tagNon-EroticFirst Meeting Ch. 01

First Meeting Ch. 01

byUncle South Loop©

1st Meeting - In Public

This story is one of three – my Trilogy on Internet Love: One Erotic “1st Meeting – In Private”, one Non-Erotic/Romantic “1st Meeting – In Private”, and one a letter “1st Meeting – Letter After”. All were written five years ago when I met and fell in love (the only time in my life) with a woman I met online. The first two were written before our one and only real life meeting. The last is a letter I wrote to her afterwards. The wonderful experience remains my most cherished memory. Coco, I’ll always love you…beyond.


The words scrolled excitedly across the screen then stopped with a long noticeable pause. Resuming:

How close do you think we will be to your story?

TIIA! (There It Is Again) I dunno. We both know our own (and each other's) libidos and...........

It could be either "Sexual Healing" or "Ball of Confusion"??????????????


I'm more worried about it being a solo instead of duet "Hold on, I'm cummin'"


Or even more scary… since I am somewhat older than you… the dreaded Erectile Dysfunction.

ED? ED!!!!!!!!!!!! No way, Baby. ED gonna be too scared to suit up!................................ Guaranteed! All my grooves and all my moves are at the TOP OF FORM for this!!!!!


It sounds like a little 'trash talk".

You bet it is, Baby and...........

I'm ready to bring you up and take you down like you've never REALLY been done before!............... I am focused to prove I am the best you'll ever have and when this is done, you won't be able to play any other competition!!!................................ I'm retiring you from the game. PERIOD!!!!!!


"One on one, I want to play that game with you...."

Just you be there, Lover. Gotta go now to catch the plane. I'll call you when I get there - FOR REAL! BYE


Of course I was nervous and frightened. And, I knew she was too. The bravado of our morning chat was our way of covering the tension. We BOTH knew because of our special TIIA (There It Is Again) connection. How could we not be? What had begun as two people sharing LOLs had turned most improbably into something that jolted the both of us. Some may call it a mutual obsession. If that were true, then everyone should be so fortunate - just once in their lifetime. For us, our love was REAL. We had loved each other in every way but one. Today, we would heal the pain of our deep yearning. Today, the last barrier would be removed. Today, we would physically give ourselves to each other.

My hand shook as I answered the phone and heard, "I am here. The room number is 5321. I love you and want you"

"I love you. I will be there in twenty minutes."

In that short time, her love and my excitement overwhelmed my fear. I knock on the door and she opens it to me. I freeze, for a brief moment, as she is more beautiful than any picture she has sent me. I recover to enter and shut the door behind me. We embrace and kiss. Standing intertwined, time stands still. Our bodies press deeper into one another. Our kiss becomes more passionate. Our need is all consuming.

After what seems an hour, we brake off. With our hands still on the other, we move a short distance from the hall to an empty space on the side of the bed. We stand at arm's length, facing the other with our eyes drinking in each other's full length. I undo the buttons of my shirt as your hands go to the buttons of your blouse. I pull off my undershirt as you reach behind you to undo the clasp of your black lacy bra. I gasp as you slide the bra straps off your shoulders and exposing your full, naked breasts. My hands reach out and my fingertips trace the soft cheeks of your face, your wetted lips, your chin and downward to the sides and front of your neck. You mirror my movements on my body.

Our open palms sweep gently over each other's shoulders, then draw across our upper chests. As I cup the lower edge of your breasts with my hands, your fingers brush through the hair on my chest. I run my open palms around the side edges of your breasts then I space my fingers and draw each one across your rising nipples. You find my own nipples and flick them with your fingertips causing them to harden. I feel another hardening down where I am still clothed.

I lean forward and flick each nipple several times with the tip of the tip of my tongue. I insert my hands inside both waistbands of your slacks and panties and then, bending over, slide them down. My palms trail across your bare hips and then down the outside of your legs to your ankles. You steady yourself by placing your hands on my shoulders and I remove and toss your clothing aside. Kneeling before you, I brush your mound of pubic hair with my face and my hair. You spread your legs slightly and my senses know you are aroused. I plant kisses on your slit and taste your warm, growing wetness.

I stand and your hands undo my belt and zipper. Your hands move inside my shorts and you struggle to lift them out and over my hardness. You kneel and, using your shoulders to steady myself, I lift my feet out of my shoes as you slide my pants, under shorts and even my socks off and away from my feet. Your lift your head level with my shaft, your eyes upon it it's growing hardness. One of your hands cradles my balls while the other gently runs up and down my length. I look down to see a drop of precum form at my center opening and your tongue flicks out to capture the droplet take it into your mouth. You kiss the head of my shaft then swirl your tongue around its dome. I reach down and, over powering your resistance, I pull you erect to kiss you and we press our naked bodies against each other. This time, we go beyond urgency and into hunger.

You break our kiss and embrace then you move lying face up on the fresh sheets of the turned down bed. You lift your arms beckoning me to you. I lie upon you as your legs spread and encircle me. The underside of my hardness presses against your now slippery, hot vaginal lips. Our mouths surge forward at one another's with frantic lunging. You push my head back and whisper hoarsely; "I want you in me NOW!"

I lift my hips and guide my cock to your opening. Your fingers spread the lips apart exposing your glistening inner redness. I slide the tip of my cock inside and stop for I am so aroused that I cannot will myself to hold back - even if you are not ready. Your mouth is racing over my face; my cheeks and my neck planting kiss after kiss. With your hands holding my head, you thrust your hips up moaning, "No wait longer."

