Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 05


"What about the poker games?"

"He was really animated. I remember that. Totally gaga over them. He was cute talking about it...them."

"How was he cute?"

"He was just happy to tell me about them. He went on and on and then all of a sudden he said, 'YOU should be our waitress!'"

John felt a stirring in his groin. He closed his book and put it in the magazine pouch behind the seat in front of him. He turned to Heather.

"He wanted you to waitress at his poker games with me not there?"

"It was a joke, baby. Nothing to get mad at."

"I'm not mad, as you can see."

Heather looked at the growing lump in his pants and said, "I wasn't offended. I was flattered."

John's cock continued to uncoil. "It wasn't a serious conversation you had about it?"


"But you had a conversation...about being his waitress?"

"He suggested I could serve drinks. I joked with him back, cuz it was so outrageous, don't you think?"

"Oh yes, it's outrageous. And erotic. Don't you think?"

"I pretended not to know what he was getting at and acted all innocent."

"How did you act innocent?"

"He was saying I could be the waitress and I replied in a dumb blonde voice...'Umm, I wouldn't know how. You'd have to teach me."

"He liked that?"

"It got him laughing."

"I'm sure it did. I bet waitressing would be the least of your responsibilities."

John said it before realizing he'd been the last in on the joke. Heather looked at him like it was a concept she was hearing for the first time.

"I wonder what he'd have you do other than serve drinks?"

"He wouldn't 'have me do' anything, baby. I do for you, not him."

John noticed an edge creeping in, like she was feeling cornered. He stretched his legs out under the seat ahead of him. He was fully hard now.

"He has buddies over for poker?"

"He got silly about it, about me being hostess or waitress or whatever. He said I'd be his "entertainment" but he was totally kidding. It was all in fun."

John swallowed hard. "No doubt they'd love you."

Heather gazed past him out the plane window. He couldn't tell if the look on her face was deer-in-headlights or sheer focus. He broke the silence.

"I thought he was married?"

Heather continued looking out the window. When she didn't respond, John asked the question again.

Heather came out of her trance. "His wife visits her sister in New Jersey most weekends, or something like that. The poker games are Saturday nights while she's gone. I guess they go all night."

"But you didn't talk about them much?"

Heather practiced her pout. "He talked about them. I wasn't paying much attention Are you jealous? I thought you liked me telling the truth about things."

"I'm not jealous. There's more to the story though, right?"

Heather saw the bulge in John's pants, now quite apparent. She reached over to an empty seat across the aisle, picked up a blanket, spread it over him and tucked her hand under it.

"There now. I can tell you more. You won't show."

"I've got this crazy fantasy in my mind. I'm thinking about what outfit you'd wear."

"He liked what I wore last night. He said I could wear the same thing. And he'd want me shaved all the way. That was the first thing he said when you went into the bathroom. He put his fingers in me and said he liked me shaved. He was very complimentary. You are super hard baby."

"He complimented your pussy?"

"I told him you had me clothed and shaved like that all week. It was easy to talk to him after the night we had. We were naked on the couch. The movie was on. His fingers were in me and we chatted."

"He wasn't kidding about the poker, was he? About wanting you there? I saw how you two got along. Tell the truth now."

"It doesn't matter. I'd never do it. You'd have to beg pretty hard for me to consider it."

Heather giggled, showing John she was kidding.

"I can see you serving drinks in your cute little miniskirt and thigh highs. You'd be perfect at it. I can see you being a good entertainer, too. Isn't that what he said? You'd be the entertainment?" John smoothed Heather's hair as she stroked him.

"Yeah, something like that." Heather's voice got thick and heavy as it trailed off.

"He wasn't talking about singing was he?"


"Did he get specific with you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Did he tell you what he'd want you to do for entertainment?"

"He was kidding around. A waitress serves drinks, an entertainer...entertains."

"I know. But did he say how?"

Just then a flight attendant walked down the isle handing out headsets. Heather stopped talking and rested her hand until she passed. Then she started fondling him again through his pants.

"Did he say how?" John asked again.

"How what?"

"Did he say what he'd want you to do as entertainment?"

"I suspect he'd want me to be naughty. Don't you?"

"I suspect you know better than I."

"Are you hungry? I don't think they serve lunch on this flight."

"I'm sure he'd want more than what you're doing to me now."

Heather continued caressing John's bulge under the blanket.

"Yes. I'm sure they would. We could get some peanuts if you want."

Heather unzipped John and pulled out his steel rod.

"You're as hard as my diamond ring, baby."

"He talked about you being with all of them...I mean...as a joke?"

"Do you want to hear about the special game he has in July?"

"You know about a special game?"

"Don't get mad and I'll tell you about it."

"I'm not mad. I'm hard as can be."

"He has old college friends in from all over. It's a yearly event."

"How many?"

"He invites his best friends. They stay over at his house the whole weekend."

"Yeah, and, how many?"

"It's the same guys each year."

"Did he tell you how many?"

"Just four friends. And him."

"Five guys total?"

"Yeah. No girls."

"Unless Heather entertains?"

"Ha, funny. I guess if there was a game to waitress, that would be the one, right?"

Heather giggled teasingly, but it was hard to suppress her excitement.

"Did he ask you to work that game?"

"Not for real. Maybe. I don't know. He said it would be the logical one."

"Did it excite you when he said that?"

"All three of us were excited last night, honey. You were so excited! I think there was just excitement in the air."

"He told you how he wanted you to dress?"

"He told me how he likes me dressed."

"Did he tell you what naughty things you'd be expected to do?"

"Yes...but...jokingly." Heather's voice was shaking again. She was getting very wet while stroking John.


