tagIllustratedCheerleader's Mom: Mom's Lap-a-Thon

Cheerleader's Mom: Mom's Lap-a-Thon


Summary: Submissive Mom has five visits in marathon fuckfest.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for doing the visuals for this story.

Note 2: Thanks to Tenzin, Robert and Wayne for editing.


In Part One, A POWER SHIFT: 39-year-old mother Michelle decides to try on her daughter Allie's slutty cheerleading outfit. Once she has it on, she begins fucking herself with her daughter's vibrator on her daughter's bed. Caught by her domineering daughter and her friend Kim, she is forced to eat her daughter's pussy and also Kim's before being told she is now her daughter's pet.

In Part Two, BLACKMAILED PET: Michelle tries her hardest to not fall completely under the spell of her strong-willed daughter. But Allie's strong demeanour and blackmail evidence are too much for the submissive mother and she falls even deeper into a web of submissive lesbian sin.

In Part Three, CREATING A LEZ: Michelle rekindles her marriage's dormant sex life; Michelle is taught how to please a pussy properly by a tender teen Mistress; Allie finally allows her mother to bring her to climax with her tongue.

In Part Four, FISTING TRAINING: Michelle is punished by her daughter for having an orgasm without permission by being spanked. She is then fisted by a surprise guest... Mrs. Walker... and an intimate bond is formed. She also comes again without permission at the fist of the pretty teacher. She is fisted a second time by her daughter, before ending the evening disobeying her daughter yet again by coming after a marathon sex session with her husband.

In Part Five, FUCKING HER ASS: Michelle has a morning fuck session with her husband and then is disciplined by her Mistress daughter for coming without permission by having to ride the dildo stool for an hour. Michelle is then trained in a very lengthy marathon sex session to become a three hole pet when her ass is fucked.

Now the concluding saga of the MILF's training....

Cheerleader's Mom: Mom's Lap-a-Thon

Michelle demanded, "Allie get your ass in here!"

Allie quickly came in naked and asked, "What is it Mom?"

"I need my slut daughter to get me off!" Michelle demanded.

"Of course, Mommy," Allie quickly agreed, scurrying to her naked Mom sitting on the edge of her bed and burying her face in her Mom's cunt.

"That's it, you little slut," Michelle moaned, "have your morning pussy juice."

"Mmmmm," Allie moaned.

"Get your tongue deep in my box," Michelle demanded.

Allie tried, using her tongue like a small cock.

"That's it, fuck Mommy's box. Fuck the cunt that you came out of all those years ago," Michelle demanded, loving to remind her of the incestuous reality of their situation.

Allie hungrily ate out her Mom's cunt.

"Do you want Mommy's cum?" Michelle questioned, pulling her daughter's head away by her ponytail.

"Yes, Mommy," Allie replied, looking as hungry as she always did for her morning pussy juice, "I need it bad."

"Then come and finish Mommy off," Michelle demanded, roughly pulling her daughter back between her legs and to her fevered cunt.

Allie redoubled her efforts to get her mommy off.

Michelle was close, but always liked to be edged to have a more intense orgasm. So after another minute of pleasing from her expert pussy pleasing daughter, she pushed her away and ordered, "Come and lie down."

"Yes, Mommy," Allie quickly obeyed.

"You love when I straddle your pretty face and flood it with my pussy juice, don't you my little slut?" Michelle questioned.

"God, yes," Allie nodded, already in position.

"Beg for Mommy's pussy juice," Michelle ordered as she straddled her daughter.

"Oh Mommy, please give your slave daughter her morning juice. She needs it to make it through the gruelling day. You know what you always say Mommy," Allie said.

"Pussy juice a day, keeps the doctor away," Michelle finished, as she sat on her daughter's eager lips.

In only a couple of minutes in this position, Michelle erupted, flooding her daughter's lips and face with her pussy juice.

Once done, Michelle asked, "Does my daughter want a morning orgasm?"

"Yes, Mommy," Allie nodded, excited.

