tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 09

Dare Me Not Ch. 09


Dare Me Not Ch. 09

Recap: Coach Carter has given Janine some control over her actions and her choice of clothes. This is still imperfect because she can only exert her will after ten seconds (Ch. 8), while still leaving her vulnerable within that period of time. It seems that after any sexual release, her delusions are temporarily quietened. However, morning breaks on the day when she is to meet Brad Wheeler after their encounter the morning before (Ch. 4).

Janine thought she had things under control. But after a night of fitful sleep tormented by dreams, both extremely terrifying and exciting, day break found her with two fingers jammed knuckle-deep in her pussy and her bed in total disarray.

"Touch me, don't just tease me," she heard herself say as her eyes fluttered open. "I need you to do all sorts of nasty things to me!"

A part of her old self was disgusted, but it felt like she was on the outside looking in as the madness unfolded. She wanted to stop but her body would not comply. Her fingers worked their magic inside her as her other hand clawed at her breast. Ten long seconds went by as she unsuccessfully tried to bring herself to climax before her rational mind regained control. Janine, stop now!

She sat up on her bed, inhaling deeply. Even without any further commands from Brad, she felt like she was losing herself. What a dangerous command he had left her with. I bet that deep down inside you really want me to do all those nasty things to you, and by tomorrow you'll be begging me for it.

It was six in the morning and their appointed meeting was a whole hour and a half away. Ninety minutes of which her subconscious could usurp control from her and make her imagine all the nasty things that he would do to her. As if on cue, images of him pushing her forcefully against the lockers as he ripped her sodden panties off in a violent sexual rage filled her mind. "I need you to do all sorts of nasty things to me, Brad Wheeler," she muttered to no one in particular. "I need it now!"

Her fingers found their way back to her still-soaked crotch and to her sore nipples. Janine could only close her eyes and scream silently as her lust consumed her completely.


The need to be in school by the appointed time drove her out of her drug-like state. She should have exerted her will on her dress sense, but she was so on edge that she could not focus. A random blue t-shirt got paired with an above-the-knee brown a-line skirt and the denim jacket from the day before. It still had dust streaks from the floor of Coach Carter's truck, but she would not have noticed, let alone cared at that point. She wore a simple white lace bra after realising that all her bras felt uncomfortable. If she were able to remember, she'd know that it was a result of Coach Carter's experimentation with commands, but again, such nuances escaped her frazzled mind. With only a minute to their meeting time, she stumbled purposefully to the lockers at the back of the school.

Brad Wheeler stood at the dead-end of the corridor after she rounded the corner. His already smug look managed to grow even smugger by a few degrees as she dropped her sling bag and threw herself at his feet. "Please, please, I need you to do all sorts of nasty things to me!"

He clicked his tongue at her as he chided her, "Where is your sense of propriety, Miss Tyler? You're saying some very dangerous things."

Janine latched herself to his leg and started rubbing her crotch against his calf. "Don't play me, Brad Wheeler, you know what you've done to me!" she hissed.

"Oh, so you know what you're doing and you know why. That's pretty neat. It seems like you have progressed further in your gift since yesterday. Why don't you stand up? I bet you can't wait to show me those wet panties of yours?"

Janine got up in a jiffy. She had counted on going ten seconds without a new command so she could wrestle control back, but Brad got his new command in. She lifted her skirt by the hem so that he could get a good look at her white cotton panties. He knelt down and marvelled at the beginnings of a damp spot. Five seconds more!

"I bet you've been dreaming of masturbating in school. I dare you do it right here so I can watch." Damn him, damn him to hell!

She continued to hold her skirt up with other hand as her right hand extended down to her crotch. She traced the outline of her pussy lips through her cotton panties as Brad shifted to get a better view. "Very nice lips you have there. Why don't you tighten those panties so that they don't block my view? You're supposed to let me watch."

Though not directly a command, her mind complied. It made perfect sense because she wanted him to watch. She grabbed the front of her panties and scrunched it together as if it were a thong. Her pulling action brought the wet fabric right up against her clitoris and she jerked involuntarily. "I bet that feels good. Why don't you continue doing that?"

Damn it felt good, she had to agree. Her clitoris had been ignored for most of the morning and her inner tension was threatening to rip her apart. She could feel the storm brewing within and beginning to show through the cracks. She continued to rub the crotch of her panties against her clitoris in a sawing motion. Stop it Janine, you can stop it! her mind screamed at her body. She bit down on her lip as she felt her climax coming.

"I bet you're really close. I dare you to finger fuck yourself until you come, and make sure you scream!"

Once again, he had beaten the ten-second shot clock, and now there seemed to be no turning back. She yanked her panties to the side and buried her middle finger as far as it could go, whistling as it sank to the hilt. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets as she built up momentum, her finger joined by another as they drilled into her, again and again. She felt a scream welling in her throat and when her climax hit, she let it out, unable to stop neither her throbbing body nor her cries of passion.

Brad was seated on the floor and had his cock out, stroking it furiously as he enjoyed his show. What a prize slut, he thought as he congratulated himself. Janine collapsed to the floor, unable to keep standing as her orgasm robbed her of her strength.

"You're not done yet, you fucking whore. I bet you need to suck this dick and worship it." He sneered at her as she dragged her shivering body closer. She latched on to his cock and inhaled it deeply as she massaged his balls. He cooed cutely as she took all of his short length into her mouth. He was much smaller than Ivan the security guard and Coach Carter and after all her escapades, it almost seemed too easy to do. Still, worship his manhood she had to and worship it she did.

She bobbed up and down his shaft like a pro, twisting and turning on it and pausing only to lick it from base to head. Somewhere at the back of her mind, a countdown finally crossed zero as she swallowed it for the last time. Payback is a bitch, she thought as she sank her teeth into his hard flesh as best she could.

Brad howled in pain as Janine got unsteadily to her feet. "You can't control me anymore," she lied. "And if you try anything like that again, I'll take it off completely!" She grabbed her sling bag and contemplated taking a swing at him while he was bent over double on the floor, but decided to hightail out of there before he could issue another command to ensnare her again. Brad clutched his injured penis as he curled up on the floor did not have the presence of mind to try another dare, too caught up with flinging obscenities at her retreating figure.

A ten second window is too long, she pondered as she raced away. There had to be a way to shorten it. She had barely escaped this time. Her debt to Brad Wheeler had been paid when he touched her so her mind was finally rid of demons, at least his demons. She slowed down when she had put three corridors and two floors between her and Brad.

Who else could she turn to for help? She wondered as she turned into the ladies' washroom outside her next tutorial class. Aha, Professor Dawson would definitely be able to help.

By popular demand, the beloved Professor Dawson will come back into play. How will he be able to help our unfortunate heroine?

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