tagBDSMGrace's Release Ch. 03: Sweet Release

Grace's Release Ch. 03: Sweet Release


(This story is Chapter 3 in the series "Grace's Release". To start at the beginning please see "Grace's Release Ch1: First Wounds" to continue with Grace on her journey continue on to Grace's Release, Ch4: Finding Her Peace".)


No, that isn't right at all.

I re-arranged the tiny candles along the window sill for what must've been the hundredth time and stood back, surveying the room.

Silently I reviewed the check list in my head, making sure I hadn't missed even the smallest of details. I smiled feeling rather pleased with myself, and began to make my way back toward the apartment living room. As I hurried through, I checked the in the kitchen on the way. Five thirty p.m., He'd be here soon.

While passing the large hall mirror I stopped to cast a quick, scrutinizing glance over my appearance. I had my long, dark brown hair pulled back, (just like He liked it) into a simple pony tail which fell neatly to the small of my back. It took me almost an hour of fussing with it to be sure that not a hair was out of place. I'd kept my makeup simple, just powder and mascara. He always says that He loves how it makes my soft green eyes stand out with my long lashes. Not pausing to review anything below the neck of my half naked body, I hurried to finish getting ready.

I looked at the clock in the kitchen, it read 5:47pm, and he'll be here before I know it!

As I crossed in front of the mahogany desk in the living room, I stopped and retrieved the familiar black velvet bag from the top drawer. Bringing it to my place in the floor, I withdrew a slender black leather collar. It was simple but sweetly decorated with silver studs, equally spaced apart. Feminine but in the same way it reminded me of why I was there. Somberly, I removed the delicate silver chain I always wore, (placing in on the floor in front of me) and fastened the collar snugly against my skin in its place. I smiled to myself as I felt the cool of the leather caress my skin.

Next, I deftly removed my watch, pulled from the bag a set of soft hand cuffs, and made quick work of slipping them over my wrists, reworking the Velcro so they were secure.

Finally, I reached into the bag and found my last treasure, a pale pink mask, small enough to cover just my eyes, and trimmed in a darker shade of pink. Smiling, I ran my fingers across the raised letters of my name embroidered on the front, reading it softly to myself, "Grace".

I removed what remained of my jewelry: rings and earrings, and placed them inside the bag with my necklace and watch. Then I quickly replaced the bag into the drawer where I'd found it and returned to my place one last time in the center of the living room facing the door. My change was complete; I had removed everything of myself and prepared for the evening to be His.

Taking one final glance over the room, I knelt in my place, and silently slipped the blindfold over my eyes. What came next was what I'd expected but still, no less unsettling. As soon as the blindfold brought me into darkness, my mind began the onslaught of painful memories I didn't want to face. As the memories continued pouring in, I became afraid that I would lose it, wanting so badly to remove the blinder from my eyes. But no, He knows what darkness means for me and He wouldn't ask me to wear it if He truly believed it would hurt me. So there I sat, trying to regain control of my mind as cool tears ran down my flushed cheeks.

And then I heard it, the clock in kitchen began to chime 6 O'clock. At any minute I would hear his keys in the door and this thought brought me peace. Almost threatening the fear into subsiding, I knew that he would help me find the release I so desperately needed. So little by little, I began to gain control of myself, calming my mind and focusing on the sensations around me. The smell of the candles and the incense I'd lit tickled my nose and I was now grateful that He'd suggested I light them. He always thought ahead.

I also focused on the warmth in the air around me, (He'd asked me to turn the air up, because he didn't want the reactions my naked body displayed to be due to cold air.) With my eyes still covered the music floating in the air around me sounded just a little bit louder. I knew he would approve of the smooth classical piano music I'd found.

While I listened to the details of the music as it filled the room another sound interrupted my reverie as I heard the dead bolt turn. It grabbed my attention and I focused all of my energy into sitting very still, waiting for him to enter. I heard Him sigh with approval as He looked over my work, and I could feel when His gaze settled on me. "Beautiful." Was all he said and that one word affirmed that he was pleased.

He came to stand in front of me and took my hand, gently lifting me to my feet. He embraced me warmly and then lifted the blindfold from my eyes. The warmth of his deep blue eyes cut down to my toes and warmth immediately began to grow from deep within me. "Gracie." He only spoke the one word as His mouth overtook mine in a possessive kiss. My kiss was tentative at first but as his hands explored over my body I became braver and nibbled lightly on his bottom lip. This little act seemed to be kindling on the fire and His grip on me tightened. I couldn't breathe under his grip but with the intensity of Him surrounding me, I didn't care. He pulled away from me, gasping and smiled, "Patience, Little One, we have time."

He turned and walked to His oversized arm chair in the corner of the living room and sat, I quickly followed and settled at his feet. Gingerly I pulled His shoes away from His left foot, massaging it tenderly before moving to his right. I could feel his intense gaze on me but never once allowed my attention to deviate from my task. Only after I finished did I look up to once again meet his gaze.

Without a word, he took my hand and stood, leading me to the bedroom. He smiled as we entered and it made me happy to see he was pleased with my work in this room as well. I watched his every movement, so I didn't miss his single gesture directly me to lie down. I did so silently, a sense of anticipation building in my belly. I crossed the room in two short strides and pulled his black bag from the closet. I knew this bag, and it's presence in the room made me feel that much smaller. He smiled at my expression of recognition but still said nothing, only setting the bag on the bed near me.

He didn't take everything out at once; instead He removed only one item at a time, starting with a small length of rope. He clasped my handcuffs together, ran the rope beneath the clasp beneath my palms and drew my hands above my head to the head board. At that moment, He seemed to change His mind and a grin crossed His lips as He lowered my arms back down and removed the rope. Instead, He brought my palms together and weaved my fingers together. Then I understood His grin, He wasn't going to force my hands to stay where He wanted them that was going to be up to me.

