tagErotic HorrorGoodbye, Jerilee Ch. 05

Goodbye, Jerilee Ch. 05


Goodbye, Jerilee

By Tracey Thomas

10th June 11

Chapter 5

Dez didn't let Jerilee out of his sight. He knew she must be wanting to get away from him by now, but for some reason he wanted to keep her there. He didn't know why, he just wasn't going to make it easy for her to go.

"I need to go home Dez." Jerilee said softly as he buried his face in her neck while he caressed her very sore behind.

"Why do you need to go home little girl?" He mumbled into her soft skin. He held her tightly.

"My parents will be frantic. They'll be putting out a search by now." She could see her dad ringing all her friends. Her mum sitting crying. Jerilee tried wriggling out of his grip, but the more she tried the tighter he held her.

"Did you give them this address?" He asked as he slapped her bum. She yelled out falling against her. Tears filled her eyes as she felt his fingers fill her pussy lips. "Well. Did you?" He asked.

"No!" She snapped. She didn't mean to snap, but anger was filling her even though she could feel herself getting aroused yet again.

"Good girl! Because that wouldn't do would it?" He asked and pulled his fingers out making her scream out. She started struggling, but that only gets her a slap across the face. He lets her falls at his feet and listens to her sobbing.

Someone is standing in the doorway and he turns to see his best mate looking on at what is happening.

"Get up girl! Go up and have a hot bath. There's clean towels." Dez tells her as he helps her to stand up. The mate comes and helps. They both decide to carry her upstairs. Very weak and crying she allows herself to be led to where they directed her.

Dez leaves her to get herself cleaned up.

She sits there on the bed confused and very tired. No way of escaping she resigns herself to staying there. Hopefully she will get to ring her parents to let them know she was safe. Safe wasn't the right word at all.

She went downstairs. A nice shower and a fury white robe she sat down. Dez went and made her a hot coffee with two sugars. Feeling very weak the sugar would make her right.

"Are you hungry?" Dez asked her as he passed her the cup. She nodded, everyone had gone quiet since she had come back in the room. All eyes were on her after seeing what a sex object she could be. She was just beginning to see what affect she was having. "Shall we all go out for a nice meal tonight?" Dez asked. Everyone jumped at the idea. Jerilee raised her hand like a schoolgirl.

"I don't have anything proper to wear." This made everyone in the room roar with laughter.

"If I had my way darling you wouldn't wear clothes again. You're much too beautiful to keep that body hidden." This was said by some guy who was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Everyone else agreed with him and implied she should untie the robe.

"I'll go and buy you some clothes. What size are you?" Dez told her. Jerilee couldn't believe what she was hearing as he slowly untied the robe so that she was sitting there looking so beautiful. The others behind him had to catch their breath. "I think you're a size 8. What do you think guys?" Dez asked as he rammed a finger up Jerilee make her scream and arch her back. The big robe fell off her and she was exposed. They stood in silence as she was made to squirm around. She tried getting away from the pumping she was getting, but this was impossible. "There, you like that don't you hunni?" Dez said over her loud whimpering. He began to rub her sore clitoris and this was when she nearly fainted. Slowly she flopped accidently on to the guy next to her on the sofa.

"Nooooo please!" Jerilee pleaded as she withered away with another orgasm that was taking hold of her. How could she orgasm when there was so much pain.

"That a girl. Come all over my hand. You never stop do ya girl? Ooooh, you're gripping me now, see that guys? She's gripping me, but she's saying no. wouldn't you like your cock up there?" Dez asked.

"You fucking bet!" One guy said. Jerilee finished climaxing and tried saying something, but she couldn't form a sentence. She was acting as if she was on drugs. Becoming a bit dilierious she started acting strange. The guy next to her didn't like this and said to give her a break for a while. Dez didn't like being told what to do and stood up and stormed off.

Jerilee eventually calmed down. The American guy kept a close eye on her because he didn't think she was going to recover from this ordeal easily.

"I can't go home like this!" She said in a whiney voice. She turned to face the guy next to her. Her eyes were closed. Her face was crunched up in agony. Tears rolled down her hot cheeks. "I can't stay here either." She said crying softly.

"No, don't worry, I'll figure something out. I'm Nate by the way." He introduced himself casually.

