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I Need Another Man


Author's note - Thanks for all the nice comments on my first story. My girl Robyn now continues to makes some changes to become the woman she always wanted to be. Her first story- ("I Need A Man")- started her on a path to become what she always knew to be true. Enjoy! Some descriptions are a bit deviant, so readers beware.)


I had just returned home from house sitting my Aunt and Uncles estate for the summer and was unpacking in my room when I heard my Mom call my name from the front door. I yelled "hi" as she came upstairs to my room. She smiled and gave me a big hug as I held her tight, feeling her love flow between us. She pulled back and looked at me, "so how was your summer honey, you look like you've grown an inch or two."

"I had a great summer mom, everything was just wonderful" my face getting a dreamy look as I relived my exploits in those very short weeks.

"What are you smiling about" she asked, "You look like you found something or... maybe someone?"

I came back to reality quickly, my face going red as Mom stared right at me, so I quickly said,

"Mom, can we talk about everything a little later, I'm tired from the bus ride and need a nap before supper."

"Sure honey. Is everything ok?" her concerned look showing me I would have to be truthful to her about my overwhelming urges to become Robyn, the person I really am.

"Yes Mom, everything is good and I love you." With a final hug and kisses, she left closing the door leaving me to my thoughts. A few minutes later I was asleep, dreaming of my first and only lover, dreams of my sexual awakening and losing my virginity to a man. But- "I" was "the" girl he was making love to, not the boy I had to pretend to be in the real world. OMG, I learned that getting fucked when I was dressed as a girl was so fantastic, I could take a man's cock deep and enjoy the pleasures he gave my pspot, my orgasms lasting forever until he seeded my body. It was the best summer of my young life, dressing and becoming comfortable in a female persona as my lover taught me the ins and outs of having sex. (LOL). It led me to realize I needed to finally give up being a boy and grow into the woman I should have been born as.)

I woke a few hours later and needed a shower. Stripping down to nothing, I looked at myself in the mirror and ran my hands over my smooth hairless body. MMmmm, my skin was so soft and my face blushed with excitement as I touched my chest. My boobs had shrunk to normal since I stopped injecting myself and I wished I didn't have to go back to being the boy everyone knew in town. Hugh, my lover, loved to play with them, suckling and teasing me until I begged him to fuck me.

I showered and washed my long hair, playing with my urgently hard clit until I sprayed my juices down the drain. My thoughts about my intimate adventures with Hugh made me feel horny, sad, and lonely because we couldn't be together and I agonized what I was going to do now. (Oh Well!, life goes on) But how was I supposed to live as I was now. I just wanted to be a girl, but I knew society didn't think this was normal and even my small town was someplace that probably wouldn't accept a trans person. What was I going to do? My thoughts were getting me more depressed and soon I would have to explain things to my mom before I did anything to upset the status quo.

As I got dressed in my normal clothes, I made up my mind to be open to Mom and hopefully she would understand what was happening to me and we could do something about it.

I went down stairs finding her just finishing cooking our supper and I helped set up the table. We sat and started to eat quietly until Mom asked,

"Honey, is everything alright?"

The tears formed at the corner of my eyes as I put my fork down and looked at her very concerned face.

"Mom, I love you so much. There is something that happened over the summer that I need to tell you. I began to dress in Aunty's clothes and met a man who liked me dressed as a girl. His name is Hugh and we became very close, (my face was beet red after I said that) and I miss him very much. Also, my urges to stay dressed have become stronger over the summer. I'm getting depressed because I don't want to be a boy anymore. I'm so happy being a girl and when I am dressed, I feel like I always should have been born a female. I have never been much of man and now that I'm 19, I want to transition fully. Want can I do? How will I be able to live as a girl, knowing that my body has the wrong sex parts between my legs. I'm scared Mom."

My Mom was staring at me with love and concern as I explained what had changed in me over the summer. I didn't tell her about my sexual experiment, but I let her know that I did have a intimate relationship with Hugh and how wonderful it had been. It had convinced me that I was happier being a girl and he had accepted me as one.

When I finished my story, Mom got up and gave me a big hug, my tears flowing freely as I felt her security wrapped around me.

