Cheerleader Initiation


Ella's tits were moving up and down and all around, wildly, with the motion. Her head jerked with every full penetration of Stone's cock into her fuckhole. She twitched, moved a little in response. Her body seemed to fuck Stone back in counterstrokes out of reflex. Her face went hot at the thought, pure shame and abject humiliation that her body should so betray her.

"Yeah bitch, they all do this, fuck me back, you can't help it. Take that shit." He shook his head unbelievably. "This is some tight pussy..." he said as he exhaled forcefully in her face.

Ella blinked, stars before her eyes.

This couldn't be happening.

For ten more minutes there was no sound in the house but the soft wet slapping of heavy duty fucking. Ella was clinching her pussy, attempting to deny entry. Stone felt his cock bend slightly each time he thrust, felt the powerful squeeze—

"Fuck. Fuck yeah, just like that." She couldn't help it, her body kept trying to stop him, not understanding it was having the opposite effect.

Stone adjusted his pace and position, gradually increasing. Ella's tits bucked wildly, bouncing all over. Her pussy began to throb from the steady onslaught of nonstop fucking.

Stones actions became more insistent. He fucked fast, frenzied, grunting. He felt the overwhelming tingle building in his nuts, knew he couldn't hold it back much longer—he was about to blow a massive load. Stone leveraged his lower body, fucking like a jackhammer.

"Fuck yeah. FUCK! Here it comes..."

With one last thrust, Stone buried his cock all the way inside Ella's tight cunt and held it there, felt the boiling eruption spew out of his manhood. He kept it there, still, twitched his cock several times. As he filled her with his hot load he kept staring right into her eyes, searching for that moment of recognition.

He saw the defeated look he knew so well.

Stone pulled out, waddled on his knees to her side, and held his cock in her face.

Ella knew what to do; she reluctantly opened her mouth and took his semi-hard member between her lips. She swirled her tongue around, trying to get all the sperm off of it. She felt it stir, start to get hard again.

"I think we found something you can do," he said as he watched.

Minutes later, finally finished, he pulled back, stood, and got dressed. He walked towards the door where he stopped and turned.

"We'll have to do this again sometime," he said, leaning against the doorframe. "I'm sure we'll be seeing you around." With that he turned and walked away.

Ella rolled to her side and curled into a ball. She was exhausted, physically and mentally.

It was finally over.

Well, for tonight...

REMEMBER: It's only fantasy!

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