tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 14

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 14


Sally Webster's hand slid slowly over the swell of her breast. The nipple hardened as her fingers teased the hard nub of flesh. Her hand moved, almost involuntary down over her stomach, through the soft downy hair of her pubis and then her fingers slid in-between the moist lips of her pussy and she let out a deep sigh as she started to masturbate.

For three nights now Sally had laid in her bed and listened to her daughter Sophie make lesbian love to her black girlfriend Jenna . While she had never had lesbian tendencies, she could not get the image of Sophie and especially Jenna having sex out of her mind.

The fingers worked quickly in her pussy and as if by immaculate timing, her orgasm seemed to coincide with Jenna's as the ecstatic cries of the girl echoed through her bedroom wall.

Next morning, Sally could not take her eyes off Jenna as the black girl came down to breakfast wearing just a robe.

"Morning Jenna" said Sally.

Jenna flashed a smile, Sally's heart missed a beat as she looked longingly at her daughters girl -friend.

"Hi Sally" replied Jenna as she popped two slices of bread in the toaster, "Coffee?" She asked.

"Yes please" said Sally, trying to be as calm as possible, while inside she was burning with lust for the hot nubile girl.

"What time are you leaving for the airport?" asked Sally, trying to switch her mind off wanting Jenna.

"About 11, that's if she is ready by then."

Sophie was flying to Germany for a few days to visit her grandfather, who was very ill.

"Is she still in the shower?" Sally asked.

"Yes, I suppose I should go and join her, you know scrub her back or something" said Jenna, again flashing that lovely smile.

"By the sound of what you two get up to, its more than her back you will be concentrating on." Said Sally, giving Jenna a knowing smile.

Jenna was silent for a moment, then said "Sorry were we very noisy?"

"Only kidding, you enjoy each other, life is to short to waste, get as much sex as you can," replied Sally.

"It is so mature of you to say so, not all mothers would be as understanding." Said Jenna as she finished her breakfast and got up from the table.

As she passed Sally, she bent and kissed Sally on the cheek. Sally felt the swell of Jenna's breast brushing lightly on her shoulder. She was uncertain, but if the opportunity occurred, she was convinced that she would make love to another woman, if that woman was Jenna, so much the better.

Sophie hugged and kissed her mother as the taxi arrived to take her to the airport. As it pulled away, Jenna gave a very knowing smile at Sally, which almost made her knees buckle. Was the girl, flirting with her? Or just teasing? Later that night, she got her answer.

Jenna returned from the airport after a sad, but very sexy goodbye to Sophie. They had made love in a toilet cubicle at Manchester Airport and the dampness was still evident in Jenna's panties.

Sally was still at work and Jenna was covering Sophie's shifts at the corner shop, so it was past 9 o'clock when they next met.

"Sophie phoned, she arrived ok and she is settled in, she sends her love." Said Jenna

"What a day," exclaimed Sally, "pour me a glass of that, make it a large one" pointing at the bottle of wine on the table.

They exchanged small talk, then Sally asked, "what's it like to make love to another woman?"

Jenna was taken aback for a second before replying "It's wonderful, so soft and smooth and just so good, why do you want to try it?"

Sally hesitated, "I don't know, part of me does and yet it seems sort of not right. But then I see you and Sophie and, oh I just don't know."

Jenna slid her hand over Sally's and said "Would you like to try it with me?

Sally was ecstatic and tried to restrain herself by asking, "but what about Sophie?"

"Were kind of cool about that sort of thing, I love her, don't get me wrong, but a bit of variety, spices up our relationship, besides, I have noticed how you have been looking at me recently."

With that, Jenna leaned over and kissed Sally softly.

Without another word, Jenna took Sally's hand and led her up the stairs.

Jenna made a bee-line for the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror she looked at her image with Sally sitting on the loo gazing wantonly at her.

She turned around and lifted the tee shirt she was wearing over her head. She then unclipped the black bra and let the bra fall, revealing her perfect breasts, the black aureole and nipples were superb and Sally let out a cry followed by "Oh my God, they are incredible."

Jenna slid out of her jeans and stood before her girl-friends mother in just a tiny black thong. She pulled the fabric apart and inserted a finger into the lips of her pussy.

Her eyes never left Sally's as she moved her hand over the shaven pubic mound and seductively around the now visibly moist pussy.

Sally stood and walked slowly over to Jenna. This time she took the younger woman's hand and led her to her bedroom.

Jenna lay on the bed as Sally straddled her, Sally's fingers slowly experiencing the texture of another woman's breast for the first time. Jenna's nipple standing firm and erect as Sally massaged the soft but firm flesh.

