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Crimson and Ivory


Author's Note: There was an old fairy tale about an old woman with two daughters and a couple of beautiful rose bushes. Now these two daughters grew up with no one but their mother and the creatures of the forest as their friends. They were innocent in the ways of lust and only knew of love. The words taught to them were words their mother found accepting, so I have tried to remain true to their upbringing as best I can. So while you read the story of Crimson and Ivory, please remember their youth and their innocence. It won't be until much later that their innocence is molded into something more common and crude. ~ There are acts of incest between the sisters, if this offends please do not read. Thank-you and enjoy! RedHairedandFriendly

Many years ago a young woman gave birth to two beautiful daughters and for the first several years of their lives they all lived happily in a cottage hidden deep in the woods. Their father, her husband, was a handsome man, nearly as handsome as she was beautiful. But one day he went into the woods to hunt for food and was struck down by another hunter's arrow. The woman was left alone and raised her daughters the best she could.

The eldest daughter, Crimson, was named for the bright tuff of red hair that had topped her head the day she was born. It had grown thick and curly as time passed and when she was eighteen it hung in curls down her back. The tendrils danced teasingly across the round cheeks of her ass.

Her sister, Ivory, was named for the beautiful white hair that she'd been born with. To some it was a drawback, but to the woman and to her family it was just another unique feature to an already unique girl. Ivory's hair and done exactly the opposite of her sister's. It was long, but there were no curls in the silken strands. Instead Ivory's hair was long and straight. It flowed like silk falling through the fingers of a wealthy King.

A few months before the woman's husband died he had planted two beautiful Rose bushes for his wife and every year since the two bushes bloomed brilliant roses. One plant bore red flowers, the other white. The girls often played near the bushes and whenever they were in bloom they picked the best flowers for their mother in hopes to keep her smiling all day long.

The sisters were very close to each other and for the most part they were one in the same. Crimson was slightly more adventurous than her sister Ivory, but she did not openly seek trouble. It just sometimes found her. And while that trouble was finding her, Ivory was often back at the cottage taking care of their mother's needs or keeping the home clean and pleasant.

When the girls turned eighteen their mother had a small party for them. There were no guests to invite, for once her husband died, the woman had become a hermit of sorts. She rarely ventured out of the woods, choosing instead to live off the land, eating berries, nuts, and fruits that were hearty in number.

After a celebration of strawberry cake, apple cider and raspberry cookies, the two girls kissed their mother goodbye and promised to be back before dark. The mother did not ask questions of her daughters. She trusted them and she trusted the forest.

Crimson and Ivory held hands as they walked through the woods and along the paths that the animals frequented. Each step brought them closer to the meadow and the small pond in which they often swam and frolicked in.

When they reached the waters edge, the girls disrobed and ran into the water. They played and splashed, laughed and dunked each other. As time passed they slowed their play and began to talk of their lives and how lonely they felt. The conversation was not new, and in truth it had been played out many times.

"We cannot leave her," Ivory whispered.

"I know," Crimson said in a soft quiet voice. "But I long for something and no matter how deep I go into the woods, I cannot find it."

"I understand. I too wish to find what my heart is so desperately craving. Do you still find yourself thinking of how mother and father formed us?" Ivory asked.

Crimson blushed. "I think of it every day. I have seen many of the beasts of the woods mate and I wonder if that is how mother and father mated."

Ivory's eyes grew wide. "Crimson, surely not."

"Why 'surely not'? We have seen many animals rutting and the girl animals do not have dangling parts like the boys and we are girls, mother says so."

Ivory could only nod her head in agreement.

"And," Crimson continued, "the boy animals mount the girls, they slide their dangling part into the folds of the female and the sounds they make, though strange are certainly unique to each breed. So why is it odd to think that man and woman don't mate the same way?"

Ivory frowned and walked from the water. She lay on the grassy shore and let the sun caress her alabaster skin. Her sister soon joined her and the two girls studied the clouds as they floated by. Eventually Ivory rolled over and studied her sister's body. "What other things are similar between us and female animals of the woods?"

"If you would but go outside with me, you would already know this."

