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It's been a lazy day. We'd spent most of it reading on the couch together, silent, for quite some time. We'd play a sort of peek-a-boo, seeing how long we could stare at the other person without getting caught directly. I tend to lose, but then you tend to cheat. Unless you call feigning (... well, not always feigning...) masturbation, then just looking at me as I watch you fair play. Hmph. If it weren't so damn hot, I think I'd be upset.

This is not quite that game though. Although my looks remain glances that flicker away as soon as you look up, yours become more and more pointed until finally I look up and you hold my gaze. Completely. Totally. I can't really explain. Just that this particular look in your eyes along, with a few others, grip me so strongly that I'm not sure anything could rip my attention away.

You continue to stare, the corners of your lips quirk upwards in a small, smirking smile as I try, and fail, to turn my attention back to the book I'm reading. A small foot slides its way out from the tangle of our legs and slides very slowly up and down the inner of my calf. Your smile grows as I react, mmm'ing very quietly and shifting my leg to give you better access. You watch me for a long moment before moving, putting your book down, then crawling up to straddle my lap and pull my forgotten book from my hands, slowly replacing the playing card I use to mark my place and put it down out of the way.

When you turn back towards me, you slide your hands over my shoulders then up my neck to tilt my head up so my lips can meet yours. The kiss is slow and thorough with tongues exploring each others mouth, teasingly wrestling with one other. My hands slide down your sides then around to the small of your back, lightly accentuating the grinding of your hips in my lap.

You growl and break the kiss, one hand's fingertips trailing lightly away from their place holding my jaw, the other's slipping up to bury itself in soft, dark hair, gripping tightly but no so much so as to cause pain. You tilt my head further up, staring down at me, I meet your gaze for a moment directly as the tip of my tongue darts across my lips, then drop mine for a moment before looking back up at you with my head tilted slightly downwards. You smile warmly for a moment, then lean in and lick my cheek and stand up, pulling me, grinning, after you by my collar.

Once in the bedroom you don't bother pointing or saying a thing. You simply pull my shirt over my head and drop it on the floor, muttering something about the rest waiting before tugging on my collar, forcing me down next to the bed as you walk into the closet where you keep most of the toys. I smile watching the soft grace of your movement, trying to think of anything I might have done recently that might bring particularly painful play. I can't think of anything, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

You're naked when you emerge, grinning, hands held behind your back. I smile, shyly for some reason, looking up at you with my head tilted slightly downward again. Smiling, that is, until I see what's in your hands. Then I whimper. You're holding a pair of thin leather straps for binding wrists together. There's a ring where the two straps meet in the center. But that's not what brings the whimper. You're also holding the inflatable gag that goes with the straps you're carrying. It's got a ring matching that goes with the one on the straps near the buckle. I hate that thing. It's made of latex, which I don't mind in and of itself, I just don't care for the taste of that gag. And you, of course, know I don't like the taste.

My eyes slide from the gag back up to yours, pleading silently. This doesn't really do much for me, but somewhere in the back of my mind I figure that if I get my Sad Puppy Eyes (tm) just right maybe they'll get me something other than an, "Awww," and a pat on the head if you're in an indulgent mood. This time, you smile sweetly and skip the, "Awww," and just pat me on the head, soothingly running your fingers through my hair a few times before tilting my head up and sliding the gag past my lips. I whimper again, tongue instantly recoiling away from the gag, trying to keep my head from reflexively moving away from the gag.

You don't inflate it very much this time for some reason. Well, by "not very much" I mean not so much that my jaw starts aching instantly. I look down and offer my wrists for the strap. You smile at me momentarily, petting me again for not resisting at all, then bind my wrists together before locking the two rings together. My wrists are now bound quite securely to the base of my skull. You murmur about having forgotten something and slip away after laying me down on the bed and kissing my cheek.

You emerge holding a spreader bar for legs meant to be attached at the ankle. You straddle my stomach, and run a fingertip along my cock, mmm'ing quietly. I moan softly, but the gag seems to eat this one completely. You half turn your head, looking over your shoulder at me, eyes gleaming darkly, before scooting up my chest some and leaning over my legs to attach the spreader bar.

This has the (obviously intentional) side effect of letting me see, and smell just how aroused you are. I whimper and shift a little. For my trouble I get a swat at the inner of my thigh and a quiet, "Stop that."

Once my legs are locked a little more than shoulder-width apart you turn back around and sit, grinding a little against my stomach, smiling down at me. The rings holding my wrists to the back of my head give just enough leeway that if I'm careful I can lay on my back with my head propped on my arms without too much discomfort.

You toy with me a little, a hand reaching around behind you to caress, stroke and squeeze my cock, wondering aloud, softly, if maybe you should just masturbate here and use me as a body pillow for snuggling after and nothing more. I whimper loudly enough to be heard through the gag and grind back a little. It's been about a week since the last time I came, and I'm easy to manipulate even when it hasn't been that long.

At the struggling, the hand on my cock wraps around the shaft and squeezes tightly. Your other hand reaches forward and small fingertips close around a nipple they'd been teasing at earlier, pulling up and away, twisting and holding my nipple like that.

I nearly scream, the sound I do make comes through muffled. My eyes snap shut and my back arches a little, lift that side of my body towards your fingertips.