"I always knew you should have been my baby daughter honey, so what do you want to do now. What about school and the things people will say in town- not that I give a damn, but it's you who has to figure it out. We could move and start life somewhere else so no one knows you and then become the girl you want to be."

"No Mom, I couldn't do that to you. You have so many friends and your work here that I don't want to change that part of our lives. I need to think some more about this. I have been thinking that if it's alright, I might take a year off before I start college and it will give me the time to figure out my life. What do you think?"

"Well honey, that's ok with me. You are a very bright student and taking a year off won't be much of a problem. Besides, it will nice to have one of my daughters home so I'm not alone in the house."

I looked up into her smiling face, knowing one hurdle had been jumped and I would now have the time to figure what I was going to do. She released me and kissed me on my cheek, commenting on how soft my skin felt. I helped clean up our supper and went back up to my room to play some games so I could ignore my depressed mood. After awhile of losing too many games, I decided to call it night. I went to the living room and said goodnight to Mom, kissing her cheek and saying we would talk some more tomorrow.

After washing and brushing my teeth, I stripped naked and again looked at myself in the mirror. It wasn't me that was staring back, not the girl inside me, just the small little boy with a tiny thin dick and flat chest. I needed something to feel more myself, so I opened the last bag I brought home. In it was some of my Aunt's nice clothes I found searching her closet. These were tagged and bagged for give away so I gleefully sorted out things I wanted and packed them to take home. I pulled out a pink bikini panty and a matching pink thigh length dressing gown, groaning with pleasure as the silky fabric slide down my body. I caressed my flat boobs, my nipples hardening to points in the gown as I wished my breasts were still full and I could hold them in my hands.

I had a fitful sleep, some of my dreams were of happy things or nightmares of being scared and lonely. I woke in a sweat, my gown stuck to my body. On top of that, my clitty was hard. I had been dreaming of my lover, he was fucking me and I do mean cramming his 8" dick deep into my pussy. I was in an sexy euphoria, screaming for him to fuck me harder and shoot his hot cum in me. His pounding had rubbed my pspot perfectly, my clit spurting my juices as his hot seed filled my convulsing body. I woke up at the peak of my dream orgasm, my pussy clenching in need to be touched. I rubbed my hard panty covered clit, feeling the pleasure building in my loins as I slide the silky fabric down my legs. I wetted a finger, reached back and massaged my pussy with my spit, easily sliding inside my canal to reach my goal. Frantically, I finger pumped myself, hitting my pspot with each thrust until a groan escaped my lips. I tensed as my orgasm raced thru my body, my creamy cum filling my hand as I laid back and let my body float thru it's orgasm. I lapped the slippery juices from my fingers as my heartbeat slowed, remembering the times I enjoyed Hugh's cum in my mouth. (Hmmm, so good). My mind was lost in erotic daydreams of our sexual trysts, I had given my virginity to him as a girl and finally figured out what I needed to do with my life- I had to just "totally" become a girl. (But- I'm still a virgin in the other sense, Tee Hee!)

I got up and cleaned my bed, making it neat like mom had taught me how and got dressed in my ugly boy clothes. The house was quiet as I went down stairs to find a note from mom saying she would be home after work and we could talk some more about my future plans. Since I was going to be home alone for the day, I decided to become the real me. I was going to get out of these clothes and dress girly so I could feel normal again. I ate some cereal quickly and went back to my room to change. I did my shower routine, shaving, washing and rinsing my long auburn hair. Toweling dry and wrapping my hair, I went and found some comfortable things to wear from my Aunt's discarded clothes.

Her bra didn't feel the same without my enhancements filling them and I missed the added weight on my chest. I could recreate them, but now was not the time since I was home. They had completed me, my feelings of being truly feminine with my perfect "C" size boobs on my chest gave me confidence I was a woman. (More info in my first story) I really enjoyed it when Hugh would suck my nipples, biting them and squeezing my flesh until I quivered with lust. I stuffed the bra with some inserts and put on a pair of plain panties, finishing with a loose summer dress that felt comfortable to lounge around the house. I brushed my hair out straight to dry and headed back downstairs, skipping around in my bare feet in feminine delight.