"I know, but it is good for one of us to remain with mother. I don't mind -- well, not too often."

Crimson turned onto her side and she too took a moment to look upon her sister's naked flesh. "Well, for one, the girl animals have more than one of these," Crimson reached out and touched her sister's right breasts. "And these points," she trailed her fingers across Ivory's pink nipples, "well, none of them have anything like ours," she paused and gasped softly, "Oh my."

"What?" her sister asked.

"Yours harden like mine, but when I touch yours, my body becomes warm. Much like when I caress my own."

Ivory reached out and touched one of Crimson's nipples. "Mine does as well. My womanhood feels tingly too. Does yours?"

"Mm hm," Crimson said. "That is another thing that is different. We have a soft patch of hair that covers or womanhood, and the females of the forest, they are almost bare. I think it is to keep themselves clean for their mating."

"Perhaps we are not nearly as clean as we have thought," Ivory whispered. She sat up and spread her legs, peered between them and studied her womanhood through the soft curls of hair. "I believe I am clean.

"I am sure you are," Crimson answered. She sat up and spread her sister's legs even further apart. Her fingers brushed through the hairs, and the pads of her digits parted the smooth flesh of her sibling. "You look clean and smell beautiful, Ivory." Crimson bent down and kissed her sister's womanhood, then she sat up. "Yes, you are perfect."

Ivory's chest rose and fell in rapid succession.

"Are you okay?" Crimson asked.

"I don't know. I feel weak. Kiss me again, down there."

Crimson shrugged her shoulders, but did as she was told. She bent her head and looked up at Ivory, while pressing her mouth to her sister's lips. "Well?"

"Yes, your kiss has made me weak and that tingling has returned. Do it again Crimson. It felt so amazing."

Crimson smiled. She loved making her sister happy, so she pressed her lips to her womanhood again and watched Ivory's lips part in pleasure. "Do me," she said, and sat back, spreading her legs and offering her sister the patch of red curls that covered her womanhood.

Ivory whimpered at having lost the feeling of her sister's mouth against her sensitive flesh, but she wanted Crimson to experience the same euphoric feeling that she'd just had. She bent down and placed her lips upon the same spot where her sister had kissed her. She also chose to watch Crimson's expression. When her sister gasped Ivory found herself pleased and her body warming. "You too are clean and smell beautiful. But sister, what of taste. What do you taste like?"

Crimson's brows furrowed in confusion. "I don't know," she admitted. "Tell me," she said in an excited voice.

Ivory nodded her head, and ran her tongue between the lips of her sister's sensitive flesh. Crimson's hips rolled forward and Ivory heard her sister whisper how wonderful it had felt, so she did it again. Her tongue lapped at each side of the warm flesh and when she pulled away she saw fluids seep from her sister. "Amazing," she hissed, before bending back down and licking again. Her own womanhood was growing damp as she tasted her sister. She reached down and touched the slickness and brought it to her lips. Ivory tasted herself and moaned around her fingers. "Oh Crimson, you must try me," she gasped.

"Yes, oh yes Ivory. Climb over me. Put your womanhood against my mouth and I will taste you, while you taste me."

"Oh yes," Ivory whispered. She moved over her sister, arranging herself so that both of them could learn the taste of the other.

The two girls slowly began to lick at the juices that were spilling from their womanhood. As they learned the tastes, each one began to experiment with different patches of flesh. Ivory found a hard button at the top of her sister's sensitive mound and began to tease it. Crimson squealed and when Ivory asked if she was okay, she breathlessly whispered that she was and begged her softly to continue. Ivory giggled and wiggled her womanhood against her sister's face. "Do me," she insisted.

Crimson found the same little button and she teased it with the tip of her tongue and then she gave it a soft tug with her teeth. "Oh my," Ivory gasped. "Wonderful, again please."

The love the sisters shared was deep and pure and as they experienced a bliss never before felt, their bond only strengthened. "There is a dark hole here," Ivory whispered. She placed one finger inside and brushed her nail against it.


Ivory pulled her finger out.

"No! Don't! Put it back!" Crimson demanded.