"Spin around and spread your legs, my little slut," Michelle instructed, loving the taste of her daughter's pussy. Sure, she was a Mistress, but she was a generous Mistress. She believed in giving and receiving when her pet deserved it.

Once Allie was in position, Michelle moved between her legs and began to lick. She loved the taste of her daughter's pussy almost as much as she enjoyed having her pussy pleased.

"Oh yes, Mommy," Allie moaned on contact. "I love when you eat my pussy."

Michelle licked slowly, loving taking her time. She wanted to savour her daughter's honey, but also believed in creating a slow build to an orgasm. She wouldn't touch the clit, until her daughter's moans increased.

"Oh yes, Mommy," Allie whimpered.

"You taste so good in the morning," Michelle purred, loving the sweet sweat that came before a morning shower.

"You taste good any time of the day," Allie said back.

"As do you, my pet," Michelle smiled, as she flicked her daughter's clit for the first time.

"Ooooooooooh," Allie moaned loudly.

"Get on all fours," Michelle ordered, wanting to eat her daughter's ass, deciding that Allie would be late for school today.

"Yes, Mommy," she obeyed, like she always did.

"I want to munch on that tight asshole of yours," Michelle said, something she had begun doing recently.

"Oh, I love when you lick my rosebud," Allie purred.

"You like when I lick you anywhere," Michelle corrected.

"That is true," Allie giggled.

Michelle spread her daughter's ass cheeks and buried her face between them.

Allie moaned.

Michelle learned quickly that her daughter's asshole was an erogenous zone that always seemed to instantly trigger wetness in her pussy and get her revved up quickly. "You love Mommy licking your little asshole, don't you?"

"Yes, Mommy," Allie concurred. "I love your tongue on my asshole."

Michelle teased her daughter for another minute before she decided to become really intimate with her daughter.

"Wanna grind?" Michelle asked.

"What?" Allie asked.

"Get on your back," Michelle ordered.

"Yes, Mommy," Allie quickly obeyed, before joking, "On my back, on all fours, on my back. Mommy is very indecisive today."

Michelle laughed, "I just want to spend some quality time with my daughter before she goes to school for the day."

"Speaking of that, I'm going to be late for school," Allie pointed out.

Michelle moved into a scissors like position as she shrugged, "I'll call Mrs. Walker and tell her you were busy helping Mommy out."

Allie giggled as she watched Mom's pussy touch hers. "Mrs. Walker knows very well how I 'help Mommy out.'"

"Yes, she is a very hands on teacher," Michelle quipped.

As Michelle began to grind on her daughter's pussy Allie moaned, "Ohhhhh! Yummy!"

"Is this worth being late for school, my pet?" Michelle questioned as they both began moving their bodies against each other.

"Maybe you should home school me," Allie said.

"We'd never get any book work done." Michelle laughed, her second orgasm beginning to build, while she could tell Allie was close.

"But I'd definitely be in A-plus physical shape," Allie responded, as her breathing got increasingly heavy.

"Do you want to come for Mommy?" Michelle questioned.

"Oh yes, Mommy, can your little slut come?" Allie asked.

Michelle loved that Allie knew to ask permission to come and Michelle said, "Yes, baby girl, come for Mommy."

"Oh yes, yes, Mommy, yes, yes, Mommy," Allie screamed as her orgasm hit.

Michelle kept grinding throughout her daughter's intense orgasm as her own orgasm continued to build.

Michelle finally said, wanting to get fucked, "Go grab a strap-on baby, Mommy needs a good fucking."

"Okay, Mommy," Allie said, getting off the bed.

"Hurry up, my pet, Mommy needs a cock in her," Michelle said, as she fell onto the bed and rolled onto her back.

Once the harness was on, Allie moved between her Mom's legs and slid the cock in her wet pussy.

"Oh yes, baby," Michelle moaned as her pussy was filled, "Suck on Mommy's feet while you fuck me."

"Yes, Mommy," Allie obeyed, taking her Mom's nylon-clad foot and moving it to her mouth. As she slowly fucked her, she also sucked on the nylon toes.

