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From The Top To The Bottom


Trish's POV

I've just finished my part in tonight's episode of RAW and I'm now heading back to the Women's locker room. As I am on my way there people who I pass by are telling me what a great job I did out there I simply say thanks or smile at them as I continue on my way anxious to get back there and anxious for the woman that I have just worked along side or rather against to get back to the Women's locker room because I have a very important question I have to ask her.

You know I have to say I have been in an awful lot of angle's with a lot of great men and Women however this is without a doubt my favourite angle of all and the main reason for it is because I'm working along side or rather against the woman I love. She'll be on her way back to the Women's locker room in a little while she's just finishing off our segment.

The segment that I am talking about involved me the woman that I love and a guy the fans know as "Jack"

What happened in the segment was I went out to the ring dressed as the woman I love to her entrance music acting like she does. In the ring was a huge "present" and I got into the ring and then got on the mic and said that I had a present for the woman I am going to be facing for the woman's title at Backlash however before that I wanted to give her a present and so I called her down to the ring. She came down to the beginning of my music which then cut to her music which I came down to the ring to first.

I then revealed to her and to the world what the "present" was and the present was "Jack" who was my onscreen ex-boyfriend. I then said that if my opponent at Backlash who was standing outside of the ring really was Trish Stratus in other words me then she must be really concerned about "Jack" I then said that if she wasn't Trish/me if she's just somebody who thinks that she is Trish/me then she will realise that she has absolutely nothing to do with "Jack"

I went on to say that she would realise that she is not Trish/me so she can stop dressing like Trish/me she can stop acting like Trish/me and she can stop being Trish/me an finished by asking her if she understood what I was saying.

My Backlash opponent responded by telling me that she understood what I was saying and then told me to get my filthy hands off of HER boyfriend. She then came into the ring and tried to take me down however I managed to get the upper hand and took her down using a spinebuster and then left the ring leaving her and "Jack" to finish off the segment.

I've reached the Women's locker room door. I knock on it to begin with just in case there are any other divas in there either coming out of the shower going into the shower or who are getting changed. Normally after somebody knocks on the door somebody inside the room asks who it is however no noise comes from inside the locker room.

"It's Trish."

I call out however I still don't get an answer and so I decide to open the door which I do and as I do I notice that the locker room is empty and so I enter it and close the door behind me I then walk over to where my gym bag is with what I wore to the arena inside of it.

I feel tempted to get undressed jump into the shower and then get back into the clothes that I wore to the arena however I decide against doing that and simply put my gym bag on the floor underneath my seat sit down and wait for my Backlash opponent and the woman that I love to arrive.

As I am waiting for her to arrive I look down at myself and look at the outfit that I have on. I can't believe what I am wearing not because there is anything wrong with what I have on but simply due to the fact that it is amazing that me and my girl fit one and other's clothes. When Vince came to see us and told us what they wanted to have happen next as far as our feud was concerned after Wrestlemania I told them that I was cool with it but I doubted if we would be able to wear one and other's clothes.

Vince told us that at the next house show which is a none-televised show we would be trying the her being Trish and me being her out on the fans so we had until then to find a way for us to fit one and other's clothes so that night we decided to see if we fit one and other's clothes and surprise surprise we did and still do today.

"You done well out there Mickie."

I hear a familiar female voice say which causes me to lift my head and look in the direction the voice came from and there standing in the doorway wearing my most famous wrestling attire with her hair having been dyed blonde is the woman I am going to face at Backlash for the Woman's title more importantly she is the woman that I love.

I smile an ear to ear smile due to us having played this game countless times before ever since we started this new part of our angle/storyline.

"You didn't do too bad yourself...........Trish."

I say back.

"Trish" smiles an ear to ear smile at me as I get to my feet and she enter the room closes the door behind herself and then turns and runs at me and I simply open my arms up and she almost jumps into my arms as I close my arms around her and she closes her arms around me.