Ivory quickly pushed her finger back in and began to rub the fleshy surface. Crimson found her sister's hole and did the same thing. They slowly pulled their fingers out and put them back in again. More juices flowed and the girls were quick to drink them up. Their bodies began to press closer against the other sister's mouth and the girls for several minutes forgot how to speak coherently.

Eventually Ivory gasped, "Something is happening."

"I know. I feel it too."

"Should we stop?" Ivory asked. The tone of her voice spoke the fear she held in her sister's answer.

"No, let us find out what is happening."

They continued drinking and pushing their fingers into each other. They both felt their muscles tightening and their hips were moving at a haphazard rhythm. "I am scared," Crimson hissed.

"So am I!"

But both girls continued to search for whatever it was they were so close to finding. "Put another finger inside me!" Crimson shouted. She did to her sister what she had demanded her sister do to her. Again the girls gasped in shock and pleasure. They once more twisted their fingers and used their mouths to drink the fluids that were pouring out of the womanhood they were tasting. When Crimson screamed, a flood of clear liquid shot out and covered Ivory.

Ivory was shocked, but not disgusted. She pushed her face into her sister's mound and drank more fluids as they rushed out. Her own pussy had also exploded and the feeling had left her speechless. A low grunt erupted from her chest and was buried against the slickness of her sister. She felt Crimson's mouth cover the hole in which her fingers had been teasing. She wondered if her sister was as wet as she and if not she hoped that next time she would be on the bottom, so she could drink most of the fluids instead of wearing them.

Crimson held tight to her sister's derriere as she kept her lips sealed around the dark hole that insisted on squirting the heavenly fluids from a depth that she ached to explore. When Ivory was done moving her hips and rubbing her womanhood on her face, Crimson helped her sister climb off her.

The girls lay on their backs, their bodies shivering and trembling from the sensations that had just burned through them. Neither one could speak, fearing that whatever joy they had just felt would suddenly disappear. The air around them grew cooler and soon the chill of the early evening forced them to move.

They stood up together, and dressed, then they held hands and walked back to the cottage. Once there they kissed one another on the lips and pulled back. "Is that me?" Ivory asked. Her sister nodded and they pressed their mouths together again.

"Open your mouth. I want to taste myself," Crimson whispered. Ivory did as requested and felt her sister's tongue slide along her teeth and across her tongue. Ivory allowed her curiosity to claim her and so she too took a sample of her sister's mouth. The two girls let their tongues twist and dance around one another until they felt their bodies tingling again. "Oh my," Crimson whispered.

"I know," her sister said. They pulled apart and stared at each other in wonder. "Do we tell mother?" Ivory asked.

Crimson chewed on her lower lip. "I do not know."

"I think we should. We have never kept secrets from her before. Why should we now?"

"You are right," Crimson said.

The two girls headed into the cottage and found their mother preparing their evening meal. After they dined on fresh bread and vegetable soup, Crimson cleared her throat and looked at her sister. Ivory nodded her head and took a deep breath. "Mother?"


"Today Crimson and I discovered something in the forest. But we are not sure what it is."

"What did it look like?" their mother asked.

Crimson giggled. "It didn't look like anything."

"Well, it did for me. It was colorful. Bright red, orange, yellow, gold and even different shades of black. I did not know there were different shades of black," Ivory confessed.

"Black? Gold? Red? I felt heat. Intense unbelievable heat. I felt it in my toes. My fingers. My head. I have never felt so hot and I only wanted to get hotter." Crimson waved her hand in front of her face. "It was very strange, but yet very close to heaven -- that is if heaven is as lovely a place as you have described, mother."

Their mother studied her daughters and for a moment the girls felt strange under her scrutiny. Then their mother spoke, "Did you discover these colors and discover this heat together. On each other? Or did you find this in the woods, alone? Or with someone else? A stranger?"

"With strangers?" Ivory asked. "Oh no mother. No one was at the pond with us. We found these things on our own and yes it was together. I discovered mine when Crimson pushed her fingers into my womanhood and used her tongue on this little button that we both discovered."

"And you Crimson, you felt this heat when your sister did these things to you?"

