out the door, Larry. What's it gonna be?"

Larry grinned. "Maybe I might give it a quick lick..."

"Down on the floor, Larry..."

He slid his ass out of the chair and went to his knees.

"That's a good boy." Carrie stroked the top of his head. She put her fingers in his hair and pulled his face between her thighs.

The musky scent of her pussy filled Larry's nose as his mouth was pressed up against the petite brunette's plump mons, her curly chestnut brown pubic hairs tickling his lip. He gave her pussy a kiss, tasting her.

"That's right..." Carrie purred. She spread her feet apart a few inches further, looking down at his head as he started to lick her trim little pussy lips. "Eat that pussy, Larry...eat it good..."

Larry stuck the tip of his tongue between her lips and pushed a half inch inside of her hot sheath.

"Oh, Larry!" Carrie exclaimed. She put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him into her crotch, rotating her hips slightly.

Half smothered by her warm, wet pussy, Larry sucked at the juices there, his chin quickly covered by her moistness. "Mmmmmm..." he murmured as he ate her cunt. She had the yummiest snatch he'd ever tasted.

"That's so good..." Carrie whispered. "Keep that up and you're gonna make me cum, baby..."

He pushed his tongue as far up her as he could, his cock so hard it hurt.

"Oh...that's right," Carrie gasped. She started undulating herself against his mouth. "You're a good little pussy licker, Larry."

Larry lapped at her juices. When his tongue flickered over Carrie's little nub of a hooded clit she gave a little cry of pleasure and he concentrated on that area, the sexy woman's movements getting faster and her moans louder.

"Oh...oh...fuck!" Carrie whimpered, her eyes closing and her head lolling back. The orgasm that shot through her took her by surprise it was so sudden and so violent. She clutched at his head to keep from falling, her hips jerking spastically. She felt a little gush of wetness inside her and she mewled happily.

Larry put his lips around her hardened clit and sucked at it gently. She was thrusting her pelvis at him so violently at that point that he lost his balance and flopped onto the floor on his back, his hard-on sticking up in the air like a ship's mast.

Carrie Heffernan stood there over him, her knees shaking as the orgasm she'd just had left her gasping for breath...her firm breasts heaving. She shook her head, giving him a little smile. "That just earned you the best fuck of your life, Larry." She said in a voice husky with lust. She straddled his prone form. "You just let me do my thing, baby..."

"Yes..." Larry croaked when she bent her knees slightly, watching as she started lowering herself down to where his throbbing cock waited. "Fuck me, you hot little slut. Fuck that big dick."

Carrie put her hands on her thighs and slid her skirt up, looking down at where his lemon shaped head was almost touching her gaping cunt. The sight was so erotic that she paused to relish it.

"Don't stop..." Larry begged. "Sit on it, baby. Sit on my cock..."

Dropping her bottom down another inch, Carrie let the tip of his prick brush one side of her open pussy. When the strip club manager attempted to push up his hips to spear her, the big head bounced off the side of her cunt. "You want that pussy, don't you, Larry?" Carrie asked, a big smile on her face.

"Yes," he said. "I want it..."

Carrie reached back between her legs and took him in her hand.

Larry groaned as she squeezed his throbbing phallus. "Do it..."

"Say please, baby."

Larry nodded. "Oh, please...please, baby..."

Carrie rubbed the head of his cock back and forth along her pouting cunt lips getting the thick helmet wet with her juices. "It's so hard, Larry..." Carrie cooed. "Such a big hard cock...I don't know if it's gonna fit, Larry..."

Lying on the floor of his office like a beached whale, Larry could only watch helplessly as she teased him with her warm slit. He moaned as she let her ass descend slightly, the first inch of his penis pushing up into her gooey insides. She had a tight pussy, those pink walls resisting him. "Oh God...I'm gonna have a fucking stroke you keep this up."

"Beg me for it, Larry..." Carrie whispered, letting herself down so that his big head popped inside of her cunt, her eyes going wide at the size of him. She squatted over him, looking back to where that huge cock was starting to impale her.

"Oh, yes...you little cock tease...put it in that pussy. Please, baby. I want that hot cunt of yours so bad!"

Carrie rotated herself from side to side, screwing herself down onto that wide pole of his...another couple inches burying itself inside of her tightly clasping labia. She was breathing shallowly, the sheer girth of all that hard cock making her head spin.

