tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 107

For the Whored Ch. 107


The next day, Elunara opened the door and took the bundle from the courier before passing him some coins. She flipped through the packages.


Elunara looked around. "Where's Duchie?"

"He's gotten worse, and Ina has him confined." Renwa sighed.

She closed the door and walked to the desk and held up her letters. "I sent a number of messages to people in Stormwind. I heard back from some of the SI:7, a few reliable gossipers and some other informational types. First of all, Terrance is NOT Duchie's son. In fact, due to the fact that Jenny is alive and well, her father remains classified. If it was just Terrance, they'd have told us already."

"That's... a relief I guess?"

"Turns out, Duchie has reason to believe that Terrance could have been his." She flipped through the papers. "Apparently, up until a few years ago, he was shoving his dick into any willing body, and has a number of illegitimate children running around. Turns out, he prefers human women, no one has a report of him sticking it to any other race."

"So what changed?"

"He got a promotion. When he finally earned that Admiral title, became a self important dick, and started refusing all of his amours." She flipped through again. "From the moment he got his promotion, the opinions of him started dipping significantly. He earned a reputation for being a lazy little shit and isolated himself from friends."

"Sounds about right."

"His behavior has steadily grown more and more erratic." She found the sheet she was looking for. "Apparently, his regular healer started noticing changes in his brain. He was starting to lose time, names, dates, that kind of thing. The healer noticed these changes, and believes that the trip through the portal might have aggravated his condition."


"I've sent a new message to Varian, letting him know what I've found."

Renwa sighed and leaned back. "That's probably the best course of action. Keep me posted."

She made her way into her library and picked up her books and started flipping through them. She felt like she was about to return to the Dak incident. Find them in her books, they had to be there. When she heard the door slam, she stuck her head out. "Boys?"

Stepping out, she frowned. She searched the house, but could find no one there. Back in her library, she narrowed her eyes. Some of the books were out of order. "Fucking hell." She dug in her drawer and pulled out the master key. Placing her hand over the book, she narrowed her eyes.

"You just made your last mistake, asshole." She followed the trail left behind by the missing books. She swore to herself as the trail ended in the middle of a field.

"I lost the trail to my books over to the western field, they had to of taken a portal. I'm thinking Stormwind. It would be the only way to break my enchantments."

Renwa frowned. "That is most concerning. Could you track it once you were in Stormwind?"

Elunara sighed. "Yes... but you know how I hate those portals."

"They're more stable now, and only you would be going. Your family should stay here."

"True." She ran her fingers through her hair. "I just hate the thought that I'll be gone for a day and not get back for a month."

Renwa shook his head. "The turnarounds are much quicker since the time mages have been able to study it. Just go through, find your books and head back."

"But MOMMA!" The boys shrieked at the same time.

"Listen, I am the only one who can track my books. We need those books to save Renwa and everyone else from this assassin."

"You can't!" Whimpered Darguni.

"I don't fucking WANT to, OK? The only time I ever intended to go through that stupid portal again, was when we could all leave this place for good, and if then. I hate this." She pulled them both into her lap, tears in her eyes. "I would kill me if anything happened to you. Just stay close to your papas while I'm gone. Hopefully it'll only be a day or two."

"Yeah, Stormwind is the safest place your mom could be." Jordan smiled. "I can't wait for the day when I can show my family where I grew up."

"But, what about my aging thing?" Darguni bit his lip.

"I'll think of something when the time comes."

Bradly hugged Darguni. "Don't worry. You'll still be my brother."

Elunara raked her hand through her hair. "I need to leave. Be good." She stood up and kissed Jordan. "Please keep them safe." She whispered.

"You know I will, Baby." He ran his hands down her hips.

She buried her face in his shoulder. "I know you love them as your own." With a sigh, she broke contact. "I've already said my good byes to Tulani and Grogek. I'll be back as soon as I can turn around."

Once at the port site, she sighed. The mage opened the portal and she stared into the off image of Stormwind. "Thanks for the emergency port, Lar."

"Hey, no problem. Can I get one of your portraits of my kid when you come back?"

"Sure thing." Taking a deep breath, she reached out for the portal.

"Oh, hey Elunara, I haven't seen you in ages."

Elunara shook her head. "Hey, Jennea. I'm on business, but I'll need a port back to Draenor as soon as I return."

"Sounds about usual. I'll be here."