Sally leaned in and lowered her mouth to Jenna's. The black girl sought Sally's tongue and was not disappointed when she felt it moving hungrily against hers. As they kissed, Jenna took Sally's hand and moved it down her body and into the scanty fabric of her thong. She gasped as Sally's fingers toyed with and then parted her pussy lips before entering her.

Sally was overwhelmed with the experience and quickly transferred her attention to the black girls wonderful breasts. Sucking hungrily on the nipple while moving her fingers in and around Jenna's now soaking pussy.

Sally found the joy of kissing another female overpowering and continued to kiss Jenna with a passion she had never felt with her husband Kevin, or any of her illicit lovers.

Jenna was also enjoying the kisses, but need to get Sally naked. She unbuttoned, then removed Sally's prim and proper white blouse, revealing a rather nice pale pink lacy bra. She reached behind Sally and unhooked the bra allowing her nicely shaped breasts to fall free.

Without hesitation, Jenna took both breasts in her hand and placed her lips onto the soft flesh. Her tongue darted across the nipples making them rock hard in seconds. She then took the hard nub between her teeth and bit gently on the nipple. Sophie loved it when she did this and she was hoping her mother would as well. Judging from the noises coming from Sally, she did.

Sally put her lips on Jenna's neck and darted her tongue across the black skin. Moving down she lovingly kissed the breasts and proceeded lower, licking the navel and as if drawn by the musky aroma, down across the flat belly and shaved pubis.

Jenna lifted her hips as Sally almost tore off the thong and gazed with wonder at the crinkled black lips, with a hint of pink showing through.

Sally loved to be eaten out, Kevin was also keen, so throughout their marriage, oral sex had always been an important part of their lovemaking. Countless times Sally had experienced, lips and tongue, fingers and sometimes objects pleasuring her pussy, but now she was to become the giver not the receiver.

Without hesitation she placed her mouth over Jenna's pussy and began to lick. The lips parted as Sally's tongue continued its work its magic.

Jenna, her body racking with pleasure could not believe that this was Sally's first time. Firstly her tongue then fingers a thumb then back to tongue brought her to her first orgasm. Sally feeling the approaching climax fastened her mouth tighter and drank in the fluid emitting from Jenna.

As Jenna recovered, Sally again moved her lips over Jenna's and allowed the younger woman to taste her own fluids on the lips and tongue of Sally.

Jenna slowly eased Sally onto her back and very gently prised her lags apart. She gazed upon Sally's pussy, its lips pink and moist, the patch of pubic hair light and silky. Sally ran her fingers through the hair and then used them to open up the lips allowing Jenna to see the pink interior, just waiting for her tongue.

Jenna did not disappoint. She placed her tongue, long and pink, on the bottom of Sally pussy, then very slowly trailed the tongue across the silky skin and finally inside her.

Sally gasped, it had been a long while since a tongue had penetrated her, and Kevin always had a stubble, which she had found sensual, but nothing compared to the sensations the young black girl was creating deep in her soul.

When Jenna found her clitoris and flicked at it with the tip of her tongue, she experienced an orgasm the like of which she had never experienced before.

Jenna continued to administer the most amazing sexual delights to Sally. Tongue, fingers, a combination of both as Sally climaxed over and over again.

Finally exhausted the two of them relaxed in each others arms, kissing slowly, breast rubbing gently against breast and hands caressing the smooth skin of each others bodies until they fell into a deep very satisfied sleep.

Sunlight was streaming through the window as Sally awoke. Jenna was nuzzling at her breast, her hand between Sally legs teasing her lips apart and then inserting a finger into her wetness. They made love again.

They made love in the bed, eating each other out. With Jenna on her knees Sally covered her black arse with her hands and tongue before finger fucking her from behind. They adopted the 69 position and simultaneously licking each other, orgasmed over and over again.

Sally was due at work. Jenna accompanied her to the shower and they made love again under the hot streaming water soaping the others body until they came again.

Jenna was in the kitchen, again just wearing a robe. Sally came down in her work clothes and ate the breakfast Jenna had prepared. Hardly a word had been spoken, as if last night had been a bridge to far. Then Jenna eased herself onto the work surface and opening her robe, spread her legs.

"You can't go to work without giving me a little love, can you? Said Jenna with a deep sultry voice.

Sally said, "I'm going to be late for work."

Jenna replied "sewing knickers or eating this, you choose."

"Fuck Carla Conner, get ready to come again." Said Sally as she lowered her head between Jenna's legs.

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