Softly, "You have the most beautiful eyes, but they're always closed when I want to see them most, teisuu. So we're going to work on that today. I'm going to fuck you," you smile teasingly, "until I cum at least. I'll go slowly, at first at least, and your eyes are to remain open as much as possible." The hand at my chest releases the flesh being held and you drag your fingernail down over my rib cage heavily, leaving a red mark behind. "If they're not open enough, you will get a reminder like this one."

My eyes are still closed, I'm sucking in air heavily through my nostrils, trying to process what I'm being told through the haze of arousal and the biting pain from the scratch on my side.

Your fingers float back to the previously abused nipple, still sensitive from before. Your fingers curl as if ready to pinch and twist, but pause there. Your voice is quiet, commanding, "Open, Alex."

My eyes slide open. My breathing evens a little, but looking up at you like that ... Gods, it's all I can do not to cum then.

"Good boy," you pur, "Now keep them that way." You watch me for a moment, silently, then lift yourself off me, positioning my cock at your entrance, teasing my head against the glistening folds.

I whimper loudly, lifting my hips ineffectually, my eyes starting to close again out of instinct and habit before I remember and force them back open.

You let out a soft moan, punctuated by a small grunt as you slide completely down onto my cock. I moan as well, whimpering after a moment when my eyes try to slide shut of their own accord again.

You hold me there for a moment, looking down at me, breathing deeply, full breasts rising and falling with the motion of your chest. My gaze wanders dazedly, darting, eyes scanning your body, then your face, locking with your green eyes frequently, but never for long.

You begin slow, careful fucking strokes; sliding up and down my shaft, emerald eyes locked on my face watching my eyes dart about the room. You rake at my upper chest lightly, nowhere near as harshly as at my flank previously. Your other hand is near my head, keeping you balanced, after scratching my chest that hand slides to my chin, gripping firmly. You hiss, "Look at me, Alex. My eyes, look at them. Look at me."

I whimper loudly, gasping as your hips' motion grows in intensity. My eyes lock on yours. I can't imagine what they look like now, soft, brown pools hazed and glassy from feelings of ownership and desire. They probably look slightly frantic as I fight to hold them open, pleading for both the release of being allowed to shut them like my body wants to, and the release of orgasm.

I make another loud whimpering sound. I don't know quite why, but for some reason, when gagged, I'm nowhere near as quiet as I am when able to moan as loudly as I want. Maybe it's because I'm fighting to be heard through the gag, maybe it's the gag's dampening effect that removes some of my natural disinclination towards very loud noises, preferring soft moans and whimpers. I almost scream this one. Your hips pick up in intensity again and I can feel the impending rush of orgasm. My eyes dart away from yours for a moment before returning, you growl changing hands so you can claw a mark to match the first on the opposite side of my chest. After scratching, that hand moves to my chin holding me, the exquisite pain from the scratch nearly sends my eyes sliding shut. My breathing is ragged, deep, my chest heaving as I suck in air through my nostrils. I'm nearly wild, jerking against your grip, trying to increase the intensity of the dance of hips, pleading for you to let me cum. The words are drowned out by the gag; the moans, less so.

Maybe you feel it in the way my hips rise to meet yours, by now our fucking is quick, almost violent. Maybe you see it in my eyes. I'm close to coming and there's nothing I can do now to hold it back. I'm whimpering steadily, covered in a thin film of sweat, some of my bangs sticking to my forehead. The scratches on my sides seem to send slow waves of pleasurable heat out and down to my cock as you ride it. You begin a steady stream of whispering between moans, "Shhhh, it's okay, baby, it's okay. Cum, cum in me, Alex..."

I give one last whimper, pitifully soft in comparison to the others and arch my back, slamming up into you, the full weight of orgasm sweeping me away as I slide fully in, as I'm completely enveloped by you. My eyes are so close to closing. But... they don't.

I've cum with my eyes open before, of course. This is the first time I've ever cum looking into your eyes. I don't know what you see in mine, but I see your face change, your whole expression changing as your orgasm hits you. Your whole body spasms as you cry out once, loudly. Your eyes closing after you throw your head back. I can feel your cunt spasming around me as my cock twitches and jumps inside, thick blasts of cum coating the walls of your pussy.

We both take a long time coming down. I'm still sucking in air through nostrils deeply, unsure if I feel light-headed from lack of oxygen or something else. We stare at each other for a very long moment as my cock begins to soften inside you. You give a soft sigh of contentment before leaning down to kiss my forehead and murmur how pleased you are with me, resting your forehead against mine as you reach around behind my head and undo the clasp on the gag, letting the extra air out of it. You slide the damnable thing out of my mouth before stopping to unclasp it from the leather that binds my wrists.

You sit up, throwing the gag off the side of the bed before shifting enough, sighing again when my softened cock slides completely out of you, to remove the leg-spreader. It too goes over the side of the bed.

Half-purring another, "Good boy," you snuggle up against my chest and we lay like that. I'm not sure when or if you fall completely asleep, but you roll me on my side and throw an arm around my waist, snuggling against my back, and your breathing quickly becomes deep and even.

I'm not particularly tired, but it doesn't take long for the warmth and softness of your form against me to send me drifting off into a shallow doze...

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