"Thanks." She held up her book and started the trail up. They definitely came through here. She followed the trail out through the mage tower and swore. She cancelled the spell and recast it. She tried several times to make it work, but to no avail. Four books had been stolen from her library, and the trail branched off no less than forty times. Either they shredded her books, or the spell itself was being interrupted.

Nothing for it, she headed up to the keep.

"Elunara!" Varian blinked. "What the hell are you doing here?" He shook his head. "I got your message about Duchie. Kind of a shame, really. But I haven't had time to respond."

"Well, first I was dead and then I wasn't. Someone's trying desperately to kill Renwa, and they stole my books."

"Wait, you were dead?"

She yanked up her shirt. "You think I lived through that?"

He ignored the offended gasps and laid a hand on the massive scar. "Gods, how did you survive that?"

"I didn't. I just told you." She tugged her shirt back down. "Elune told me I wasn't finished and shoved me back in my body. Someone has been actively casting spells on weapons and aiming them for Renwa. I dove in front of a sword, and there you go. I also managed to block a hail of arrows aimed at my family. It's getting freaking complicated."

"You're telling me." He leaned against the table. "Duchie is out of the running."

"Not... entirely. He may have gotten something started before his brain went to mush. He's completely useless to me now though." She crossed her arms.


"Honestly, the really fucking annoying side effect is that my own family thinks I'm some damned goddess now."

He laughed. "Only you..."

"I know, right? Anyhow, someone stole my books and then took a port here." She held up a book. "I have a way to track them, except every time I use the spell, it goes freaking haywire. I can't make headway."


"I'm going to hit up the SI:7 after I leave here, I just figured you should be the first to know what's going on."

"Keep me informed."

"You know me."

He patted her hip. "That I do."

She swore repeatedly on her way up to the SI:7. Finally, she gave up and tucked her book back in her bag. She got lucky that Mathias was free for the moment.

"Sir!" She saluted.

"I'll be damned, I never expected to see you here."

"Yeah, well, shit happens."

"Did you receive my message?"

"Yes, and it was very helpful. However, someone has stolen some of my books, and I tracked them to Stormwind, but then the tracking spell goes apeshit."

He sighed. "Not good."

"Someone is trying to kill Renwa. I hope you've received all of my messages."

"The only one I'm finding difficult to comprehend is the dead one."

She lifted up her shirt and his brows flew through his hairline. "You weren't kidding."

"I rarely do in official communications, sir." She straightened her shirt out. "Forgive me, but I hit the Keep before coming down here."

He waved a hand. "I am aware of your relationship with King Wyrnn."

"I'm going to need some help retrieving my books. If anything, I can break apart the tracking beacon and have some lower operatives track down all false positives. If even a single page could be returned to me, I may be able to figure out who's doing this shit." She blinked. "Sir."

"You know, Elunara, you have always been one of my best operatives. Sure, your methods may be a little unorthodox, but your results have never been questioned. I was seriously displeased at the loss of your commission, but your continued service to the Alliance has, as always, been impressive."


"Given the circumstances and your record, I won't be sending mere subordinates. No, this requires some of my best available. Divide up your tracking spell into as many parts as you feel comfortable, and I will handle the assignments. Dismissed."

She stood outside the SI:7 feeling a little shell shocked. She had broken the spell into twelve parts, and a couple of operatives had been pulled in off assignment just to track down the false positives. She'd never heard of dropped missions over a few seeker spells. With a sigh, she started up her main book, and began to track.

It was almost nightfall and she was growing more frustrated by the minute. Thirteen operatives, tracking down hundreds of splits, and no one had found so much as a scrap. Years of training kept her dignity intact as they all reported their findings. Once again, they were sent out, as working at night was just part of the job. She started to follow the rest out, but Mathias stopped her. The door was closed and she leaned against the wall.

"I know you must be desperate to get back to your children." He said quietly.

"I hate this time shit." She muttered.

He half smiled. "I've known you for a long time, and your poker face is legendary, but even I see the fraying nerves."

She shrugged. "This has to be done."

"Drop the act."

She growled and yanked at her hair, pacing back and forth. "Some asshole has decided that my friend is the next person I should see die in front of my face, and I can't do shit about it. I'm stuck on this side of time, praying to Elune that when I get back, I won't have skipped time, and this assmunch dipshit has made it impossible for me to just get my books and go home." She growled in frustration.

Dropping his arms to the side, he openly stared at her. "I've never seen you so passionate... about anything. Ever."