"Yes, mother. It was beautiful. What is it? What did we find?"

Their mother smiled softly, reached over and squeezed both their hands. "You my darling innocent daughters have discovered passion. It is something that is only achieved when two people truly love each other. You and your sister love each other very much."

"Passion." The word fell simultaneously from both girls lips. They reached under the table and held hands. "Mother," Crimson said, "we love you. Do you wish to feel this passion?"

The older woman laughed softly. "No dear one. This passion is for you and your sister to enjoy. I have had my passion. It was with your father. One day though you will have to give up your passion for each other and seek out a different passion. And that passion will be for a man."

"A different passion?" Ivory asked.

"Yes," their mother said. "Passion with a man is very different. He is able to reach deep inside you and you will feel complete when he claims you. But only if it is true love. You must be sure before you allow him the same liberties you give your sister."

"How will we know?" Crimson asked.

"You will know in your heart. If the man only stirs your womanhood, then he is not the perfect mate for you. He must stir your mind, make you laugh, make your whole body experience passion without even one touch of his lips or manhood against your womanhood."

"His manhood? Do you mean his dangling parts? Like the animals of the woods?" Crimson's questions made her mother grin.

"Yes, his dangling parts. Oh forgive me daughters for keeping you so pure and innocent. You are eighteen and too old to be so ignorant of life. A man's 'dangling parts' is called his manhood and his velvet sack. He enjoys having these touched and licked, much like how you enjoyed tasting each other. When you find the right mate, his manhood will press deep into your womanhood and you will bring forth his seed. With that seed you will make a child."

Ivory's brow furrowed in confusion as did Crimson's. Their mother sighed. "I know it is hard to understand, but when it happens it will make sense." She could tell by the looks on their faces that they doubted her. "You will see children. You will see."

The girls watched their mother rise from her chair. They accepted her kisses on their brows and they cleaned away the dishes while she took to her bed. When they were done they both went outside, once more they held hands and once more they walked out into the woods to welcome the night sky and gaze up at the stars.

They came to a clearing and sat down. Their bodies were pressed close together and their fingers entwined. "Sister," Ivory said, "would you press your lips upon mine again?"

Crimson smiled, nodded her head yes, and touched her lips to her sisters. They both opened their mouths and let their tongues touch. Once more they used the muscles to taste and dance. Crimson whimpered into her sister's mouth and Ivory groaned.

Ivory reached out and stroked her sister's hair, while Crimson moved her hand to close around Ivory's breast. Their kiss deepened.

"Sister, do we dare taste passion again?" Ivory asked.

"I do not see why not. Mother said it was okay."

The two girls disrobed and resumed the position that they had tried out earlier, however Ivory insisted that she be on the bottom. After they both experienced the colors and heat that they had described to their mother, they curled up against each other and fell asleep.

In the morning, the girls woke up and found a man sitting across from them. They stared at him and took note of his shining white clothes and golden-hued hair. He said nothing, only smiled, nodded his head, rose to his feet and walked away. Both girls' jaws were slack as he disappeared into the woods. They scrambled to their feet, pulled on their clothes and then froze. Before them, where the man had been sitting, was a precipice. Had either girl moved too far in the night, they would have been fallen to their deaths. They hugged each other and hurried back to their home.

Back at the cottage they arrived to see their mother putting out their morning meal. The girls hurried to tell her what they had seen, but she hushed them and told them to eat first. Both Ivory and Crimson rolled their eyes, huffed and sat down, but they ate, slowing their intake when their mother scolded them. After breakfast the old woman asked them to share their story.

Both spoke at the same time, again bringing a chastisement from their mother. Crimson sighed and Ivory licked her lips. "We spent the night out in the woods," Ivory said. "And when we awoke there was a man dressed in white with bright gold hair. We have never seen a man such as he. He did not look like the men in the village from when we were babes."

"But what truly frightened us was the cliff!" Crimson said. "After he left, we realized we had fallen asleep near a cliff drop and had we moved we could have been killed!"

Their mother's eyes grew wide with fright. "You must be more careful!" she cried. "He must have been sent from the heavens. A guardian angel for my foolish babes."

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