Heather paused and licked her lips. Her hand wrapped tighter around John's cock. She jerked him as she talked.

"He'd been looking at the TV. We both were. Oh, baby, you are so hard. I love it when you're this hard. You sure you want to hear this?"

"Go on..."

"I think you're going to come before I finish talking. That's my woman's intuition."

"Go on. He was looking at the TV and...?"

"I'll tell you. Stop interrupting. He was looking at the TV and then he started talking about the poker game. The annual one with his friends. He joked he wanted me as entertainment, dressed real slutty. And shaved. I told him what I'd wear for him and his friends."

"You offered up a wardrobe?"

"Well, yeah, just kidding him back."

"And what was it?"

"I was pouring it on. I said I'd wear pale pink thigh highs with satin bows in the back, silver sandals, silver jewelry, a short pale pink skirt, and a sleeveless lace pink camisole. And maybe my hair in braids, with pink ribbons."

"No doubt that would turn some heads."

Heather giggled, but didn't respond.

"What did you say when he said you'd be entertainment?"

"What do you mean?"

"The question's self-explanatory, isn't it?"

"Oh. Okay. I asked what would be expected of me."

"You asked him?"

"He told me."

"I know he told you, but did you ask before he told?"

Heather rolled her eyes and John's legs went straight out under the seat in front of him. His back was pushing against his seat. When he didn't hear a reply, he said, "What did he tell you?"

"Okay. I'll tell you. I was watching the porno. His fingers were in me. I was stroking him as he talked. He was really really hard, like you are."

"And what'd he say?"

He pointed to the screen and said there'd be a lot of 'that' expected."

"What was on the TV, baby?"

"A girl. On her knees. Sucking. There were two guys in front of her. Maybe more. They were taking turns with her."

"You must have been wet seeing that."

"Oh, God...you put that movie on for me. I was really wet."

"I put the movie on, but you were the one enjoying it, and hearing his talk, and feeling his fingers."

"Don't be mad. It's your fault for being in the stupid bathroom so long and leaving the TV on. At least now you'll believe me when I say we mostly talked and didn't do the mouth thing nearly as long. Not the whole time anyway, like you thought."

"You had that big talk with him about his poker games. He invited you to be entertainment at the annual party. You told him how you'd dress. He said you'd be with four guys and him. He pointed to the porno and said he'd want you to suck them all...and after all that, you sucked him?"

"Yes. You saw. It was a natural progression of things. Maybe it got out of hand. But, as I said, he wasn't taking no for an answer. So I put him in my mouth while he watched the movie and talked to me."

"Are you saying you didn't want to suck him?"

"No. I wanted to. I knew you'd get excited walking in on us. And you were. You came on me. Remember?"

"Never mind my excitement for a minute. What about yours?"

"You know how I've been this week. You've made me crazy. You put the movie on. There's probably not a person alive who could watch that video and not be a little excited."

"Enough about the movie already. You were excited during the talk, right? It appealed to you?"

"Mostly I was wondering when you were coming back from the bathroom. You took forever. The movie was making him horny too, not just me."

"He insinuated you'd service them all. That's what you're telling me, right?"

"Yes, but I'd serve them beers and do nothing else if that's what you wanted. It would be completely up to you. I love stroking you when you're this hard, baby."

"I'm glad it's up to me. But what do you want?"

"I want to please you. That's what excites me. I think you're going to come soon. You're thinking of sending me there, aren't you?"


"Let me tell you one last thing, so it's all in the open, and then you can come in my hand and watch me lick it clean. When you walked out of the bathroom and saw me sucking him...he said it was my job interview for poker night. I knew he wasn't kidding by then, about wanting me there. He'd been talking about it with his fingers in me for a long time, and pinching my nipples, trying to get me to say I would do it. It was exciting knowing he was serious. Not that I'd do it. But I liked pretending. When I sucked him, I pretended that if I did good I'd be chosen to go to the poker game, and then I'd get to suck all five of them. So I did my new trick again and he liked that. The best part was thinking of coming home later, after the poker game, and sitting on your lap and telling you everything they did to me. That's the part I would like, seeing you all hard after. That's what made me come while sucking him."

Heather stroked John's cock through her hand, feeling it throb. He felt the adrenalin surge and his hands clutched the armrests as his back pushed hard against the seat. He came quickly into the blanket and onto Heather's hand. When his legs stopped shaking she wiped his cock on the underside of the blanket and then took her hand from under it and licked her fingers as he watched, just as she said she would.

John's arousal remained strong as she cleaned the mess. When she finished, she left his pants unzipped under the blanket and he wrapped his arm around her. They sat motionless and quiet for several minutes until Heather broke the silence.

"You know...I was kidding about the poker game. I was teasing you, trying to get you excited."

"It sounded real."

"Your orgasm was real, that's for sure."

"What else was real?"

"He has a house in Southampton. That's true. He spends the summers there. And, yes, he mentioned something about poker, and some friends. But he didn't ask me to work the game."

John didn't know what to believe. He was as confused as ever about what motivated Heather sexually. He realized he'd have to play it her way to get what he wanted.

"What if I told you I wanted you to work the game?"

Heather let the thought linger in the air. She snuggled tighter into John's shoulder and curled her body into his. She looked out the window as the plane flew above the cloud line, hurling toward the future, leaving St. John as a memory. She dropped her hand to his lap and noticed he was still hard while thinking of the four high school boys she never had. The sentences, statements and conversation she'd planned had gone as expected.

Finally, just above a whisper, she said shakily, "You'd have to beg pretty hard if you wanted me to do that, my love."

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