Obediently, I brought my locked fingers above my head and slipped them through an opening in the head board, preparing to use it as a grip if needed, (and I was sure I would need it.) With that moment, He pulled another item from his bag; a large handful of wooden clothes pins. And in an act that I didn't expect he reached to the bedside table and retrieved a large candle I lit just a little earlier today.

After arranging the clothes pins into a neat row he set the candle on the bed, assuring I would remain completely still and then in a flash, left the room. He was gone for a few minutes and returned with a glass bowl in His hand. I couldn't see inside, but didn't move to try to see, and He chuckled at my obvious curiosity. Moving the candle back to the bedside table, He took a seat next to me on the bed.

Reaching into the bowl, he seemed to retrieve something although His fist closed around it, still blocking my view. He slowly moved his fist over my body clenching his fist intermittently. And then I understood why as the first few drops of icy water dripped onto my body. I jumped involuntarily but remained as still as I could, as again His hand began to move.

A few more drops landing, shocking the tender skin of my stomach, as he began to make a trail of ice drops leading first down, to tease the tender skin below my belly button, allowing a few drops to pools in the small opening there. Then He headed north again, the shock of each drop just as strong as the first as he worked his way back up my stomach and between my breasts. I knew His next move but I still couldn't control the reaction to the icy assault the melting ice had on my nipples. They were standing hard already but as the cold water enveloped them, they were immediately as hard as rock. He smiled his approval and

dropped the barely there ice cube back into the bowl, wiping His hands dry on a small hand towel I'd never seen him pull out.

He then reached for the candle again and swirled it around looking deeply into it. After just a few seconds of this, He brought the candle above my body and I tried to prepare myself for the heat I know was coming. But He had done his preparation well, and the icy water made the wax all that much hotter at the first drops of it landed directly on my nipple.

A cry escaped my lips and my eyes widened, expecting some sort of reprimand; and I wasn't disappointed. A swift smack landing on my inner thigh in reprimand and He sternly looked at me. My eyes conveyed a silent apology and He accepted and continued, bringing the candle to my other nipple, covering it more completely than the he had the other. In the first few seconds after the wax droplets hit their mark, I was almost sure that I couldn't stand the sensation. But almost as immediately that it was there, the pain was no longer overwhelming. It was still very warm; however the shock of that moment had lost its sting.

As he set the candle down I began to breathe. Then he retrieved the clothes pins and swiftly clasped them onto my tender nipples. I bit my lip to keep from allowing another cry to escape, not wanting to disappoint Him. In addition to the pins on my nipples he also placed others near them until each nipple was adorned with about 5 pins. The sensation was almost overwhelming but I tried to regain focus by listening to the sounds of the music still playing.

He rose again, pulling the rope from his bag again but this time used two much longer lengths of rope. This time He moved further down the bed and sat again, near my legs. The warmth of his thigh against mine brought me a sense of comfort. He deftly brought the rope around my ankle and tied a hard knot but surprisingly left if fairly lose. Then he looped the rope around my thigh bringing it back around to my ankle and tugging firmly. This brought my ankle to a secure position behind my thigh.

He then repeated this same movement with the other leg, I was then hog tied and I wasn't going anywhere. After making sure that all of his knots were secure He moved down between my thighs grabbed me by the hips, pulling me swiftly down to the edge of the bed. The hungry look in

His eyes made my inner most parts jump in anticipation.

Before I could breathe, He brought the warmth of His mouth down over my aching pussy and at that moment I almost lost it. He shook His head without removing his hold on me, directing me not to let it go quite yet. I sighed and continued to fight for control s He in turn continued His own agenda. He worked His warm tongue over my clit massaging it but also driving my body into sensory overload. As I began to lose control He refused to let me pull away, He wrapped his large hands around my thighs and secured them in place. When He knew that I'd pushed my body to its limit, He latched directly onto my clit, slipped two fingers into my dripped pussy and sucked hard; in that same moment He began delicately brushing my G-spot with the pads of his fingers. And in that moment, everything exploded.

Not a sound escaped my lips, not that it wouldn't have if I'd had any control over it, but my body and mind seemed suspended in a frozen state of ecstasy. Every single cell in my body felt ready to jump out of my skin, and then as suddenly as it hit all the bells and alarms stopped and my ears were left ringing. And then I was left with another overwhelming feeling, one that I couldn't quite explain. I hadn't realized He had risen, but suddenly I found Him next to me on the bed.

In a moment that felt almost intrusive, He brought me to His chest and as I'm sure He knew I would, I crumbled. With the release of my orgasm, brought with it a wave of relief and in response to it, I did the only thing I could do; and I cried. He stroked my back and let my body have the release, which He was more than happy to provide.

Once my tears were dried, immediately another feeling began to fill my chest. My cheeks flushed red and I began to swipe at the soggy mess I'd made of his shirt with the sheet from the bed. He gripped my hands and held three fingers firmly over my mouth, already open to protest. He pulled me back into his chest as he deftly removed the clothes pins and swiftly peeled the cool wax from my skin. After he was satisfied that all was clean, he reached alongside the bed and pulled out a large fleece blanket and proceeded to wrap it snuggly around me. With that He leaned back against the headboard, me with Him, and played with my hair as I drifted asleep.

When my eyes drifted open I wasn't sure how long it had been. I surveyed the room to find I was alone, but also that the room was clear from all of my adornments. I found my clothes at the foot of the bed, with a simple note:

"Until next we meet."


Without a word I dressed quietly, replacing my handcuffs and collar with my necklace, watch and other jewelry from before; and walked out of the room, my mind holding onto the peace He had left behind.

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