"I blame Grogek." She crossed her arms.

"Yes, I've seen your reports about your... family."

"Ugh, now I actually cry over shit." She wiped her eyes. "How weird is THAT?"

"I wasn't aware you had the capacity."

"Me either." She sighed. "Just wait until you meet them all." She grinned. "When this Draenor campaign is over, Varian promised me that he would see them all welcomed into Stormwind. Hopefully Renwa will come back, and you can meet his wife and kid."

"That's going to be a fascinating day." Mathias grinned as he sat back on his desk.

"You have NO idea." She grinned. "I hope you've read every word I've sent back, it can be a lot to take in at once."

He snorted. "It can be a lot to take in in pieces. He put a hand on her shoulder. "We'll find your books, and send you back to your family."

"I hope so." She sighed. "This is killing me."

It was near midnight by time the runner had found her and sent her up to the keep. She scrubbed her hand through her hair as she approached the main room. He was standing there, alone. "Hey." She sighed.

"Not going well?"

"I'm so pissed off, I could scream. I did not want to be here this long. Who knows how much time passed at home?" She raked her hands through her hair. "I can't even work it off." She muttered.

"Have you figured out where you're staying?"

She blinked at him. "Uhhh, no. Like I said, I didn't plan on staying overnight."

Brushing her hair back, he grinned. "It's been awhile."

Her lip quirked. "That it has."

"You're looking... hungry."

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Care to feed me?"

"Well, I always try to be accommodating of guests." He scooped her up and went back to his bedroom. He tossed her on the bed and started yanking his armor off.

"I always liked this bed. Very comfy." She licked her lips as she watched him undress. "You always had the body of a god." Undressing her had always been one of his favorite parts, so she left it for him.

"Yeah, well, apparently you have the body of a goddess."

"Hardy, har, har."

He climbed in bed and pressed his mouth against hers. Running her hands up his neck and into his hair, she groaned as he slipped his hands under her pants and slid them down. He tugged her legs free of the offending garment and then ran his lips from her ankle to her knee, switching sides; he repeated the process with the other leg.

She wiggled under his attentions. "You always were the best at that."

He grinned, before working his mouth up the inside of her thighs, from the knee, to just before her soft curls. He changed to the other side and worked from top to knee and back again. She laid her head back and groaned, gripping the sheets. When he finally stopped torturing her legs, he grabbed her ass and pulled her to his face, his thumbs working on the creases between her legs and her crotch. Burying his tongue in her, he was pleased to find she was just as wet as ever.

Sitting up on his knees, he pulled her up to him, spreading her wide before sliding himself into those slick wet folds. He really enjoyed watching her like this. Her legs spread apart, on either side of his arms, her hands gripping the bed sheets, as her head was arched back. He moved her on and off of him for some time before he leaned forward and buried himself as deep as he could. He shifted his arms out from under her legs and she wrapped them around his waist.

With a slow tug, he freed one breast from her shirt before dragging his tongue across the hardened nipple. She groaned and grabbed his hair with one hand. "Varian." She whispered. He tugged the shirt up to her neck, freeing both breasts for his hands to play with. She clamped around him, but he wasn't nearly done with her. He yanked the shirt up to her wrists and held it there, while he captured her mouth for his own.

With his free hand, he cupped a breast. Moving his mouth down, he bit the nipple, holding it in place for his tongue to flick across. Elunara struggled under his grasp. With a chuckle, he moved his teeth and softly licked across her breasts. Licking his lips, he shifted her leg and helped her turn over, still buried in her. He groaned as he leaned forward and ran his mouth up and down her spine. Her hands were still tangled in her shirt and he ran his hands up and down her body.

"Beautiful." He murmured. Gabbing her leg, he shifted her to the side. She slipped her lower leg between his, and wrapped it around one. The higher leg he put on his shoulder, as he began to slam in and out of her with a groan. Pressing his mouth to her leg, his hands clamped down on her leg as he finally allowed himself to release.

Running her fingers on his chest, she grinned. "Someone's been holding out."

"You have no idea." He ran his hand down between her breasts. "That scar is something else."

"Freaky ain't it?" She put her hand on his.

"I feel compelled to ask how good of a meal I make."

Grinning, she pressed her mouth to his. "Like a rare chocolate, absolutely delicious, and completely fattening."

Varian wrapped his arms around her. "You look like you could use a few pounds."

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