tagErotic CouplingsI'll Cum Home

I'll Cum Home


Finally she parked her convertible on the tree-lined street. ‘What am I doing here?’ she asked herself rhetorically, staring at the house that perched diagonally from where she sat, engine running, ready to flee when sanity returned.

She knew the answer, of course, through the pounding of her heart and the dryness of her mouth. Life was too short to let another day go by without finding an answer. Sanity be damned, she decided, as with a steady hand she cut the engine. After quick glance in the mirror for a make up check, she stepped out into the summer heat and walked across the street.

The house was the same as she remembered – well tended, neat landscaping…but she didn’t even know if he still lived there. Spotting the open garage door, she shivered as memory flooded back in….

They had been neighbors, nothing more. She was married and even though she and her husband had their problems, fidelity hadn’t been one of them. He’s listen to her vent at time, but they’d kept the boundaries clearly drawn. That was except for her late night fantasies while her husband snored on….

He’d kept of gym of sorts in one part of his two-car garage and she would often sit and watch him work out. Secretly, she would stare at the muscles and sweat as she tried to keep her conversation focused while her heart raced and heat spread throughout her body. She never knew if he noticed or felt the same towards her. That was a bridge she hadn’t been ready to cross.

Was she now? The marriage was over and she was unattached and happily so. Yet her body still yearned for passion and the reckless wonder of really awesome sex. Still, she just couldn’t bring herself to try the usual one night stands.

Hearing the clink of metal from within, she found herself stepping forward.

“Hello? Anyone home?”

A male grunt and another more solid clunk and she saw the shadowy well-formed shape of a man rising off of a weight bench. Grabbing a towel slung over the back of a chair, he squinted against the sunlight pouring into the open garage.

“Who’s there?”

It was him! She knew the voice in an instant. With a deep gulp of air, she dove in, stepping out of the sun and into the cool darkness of the garage.

“Hi.” Her voice was quiet and low. She wondered if he would hear the trembling in it. Whether from fear of excitement or both, she couldn’t yet tell, but she was shaking.

He chuckled, deep in his throat and a shiver ran across her skin at the sound of it.

“Well, well, well,” he said as he wiped his hands and walked slowly towards her. “Talk about your blast from the past.”

She found herself walking in his direction, unaware of having told her feet to move.

“I just thought I’d drop in,” she said, wondering why it sounded like a whisper, soft and intimate. The whole thing was fast slipping from her control – and she found she liked that. Heat was building in every pore on her skin, spreading from her breasts to a moist aching between her legs. For so, so long, she’d wanted to feel this way…

“I heard about the split,” he was saying, even as they inched closer to each other. She could have sworn she could taste the salt from his sweat glistening body. Her tongue involuntarily swept across her parched lips as she thought of tasting his skin. Glancing up at his face, somehow only a few inches from her own, she knew he had seen the gesture.

“What brings you here?” he asked, the soft, hoarse sound of his voice delighting her senses. Without another thought, she closed the gap between them, her breast brushing against his chest through the thin material of her

tank top. Lips a breath away from his, she whispered, “To find the answer to an old question.”

Without further invitation, his arms closed around her, crushing her tightly to him, while his mouth covered hers. This was no shy, tentative first kiss. Their mouths were instantly open to each other’s tongues, exploring the recesses within. His hands cupped her bottom, pulling her firmly against his already hard erection.

“Does this give you your answer?” he whispered harshly against her ear before grabbing the lobe hungrily between his teeth. She answered by pressing herself even harder against him and drawing his mouth back to hers. Running her tongue first lightly across his lips, she suddenly plunged it in, hard and fast. His quick intake of breath at her sensual assault made her smile, even as his hands slipped under the waistband of her shorts, caressing her panty-less bottom and dipping a finger low into the increasing wetness there.

He’d backed her up till her legs bumped the workout bench he’d only moments before been on. Pulling himself away from her mouth, already swollen from their kisses, his hands ran down her sides and slipped under the thin material of her tank top, to find her breast, tender nipples aching for his touch. She hadn’t worn any underwear as part of her plan for this encounter and could tell from the catch in his breathing that this excited him as much as it did her.

Pulling the fabric up, he head dipped until he captured one hard nub between his lips, drawing it into the warmth of his mouth, suckling hard. Her head fell back at the sensation it sent rocketing through her and she wondered how she was still standing. Before she could catch her breath, he caught the other nipple, this time with small bites, not quite hard enough to hurt, but driving her wild. Sensation spiraled to her core, threatening to break loose in a spectacular climax.

He, however, had other plans for her. Somehow he had raised the shirt over her head, but left it tangled around her wrists. With a gentle shove, she found herself sitting on the bench, his hand still keeping her “bound” in her own shirt. Their eyes locked and the question in his was implicit. Testing slightly, she realized that she could loose the bond quite easily. This was more than she could have hoped for. Not only did he want her after all this time, but he somehow knew what she wanted, needed.