Despite loving the feel of having her back into my arms I keep an eye on the door to the woman's locker room not wanting anybody to catch us in this intimate embrace.

After a few minutes we slowly break the hug and both sit down next to one and other with her sitting on the right side of me.

"How's jack?"

I ask her.

"Unconscious thanks to me stealing your Mick-Kick."

"Don't you mean your Chick-Kick?"

I ask her.

She laughs which is like music to my ears.


She says once she has gotten over her laughter.

"Joke over."

She adds.

"Ok then."

I say.


I add.

This causes Mickie to burst into a fit of laughter again.

"Why do you always do that?"

She then asks me again once she has gotten over her fit of laughter.

"Because it always makes you wet yourself."

I tell her.

"It does not make me wet myself."

Mickie says in a defensive tone of voice.

"Although I have come close once or twice."

She then says which causes me to laugh.

"Do you think the fans enjoyed our segment?"

I ask her once I have gotten over my fit of laughter.

"I hope so."

Mickie says still smiling her ear to ear smile.

"They certainly seemed to enjoy your jokes having got me a Jack in the box and having your hands tied while at the same time Jack had his tied too."

She adds.

I laugh remembering how the fans responded to those two jokes.

At that moment there is a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

I call out as both me and Mickie look towards the locker room door.

"It's your boss."

Vince McMahon's voice responds through the door.

I smile.

"Are you all decent?"

Vince then asks.

"Yeah Vince come on in."

I say and with that Vince opens the door and pops his head into the room he then comes in and closes the door behind himself.

"Mickie Trish I'm glad you're both here."

He says as he walks up to us once the locker room door is closed.

"What's up?"

I ask him.

"Nothing I just wanted to tell you what a great segment you girls put on out there."

Vince says.

I smile at him while giving Mickie a nudge with my elbow.

"Thanks Vince."

I say.

"Thank you Mr. McMahon."

Mickie says still calling Vince Mr. McMahon despite him having told her repeatedly to call him Vince and still sounding as though she is talking to the principle of her school or something like that instead of her friend.

"I also wanted to let you know what we have planned for next week."

Vince says having evidently gotten used to Mickie calling him Mr. McMahon.

I look at him rather surprised by this due to us never knowing what we're going to do as far as each show is concerned until we arrive at the arena for the show.

"Trish we're going to have you continue to be Mickie for one more week after next Monday we want you to go back to your blonde hair colour before Backlash if you don't mind."

Vince tells us.


I say with a shrug of my shoulders having enjoyed being my natural colour however having always said that I would or rather I will do anything for the business within reason and if I am needed to go back to being an intelligent blonde then that is what I will do.

"As for you Mickie we want you to go back to being Mickie James. Which means we want you to go back to wearing your own outfits and before next Monday we want you to dye your hair back to the way it was."

Vince says focusing his attention on Mickie as I turn my attention and look at Mickie who is looking up at Vince with a 50% relaxed 50% scared or rather nervous looking expression on her face.


She says.

"As for what we're going to have you guys do next week. You'll just have to turn up to see."

Vince says with a smirk.

I smile back at him.

"I have to get back to the Gorilla position."

Vince then says.

"We understand."

I say speaking on behalf of both myself and Mickie.

"Have a good evening ladies."

Vince says with a nod and with that he turns and heads for the door opens the door walks out and closes the door behind him leaving both me and Mickie once again alone in the Women's locker room.

After a few minutes of looking at the door I turn my attention to the woman sitting beside me. Part of me feels tempted to remind her that Vince likes us his employers to call him Vince and not Mr. McMahon as well as to remind her that she doesn't need to be afraid of him most of the time the only time you need to be afraid of Vince McMahon is when you get called into his office other than that you very rarely have to be afraid of him or worry that he is going to have a go at you etc. However I decide against it figuring that she isn't going to listen to me or rather she is and yet at the same time she is still going to continue to call Vince Mr. McMahon an if Vince doesn't have a problem with it then neither do I.

