tagExhibitionist & VoyeurClarissa the Model Ch. 06

Clarissa the Model Ch. 06


Clarissa continued with her figure modeling work for a couple of more weeks and Charlie told me that she was their most popular model. In fact, the class had doubled in size... all men except for Sally. Clarissa pretty much had a fan club and Charlie was ticked pink about the business.

She came home after her final night of modeling nude for the art class, end of semester. She came in the door, naked, with her coat open, as she usually does and was very excited.

"Charlie said that the class was so popular that a lot of the students asked about some extra classes. The school is closed for a month so we have to find another place."

"How about here?"

"Too small. There are about 4 guys who want me to pose for them..."

"That's pretty good... why so many?"

It turned out that the boys in the class started bringing their friends and the number grew. We did not have the room in our sun room. I suggested outdoors and she lit up.

"Charley has a very private yard! Remember when we were there for a BBQ? Big place, surrounded by hedges, fence and wooded lot behind him."

She called Charley. He loved it and he told her he would split the profits with her, since she was such a draw. This got me thinking and I suggested that we charge some local photographers also.

"You mean pose nude for those old guys in your photo club?"

"Sure. They've seen your pictures already, no surprises there. I am sure they would love to see you in the altogether."

She gave me a funny look and we made a list. This was turning out better than I had thought. I called Harry, the retired guy who organized the photo club. It was basically a handful of guys with digital cameras who loved to talk about shooting nudes but whose only real exposure was when they went to a workshop.

Harry had never met Clarissa but he had seen the pix I brought to the meetings. Needless to say, he perked up and asked how much and when and where and he assured me he would tell the others.

Later that day, Charley dropped by to discuss plans. He and I were sitting in the family room, having a beer and I could hear Clarissa heading our way. Before I could say anything, she walked into the room wearing only a bra.

I don't know why, but we were both shocked. She laughed at our expressions and said,

"You have both seen this a lot, especially lately..." and she walked out of the room. Charlie and I looked at each other and she came back, dressed in a white robe, open of course.

"I was going to get dressed after my shower, looking for panties and then figured why bother. Charlie, how come every time I see you, my clothes come off?"

"I guess he is just lucky..." I added. She sat across from us, robe open.

"Charlie, I decided that since so many people want to see me naked, I am going into business as a figure model."

Charlie, trying not to stare at her tits, said, "You'll never get rich as a model in art classes..."

"So who wants to get rich? I just want to feel that they appreciate me like you two do..."

"And we do, we do..." I said.

"It's getting too hot for this heavy robe... do you mind?" She got up and threw it aside.

Charlie, trying to remain businesslike, said "Before I forget, I need to pay you for the past few sessions..."

She sat down, naked, between us and they counted out the money.

"Thanks. Charlie, I will pose for your classes as often as you want me to. Jack wants me to try posing for photo shoots."

I nodded agreement. Yeah, she can get more per hour and more variety..."

"But no porno, natch." She added.

The day of the outdoor session, I went with Clarissa to Charlie's place. When we got to Charlie's place, a few of the guys you ready had arrived. As we were parking the fourth person came. We all said hello, and went around Charlie's house to his backyard.

Charlie had a bunch of beach chairs laid out in the yard and there was a cooler with beers in it. I got a beer and brought it over to Clarissa as she was talking to the photographers. They were mostly older guys. They were looking at her like she was the most beautiful thing in the world, and I have to agree. She was dressed in a simple white blouse.

After everyone got settled and Clarissa had her second beer, one of the guys asked when we could get started. Clarissa looked at him and said, "I bet you're just here for the boobs, right?"

He looked embarrassed but when he saw she was kidding he and the rest started to laugh. I walked over to Clarissa and said "can I give them a little preview?"

She nodded so I opened her blouse. Naturally, she was not wearing a bra and as beautiful tits fell out for all to see.

"You guys can start taking pictures whenever you like," Clarissa said, laughing at their awkwardness. She walked closer to them and removed her shirt, standing there in just a Bikini bottom. She smiled at them and walked in front of each one of them. They were still sitting on the beach chairs.

After a few moments, Charlie came over and motioned for everyone to come to the back part of his yard, which was huge. It was basically a wooded lot.

When people were in position, I nodded to her and she smiled. She pulled down her bottoms to her knees and struck a sexy pose.

When the sound of clicking subsided, she kicked off the bottoms and walked over to a picnic table and struck a beautiful diagonal pose.

After a few minutes she said "let's go into that field over there", and walked over even further to a grassy area with wildflowers.

"How is this, guys?" She said as she stood in front of an old barn, then she continued walking until she was among the flowers.

Charlie asked her if she would sit on the ground, so she found a nice comfortable place in the tall grass and struck a few poses. I walked up there and whispered in her ear, "Do you want to show them some pussy?" I smiled and went back to my position.

I think they were shocked to see her spreading her legs and looking so beautiful. After a while she stood up, giving them a good frontal nude, and posed for a while until Charlie called out at the barbecue food was ready.

Everyone looked at her, as they had been the entire time, and she said "Good, I'll be the chef!"

We all went back to Charlie's house and I loved seeing her naked, cooking, very carefully, everyone sat around talking with her as if she were totally dressed.

After we all ate and drank a lot more beers, Clarissa of course remaining naked and loving it.

Charlie said that we should take some more shots on the other side of his property which is a bit more rugged. Charlie posed her in various artistic poses and everyone took turns snapping away.

When everyone seem to have their fill the walk back to Charlie's patio and the guys are beginning to pack up their equipment. One of them said, "hey Clarissa, about one last one to remember you by?"

Clarissa lay down on the patio and gave them a nice wide-open leg pose.

And after they took their pictures they all shook hands with her and with Charlie. Each one of them came out and he congratulated me on having such a beautiful wife and one that was so hot. I smiled as they left.

"While I do think it went?" Charlie asked.

Clarissa said, I loved it. You think I'm terrible? Charlie and I answered at the same time, telling her that she was certainly not terrible. She told Charlie to be set up other sessions like this, he looked at me and you tell by my grin that we were going to be doing this a lot.

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