Your legs pull me into you hard. After only two strokes, your hips buck and we freeze with our powerful orgasms. We both groan from the intensity as you continue to buck and I shoot powerful bursts deep inside you. We are both panting from our sudden exploding eruptions at the union of our bodies. Your back is arched and you are moaning in pleasure. The fluid of our joining flows out down my balls and into the crack of your cheeks. I hold still as your thrusts abate. I feel the rippling shudders of your body meeting my declining spurts. Your shivers continue but subside in their force. Against my will, my flow tapers off and my hardness begins to soften. I move my upper body to my side to allow the both of us to take in needed air. You whimper as my shrinking shaft begins it's slow retreat.

As our breathing becomes less labored, we succumb to our bodies need for rest. We surrender to the weariness caused by all the months of yearning and the weight of the day's tension. So quick is our first physical love because our need was so great and our want so deep. We are defeated by sleep with our arms upon the other.

Sensing you are not next to me, I awaken. I feel ashamed that I could not prolong our first union and caress and stroke you in the after glow of our release. My love for you is so great. And to fall asleep so quickly, I wonder if you are beginning to have doubts. I hear your footsteps and feel your body return to bed. After you settle in, I roll on my side towards you opening my eyes. Our eyes meet and, in one motion, I lay you back and kiss you. You open your mouth and you glide your tongue over both my lips then insert it into my mouth. I am elated at your being so responsive. My prior doubts are dispelled. I consciously will my body to focus on giving you pleasure. I WILL atone for my prior haste. Our kiss becomes more passionate as our tongues meet and move around each other. I feel your fingers through my hair and down the back of my neck. I touch your cheek gently with my hand. My other hand finds the center of your breast and I catch your nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It swells from my touch. I move to your other breast and find the nipple is already erect and I give it a gentle tug.

I pull away from your lips and move against the pressure of your hands to plant three kisses on your neck. I trail a path of kisses on your shoulders and then downward to between your breasts. I use my wet tongue to make circles on your breasts moving from their edges towards their center. I look up and see you have your head drawn back and hear you release small moans of pleasure. Using my lips and tongue, I suckle your nipples that are now very hard. I lightly scrape their sides with my teeth.

I resume my path downward with my lips moving over your stomach and waist. My chin feels your pubic hair as I continue to descend planting then moving my lips. I reach your slit and can feel the heat and moisture that I have stimulated from your body. I rejoice as I am giving you pleasure. I taste your wetness as I lick up and down your swollen outer vaginal lips. Your body replaces what I take in faster than my tongue can wipe it away. Using my fingers, I spread open your glistening folds and lap hungrily at your inner walls. Your wet coating is now thicker. I cannot swallow your sweet tasting juice as fast, as I want, for it is flowing more rapidly over what is exposed.

You bring your hands to the back of my head to pull me at you. I locate your hardened clit then rub it lightly with the tip of my tongue. You gasp and moan louder as your thrash your head. Your hips buck up into my face as you cum. Your body continues to shudder as you hoarsely call out, "In me."

I rise up as you get to all fours. You bend over and rest your head on your arms folded on the pillow. You spread your legs apart and I move to you on my knees. I run one hand over your back and cheeks as I grasp my hard engorged shaft with the other and rub its head between the wet folds of your slit. I find your entrance and insert the head. My now freed hand joins the other to stroke your back, hips and cheek. You push back taking me deep inside you and I groan in pleasure. Your hot, wet insides envelop my cock. I clasp your hips and begin my thrusts...in and out...in and out...in and out. Your hips fall into a rhythm with my plunges. Your body writhes with repeated quakes. I erupt inside you. We tremble from the intensity of your orgasms. My cum continues to spurt as I thrust even harder in and at you. I collapse on your back, as I can no longer move. I am still pulsing inside you into the large pool we have made. We are both panting and can neither move nor speak.

Our bodies slowly calm. I am spent but still feel small trembling waves sweeping your body. The power of lovemaking causes my shaft to quickly shrink. Although you groan lowly in protest, my shaft slips out. We join in an embrace and I whisper, "I love you."

You answer, "And I love you."

Time has passed and I waken to your warm, wet lips and tongue upon cockhead. I feel your hand softly massaging my balls. I become more alert and start to respond to your mouth and hand. My eyes now opened, I see you bent over on all fours working upon my thickening shaft. I am amazed that you can still arouse me again so soon after. You look into my eyes as I rotate my body to allow me to touch your naked body. I reach out with one hand to caress your hanging breasts and I tweak your already rigid nipples. Using the other hand, I softly run my fingertips over your vaginal lips surprised at finding them wet again.

I flick and lightly squeeze your nipples with my fingertips. Using the three middle fingertips of my other hand, I press on your folds at the top of your slit until feeling the hard nub beneath. I rub the three in a slow circular motion and you moan on my cock. As I continue to pressure your clit, you take all of my hardness into you mouth. Its tip is pushed down the entry to your throat. Your hips suddenly jerk and I am happy that I am pleasing you once more. You suck harder on me and your moans emit tingling sensations on my hardness. It swells to stretch my skin. You began to bob your head up and down rapidly taking me in and out of your mouth.

In one frantic movement, you scramble up over me to straddle my hips between your thighs. Your bend my wet cock to line it up with your opening and then lower yourself down taking me inside you. You lean back as my hands move to fondle your breasts. Your body shudders and you bathe my shaft with a wet flow. You bend forward on my chest to kiss me passionately then lie on me and begin to pump your hips up and down - again and again. You stop suddenly feeling my own orgasm erupt within you. Our need of breath causes our mouths to part. Our bodies, together as one, jerk then shiver in wave after wave of our love. We are suspended in a state of TOTAL PLEASURE. And though we are one and there is no need for words, I vow "I will love you forever".

Will we follow the story line?........to be determined and continued WHEN (NOT if) IT HAPPENS FOR REAL.

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