As I sit where I am looking at Mickie dressed as me I decide to talk to her about something much more important and much more personal than the way she addresses our boss.

However despite having decided to talk to her about this important and personal subject I don't know how exacterly to ask her what I want to ask her and so I do my best to try and think of a way of leading us into me asking her and as I am looking at her I suddenly get an idea.

"You know it's a pity you're not going to be dressing up like me anymore."

I say causing Mickie to turn her attention from the locker room door to me.

"An why is that?"

She asks me with a small smirk on her face.

"Because you look very sexy in that outfit."

I say smiling an ear to ear smile at her.


Mickie says smiling back at me her way of letting me know that she is joking or rather teasing me as she turns her head to face the door again.

"No I'm serious."

I tell her honestly causing her to turn her attention back to me.

"You look very..........hot and very..........very....... dominant."

I add.


Mickie asks me with a frown.

"Is that how you see yourself?"

She then asks me.

I slowly turn my head away and hang it able to tell that this is not going the way I hoped and figuring that there is no alternative but to simply come right out and say it.

An so I take a deep breath feeling as nervous as I did the night I seduced the woman sitting next to me into my bed which ironically or rather in a strange way was the same night I lost the title to her Wrestlemania night.

After taking the deep breath I slowly lift my head and turn it back around to face Mickie who is still looking at me although now her expression is one of concern.

"Trish are you ok?"

She asks me almost as if she can tell I'm nervous and worried.

"A bit nervous."

I say doing my best to laugh while at the same time biting my lower lip.


Mickie asks me looking even more worried and concerned.

"Because I have something I want to ask you and..........and I'm worried and nervous as to how your going to react."

I tell her.

I then feel Mickie reach across with her left hand and take my right hand in her's which causes me to look down at our now joined hands.

"You don't have to be nervous or worried around me."

Mickie says which causes me to lift my head and look her in the eyes once again.

"Whatever it is you want to tell me or rather ask me you can ask me. You know that."

She adds.

I smile an ear to ear smile remembering her saying the same thing the night I confessed my feelings for her.


I say deciding to go for broke and just come right on out and say it.


I say again taking a deep breath.

"We've been together now for three weeks."

I say figuring that this is a good way to start us off.

"An we've had a lot of fun together both clean and dirty fun."

I continue on which causes Mickie to smile a rather embarrassed type of smile.

"A lot of the stuff we have done I didn't think I would ever do with anybody..........However there is one thing that we haven't done which..........if your willing. I would like us to do tonight."

I say feeling more and more nervous the closer I get to asking her.

"If you don't want to do it that's fine I won't force you and I won't be upset or anything if you refuse."

I say wanting to make it clear to Mickie that she doesn't have to do this just to please or satisfy me.

"It's just that..........ever since the first time we made love."

I say wishing that I would stop beating around the bush and just come right out and say it.

"I've wanted us to do this and yet I've been afraid to ask because."

I then feel Mickie's hand let go of my hand and feel it move some of my hair back behind my ear.

"What is it your trying to say Trish?"

She asks looking me dead in the eye as she asks this.

I swallow hard.

"Could you top me tonight?"

I ask her finally getting the words out and despite wanting to close my eyes for fear of her answer I keep them open and keep them locked with Mickie's feeling the need as well as the desire to see her response and not just hear it.

Mickie's expression goes from one of loving and understanding to one of shock which makes me want to close my eyes even more however somehow I stop myself from doing that and keep them locked with her's waiting for her answer.

"Are you serious?"

She asks me.

I slowly nod my head swallowing hard as I do so.

After a minute or two of her simply staring at me Mickie's expression goes from one of shock to one of happiness. She then smiles arguably the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face.


She says her voice or rather her tone dripping with love.

"I would love to top you tonight."

She adds.

I swallow hard and slowly exhale the breath that I didn't even realise I was holding until just now as I slowly smile an ear to ear smile back at her.


I ask her feeling the need to be reassured that this is what she really wants.