"That feels so good," Michelle moaned. "You are such a good girl."

"Thank you, Mommy," Allie replied, sucking each toe individually in her mouth.

Once all ten toes were individually pleasured, Michelle, whose orgasm was being rather stubborn, ordered, "On your back, baby. Time for Mommy to ride that cock."

"Okay, Mommy," Allie said, rolling onto her back. "You're really restless this morning."

"I know," Michelle shrugged, as she straddled her daughter. "My damn orgasm doesn't want to leave me."

Allie said, "Well, the longer it takes, the more fun we can have."

"Very true," Michelle nodded, as the cock filled her.

Michelle rode the cock slowly, deciding to just enjoy the lengthy morning tryst with her daughter instead of hurrying the orgasm.

After a few minutes of slow riding, Michelle leaned forward a bit and put her hands firmly on her daughter's breasts for support as she began to speed up her pace.

Michelle's orgasm again began to build as she moaned, "Mommy loves riding you, baby."

"You look so hot bouncing on my cock, Mommy," Allie complimented.

"Oh yes baby, buck your ass up," Michelle demanded.

"Yes, Mommy," Allie obeyed.

"Oh God, so close," Michelle said, a minute later before she rolled off her daughter, onto her back and demanded, "Come and eat Mommy, my pet."

Allie quickly obeyed, discarding the harness swiftly, and burying her face back in her mom's cunt.

"Oh yes, baby," Michelle moaned. "Get a second dose of Mommy's juice."

"Mmmmm," Allie moaned while licking hungrily, eagerly willing to have more of her Mom's sweet morning nectar.

"Yesssssss," Michelle screamed, in under a minute from her daughter's expert tongue as her second orgasm finally hit her.

Michelle's orgasm riddled her entire body as her daughter continued licking and licking throughout it.

Finally, Michelle looked down and wondered how her pussy grew so much hair overnight and then realized Allie wasn't wearing nylons and asked, "Why are you not wearing nylons?"

"I am," a different voice said.

Michelle opened her eyes and jumped up, pulling her hand away from her pussy, as she realized she was having a very vivid dream. Even odder than dreaming she was the Mistress and her daughter the submissive, was the fact a pretty black woman was in her bedroom. A confused Michelle asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm your morning wake up call," the black woman answered.

"What?" Michelle asked, waking up and realizing this wasn't part of the dream.

The woman repeated, "I'm your morning wake up call,"

Michelle vaguely recalled Allie saying last night, after their marathon sex evening, that she would be visited by five women today.

"And who are you?" Michelle asked, realizing she was naked, except for the same thigh highs she wore last night.

"Shanika," the black woman answered, before adding, giving the pretty white woman a sexy wink, "come meet me downstairs."

"Um, okay," Michelle nodded, confused and yet, oddly, not surprised. After the past week, and particularly yesterday, nothing surprised her anymore.

She got up, put on her robe, still in the stockings from last night's incest marathon, and walked to the living room.

When Michelle walked into the living room, the black woman, around her age, was naked except for thigh highs.

Shanika greeted, "Come and get your breakfast."

"Seriously?" Michelle asked, surprised by the forwardness of the stranger.

"I was told you like your coffee black," Shanika purred.

Michelle couldn't help but laugh, as she watched the pretty black woman lie down and open her legs.

"Where is Allie?" Michelle asked.

"No idea," she shrugged, "she just told me to be here at nine. And I don't ask questions when Allie beckons, I just obey."

Michelle was curious how this black woman ended up being her daughter's submissive and asked, even as she stared at her beautiful black body, the white nylons a complete colour contrast, "How did you end up my daughter's submissive?"

"Your daughter is utterly irresistible," she answered.

"So I'm learning," Michelle nodded, as she walked over to black beauty.

"She said today is your special day and I am the first of a few visitors for your lesbian lick-a-thon."

"Are those her words?"

"Nope, all mine," Shanika shrugged, before adding, "but I remember my initiation and I ate a lot of pussy that day."

