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Field Trip To A Bath House


Last week, I had a very hot time with a young man. I wanted to write about it in here but remembered that I still hadn't finished this story from last fall. I felt guilty about starting a new story till I finished this one so I dusted it off and got it ready for you all. I hope you enjoy it. Remember this is a true story.

Now I can write down last week's fun with a clear conscience. Hope to have that out soon.


About a year after my encounter with Mike, I had become my company's chief road warrior. I was working out of town at least about a week every two months. This always made for terrific "hello and good bye" sex with my wife. She hated these trips and I was always looking forward to getting home and see in her and the kids after about 5 days. This did not stop me from me guilty pleasures of cruising for guys. For the most part, the company would send me to two of the different towns. One was a sleepy little town, much like the one I lived in, so the chances of "bumping" into another gay/bi male was about a million to one,. The other town was your medium sized city much like Columbus or Grand Rapids.

After being in the latter town a couple times, I had gotten to know where the gay bars were and would check out them out on my way back to the motel a couple times a week. I wasn't having much luck for shopping for guys. Other than kissing a guy goodnight after closing the bar, I had had no male contact.

One day at work, I searched the internet for other gay bars in the city. There were a few names on their that I had not seen before. That night I decided to try one of them on the way back to the motel.

As I enter the building, I expected to see a bar with guys hanging out. What I got instead was a clerk standing behind a counter with one inch thick glass.

The Clerk noticed that I looked puzzled and asked "Can I help you?" through the dozen quarter inch holes drilled in the glass.

"umm..I was expecting a bar here. What is this place.?".

"This is a men's only gym and recreation area", he replied.

It was then that it dawned on me what this REALLY was. I had heard of "bath houses" before, but thought they were all in California.

This peaked my curiosity.

"How much to go in?"

"Ten dollars for a locker, twenty if you want a private room, plus a twenty dollar six month membership fee."

I paid twenty five dollars for the membership and a locker, filled out a membership information card . The clerk buzzed me in through the door and handed me a towel and a key on a bungy strap.

"The lockers are past the weight room, just before the shower and sauna.

I walk past what looked like 20 year old and miss match exercise equipment and into a room with even older looking lockers. No one was in the locker area but I could hear water dribbling from the showers. I took off my clothes, locked them in the locker. Wrapping the towel around my waist, I walk toward the sound of the shower.

In the shower there was a very overweight sixty-ish man cleaning himself. Pulling his face out from under the shower head, his eyes darted to me and I was given the"I want to fuck you" stare that any bisexual man knows if he has ever been in a adult book store.

Truly not interested in this gentleman, I decided that my shower could wait, smiled quickly at the guy and proceed to look around more.

Past the shower room was the door to the sauna. I peeked in but no one was in it. I contemplated going in, but my chubby admirer was still staring at me through the glass wall and figured this would me mistaken as a green light for him to advance.

I continued down the hall way ware a well lit room had a couple couches and a TV showing some man on woman porn. No one was in there. The next room was much darker. In it was more couches and more porn on the TV, this porn showed a guy getting fucked in the ass by another as the fuckie was blowing another man. One of the couches had two men on each side of the couch. I got "the stair" from one of them. I gave him my best "would love to but maybe later: stair" back, as he was cute. Off to the left of the room was another room. I went in there and saw about for stalls with mattresses on them, a couple booths with folding chairs sitting out word to the opening and a sex swing. Again, no one was in there.

I walked back into the row with the 2 guys and thought about joining them on the couch,, when I saw another guy down the hallway stepping out of the shower. He was about 40 ish, six foot, 200ish lbs, short brown hair and a very tasty looking dick that was about six or seven inches long.

I walked back out to the shower room hung up my towel and started to take a shower. I looked at the guy who just showered. He was definitely checking me out. I watched him as he stepped into the sauna. I made sure all my important spots were clean, dried off and stepped in to the sauna myself. In there, the shower guy (I'll call him "Bill") sat with his towel around him, his head tilted back and eyes closed. He opened them as I sat across from him.

The Sauna was only ten by eight foot, so I was able to see view him perfectly despite the steam. We sat their, basically looking at each other for a long time. I could see a bulge building from inside the towel. He saw me looking at his crotch, smiled and opened the towel, exposing again that tasty cock.

Still no words between us I got up 10 seconds later and kneeled before him. I put my hand on his cock as he spread his legs wider. I glanced up at him and returned his smile as I took his cock in my mouth sucking him softly at first stopping to run my tongue up and down the shaft and few moments on his balls as I kneaded his cock with my hand. I could hear moans coming from him periodically. One of his hands was massaging the top of my head and my neck.

When I didn't think he could get any harder, I started to suck on his cock harder, bringing it to the back of my throat.

As my head bobbed up and down, I never heard the door to the sauna open. I became aware of a hand on my ass. I looked around and saw my friend from the couch kneeling next to me. He (I'll call him John) started to tug on my cock with one hand and massaged my asshole with the other. The steam of the sauna had made me very sweaty, and John was using the sweat as a lube as he jacked me off. I returned to sucking Bill, now doing my own moans as John was doing an awesome job of playing with my cock and ass. He tried to get around to blow me but the benches were not in the right angle. I thought about moving but I wanted Bill's cum and was afraid that moving might turn him off.

I didn't have to worry long though. About 2 minutes longer I felt Bill legs stiffen and he start to buck up and down. The blow job I was given turned into a full face fuck. Bills had both hands on the back of my head now. I felt his whole body stiffen as he let out a moan and his cock erupted in my mouth. I sucked harder, not wanting to loose a drop of Bill's cum. My god did it taste good.

Letting Bills cock fall out of my mouth I rolled over. This gave John a chance to take my cock into his mouth. As he sucked me, John figure found its way back to my asshole and he worked it in. This set me into overdrive and after about a minute more, I came hard.

I wanted to return the favor but being in the sauna for over twenty minute and the work out that I had just had (on both ends). I needed a drink.

I grabbed a coke from the clerk and came back to both John and Bill being gone.

Having not called my wife yet, I showered, got dressed. In the parking lot I saw John Getting into his car. I smiled at him and he smiled back. He got out of his car and he gave me one of his business cards.

"Call me some time" he said. "I have a much more comfortable place to fuck than that bench".

I did meet up with John a couple more times before my company stopped sending me to that office. I was very happy to be able to return the favor. I never saw Bill again.

If only I had field trip like these in high school.

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