Exercise Ch. 03


She was unable to sleep. She’d gotten her pink silk shortie nightgown on hours ago, had a glass of hot milk, and read a chapter of her new book before turning off the lights, but the cursed warmth between her legs was keeping her awake.

She got up, tense with desire, and went into the small TV den for a distraction. The TV was on, playing an old Star Trek episode, and the voice that came from the couch startled her. “Rogue.”

Scott was there, lying down, idly watching the flickering images. He wore only a pair of white briefs and his ever-present visor. He sat up as he noticed her startled reaction. “Sorry. Sit down.”

She bit her lip and sat next to him on the couch. He looked a little surprised by her decision, but remained in place, watching Kirk and the rest fighting on-screen.

She watched him. Strange. She’d never considered Scott as sexually attractive before. His body, though, there on the couch, was making her want to take control from him. Making him beg for her. She closed her eyes, getting wet at the idea, and trailed a finger down his cheek.

“Rogue?” He turned and looked at her as she opened her eyes and touched her lips to his. He did not fight her as she deepened the kiss, slipping her tongue gently along his, and raised to her knees so she could straddle him.

When she released him, his arms were sliding up and down her back absently. She pushed up against him, feeling his erection through his underwear. He gasped. “Rogue? What about…”

“Don’t worry. She went to Jamaica with Pyro, remember?”

He relaxed and embraced her then, sliding one hand under her breast to capture her nipple through the gown as the other toyed with the hem, only an inch from her rear. She shivered as he played with her, sucking her areola into his mouth, and she rubbed her moist slit against him in reaction, hoping for more.

He turned her around on his lap so she was facing forward, his body at her back, and whispered in her ear, “Watch.” His hand curved around and slid between her thighs, firmly holding her in place as he started gently stroking her there. She whimpered, wanting more, and his hand increased its pace, dipping lower to moisten his fingertips, then gliding over her sensitive clitoris again and again, until she was nearly screaming with the effort of keeping her eyes on the TV.

He moved under her then, removing his fingers and raising her off his body, and she moaned, “Oh, please … please … Scott … don’t … don’t stop…”

He settled her back down on him, his body finally fully naked against hers, and firmly thrust into her at the same time. She let out a soft cry, enjoying the stretchy, full sensation. His hand returned to her sensitized mound and he chuckled. “I’m not stopping unless you do. Now, keep watching and ride me.”


Jean Grey gasped and pulled herself out of Rogue’s dream with an effort. With another, she did a swift scan and discovered that the woman had chosen Scott as her dream lover randomly, not because she really wanted him. Her jealousy evaporated, leaving her with nothing but lust.

She sat up and held her head. Her body ached with longing. More than anything, she wanted to find Scott and finish out that dream with him, but she hesitated a moment before deciding. Scott always wanted to be in control of their lovemaking and though they were engaged, he had insisted on waiting until the wedding day itself before having actual sexual intercourse, though he had softened on most other forms of sex after some time. It was tradition, it was his desire for control, and it was his charmingly outdated idea that nice girls didn’t want anything of the sort before they were married, despite her attempts to convince him otherwise.

She got out of bed and put on her robe. It was time for Scott to learn the hard way that she was tired of waiting.


In the dark and quiet of Scott Summers’ room, a figure approached, gently turning back his covers. He was wearing an old plaid set of pajamas, head thrown to the left, arms flung wide. The figure gestured, and the pajamas split along several different seams and rose from his body, landing on the floor in a pile. A robe was tossed over them, as was a nightgown, and the figure settled to its knees on the bed, bending over his body.


Wake up, Scott. He felt gentle lips stroking his, fingers caressing his shoulders, and warm, wet pressure against his penis. He came awake with a startled gasp. Jean’s erotic feelings and thoughts played through his mind as she continued arousing him, poised over his body, intending to do what he’d wanted for years ...

But, Jean … we were going to … I didn’t know … It was hard to think with her thoughts shredding even his hard-won self-control, though his shock helped insulate him a little. His pelvis ground against hers involuntarily, her pleased reactions hardening him further, and he panted as she continued her seduction.

I’m tired of waiting, Scott. Aren’t you? She played out some of his private thoughts, times when he’d wanted to continue but stopped them both from going on. He nearly pushed into her when she added her reactions to what he remembered from his perspective, but his self-control still held by a thread.

But, Jean … it’s not right, I didn’t know … He tried holding onto her hips, controlling her movements, trying to take control of things again to drown out his fear that if he did not, this would all end badly.

Now you do. What are you going to do about it, love? She turned on the lamp in the far corner with her telekinesis, so he could see how flushed and eager she was, moving over his body and grinding into him. He was soaking, felt the trickles of her desire flooding down his balls as her mind hummed in frustrated pleasure. I want you. You want me.

Just seeing her made him ache for more. Well, yes … Before he could add anything else, she positioned herself just right and rammed herself onto his cock. He groaned in satisfaction with her, feeling how good it was to fill her and be filled by him at the same time.

See? she asked, moving gently on his body. I knew it wouldn’t hurt the first time if you stretched me out ahead of time. This is much better, don't you think?

Oh, God…Jean…
He couldn’t think. His own sexual pleasure mingling with hers drowned out the fear he’d had before of being out of control. It all felt too good to be bad. They both swiftly took in air and cried out Scott’s name as one orgasm sparked the other.


Rogue came awake quickly from her dream, the burning in her cleft making her consider just sliding one hand down between her legs to ease the pressure. *It would be so easy, you know,* her mind tempted her in a smooth, sexy voice. *He’d never have to know about it and it would feel so good to relieve this awful tension…*

She groaned and rolled out of bed reluctantly, blushing a little. The dream stayed with her for the five minutes it took to get to the women's shower, making her ache and curse Remy’s stupid ideas. She’d never thought about Scott as anything other than just another man before and she sensed that this morning’s briefing would be difficult as a result. How could she look at him, or Jean, and not feel strange?

She got out at last, frustrated, to find that her towel was gone, as was her robe. "Hello?"

Remy came around the corner, her towel over his arm, wearing only a pair of red boxers. "Mornin', chere."

"Remy!" The bastard stood there, grinning at her, but she refused to cover herself and give him the satisfaction of seeing how he affected her. "Give me my towel and I might let you live."

He put on a mock-innocent expression. "What towel, chere?" His burning eyes watched every move as she started pacing toward him, hand ready to touch his arm.

She drew her hand back at the last moment. She was not going to lose at this point. She frowned, pondering the bet they’d made, then an idea came to mind. A wicked idea. She took a step back and began stretching backwards, reaching for the sky, lifting her breasts, making sure her lover saw every move she made. She next got on her hands and knees, parting her legs enough to give the swamp rat a good view, and arched her back in sexy comfort.

He swallowed. "Chere, what you up to now?"

She smiled and flipped onto her back, spreading her arms and legs out wide. "As I remember the rules, swamp rat, I only lose if you seduce me. I don't lose if I seduce you."

He frowned for a moment, his straining cock clearly visible through his boxers, then smiled and bowed to her. He shrugged in a “You win” fashion. "We shall meet again, chere." He turned to go, still holding her towel over his arm and hand, then quickly raised the camera he'd been hiding under it to his eyes and took a few quick pictures before running from the room.

Damn. She still didn't have anything to wear, Remy had pictures, and she still had to show up at the morning briefing. This morning was one of her most frustrating to date. She paused at the door, hoping no one would be outside when she came out.

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