"I'm not sure I'm ready for a lick-a-thon," Michelle replied, still worried about her secret getting out. That said, she did wonder if black pussy would taste any different than white. It was a silly thought, but the first that popped into her head.

Shanika shrugged, knowing Allie well, "I doubt you have a choice."

"You do know my daughter then," Michelle joked.

"Are you hungry?" Shanika asked with a wicked smile.

"I could use a bite to eat," Michelle nodded, dropping to her knees and moving between her nylon clad legs.

"Munch away," Shanika moaned, always loving having her pussy licked, especially in the morning.

Michelle was surprised by the strong scent captured and preserved in the woman's pubes and she was instantly wide awake... morning pussy being just as effective, if not more so, than coffee.

"Oh yeah," Shanika moaned, after a couple of minutes of slow licking, "Suck on my fat clit, my pet."

Michelle obeyed as she looked closely and noticed she did indeed have a fat clit. She took it between her lips and tugged on it playfully.

"That's it," the black woman moaned, "be rough with it."

And Michelle tried. She sucked on it. She bit it slightly. She flicked it with her tongue like she was a drum stick.

In almost no time, Shanika's breathing got heavy, she lifted up her hips and moaned, "Keep licking and swallow my pussy juice."

Michelle eagerly lapped the stranger's cum, loving the unique taste of every different pussy.

Once the orgasm subsided, Shanika sat up and said, "Come here."

Michelle did, unsure what the woman had in mind. Her tone was soft and sexy.

"Turn around, sexy," Shanika purred, deciding she was going to enjoy this early morning encounter.

Michelle did, unsure what was happening, but somehow feeling comfortable with this sexy stranger.

"I'm going to give you best wake-up call ever," Shanika purred, as she kissed the white woman's back.

"Oh," Michelle moaned softly, enjoying the tender butterfly kisses.

Shanika then whispered, "Slowly touch yourself, my pet."

"Okay," Michelle obeyed, her pussy was already begging for attention.

"But go slow, my pet. I want your orgasm to build slowly," she purred.

"K," Michelle agreed, liking the idea.

While continuing to kiss her entire back and neck, Shanika cupped both the white woman's firm breasts.

Michelle's body trembled with the tenderness and slow teasing. Oddly, she had been conditioned to come quickly and this slow teasing was driving her wild.

"Lie down, my pet," Shanika whispered, tugging on the pet's ear, a couple of minutes later.

Michelle obeyed, hoping she was going to have her needy pussy licked.

Instead, Shanika moved beside the pet and purred, "Let's see if my kitty's kitty is nice and wet for me."

Michelle giggled softly at the woman's words as she moaned, the woman's fingers going to her fevered box, "Oh, the dam is about to burst."

"No coming," Shanika ordered softly.

"Okay," Michelle nodded, even though she wasn't sure she could hold out for too long.

As Shanika ever so softly caressed her pussy, Michelle moved up to kiss the beautiful tender Mistress.

"So wet," Shanika purred.

"Feels so good," Michelle moaned, in response.

"Just relax and enjoy the slow build," Shanika purred, as her fingers continued to gently tease the moaning woman.

"I just want you to shove your fingers in me," Michelle said, the teasing, although feeling good, beginning to frustrate her.

"Oh my pet," Shanika said disapprovingly, as her fingers continued the lengthy tease, "all good things come, literally, to those who wait."

"Okay," Michelle moaned and sighed at the same time. Although there had been intimate times during her submission, it had rarely actually been about her... it had usually been about giving pleasure and not receiving it.

Shanika repositioned herself. Michelle did too, as Shanika slid two fingers inside the horny woman.

Michelle moaned loudly, lifting up her left leg, "Oh yes, thank you, Mistress."

Shanika smiled. She was usually the pet and not the one in charge and the term Mistress was a word that usually escaped her lips.

"You like just giving in and obeying, don't you, my pet?" Shanika asked, as her two fingers explored the insides of Michelle's pussy.

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