The day went by slowly. I played some games, cleaned things that I thought would help mom, and just had a very relaxing day. I was laying on the couch watching tv and must have dozed off, because my dreams were broken when mom was calling my name to wake up. She was smiling again at me and I suddenly realized I was still dressed girly. It had been awhile since she had seen me dressed, but there wasn't any judgement in her eyes, only love!

"Oh hi Mom. How was your day?"

"It was fine honey. It looks like you've had a quiet day. You look really cute and comfortable. I'm going to change out of my work clothes so we can be just girls together like we used too, OK? We can order out if that's good, I'm a little tired to cook."

"Sure Mom, that would be great."

When she went upstairs, I started to get nervous about what I was going to explain to her. I know she would understand and help me so I was just going to blurt out what I needed to say.

She came down a little later wearing a loose house dress like mine. her boobs abviously hanging bra free and her nipples showing thru the fabric. To me, she a very beautiful woman and I envied her body, the female body I wished for, my own tits and possibly another functioning pussy!!????, (Hmmm- lose my clit? That will take some thought.) She was on the phone ordering pizza as I broke from my wishful thinking, so I got out dishes and set the table and made everything ready.

She said the food would be here in a half hour and we went into the living room to wait. Sitting on the couch together, I scooted over and cuddled up to her as she wrapped her arms around me.

"So, do you want to talk about what's on your mind honey?"

My nerves made me hesitate, (but I had to do this), so I looked into her beautiful inquisitive face and said, "Mom, I want to have breasts. I've always been envious watching girls and wishing I had boobs so I could look as good as them. I can't pretend to be a boy anymore Mom and if it's ok with you, I want to dress full time and have real breasts so I can finally be happy. But Mom, (I'm almost crying) I don't know how to do this and I'm getting freaked. I've also done some hard thinking about having the other surgery and I've decided I don't want "that" kind just yet. So, my problem is that I'll be a freak, a boy with breasts. You know I've always enjoyed dressing up, even when my sisters had fun just playing around, but really, I was enjoying wearing their clothes more than they thought. It all felt natural to me at the time and now, I've learned to dress and do my makeup and when Hugh treated like a girl, (I'm blushing), I knew I would feel much better about myself if I transitioned. What do you think Mom?" (there I said it.)

She looked at me for a minute and then said, "OH Honey, I've always known that you should have been my sweet baby girl. But society would ruin our lives if I treated you as my daughter now that you're older. It's you, who has to make this decision and I'll always be here for you. Times have changed in the bigger world and these things are more easily accepted, but... we still live in a small town with good friends and my work, and this isn't the big city, so a lot of people might find it hard to adjust to your "changes". I have always wondered if you would ever "come out" and I've even have some had thoughts of how you could transform and not let anyone know who your are. First we have to see my doctor and she'll recommend what we have to do. I trust her completely and she will help you if this is really what you want. You realize being a girl is going to be a lot of work and we'll need to change your name and have a cover story about who and why you are here living with me. Then there's more doctors and surgeons and medications and maybe side effects. You see honey, I have done some research about people like you and I wanted to understand why you are like you are."

I gave her a big hug, my face buried in her soft tits as the realization that my needs were going to be answered and I began to cry, not sad tears, but tears of relief, finally getting to release my inner feelings to someone that loved me without any judgement.

Our food came and we sat down to eat in the kitchen, just two girls munching food and talking none stop about their future plans. Mom couldn't wait to take me shopping and wanting to get my hair styled, nails, pedi, the works. She asked me some personal questions, like, did I shave, was I bare down there. She had me blushing red, but I told her the truth and showed her my legs and pits. She touched my leg, marveling at my smoothness and saying I had the skin of a girl, attributes that would help me to transition. We cleaned up supper and watched a movie before bed, both of us snuggled on the couch. I must have dozed off when I was woken by Mom kissing my cheek, saying goodnight as we separated and went to our rooms. I changed into a nighty, burrowing under the covers and dreamed of the things that were going to happen to me now. I'm going to have my very own tits, breasts, ta tas, boobs, any name I wanted to call them. Yesssssss!