"Really really."

Mickie says.

I take another deep breath this time it isn't one of nervousness it's one of relief.

I then hear Mickie giggle.

"You where really worried I was going to say no weren't you?"

She asks looking at me rather surprised.

I shrug my shoulders.

"You told me the first night we made love you like being on the bottom."

I say remembering her telling me that quite clearly.


Mickie says with a nod.

"However what I didn't tell you was that I have always wondered what it would be like to top somebody and ever since the first night we made love I've since then be curious what it would be like to top you."

She then adds.

I smile an ear to ear smile able to feel myself starting to get turned on by Mickie's very words due to me having wondered the same thing ever since I started having fantasies etc about her.


I say getting to my feet and turning around to face her.

"After tonight you won't have to wonder will you?"

I ask her and say at the same time.

"However before we get to the main event of the evening."

I say having always used wrestling terminology ever since I first got into the business.

"What are we going to do on the lead up to the main event?"

I ask her meaning what are we going to do before we go back to our hotel room and make love.

Mickie's POV

It's all I can do not to happily skip on my way back to the women's locker room after just finishing my segment of RAW. The segment went well, but that's not why I'm so happy. I'm happy because I'm about to see her again. Ok so she was in the same segment as me but being with her out there as an on-screen enemy is very different to what goes on behind the scenes with us.

The truth is we've been secretly dating for a few weeks now, although we're trying to keep it quiet so we don't ruin our on-screen rivalry, and possibly our careers, by 'coming out' as they say. Which means I've got to try my damnedest not to look so happy but it's so hard. I was secretly in love with her for so long and now we're finally together I feel like I'm constantly on cloud nine.

Come on girl, concentrate, think about the segment. I think it came off great. We were able to tell the story while making my character seem even crazier than before. I love being the wacky character, it's so fun. In that segment for example one minute I'm rushing in to save her on-screen ex-boyfriend because I'm dressed like her and I think I'm her, the next I'm knocking his head off because he cheated on me with Mickie James.

I chuckle quietly to myself as I reach the women's locker room. I don't want to burst in there when other people are naked so I quietly knock on the door and wait for a reply. Being a bisexual woman I have no problem with seeing other girls naked, obviously, but I can't help be concerned what the other divas will think if, and possibly when, they find out that I've been dating one of them. Obviously I've seen them all naked by now but why add to the awkwardness.

Anyway when I hear no reply I quietly opened the door and poke my head inside.

I smile when I see the woman I love with her head in the clouds. I have to say she looks really, really good dressed like that......... not that I'm an egomaniac or anything.

She hasn't seen me so I decide to make an entrance. Quietly opening the door all the way I stand there with my best 'Wonder Woman' impression and made my presence known.

"You done well out there Mickie." I said, desperately trying not to break out into laughter.

We've done this joke to death for the past few weeks and yet we still find it funny.

"You didn't do too bad yourself......... Trish." she said, smiling widely.

I return the smile and close the door behind me. Unable to contain my excitement of seeing her again I run to her and practically jump into her arms. She holds me tight and I know I'm back where I belong. I've never felt more safe or more loved than when I'm in her arms but as they say all good things must come to an end and eventually she breaks the hug and we sit down together on the bench.

"How's Jack?" she asks.

"Unconscious thanks to me stealing your Mick-Kick." I said, smiling again.

"Don't you mean your Chick-Kick." she said, causing me to burst out laughing.

"Ok," I said, calming myself down, "Joke over."

"Ok then," Trish said before adding, "Mickie."

I burst out laughing again.

"Why do you always do that?" I said.

"Because it always makes you wet yourself." she said.

"It does not make me wet myself." I say in a defensive tone of voice, "Although I have come close once or twice."

"Do you think the fans enjoyed our segment?" she asked.

"I hope so." I said still smiling ear to ear, "They certainly seemed to enjoy your jokes having got me a Jack in the box and having your hands tied while at the same time Jack had his tired too."

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