"Oh, God that feels so good..." Larry moaned. "You got the tightest pussy I been in for a long time, girl."

Rocking slowly up and down on his cock, Carrie slowly let herself get acclimated to the size of him. She managed to get another couple inches of him inside of her. It felt like if he went any deeper it was going to end up somewhere inside her stomach it was so long. He was only slightly larger than Doug but he was half again as long. She wasn't sure if she could take that much cock inside of her small pussy. She heard herself panting, her mouth gaped open and her pretty face contorted as she worked to take more of him inside of her.

"So nice and hot..." Larry croaked. He was struggling not to blow his load. The little brunette had him so aroused that his balls were already starting to contract. He didn't want this to end. Not when it felt this good.

Carrie bent her knees a bit more, pumping herself up and down on his throbbing hard-on...each stroke taking a little more of that amazing prick up inside of her. Each little bit filling her where she'd never been filled before. She arched her back, her long curly hair bouncing up and down as she started to fuck faster...her full breasts with the swollen dark nipples bouncing along as well.

"Oh, God...you fuck like a mink in heat..." Larry cried out. "Oh, sweet Jesus...that feels so fucking good!" He rolled his head from side from side. "Fuck me you hot little bitch...fuck me!" He felt his balls start to tighten up. He'd thought that having Mandy give him a blow job before he had the interview with this new girl would let him go a long time before cumming but now he could feel his orgasm starting to build in his testicles.

Carrie looked back between her legs. She had ¾'s of his swollen phallus up inside of her now and the feeling was so delicious that she felt like she was going to swoon. She leaned forward and let his thick shaft lightly brush her clit as it slid in and out of her tight pussy. "Oh...that's good..." she gasped. Her pelvis undulated atop his cock, her heart shaped ass quivering as she fucked him with short, quick strokes. She felt her second orgasm sweep over her and went rigid, her big brown eyes clenched shut as she screamed out with pleasure. "I'm cumming...I'm cumming..."

Larry was so close to cumming himself that he was gasping like a fish out of water. When the woman straddling him stopped pumping up and down on him to have her orgasm he could only try desperately to hump up at her with his throbbing pole. "Don't stop...Oh, God...I'm so close..."

Carrie shuddered as the last of her climax rolled through her belly. It was one of the best orgasms of her life. She looked down at the strip club manager and squeezed his big cock with the muscles inside of her vagina, drawing another moan from the helpless man. She leaned forward and let his dripping wet cock slip out of her pussy.

"Noooooo..." Larry pleaded. "Finish me...finish me..."

Cary scooted back between his legs, lowering her head until she was right in front of his jutting prick. Larry's penis was so engorged with hot blood that the head glowed a deep purple. The surface of his cock was coated with her cream. She wrapped her small hand around the big shaft, squeezing it. "You gonna cum for Carrie, baby?" she asked in a husky voice. Her other hand slipped inside his fly and started to massage his big testicles. "You gonna give me some nice hot cum?"

Larry moaned pitifully. He was so close to cumming. He could only lie there watching her gamine face as she leaned in to slowly lick her way up the underside of his prick. The feel of her scratchy tongue on his sensitive flesh had him teetering on the edge. When she used the tip of her tongue to explore the bottom of his glans, flickering it back and forth lightly it was just too much to take. He closed his eyes and shot a long, thick gout of semen three feet into the air, quivering and shaking as he came.

Carrie leaned back on her heels, still gripping his pulsing dick in her hand. "So, Larry? Do I get the job?"

He looked at her, his face red and sweating. He'd just cum so hard his nuts were aching. His cock slowly started to soften in her fingers. He wasn't even sure he could talk he was so spent. He just nodded.

Carrie smiled. "Then I'll just go get ready then..." She leaned down and gave his shrinking cock a little kiss. "Thanks, Larry."

She stood up and pulled her bra up to cover her breasts and then her top. Picking up her panties she stepped into them. Looking down at the stunned strip club manager she grinned. "You want me to unlock those handcuffs, Larry or you want to leave 'em on for a bit?"

To his mumbled reply she took the key out of her purse and as he rolled onto his side she undid the handcuffs and put them and the key back into her purse. "See ya..." she said gaily as she went over, unlocked the door and let herself out.


(author's note...this is my first submission to Lit after enjoying other's stories for way too long. I do appreciate any and all comments. Thanx.)

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