DJ & Jay Ch. 03


Tasha and I didn’t talk about it in full, really breaking it down minute-by-minute, till much later. When we finally did, we realized we had been right about our corresponding thoughts. She had started out looking to give me a proper send-off, if it came to that, to get a little amusement over my unerring ungracefulness, and maybe sell some of her land. She got all that and more by the time our weekend was done. There, as it started, both of us reeking of sex, naked, and out of our normal comfort zones, we both saw in the others’ face that life as we knew it was over.

These guys had helped awaken a need to have something more, something else, than what was expected. Maybe they learned that in their little world, but it was spilling into ours. If I survived, I’d come out of it with a totally new way of looking at things.

For one thing, I’d just learned perforce that jealousy was pointless and redundant. I’d gotten so much more from two, or three if it came to that, than from one person. Not that there was anything wrong permanent partners. It just didn’t have to be that way, and didn’t reflect badly on anyone if it wasn’t. Tasha’s continuing hands-on demonstration enlightened me to the fact that there were no stars and no celebrities where it really mattered, that its all a chimera, that we’re all just people who do what we do; some happened to be more visible than others. Tasha had an advantage in that she’d grown up with money, but she had rejected it. I still didn’t have a clear picture, just bits and pieces, but things were starting to fit as I watched her interact with strangers.

DJ and I decided the night on the town could wait. We were supposed to be up early to meet a realtor in the morning, and Jay had to do what he mysteriously named as ‘research’ later. The four of us all climbed into the tub in the larger bedroom and got it as hot as we could stand the water. My newly bald pussy soaked up the heat and healed from the stretching it had received. We cut eyes back and forth, everyone touching everyone else and pretending not to. It was silly, but after a good hour of teasing and bullshitting, hard-ons much in evidence, we still wound up paired. At one point I sat between DJ and Jay, one cock in each hand while Tasha leaned back opposite and played with herself under the water. That was as far as it went; Jay pulled Tasha out, though I’d swear he’d been wanting me, lay down on the bed and said, “Start sucking!” DJ and I made our exit across the main room to ‘our’ bedroom, where DJ lay down on the bed, pulled a ‘Jay’ face and said, “Start sucking!” I was more than happy to.

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