Fine Time


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen.


The plane was flying in the sky and Lucy sat back in her chair relaxing, with headphones over her ears listening to some soft music. Something to better the mood and think back to days of the past. What the music was that she played in her ears was irrelevant. What mattered that she was on her way to having a good time for a change.

The former glamour model had been in a low end on life for almost a year now. With the end of her career on the road and pushing the age of 32 within a year. She still felt young, energetic and did not want to give up just yet. However she was due for some enjoyment of herself. This trip to Ibiza, Spain would see to it. The last time she was here for partying she had a blast, only this time she was by herself with none of her girlfriends to get in her way. She had a friend that would be waiting on her back at the hotel, what awaited them was a mystery for Lucy had no idea yet how she wanted to spend her time outside the UK.

Some hours later at midnight, the plane arrived outside town and the brown haired super beauty stepped off the plane. She waited at the entrance for her friend. Lucy had known Mark for a couple years and knew she could rely on him to lay low and have some party time. Her friend was waiting for her outside and got a good view of her; her hair curled up in a pony tale as she wore a white shirt with a leather black jacket over it. Even with a good sized jacket it was no match her mighty gigantic tits waiting to bust out. Below she had a small short skirt, also leather and matching. She smiled at Mark and approached him.

"Thanks for waiting for me Mark, will you take me back to my hotel?"

"As always, Lucy."

She spoke in her thick British accent. She could never hide it anyway she tried. Mark used to work with her management back in the UK. One of her better friends in the business that knew how to slide secrets under the rug and keep them there. He took her hand and walked her back to the car he had for them. His tanned white skin was visible even in his short and pants. Lucy could not help but take notice to it.

"Enjoying yourself on the beach lately?"

"Oh yeah babe! It's not the same without you here though. These other girls just are no match for your big ones in a bikini."

She laughed and made a grin. Her arrogance showed that she truly was proud of her tits. Even at the end of her career in Nuts when they had found girls bigger, she knew they still were no match in her beauty.

"Thank you, you know I love hearing that, even from you."

She got in the car with her friend as he rejoined her in the driver's seat. As the car started and they slowly went down the road, it popped in Mark's head to try and get a discussion out of her. To see where she had plans with her career for now was his top priority.

"You here for business or pleasure Lucy?"

"Strictly pleasure."

He grinned. For he knew exactly what this meant. He kept his eyes locked on the road, not letting the temptation cloud his judgement into an accident. Their history was proof of this. He didn't push it though with a reply, he could tell she was tired from the plane ride and probably needed a good night's rest before she was thinking straight. She spoke up again.

"I am taking my time partying tomorrow at that Disco club-"

Mark interrupted right as they stopped at a red light. He had other plans in store for Lucy. When he heard she was coming to Ibiza, he had arranged for her to meet someone that he knew would make very good use of her body, and a possible leg up in her career if she wanted to return to work.

"Wait Lucy, before you party it up, I have a friend I want you to meet. "

She sighed sorta out of aggravation. She didn't like being interrupted but she stopped herself from getting an attitude as Mark had sparked her curiousity. He knew that Lucy was a swinger and not looking for a serious relationship, but that didn't stop her from wearing out mattresses with men, including him.

"What? You want to introduce me to a mate of yours? Oh Mark this better not be a porky of yours."

He wasn't lying and all he did was laugh a bit and shake his head, stepping back on the gas slowly. The hotel would be a soon stop in the next few minutes.

"I am being serious with you babe, I know this guy and you two will get along well partying."

She laughed a bit, still shocked at his reaction. Mark normally could never keep his hands off Lucy. He literally worshiped her body when she was in town and they had great nights of doing it.

"I still don't believe you. As much as we shag, I can't see you being one for competition."

He laughed, as they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. They were here now and he would have to leave her soon and travel back to his mansion to get the day started tomorrow for the two of them...or three.

"Don't worry babe, we still are going to get it up as always. This guy is great, you're going to like him I think. Will you meet with us tomorrow?"