Jerilee opened her eyes slowly and looked at who she was talking to. Her vision was blurred with the tears and the agony she was feeling. All she could think to say was thanks.

"My car is just up the road. Do you know where your clothes are?" Nate asked as he sprung into action. He stood up.

"They're upstairs." Jerilee said feebly.

"I'll go and look." He said looking around him as if he was expecting them to just appear there in front of him.

"I'll come." Jerilee said as she started to move.

"No way!" He said lightly touching her shoulder. She didn't flinch. "You stay there. You have no energy. Save your energy to walk to the car." Nate told her. She did as she was told as sat back. But then a dreadful feeling came over her.

At first she tried to ignore the feeling. She had this sudden desire to stay put. Dez had got into her head and she realized she couldn't be without him. How was she going to explain this to this kind man who was trying to look after her? Bowing her head she heard Nate go out the room.

Someone else must have been listening in as well because Dez walk in just as Nate left.

"Where is he off to?" Dez asked accusingly.

Jerilee looked up quickly and looked away again. She tried talking, but no words came out. She wanted to talk. His presence was making her nervous. Her dressing gown was falling off her shoulders, but she made no attempt to cover herself. She looked up again and he could see that she wanted him. Relief filled him and he came and sat next to her. They were both nervous of each other.

Nate came back down with what looked like Jerilee's clothes in his hands. One look at the both of them told him all he needed to know. He dumped her clothes next to her.

"I'll be off then." Nate said softly. He felt tired all of a sudden. It hadn't been nice seeing this innocent girl get fucked by a group of guys. Not that any of them had had a look in. Dez hadn't allowed anyone. How sickening he felt that he had come alone. Just a few minutes ago he was feeling sorry for her and wanted to be her knight in shining amour. Now as he looked at the young girl sitting on the sofa with her dressing gown undone it looked like she was going to be fucked all over again. She looked as if she wanted it too by the look she gave Dez she wanted it. Nate decided that he didn't want to be a part of the dreadful situation.

Dez's head was drifting down Jerilee's body again and it couldn't be more obvious of what was going to happen next.

"Be careful Jerilee!" Nate said loudly and walked towards the lounge door. Dez's head shot up and he glared at the man.

"What did you say mate?" Dez asked with a menacing tone. Everyone turned and looked. Silence filled the room. No one said a word.

"I said, what did you say mate?" Dez suddenly looked scary from where Jerilee sat. Nerves got to her once again.

"I just told Jerilee to be careful." Nate said as he chuckled.

"Now, why would you do that?" Dez asked as he stood up walking up to him. Jerilee looked round to see if anyone was going to stop whatever was going to happen. No one was and she suddenly shot up from the sofa and went in between the two guys.

"Hey! What's up?" Jerilee asked.

"Go and sit down girl!" Dez ordered her.

"No, please calm down." Jerilee saidu, but she was shoved roughly and fell to the floor. Everyone gasped loudly. Nate suddenly flew at Dez, but Dez was stronger than Nate. A fist landed on Nate's jaw and he staggered. He didn't fall to the floor.

"There! That'll shut your mouth for a while. Who invited you here anyway?" Dez asked.

Everyone knew at this point that Dez wasn't right. Jerilee was absolutely terrified of him now and all she wanted to do was escape. There was silence in the room. Jerilee had to think of something quick.

"I know him. He's a friend of a friend. Leave him alone." Jerilee's voice was shaky and she didn't sound very convincing, but Dez was convinced and jealousy caught hold of him stronger than a few minutes ago.

"You what? You mean to say you gave this jerk my address?" Dez asked going towards her. It looked like he was going to hit Jerilee and Nate and a few other guys lunged towards him and held him back.

"No you don't mate! Calm yourself down!" Some guy said from behind him.

"Yeah, you monster! Calm yourself." Nate said in a Jamaican accent as he went to Jerilee. He saw this as her wanting him to rescue her and he had every intention of taking Jerilee away from this mess.

He could hear Dez struggling against the men that were holding him back. He swore that he would find Jerilee again if she walked out of his house and this was when Jerilee knew she had had a lucky escape. Nate led her out of the front door and into the cold air. Nate wrapped his big leather overcoat around her and rushed her to his car a few streets away. They could hear Dez calling her back and sadness filled the air.

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