“Yes!” she whispered and he deftly looped the shirt binding her wrists over a support on the bench. Next, he once more slipped his hands under the waistband of her shorts, sliding them down her hips and over her legs until they lay on the floor by her sandaled feet.

She wanted to scream from the deliciousness of it all. Lying there, naked and bound before him, with the sounds of the neighborhood all around them. A lawn mower roared from not far away, the garbage truck was stopping at every house and children squealed in play. At any moment someone from the outside world could easily come crashing into their sensual cocoon - the garage door remained wide open. Fear rippled through her, as she lay there, naked and bound. What had she been thinking? This was impossible – embarrassing! She began to squirm against her bonds when he stood up. Her efforts to release herself ceased, as she was held firmly captive by the look on his face.

He stood perfectly still as his eyes traveled down her body, obviously enjoying what he saw. Her fear was transformed into something wickedly erotic as she watched him staring at her breasts, smiling with primal pleasure. She followed his gaze down her torso, her breath catching in her throat as he looked hungrily at the curls between her legs. Before she could waste another thought on being discovered, he had dropped to his knees before her, his large strong hands caressing her thighs. Willingly, she opened them to him, shivering in anticipation of his next move.

She was not to be disappointed. One finger slowly stroked the slick recess he found there as she writhed in pleasure seeking release from the building pressure in her body, centering fractions of an inch from his caresses. Taking his time, he explored every inch, stroking her tenderly and just grazing the swollen heat that begged for attention or dipping just past the entrance to her core and withdrawing.

She heard the begging and whimpering and knew it was her self, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was more and he was glad to oblige, his mouth already replacing his hand. Crying out as his warm lips closed around the throbbing nub that centered her passion, this climax hit her as no other ever had, exploding white-hot and shaking a scream from her throat.

“So sweet,” he told her, his breath warm against her parted thighs. “But not enough. Not nearly enough.” As he spoke, he slipped two fingers deep inside. Feeling the last tremors grasping at him was soon setting her off again.

“Please….” She whimpered as his movement increased and she arched against his hand. The lawn mower had stopped and it occurred to her that if she screamed again the whole neighborhood might hear, but she was past caring. Hell, she was ready to sell tickets! This time, she was already writhing with the pleasure his hand was creating. There was no way she could still the moans, but she wasn’t trying very hard either.

Through pleasure sated eyes, she watched as he raised his head and pulled his fingers from inside, bringing them to her lips. Her mouth opened, tasting her own juices for the first time. Licking and sucking on the digits that had so recently been burred deep within her, she felt the heat build again, wanting more.

And once again, he seemed to know. Reaching into the gym bag on the floor next to the bench, he pulled out a small foil packet. Standing up, he slipped out of his gym shorts and jock strap. She made a mental note about that last and the possibilities it inspired, as she watched him slip the condom over his extremely ready penis.

Settling in between her thighs, he grabbed her hips and lifted them to meet his engorged phallus. As with their first kiss, there was no pretense at gentleness. With one hard thrust, he was in her up to the hilt. From the angle which he held her at, she had a perfect view of each plunge into her eager body, watching each time he withdrew and then disappeared again with intense pleasure. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she bucked hard against him, thrilling to the sound of their wet flesh slapping together.

On the summer breeze came the sound of the ice cream truck as her last climax shattered over her, seeing him throw his head back and hearing his passion scream merge with hers.

When the world stopped spinning, she realized that he had collapsed on top of her and she laughed softly. He lifted his head and smiled at her crookedly.

“Not your usual reunion of old friends, was it?” Puling himself reluctantly out of her, he unhooked her shirt from the bench and released her hands.

Shaking out the hopelessly wrinkled and stretched out shirt, she slipped it over her head, scanning for her shorts. “At least I got my first question answered.” Fully clothed, she stood and found him dressed again too.

“Now what?”

She shrugged. She’d never permitted herself to think beyond the fantasy encounter, which had turned out far better than she’d ever dreamed. Inspiration hit and she reached into the bag she’d dropped….how long ago?

“Here’s my card.” Placing it into his hand, she leaned close for a kiss good bye, whispering, “Surprise me.”

Without a backward glance, she left the garage and walked into the sunlight. The man who’d been mowing his lawn was now neatly trimming the edges. The now empty garbage cans were tossed up onto the grass. A group of children sat on the curb near her car, enjoying their ice cream treats. One and all seemed oblivious of what had just happened in that cool, dark garage.

She couldn’t resist a glance, as she pulled out in her car. He was leaning against the lamppost at the end of his drive, holding her business card between two fingers. The same two fingers that had driven her wild. He caught her eye and tossed off a salute in her direction, along with a smile.

Taking that smile with her, she looked forward to whatever surprises lay ahead. They were bound to be good.

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