She nodded her head smiling and had that look in her eye. Mark knew not to tempt her. Lucy was a lustful sex goddess once she took her clothes off. Right now wasn't the place. She needed rest before she was up to her full potential for taking him on. Mark continued -

"Tomorrow at 2 PM meet me back at the club."

"What should I wear?"

Mark grinned. Shocked she had asked him this. He loved it though, knowing she was thinking about what to wear told him that she was going to be easy. It didn't matter to him and he wasn't going to pressure her into anything.

"I think you know what to wear babe. Heels always look good on your feet and something to show off those magnificent breasts. They are the best boobs in the world."

Right then and there, she knew he wanted to play with them but he managed to hold off on his temptation though his dick certainly was doing the thinking for him. Lucy grinned at Mark, she got out of the car and grabbed her luggage bag.

"I will go ahead and lay down. I will be ready tomorrow."

"Good, see you later babe."

She blew him a kiss as he pulled the car off and left. Moments later, Lucy checked into her hotel and headed upstairs. The night was for resting as she had a big day tomorrow and was not going to miss out on it.


Mark walked back into the double doors of the office to meet back with his friend. The preparations had been set and he wanted to give him the go on it. Walking into the door he smirked big at Javier nodding his head.

"She's back at the hotel. She's going to meet you tomorrow and dress for you."

Javier was smoking a cigar. He heard the words and grinned, setting the cigar down in the ash tray. The Spanish billionaire playboy had been waiting for this moment for a few years since he first seen her pictures in magazines. Javier lusted for Lucy, even with her wild sex life, he knew he would make a good partner for her on the side. For Mark, he wanted to keep Lucy a career to the point she'd never have to live off the stacks of pounds she accumulated from her modelling career. Javier brushed his hair back behind his ear and replied.

"Thank you...I hope this was worth all the trouble you just went through just for me."

"Don't worry she is. This woman is worth every penny. If she were an escort, I'd pay in gold to fuck her."

Javier nodded. He liked hearing this for it would help with his plans later on if she was to help her in a new career adventure.

"So you are that confident in her? Good. Tomorrow it is then."


The club was booming blaring the drugged up Acid House sound of techno rhythm. The club was full of shaking bodies, while the bar had a number of people drinking and enjoying themselves. Javier waited with Mark alongside at a table. The 40 year old Spanish business man had built quite a name for himself with multiple businesses over the years. Age was just a number for him as he had a few lines of grey in his long hair that was slicked back and hard to see. Since this was the date day he shaved his usual face that had the 5 PM shadow on it. Mark was sitting alongside of him. The American that worked in Britain and made a name for himself with management in modelling. He knew Lucy very well, inside and out, and every other spot between. The two of them were waiting for her patiently as the clock rounded 2:12 in the afternoon.

Lucy stepped out from the doors as she entered the club. Standing there proudly, as she looked about the room at all the people. The electronic music was booming at the dance floor and she could tell this was going to be a good time. She was dressed in a tight black dress, hugging all of her curves up to her massive tits that were hanging low, giving a perfect view of their monstrous glory. Down below she had on gold plated black leather heels, the classic "Fuck Me Pumps". Her brunette hair curled back to her ear, showing off her silver diamond pearl ear rings. She looked about and Mark spotted her, tapping his friend.

"There she is. Get ready to have your mind blown."

Javier's eyes lit up and then the world moved in slow motion for him as she spotted their table. The sultry vixen stepped forth and began to walk to them. Had the club been in silent motion, he would have heard the clicking and clacking of her high heels. Time was moving slowly but in reality it wasn't. Those big boobs bounced a bit, and before he knew it she had curved a smile and was standing right at the table. Javier was a statue, Mark smiled back at her.

"Hey there Lucy."

She ignored Mark, she knew that Javier was star struck and she wanted to tease him even more. She smiled down at him and then gave him her thick British accent.

"Hi, I'm Lucy Pinder."

"Oh yes you are...I know exactly who you are, my name is Javier."

She returned the smile at him and then leaned down, as she positioned herself to sit at the table across from the man that Mark had set her up with tonight. As she came down, she had bent over perfect to give him a heavy dose in view of her massive cleavage. She was watching his eyes, she knew she had him captivated by her lustful already, and they had not even really met yet.

