tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCheers: The Gay Version Ch. 02

Cheers: The Gay Version Ch. 02


After their quick but very satisfying encounter in the storage area, it was difficult for Sam and Woody to function at work the next day. Woody wore the blue plaid boxer shorts under his pants that Sam had given him the day before. His cock bounced around in a semi erect state all day as he walked around the bar, giving him a prominent basket. Woody got second looks from a number of women customers, and even a few men! As for Sam, he was wearing a full cut pair of red and white striped boxer shorts under his pants that allowed his half hard prick plenty of freedom. Sam's basket was even more impressive than Woody's, and he got several dozen stares from practically everyone in the room.

At one point, Woody bent over to give a customer a drink, and his sweater rode up in the back. Sam got a great view of his plaid boxers as well as his tight butt and quickly got a full fledged erection! Sam decided it was time to break in Woody's cherry butt once and for all.

After what seemed like an eternity, the two men managed to sneak away to their 15 minute break in heaven. Woody was so hard he could feel his prick spreading his boxer fly under his pants and the sensations were driving him crazy. Once Sam had locked the door, he peeled his sweater off and kicked away his shoes. Woody quickly followed suit, and the two men relished the sight of their cute white crew neck t-shirts. Sam hurriedly got on his knees and unbuckled his buddy's belt and pulled down the zipper. Woody's baggy pants fell to the floor in a heap as Sam let out a whistle of appreciation. Woody's massive prick poked out of his blue plaid boxers like a baseball bat. Sam opened his mouth as wide as it would go, swallowing a good 4 inches of his friend's dick. Woody moaned so loudly, Sam thought for sure they would be caught. Hearing no one coming, he then established a gentle rhythm, delighting in the feel of Woody's hard prong as it slid back and forth in his hot mouth. Woody uttered every swear word in the book as Sam throated him like a pro.

After about three minutes of frantic sucking, Sam let Woody's fuckstick slip from his mouth. He unbuckled his own black pants and stepped out of them. Sam's cock bounced out of his striped boxers like a jack-in-the-box. Woody's eyes bugged out at the erotic sight before him.

"Damn Sam, those shorts are hot!"

"Thanks, thought you would like them!"

Sam opened a nearby drawer and took out a bottle of lube. He smeared his cock with the sticky stuff, then gently turned Woody around so that he was facing a low counter.

"Bend over Woody, and hold on to the counter. You're about to get the ride of your life!"

With shaking hands, Woody did as he was told. Sam gently lowered his buddy's boxers and Woody stepped out of them. He was now naked from the waist down, save for his black socks. Sam smeared his fingers with some lube and stuck one, two, and ultimately three fingers up Woody's puckered anus.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Woody groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Sam then leaned forward and pressed about two inches of his prick up Woody's ass. His fuck buddy let out a yell that could have been heard a mile away.


"It'll get better, don't worry!" Sam tried to assure Woody he was only minutes away from Nirvana!

He continue to thrust more and more of his rock hard prick up Woody's ass until he was in to the hilt, ignoring his friend's screams and pleas.


Sam fucked Woody so deeply his boxer shorts pressed against his asscheeks. This really turned Woody on, kmowing that Sam was screwing him still wearing his boxers.


In a couple of minutes, Woody wasn't in nearly as much pain. Sam's cock started to massage his prostate as he grunted and moaned in pleasure.


Sam reached around and jacked off Woody in time to his thrusting. Being masturbated and screwed at the same time was too much for Woody to handle. He came so violently he almost passed out.


Woody spurted eight times all over the counter and floor as Sam reached a powerful orgasm.


Sam filled Woody's butt with a huge amount of cream. When he finally pulled out after 6 huge spurts with a loud "pop", there was so much cum it ran down Woody's thighs. Sam got on his knees and licked the cum off Woody's legs as his buddy groaned in ecstasy. When he was finished, he got up and gave Woody a big bear hug.

"That was unbelievable man, I 've never shot so much seed at one time!" Sam grinned.

"Yeah, and I've never felt so filled. I haven't cum that much in years!"

"Hey, you want to spend the weekend at my place?" Sam looked pleadingly at his best buddy.

"Is the Pope catholic?" Woody quickly retorted.

Sam chuckled and embraced Woody again. Now, the two men were going to have to figure out how they would survive until the next weekend. "Cheers" would never be the same again!!

The end- comments welcome!

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