Her doctor had an open appointment the next day, so Mom took a break from work to bring me to her office. I had to dress in my old clothes to be out in public and felt so uncomfortable in my boy mode. (I did have a pair of panties on. TeeHee!!). Dr. Jane was older woman, (My guess-45?) and had been practicing here for a long time, never realizing she was a gynecologist. I had plans to start studying to be a women's doctor thru the summer, butt!!:), my sexual awaking blossomed from an experiment I wanted to try and after reviewing the results, it kind of put my studies on the shelf. Hugh and I did our own kind of experimental learning. (LOL).

She greeted us and took us into her office, my nerves buzzing thru me as she shut the door and told us to sit. "So Mary, what can I do for you today, and I guess this is your son Rob?"

"Well, this may sound strange, but Rob is having some difficulties and I will let him explain."

(OMG, she leaving me to talk to a stranger and I don't know where to begin.) Dr. Jane was smiling at me and said that was nothing discussed here would leave her office. She asked me to tell her what was on my mind and not be bashful, even though she thought it strange that I wanted to talk to a gynecologist. I told her Mom had a reason to believe that maybe she could help me with my problems, so I began and finished my story about feeling I should have been born a girl and have a "wish" to transition fully. I sat shaking in the chair, blushing with wet tears of embarrassment as I felt so openly exposed to a stranger about deepest desires. Mom looked kind of shocked when I told the doctor about having sex with Hugh, but she seemed to relax when I described the most wonderful feelings this man had made me feel. He was gentle and loving, always concerned about my feelings, a true gentleman that I missed very much. She seemed to understand my intimate relationship with Hugh had awoken my true self and loved me even more now that everything was out in the open.

"Rob, I need you to be truthful, are you a girl?"

"Inside me I know and feel I'm a girl. All my thoughts and feelings make me happier when I'm dressed and I hate being a boy. I've never been "manly", my small stature and feminine appearance making it difficult to deal with all the teenage problems in school. With Mom's help and yours, hopefully I can be me, the real me and I want to let her out."

She had been keeping notes but stopped typing, standing up saying that she would give me a full physical and after she would come up with a plan to start my transition. The exam went easy with her commenting on how my body really did have some female attributes, my smooth skin and ample butt cheeks. (She didn't comment on my choice of underwear when I stripped). She asked if I got aroused and did things work normal when it happened. I was truthful and said yes, I did have erections and could ejaculate. She then asked me to spread my legs so she could examine my intimate parts, gently checking my penis and balls, mentioning that I was under developed compared to other male genitals but it suited my small stature fine. I must have looked scared watching her fondle my sex until she said it was just between a doctor and a patient and nothing to be ashamed of.

I talked about Hugh and how he taught me to love my body and how our sexual relationship was so powerful that it was the tipping point for me to realize I was a girl. She wasn't judgemental, but she did inspect my anus thoroughly, lubing a gloved finger and probing my insides. She touched my pspot causing me to gasp as I felt that familiar excitement Hugh had shown me when his cock would rub my sensitive organ until I was orgasming forever, my juices flowing non stop as he deep fucked my pussy. When she finished her probing and asked me to dress, she told me I had a very sensitive prostrate gland and it was larger than normal, but from my reactions to her exam she proclaimed it healthy. We went back to the office with Mom and discussed what was going to happen next. She prescribed a doctor that would help me with my physical changes, like breast augmentation and, if I decided, SRS. I had thought a lot about losing my "dick", but it still gave me much pleasure, so I put that in the back of my mind for the future.

We left the office with smiles on our faces, knowing things were going to move quickly, so Mom suggested we go shopping for some new clothes. The mall was quiet at this time of day so I wasn't too embarrassed as she held up dresses and other clothes over me to check the sizes and how they would look on me. (At least she didn't make me try them on in the store). We had a fun time together, stopping to eat some food before heading home and lugging the heavy bags in the house. We collapsed on the couch and talked about what the doctor had said, my joy obvious as I prattled on about having breasts and dressing, wearing makeup, being the person I wanted to be.

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