"So Lucy, it's quite a surprise to finally meet you. I've been watching you in your magazines for a couple of years now, and here she is sitting across from me."

She smiled victoriously. She loved when a man knew this of her. She had many of them always lusting over her, it was nothing new, and she loved this worship over her body.

"I'm flattered Javier, truly flattered. Mark said I would like you, hmmm I think you like me in return."

He laughed at her flirting joke. Mark looked over and already knew how this was going to end up.

"So you here for vacation to get away from things back at home?"

"Yeah something like that"

"And you like to dance?"

She simply nodded her head, Mark knew where this was going now.

"Mark has spoken nothing but good things about you to me. I like you already. I did 4 years ago when I first seen you."

Lucy looked back at Mark now and he simply winked. Mark got up now, and was going to leave her all to him. He didn't want any of this for now, for he had better things to do.

"I gotta go for now, I'm glad I got you two guys together."

"Oh Mark, leaving already? We haven't even got drinks yet."

His old friend looked up at him sorta disappointed, but Mark simply waved it off. He knew the smug arrogance of Javier seething into him, as if he wanted him to be jealous but he certainly wasn't. As he turned to exit, Javier shifted his entire focus to Lucy now.

"So Lucy, do you want to have some drinks or dance?"

"I think I'd like to dance about now Javier."

Her thick British accent was getting to him already, he loved it. She was everything and more than Mark had described it. Javier took the English queen of glamour by the hand and led her out from the bar walking over to the dance floor. The loud blaring of the Acid House music was cooling on. Lucy swung her hand out and began to dance with Javier, bumping her body up against him. As the song continued on getting to hard beats, Javier made his move; grooving up against her body, feeling her hips. Lucy laughed and noticed she caught his attention, backing her bottom up into his pants before whipping her head around and giving an innocent smile, playing him. He finally had to break the silence of their talking and speak over the cluttered sound of dance music.

"You know how to handle yourself."

Lucy grinned,turning it around to where they were facing each other. She placed her hand on his back and then pushed into him with her heavy breasts pushing against his shirt. Javier returned the grin as he looked down at the massive cleavage bust pushing into his chest. His eyes traced the dark big line that was between her two melons as his sight trailed on up back to her eyes. Lucy was giving him a sinister grin, that he could read. He was at a loss of words.

Lucy pushed back now and continued dancing. She took his hand once more and now Javier was stomping about on the dance floor, as they shifted between the other bodies that were shaking it on the floor. Once she came a few feet distance from him, she spun around, letting go of his hand. Once he approached her had her back turned to him and she bent over and bumped her bottom into him again. Javier was starting to get turned on with the way she was laying it down on him this early into the game. Lucy was about to exert her dominance over his mind.

She turned it back around and dropped low, giving him a perfect view of her bouncy rack as she went down and then up, pushing herself against his lower body as her hand pushed against the crotch of his pants, she rubbed her way up with her clothed breasts, letting him feel her sliding up. He was already getting hard from her pat with the palm of her hand. Lucy liked that, she didn't have a care in the world they were on a dance floor. As she slid her way up Javier grabbed her chin in his finger tips and forced a small kiss between her lips. Breaking the kiss, she gave him a small smile, taking his hand as she was dragging him off the dance floor back to the bar. He got the point, now was the time to have those drinks. He spoke up;

"Wanna drink baby?"

Javier looked down into her eyes as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder, enjoying this company of her firm body. She turned around facing him and nodded her head, pushing her hands into his chest, and giving him a few of her cleavage tucked in again. Javier responded by coming down and gripping of her butt cheeks from behind, causing Lucy to grin and then laugh. He let go of her and they went back to their table, ordering some drinks. Javier stopped one of the bartenders and they both placed their orders.

"I want a mixed martini."

"Yeah get her anything she wants, all I want is some tequila."

Lucy chuckled a bit at the fact Javier was a tequila man. She took his hand, so he could sit down next to her. As they waited for their drinks they got to chit chatting. She smiled at him as she sparked the conversation.

"Mark said you were quite the charmer, I didn't know you'd be so much more."

"Yeah? Well you are quite the mover and shaker I wasn't expecting...I like how you use your body."

"Oh yeah? You haven't seen nothing yet."

He raised his eye brow and she gave him a smug smirk on her lips that came right on time as their drinks arrived. The waiter looked over at Javier and shook his head.

"We have one bottle of tequila left sir."

"Just bring me the damn bottle then."

Reaching into the pocket of his shirt he grabbed some Euros from his pocket in a small wad and handed it over to the man as he walked off. Lucy sipped on the straw of her martini, as she thought to herself. If he was going to be drinking straight from the bottle, this gave her some ideas.

"Are you gonna drink that straight from the bottle sugar?

"What do you think?"

"Well, I have to say, I like it when I can see a man drink straight from the bottle."

He grinned back at Lucy as she sipped her martini and then the waiter came back with his bottle, already uncorked for Javier. He nodded to him with a smile. He held the bottle and downed some of it into his mouth, before setting it back down. Lucy placed her hand on his leg and brought back the lost conversation.

"So, let me look at my magazine photo shoots and everything I've done."

Javier simply nodded. For Lucy, this was an easy game. She knew she was one of the most desired things on the face of the planet, especially on the east side of the world and from her home in the UK. Right at this moment there was probably some average bloke wanking off to her, she knew it. She took pride in this.

"I first seen you some years ago in that one magazine you used to get your tits out in. Shame it shut down."

"Yeah I know. I been looking for something better you know? Don't want to just pop these big babies out forever."

"Well Lucy, what do you want to do now?"

"Movies. I been thinking about trying to get a gig in Bollywood if it's possible. I didn't do too good in the UK."

He took another swing at the bottle while Lucy sipped down her martini. Setting it down she decided to change the subject abruptly put.

"I don't want to talk about my career and what I am gonna do to further myself. I'd rather talk about you, and me, and what you want to do to me and what I want to do to you."

That was all it took for Javier to raise his eye brow at her. She thought he would respond with something in the following seconds, however he did not. He was only waiting on her. Right now, she was a prey to him. She had no idea what she was in store for once they were in a room together. She carried on since he did not reply.

"I have a room back at the hotel arou-"

"I know."

Now she was raising her brow at him. This was an arrogant man, and she was loving it. She curled her lips into an innocent smile, teasing him. What she didn't know was just how powerful Javier was. He knew all about her information in town and was planning on hitting that hotel soon enough.

"So I take it you wanna-"

"Get back to the hotel, Lucy?"

She laughed now. He was playing a game with her and she loved it for a minute. Lustful nights in Ibiza were underway. Lucy gritted her teeth and bright her pinkie up to push her lips he could see.

"Yes, I will be heading back now and will wait for you, since you seem to know everything."

"Good, I'll be at your door in 20 minutes."

This meant that he would be going alone. Lucy got the point. Being a celebrity she was, even from Britain she was known a little bit in the private posh life of Ibiza. it was her retreat when she wanted to unwind stress in return with hard fucking. So far, Javier was playing this game perfect with keeping a mutual public image and she respected that. He didn't even try to kiss her yet and that greatly surprised her, for other men would have already done that with the smoldering temptations she was pressing. She couldn't help but to tease him on the fact.

"You can't kiss me goodbye though."

"That's fine, I didn't plan on it."

"Smart man, very good."

"Don't worry though, I'll be kissing you, and making good use of your lips where they belong."

Now the heat was on. This was the exact kind of filthy language she wanted to hear. A recurrence that her mouth would be used. Lucy smirked at him big, and then got up from her hair. Since the game was to try and avoid public attention, she would get the head start back to her hotel. She nodded a goodbye to him.

"See you soon Javier."

"Oh you will my dear, you will."

Lucy swaggered off, leaving the man by himself with the bottle of wine on the table. He sat there for a few minutes absorbing all of this. Her attitude and approach of smoldering him with temptation. Taking another drink, he knew exactly how he was going to go about this and he was going to get much satisfaction from this romp. This was Lucy Pinder after all, it was not going to be a disappointment whatsoever.

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